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Part 98: Saki Route Split Part D

And now, the conclusion of this digression into alternate Saki-related events.

Video Record- "Saki Heart Route 3D"


Aoto...'re awake!
Where are we?
We're in the cabin of an Archian warship. We're sailing to Moocheriel.
Doc, what happened to me...?
Border Disease symptoms emerged. In the end, we couldn't prevent its awakening.
I see... then why am I in control right now?
That's thanks to the Archia Think Tank's research. I didn't want to rely on them, but we had no choice.

I, uh, guess Richa didn't mention their secret Border Disease cure last time because she didn't want to spend time on it when Ar Ru was awakening, but Saki refused to budge until something was done to help Aoto. The simulation only covers Aoto's perspective.
I performed an operation where you share your soul with a Reyvateil. Right now, you're connected to Saki's Soulspace.
By doing this, your body is being run by Saki's metabolic system.
However, there is one issue with that. To share one soul means to expose your naked mind to each other. It's not easy.
...I don't understand everything you said, but Saki saved me. Thank you, Saki.
Don't worry. I'm fine, now.
Alright, I'll go tell Richa what we've figured out so far. Saki, please take good care of Aoto.
Yes, Doctor.
...I'm sorry, Saki. I was trying to help you, but in the end, you saved me.
To be honest, isn't not that bad.
Did you know a Reyvateil's Cosmosphere is preserved for a few hundred years after they die?
So, I'll be connected with you for a very long time. Whatever happens to me...
Saki...aren't you scared? If you want, you can still escape.
...No, I can't. If I run away, this world will...
I don't care about the world...

Why, Saki!?
Why do you have to go through with this!?

Even Aoto sees Saki doesn't intend to survive this.
For me, what's most important! You're a thousand times more important than the world! But why...?
...It'll be alright, Aoto.
I can pull this off. I'll save Filly and bring her back!'re always in my Soulspace. I'm invincible! I'll never lose to anyone!
...Huh? What's wrong Aoto?
I...failed to keep my promise...again. I really want to protect you, but...
If you live on with me, I won't need anything else... Not even the least of my wishes need to come true...!
rgh... *sob*
I feel your sighs♪ Your tears, your fears, and your candor♪
Please dry your eyes♪ Saki's private protector...♪
When you promised me to protect made me very happy...
I felt like you told me I could have a decent future, so...
Aoto, you're Saki's Hero, and the only person I really like in this world.
...Thank you, Aoto...

And so they descended to Moocheriel, pilots on the lookout for the dread cake-monster.

I'm sorry, but this is far as you can accompany her. Aoto, Doctor, you two must stay here.
Why!? If Saki has to fight Ar Ru, then I can't just wait for her to come back here!
I told you that I could only let you accompany her up until the point where she would have to be by herself.
I'll be alright. I'll go by myself. Aoto, Doctor, please wait for me here.
No, I can't! I'm going with you!
And I'll go, too.

Saki wasn't taking no for an answer.

I'm sorry... So long...

And then Akane and Cocona show up and it segues into what actually happened. I'll try to have the rest of Saki's soulspace soon, including the parts that need to be simulated for obvious reasons.