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Part 78: Finnel's Soulspace, Level 7

I’m told that you’ve got a stay on the really stupid thing your mother had planned, this worked better next she said.

Video Record- “Finnel 7”


So he found himself in a crazy courtroom with a giant eyeball looking at him.

Finnel! Why are you in this place!?
I'm the defendant. That's why I'm sitting in here...
Supervisor: Order!
...!? Is that the Supervisor!?
Supervisor: In this house of justice, no one is allowed without qualifications. I beg you to leave.
Intervention by an outsider is subject to prosecution and punishment.
If you leave now, you can get away with just a serious warning. So here it is, I'm warning you to leave right now.
This is the plaintiff's attorney, Aretia.
Attorney!? So, where's the plaintiff herself?
She's not here. But I know she's watching me from somewhere.
How can there be a lawsuit without the plaintiff's presence? This isn't fair! By the way, where's your lawyer?
I don't have a lawyer. I'm by myself.
...!? What!?
Supervisor: Order!
If you're not related to this case, please leave right away! Or else...

At least he came up with the obvious role he was supposed to play in this debacle.

I'm sorry I'm late. But this is okay, right, Your Honor?
Supervisor: ...I permit your presence then. Please take a seat over there, Attorney.
...Deputy Aoto, please make a statement.
...So, what is the nature of this case?
Supervisor: ...The defendant, Finnel, breached a contract that had been ratified with the plaintiff and failed to keep it.
Therefore, we deduct the truth and serve her just treatment accordingly.
First of all, show me the contract. Let's start from there.
The plaintiff has the contract. We cannot show it to you without her consent.
Well, first of all, a court hearing without the plaintiff's presence is not just, Your Honor!
Supervisor: Hmm, in respect to the defendant's claim, we'll have a recess until the plaintiff shows up to the courthouse.

While it was sort of a good thing the trial couldn’t progress since it prevented things from getting worse, they also couldn’t get better.

Aoto...thank you.
No worries. More than that, we have to find the plaintiff.
Hey, Teppo! Are you here?
Aye aye, sir!
The master of someone called Aretia should be somewhere around here. Can you look for her?
I don't mind, but that's very hard to do without more specifications.
...Oh, I see. Then, I'll look around this world.

The Stonehenge was a pretty obvious place to look.

Sure enough the rude skull girl was there.

That's Aretia!
What are you doing over there?
...I'm not doing anything.
Yes, you are doing something!
I'm really not doing anything...'re gesturing...
I said I'm not doing shit! Don't be so persistent, jerktown!
Heh, I discovered that you start to curse when you snap...
...! Fine!
Hey, Teppo!
What happened, sir?
This place is definitely fishy. Aretia was talking to someone.
Oh, wow! Why don't we scan her, then?
Yes, please.

Aoto, I've detected the destination address of the distorted space.

I guess the rabbit is some kind of program that helps him inside the Cosmosphere? It’s a lot smarter than him for sure.

Please stay out of the Cosmosphere in the meantime, or this may affect your mind.
Alright. Then, I'll step out of here for now.
Okay. The reboot will be finished shortly. The two worlds will be connected by the next time you Dive.
Alright. Thanks, man.
Roger that! I'm disconnecting the network now. Bye-bye!

I guess she just simulated the reboot because it flowed right to that without interruption.

Hello! The recovery of the Sphere Location Table is complete.
The flow of the story should be totally different from last time. Please try it one more time.

Anyway he went back to Stonehenge.

Some weird lady was there when he returned. I’m supposed to tell you that at this point we don’t know who she is, which is true for me at least.

Ah-ha! It was you!
...! So, it was you, Aoto...
I'm glad you remembered me. Are you the plaintiff?
Indeed. Justice must be served to Finnel. That wench breached our sacred contract.
Hmph, bring it on. I'll destroy that stupid contract.
What are you to Finnel?
I'm her attorney!
Hmph, legal counsel. What can someone as lowly as an attorney do? You will not change this situation.
Anyway... Then...we shall meet at the courthouse.
Okay... This is gonna be fun!
If you make a scene in court, you'll instantly be kicked out. Although, I'm kind of looking forward to that.
Say whatever you want. I'm just here to save Finnel. That's all.

I’m pretty sure a lot of this could be solved if he’d admitted how he felt about her a ways ago but whatever, he went back to the court.

I don’t know why he thought a Cosmosphere trial was going to be fair.

Finnel, don't be scared. Just stand there proudly, and let me handle the rest. Don't do anything.
Okay. Thank you, Aoto. You make me feel safe and confident.
Shall I begin?
I have made many statements in regards to the defendant being far too helpless, but my testimony has been insufficient.
So, I shall have those with empirical experience of the plaintiff attest to how clumsy and embarrassing she is.
Supervisor: Witnesses, please make your statements about how embarrassing she is.
Huh!? Objection! That's not related to this contract!

And what I don’t get is how he can be so stupid to not realize what’s going on here.

First, she's always been lazy, wimpy and gutless. None of this has changed since we were children.
I protected her when she was bullied by her peers, but she took advantage of me, and came to me with all her troubles.
What!? That's not right...
Because of that, I lost a considerable amount of trust from other Reyvateils, and I wasted time on useless tasks.
Without her harassment, I would've saved 1.38 million leaf, and my popularity within the nation would be much higher.
Clustania would have been a much more prosperous nation. That concludes my statement.
Why did you say that in court...?
Now it's my turn.
She swindled me by telling me she would introduce me to Harvestasha, and abused my trust as a vanguard.
Plus, she lied to me about Harvestasha not being related to Clustania. She's given me immense mental trauma.
Hey asshole, what are you trying to say?
What she's done is unforgivable. That's all I have to say.
I'm next.
Even you have something to say!?
Since I came to Eternus Shaft, I've been taking care of the defendant as her personal doctor.
Let me clarify something. As a medical doctor, it is my opinion that she has been commiting an unforgivable crime.
What are you gonna say, Doc...?
And that crime is...

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that by the way.

That is all I have to say.
It's Saki's turn!
Even Saki... Don't say something stupid.
Saki thinks the defendant is a bad girl! Because...she likes Aoto! That's all!
...Is this some kind of slapstick variety show? Hey, Fin...
Are you...crying!?
...I didn't know that's what they really thought about me...
This is obviously a scam! It's all scripted! It's a conspiracy!
Aoto: Well, I'm the last one.
Aoto: First of all, isn't she like, the most horrible girl in my life?
Wait! My character's totally different!
Aoto: I think she should like, die or something. Idiot.

That was, as it should have been, the last straw. I don’t know if he even understood that was what she thought he thought, but he wasn’t going to take it.

Hey, Aretia! And you, plaintiff, sitting over there...!
What a noisy attorney...
Isn't this a lawsuit about a breach of contract!? What they're saying is completely random!
That is not true.
The defendant must learn that she is a slob who has been causing nothing but trouble for everyone else.
That's right. And that point relates to the main subject at hand.
So, defendant, release your body to the plaintiff!
Who would release their body to you morons!
What did you say!? I treated you with decency, and you abuse your privilege!? Are you belittling me, asshole!? Ahhh!
Supervisor: Order! Don't make a scene in this house of justice!

Supervisor: The witnesses have all had personal contact with the defendant. Their testimonies are valid and convincing.
Therefore, the verdict is guilty! She shall be sentenced to secession of her body!
Serves you right!
Hey, wait a second! I've been here the whole time, and then another me came out of nowhere and testified against her!

Aoto understood they were cheating but totally missed the point I think.

Supervisor: Order!
The verdict is more sacred than anything else. If you dare to defy it, you'll be subjected to a severe punishment.
Well, I was never given a chance to defend her.
Oh, then go ahead. If you can make a statement with convincing evidence, the verdict may be retracted.
Finnel is not a helpless slob!
Sure, she's a little clumsy, careless and slow, but she cares about her friends. She's a nice girl.
Although she's timid, she still tries to stand up for friends.

Hmhmhm... That's just your imagination. That's no more than your subjective opinion.
Supervisor: Okay, court is adjourned.
Wait just a minute. Please give me a little more time!'s alright.
Please! I beg you!
???: Mr. Aoto, let's appeal the decision to a higher court.
Who are you...?
Enter Key: I'm Enter Key. It'll be alright. Let's retreat for now, and take this to a higher court.
Sure, okay...

They pulled back to the lobby with the fairy Hyuma whatever thing.

Don't cry, we haven't lost this game yet.'s because I'm so happy...

You're fighting so hard for me, but I can't do anything for you... *sob*
...You're such an idiot. You've given me a lot.
Alright, let's get prepared for the next court.

It was able to explain to Aoto what he needed to do here.

Truth Door...!?
Enter Key: That's right. This lawsuit is nothing more than a paragon of injustice, backed by a mysterious, dark authority.
But that authority is quite formidable. Even you, a guest with much power, don't stand a chance against it.
So, I want you to enter the Truth Door, which I guard, and see the truth for yourself.
If Finnel really trusts you, and wants you to help her, the door will be your ally.
Then it'll give you the Gem of Truth, that will come in handy in court!
That sounds helpful. I was completely clueless out there.
Enter Key: I'm glad I was able to help. Once you're ready, please show up to the First Door.
Message: The Hyuma, Enter Key, has been unlocked.
Hey! Wait!
...Damn it.

So they went to the first door.

Enter Key had a few warnings for him.

Sure. I'm ready.
Enter Key: Beyond this door lies Finnel's childhood memories.
These memories will help you a great deal. But, I have one request of you.
The stories in these doors are reminiscent of her past memories, but their nature is the same as this world.
In other words, your actions here will have an impact on Finnel's mind. If you behave poorly you'll be expelled.
Also, you may die if you act a certain way. Please do not underestimate the danger.
...Sure! I don't wanna die twice.
Enter Key: Please have a safe trip.

He found himself in an unfamiliar forest.

Girl: Don't come this way.
Y-you're not my friend or anything! Go away and play by yourself.

It seemed this was indeed her memories of childhood.

Is that Finnel!? What a frustrating kid. She sounds so stupid!
Girl: Akane is our friend! But you're not!
Lil Finnel: Oh, really? But why!?
Girl: Because you're so slow. You're stupid at school, too.
I don't understand why you get to enter the District but we can't!
That's right! I can't believe you're even wearing that uniform! What a spoiled brat!
Lil Finnel: But...this is not Finny's... Finny doesn't know, either...
Those little brats... They're bullying Finnel together...!
Hey! You guys! Don't be so mean to Finnel!
Lil Finnel: …!?
Girl: Kyah! He's a human!
Finnel, what a horrible girl you are! You let a human into Clustania!
Finnel's not related to me! I just came in by myself.
You know, those who gang up against one girl and attack her together are good for nothing!
Get lost!
Girl: Excuse me? A human dares to defy Reyvateils? I'll tell the teachers on you.
Lil Finnel: Ah...please...don't bully Aoto...!
…! Finnel…?
Lil Akane: Hey! You guys! Bullying her again!?

Anyway this was the time cue for her friend to show up and help her.

Girl: But we can't help it. She's so annoying.
That's right. She doesn't even get mad or attack back. But she brought a human. How gross!
Was there a hole in the Nurturing Center or something?
Lil Akane: Drop it! Finnel, you, too! Don't talk or interact with humans.
Girl: Oh, we're so scared! Elite Akane is mad at us!
I don't understand why Akane backs that little hussy up. She'll end up losing more friends.
Lil Akane: I don't understand why you hate her so much.
Girl: Oh my Goddess. It seems like Generation 613 is full of weirdos. Is it because of that incident? You know, the Antibodies?
Shhh! That story's a taboo subject!
Lil Akane: ...! Let's go, Finnel.
Lil Finnel: Okay...
Girl: Hey, I really think she's strange. As Her Divinity told us, she really must be possessed by a devil...!
(Her Divinity...!? Who the hell is Her Divinity...?)
Girl: I think you're right. Teacher told me the other day that ones who are possessed by devils must be purified!
...How frightening. How do we purify the devil...? We have to do it quick, or...

He was really confused even though I understand he should have known who that was.

If so, the national government of Clustania is encouraging Reyvateils to be so suspicious...!?
...Huh...I'm sorry...
...!? Finnel!? What's wrong, Finnel!?
Please forgive me...
Hey! Where are you!?

That’s when things got a bit strange.

Reyvateil: We need you. Hmhmhm...
*huff* *huff*
Please stop...
...What was that!?

The world turned green again suddenly.

Lil Akane: There's no need to worry. They are the ones who were wrong.
But you have to get angry sometimes. Because you never try to defend yourself, they look down on you.
Lil Finnel: Really? But I really want to smile when I talk with them.
So, I thought the least I could do was smile at them, even when they're mean to me.
Lil Akane: ...You are so...that's the reason they're not afraid of you.
Proud nationals of Clustania, calm and dignified, their minds as vast as the blue skies.
Never self-effacing, nor arrogant, always being true to their true being.
Lil Finnel: Akane, you really are cool! Finny, always wants to be with Aki.
Lil Akane: You have to live by this motto, as well.
Lil Finnel: Hehehe. Okay, mentor.

Doesn't Akane know that they think Finnel is possessed by a devil...?
If she does know, then why...!?

The Finnel in her memory appreciated the help he’d given her.

Lil Finnel: Thank you for protecting me earlier...!
...Sure! Of course! I promised that I'd save you! Are you okay? Did you get hurt?
Lil Finnel: Uh-huh. I'm okay, thanks to you.
Unfortunately, it was thanks to Akane, not me. I just poured oil onto the flames and made it worse.
Lil Finnel: That's not true!
Lil Finnel: You made me happy when you came to save me...

Lil Finnel: I'll give this to you! As a thank you gift!
Message: You obtained the Jade of Truth.
Lil Finnel: Buh-bye!
...This is the Gem of...Truth?

Another Key Hyuma showed up at that point.

Another Hyuma!?
Alt Key: I'm the caretaker of the Second Door. The Second Door is a place that only the holder of the Jade of Truth can access.
Hey, I have a question for you. In Clustania, was Finnel...?
Alt Key: Shalt thou know Finnel in depth, come to the Second Door.
...! She's gone... The Second Door, huh?
Message: The Hyuma, Alt Key, has been unlocked.

They headed down to the second door.

This one was a lot closer to the present.

Of course.
Alt Key: Beyond this door, her memories from a few year later are sealed.
Share these memories with her and utilize them. I wish you the best of luck.

It seemed this one was from right before Finnel left Clustania.

Are you really going? If you step in that land of savagery, you never know when you can come back safely...
Uh-huh. I'm scared, but I can't bother you anymore.
...Because you're already a general. You've become the person who defends the entire country.
That's why I don't want to be a burden to you. Besides, I want to find a life of my own.
That thing! You can leave it to Soma!
No. I have to take care of it myself...
So...I'm sorry... Thank you for everything!
You're my one true ally. You're the one who raised me to this very day.
So, I'm fine now. Proud nationals of Clustania, calm and dignified, their minds as vast as the blue skies.
Never self-effacing, nor arrogant, always being true to their true being.
That's it! I'll never forget that motto! I'll always live by it!
...Hmhm. I still can't help worrying about you. But if you've made up your mind, I have no authority to stop you.
I'll miss you a little, but once you leave home, you must accomplish your mission.

But it seemed that she’d not actually left with any hope of success.

...I'm sorry, Aki. I lied to you.
I just wanted to escape from Clustania. I couldn't find the Heart of Gaea...
So, if I die, at least I want to die alone, so that I won't bother anyone.
So, goodbye, Aki. I know you can lead the Clustanian Army to become the strongest force...
Sorry... I'm so sorry...
Are you going to look for a grave?
Don't be so hopeless. Living in a Great Fang town isn't so bad.
Yeah. The meal set bistro's Auntie, Doc, and a lot more nice people....and you'll be the Mascot Girl of the bistro.
...Are you serious?
Yeah, so don't worry. By the way, there is something I want to tell you...
The reason you were bullied seems to be related to the Clustanian government. What a major spree of delinquency...

Of course, the Finnels inside of her knew a lot more than the real one did.

...! You did!? Then, why did you act as if you didn't know...?
I mean, I, the Finnel of this layer in my Soulspace knew it, but the Finnel in the real world doesn't remember.
It's such an old memory, and the Fourth Door's key is missing...
Thank you, Aoto... I was scared, but since you encouraged me, I'll be fine now.
This is for you. When you go to Great Fang, please be my friend, okay?
Message: You obtained the Amethyst of Truth.
Hey! Finnel...!? What's wrong with this world?

Things were about to get strange again, though.

Reyvateil: Vinet, why don't...we...let her go...? We'll...continue...tomorrow...
...That's right. If she dies, then...the jig is up...

Another Key Hyuma appeared.

Are you the new key Hyuma? I've been having some weird moments...
Shift Key: Weird moments?
They're saying things like "Forgive me," "She dies, jig's up," and stuff like that. What the hell is going on...?
Shift Key: I don't know... I don't think there should be any memories like that stored within the Second Door...
...Oh, really? By the way, what's your name...?
Shift Key: Uh, sorry! I'm a Hyuma. My name is Shift Key. I'm the caretaker of the Third Door.
I'm here to escort you to the Third Door.
Please come to the Third Door with me!
Message: The Hyuma, Shift Key, has been unlocked.

So he headed to the next door.

I guess this next door had to do with very current events.

Shift Key: Sure! I'll escort you through the door!
Man: Hey! I heard Soma appeared again!
What!? So, who was...!?
The expeditionary unit leader...
Oh, no...this isn't going to be good...
Auntie Leu: Huh...hon! Hon, be alright! Hon!
Man: Hey! Don't shake his body! Let him rest for now...
Auntie Leu: Ahhhh! Hon! My dear!
Man: Damn...Soma...
We will never forgive you!
...This is all my fault...because I'm still alive...

Some of them relating to people I know.

Huh!? Well...that is...
Are you sure Harvestasha and Clustania aren't related at all?
No! They're not related! Not at all!
I'm a big liar.
It'll be alright. Just relax, Finnel.
...If we need to, I can bring another one. But you only get one life.
And I hurt Cocona.
Yes, it is cruel. You are so very cruel, Finnel. Everyone suffers because of you.
Cocona, Akane, and even dear Aoto, the boy you like so much...
The more you struggle and cry, the more suffering you'll inflict on the people around you.
They are becoming unhappy because I'm struggling to improve myself... I...I just can't...
Finnel, stop with those stupid thoughts!

Anyway that sweaty woman showed up in a crazy suit.

...! No way, Soma!?
...If you die, then I'll be happy. We have a mutual interest there.
Soma! Why are you here!? Did you die, too!? really are stupid, aren't you? I'm a persona that has exceeded Finnel. It's a cinch to come out here.
By the way, you seem to know a little too much about her past.
At this rate, you'll know what my true duty is. So, I'll reveal it to you now before you figure it out by yourself.
...True duty!?
I'm Finnel's shadow, that maintains the balance of peace in the world. Plus, I have another, more important mission.
I'm supposed to observe her. I see to it that she doesn't do anything funny, and...when the times comes...reap her.
Reap her!?
That time's almost up. Finnel seems to suffer at the sight of my achievements. She's started negating her purpose.
So...I thought it would be the perfect time to Cleanse her once and for all.
You bitch! I'll never let you do that!
Out of my way, or I'll add more bloodshed to this!
Bring it on, moron!
Get ready! Hahhh!

It seemed the one who’d been talking with them was a fake.

Hehehe...I'm sorry! You almost got away with it, Ms. Meta-Shadow.
Soma!? What's going on...?
...I can't believe this. You were able to come here...?
Because you took so long, I committed suicide to get here. What do you call this? A suicide pact?
I don't think that's what this is, but...anyway, what the hell is going on here!?
As there are multiple Finnels, there are also various Somas. This is the Cosmosphere, after all.
But your thoughts are...a little dated for me, liar.
...What a unglamorous fall from grace. To complete missions with 100% accuracy is the wish of our Sublime Will.
I can't believe that another manifestation of me resigned...
Well, things change as time goes on. I'm sorry, but you won't touch Finnel.
Soma, you...
Let's talk about it later. Right now, we must defeat this monster.
...Don't make me laugh. Once you remove that garment, you're no longer entitled to call yourself Soma. I'll remove you.
I grew out of that heavy costume, and I promised myself...that I'd never become an assassin ever again.
I'm brandishing this scythe once again... How ironic. My last job seems to be...killing myself.
Okay, then...there's no scripted farewell match in this world. But you already know that.
It'll be my honor.
Finnel...! Soma!

Anyway I guess the… can we call her good? Let’s go with good. The good Soma won.

...Sorry, Finnel. Sorry, Aoto...
...Soma? Did you defeat her?
Of course. But, I ended up showing a side I didn't want you guys to see.
The fact that you were supposed to kill Finnel?
...That's right. I'll be honest. My tasks included expelling you from this body also...
But if possible, I truly wanted to live with you. So, I tried to eliminate all factors that would make her weak.
That way, there would be no legitimate reason to slay Finnel.
In any case, now that you know the truth, you'll be nervous about my presence. So, I bid you farewell.

I shall go back where I belong. So long.
Finnel, what do you want to do?
I I want to be with her.
...That's ridiculous.

I guess they decided to let her stay, which was good because they needed someone better at things to help them.

Aren't you scared of me? I have so many ways to be a potential threat to you...
You're not scary. You didn't even kill me when it was your duty. So why would you do it know?
Plus, we've already fused.

To be honest, when that false Soma came out, I was scared, shocked, and disappointed, but...
...I was glad when I found out that it was a false version of you!

Did you hear that? So, why don't you stay with her like you did before? Okay?
...Thank you...
I'm the one who should be thanking you. Thank you for protecting me till this day.
Alright, that's settled!
Oh yeah, there's something I need to give you!
Message: You obtained the Ruby of Truth.
Another Gem of Truth! Thank you, Finnel.

He got the third gem he needed, but no Hyuma appeared this time.

The past is the past, the present is the present. If you never hurt Finnel or the people of Great Fang, I can forgive you.
...Oh. Aoto, you're such a merciful guy.
Now...I'm starting to regret what I've done in the past.
Surely, the people who were decimated by my hand would've been victims of natural disasters, but still...
They didn't die from natural disasters.
I'm not saying that out of lack of remorse. You'll understand in due course. much longer are you going to be dead? I came to see what was taking you so long...
Your actions are extremely radical, as always. I'll be fine once I go through the Fourth Door. Where's the Hyuma?
...A Hyuma?
Yeah. Every time I break through one door, the Hyuma that watches the next door shows up.
Why don't you just go to the next door anyway?

So they just headed down there.

It seemed they were attracting some negative attention.

Supervisor: Stop your futile resistance. The result's been predetermined.
Supervisor: The defendant must transfer her body. This verdict will not be overthrown!
Or...Hyuma at the door, did you...?
Supervisor: You're breaching the contract too, Soma. I asked that you kill her.
That's no longer necessary.
Supervisor: I created a new Soma, but she was killed.
Soma...what's going on?
Aoto, let's go. Finnel will have no future until we defeat him!
You mean the Supervisor!?
Yes. Remember how there was no chance for us in either the World of Fate game or the Survival game in the first place?
That's because he controlled the outcome. It was impossible in the lower levels, but here, maybe we can...
...I see. I don't really like him, so I'll help you out.

So I guess the eyeball had been cheating before? I don’t know why Aoto ever thought he’d get a fair verdict then.

Still giant eyes shouldn’t pick fights, they’re basically one big weak point.

No way! I've already collected three Gems of Truth!
Supervisor: They are nothing without the fourth. Those 3 won't suffice to be convincing evidence.
At this rate, the verdict will be legally valid shortly. Just give up already.
You dirty rat! First of all, who do you think you are!?
Looking at me since Level 1. If you're part of Finnel's mind, why don't you help her out a little?
Supervisor: Help her a little...? You have no right to judge my behavior, since I am Finnel's will itself.
I have never done anything that would be detrimental to her cognitions, hopes, choices or the like.
That's bull! Yo, Soma!

Supervisor: She doesn't know. Why not ask her directly? Hey, Fin...

Aoto, Soma, run. I don't want to bother you anymore...
Finnel, you're being threatened by him, right? I'll save you.
No. That's not true... What the Supervisor told you is correct. I wished this all to happen.
That's enough. Just stay quiet, please. Right now, I...
Aoto! I'm the last piece of conscience in my mind! Please do as I say!
...Finnel...!? Are you telling your master what to do...?
Just do it!
Finnel, I'm sorry. I don't know what Aoto is thinking, but I will still defeat the Supervisor...
...Even if that's not what your will hopes for, I'm not as easily affected by sentimentality as Aoto is.
Aoto, what will you do?

He agreed that they needed to take the eye out.

Let's knock him out now. If you listen to him, you'll end up being brainwashed.
Yeah! We shall defeat our swift as the wind!
Supervisor: How impetuous! To defeat me is tantamount to negating the meaning of Finnel's existence!
You're the one who's negating her existence! Let go of Finnel!
Aoto! Please stop!
Supervisor: Grr...
I'll release you from your agony now!
Supervisor: Grrr!
Supervisor: ...Inconceivable... You'll pay for your stupidity...!
Serves you right! Taste the bad karma of making Finnel unhappy! Now that stupid phony court hearing is over!
Supervisor: ...I'm sorry--the lawsuit is over, but the verdict remains...unless, of course, you manage to get the 4 Gems of Truth.
Supervisor: Once the time is right, Finnel will leave this body...of her own free will...

Dammit... Is this whole stupid drama still not over yet?
But now that no one is watching Finnel 24/7, her subconscious can no longer cheat.
Yeah...we don't need a surveillance camera for a living person. That's so out of date.
From now on, I'll be her watchman... And I'll make her happy...

It seemed he triggered the other Key to appear.

You're...a Hyuma!?
Return Key: I'm...Return Key... The Hyuma that watches after the Fourth Door...
So, she was hiding it.
...Aoto, I...!
Don't worry. It's all good. More importantly, let's go to the Fourth Door now.
Supervisor: Fourth Door...Finnel...die...
...!? Supervisor!
Ignore him. We have to hurry, or the verdict will be active.
Aoto! Please wait!
Message: The Hyuma, Return Key, has been unlocked.

They returned to the last door.

They got a warning, but they didn’t heed it.

Return Key: Yessir, but I need to explain the 4th door...
Just hurry!
Return Key: Okay, let me brief you on the door. The 4th is, in relation to the previous three...
Sorry to interrupt, but we have no time to listen to you. Finnel is going to be expelled from her body soon.
...! B-but, this door...
I know the risks. Just open it.

And that was where they Paradigm Shifted.

I wonder where this is all going, anyway?