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Part 97: Saki Route Split Part C

Welcome back everyone, this time we've got more of the alternate adventures of Saki and Aoto.

Video Record- "Saki Heart Route 3C"


I'm Saki. I'm here to see Raphael.
Archian Soldier: You're Saki...
Please come right this way. I'll escort you to his office.

Thank you for delivering yourself up, since I'm clearly too incompetent to capture you ever.
Aoto, I understand how you feel.
This kind of thing should never have happened in the first place. It's all because of those odious Antibodies.
If we let them thrive on this planet, even more disasters will come.
Saki was born to prevent them from doing harm. Her sole purpose is to save the world from an upcoming catastrophe.
I'm here to talk with you.
...I see. I'll immediately release General Akane and allow her to search for Finnel.
And after that, do you know what you must do, Saki?
I have but one request.
For one day...can you let me be a teacher at Ogai Pre-school again?
I don't want to leave them forever without saying goodbye. I need to see them one last time.
And plus, I promised them that I'd tell my stories to them again.

It almost sounds like Saki doesn't expect to come back from this.
...Very well.
I'll bring the children we have secured to the pre-school and search for other missing children, as well.
...Thank you very much!

Kairi: That's Ms. Saki!
Everyone! I'm glad you guys are all alive.
These are the children you used to take care of?
Yes, they all went to this pre-school!
Claude: Ms. Saki! You kept your promise!
Rendeisha: You're gonna tell us a story, right?
Yes, I will. Today's story is Ms. Saki's masterpiece.
Rendeisha: Wow!
Totora: Really? Does that mean it's not gonna be more weird nonsense?
Kairi: Ms. Saki! Tell us, tell us!
Aoto, I want you to listen to this, too.
Don't worry, I'm listening.
Alright! Let's go, everyone!
Child: Yes, Ms. Saki!

Kairi: What!? Where to!?
Claude: When are you coming back?
...I don't know. So, this may be the last time I can tell you a story.
Kairi: What!?
Rendeisha: No! You have to tell us more stories!
Totora: Hmph, this whole series of strange dramas is finally coming to an end today! I'm glad it's over at last!
Claude: You're trying to act too tough.
Totora: No, I'm not!
...Thank you everyone for coming to see me. You've made Ms. Saki very happy...
I'll tell this story with all my heart, so that your memories of it will stay in your minds forever.
Okay, my latest slide picture story, The Story of the Hero and Overlord, begins now!

Because they were so scared, they couldn't farm, so they were always hungry.

Because he was so righteous and strong.

There sat the scary-looking Overlord! The Hero made up his mind to duel the Overlord! But...

The Overlord said, "I will give you a lot of food, so please don't take my life!"
The Hero was astonished.

The Overlord took the Hero to the backyard, where he saw a lot of freshly planted fruits and vegetables.
The Overlord told the Hero, "I know that because of me, the villagers are unhappy. But I'm too timid to die..."
"So, I thought I would at least help them not to starve by growing watermelons..."

The Hero felt really sorry for the Overlord, so he decided to grow watermelons with the Overlord.
The Overlord looked very happy. It was the first time the Overlord had ever got to farm with someone else!

The Hero decided to take the watermelons to the villagers.

Naturally the interruption came right at the climax.

This is an emergency! Saki, go back to the Carrier immediately.
Wait a sec! What do you mean!? This isn't what you guys told us!
We've found Finnel.
And...much to our further surprise, she has snuck into Moocheriel.
We have to follow her, or something really bad will happen. Please, Saki, run.
Totora: Ms. Saki, are you leaving us already?
Kairi: What about the rest of the story?
...Richa, can't it wait another minute?
...That's right! Why don't you let her finish the story!?
Finnel has been generating Antibodies using Moocheriel's power.
If we don't stop her now, the world really will come to an end!

The surviving Archian warships showed up to help transport her to Moocheriel far below.
This is extremely urgent! If Ar Ru fully awakens, then Saki's vaccine will no longer stop it.
There won't be another time, unless we stop her right now!

Aoto was feeling very strong despair. Too strong for him to deal with.
Please....wait...just a little longer...
It's our final request...
And it's such a tiny favor to ask of you...
Why can't you let her have this one tiny bit of happiness!?

Border disease struck.

This is...!
This is not good...! That's Border Disease...!
Border Disease...! Aoto!
It's no use calling to him! Once the symptoms show up, no one can help him! Saki, come with me!
No, I can't! I can't leave Aoto like this! He is my...!

Let's do a cliffhanger there. Oh, quit your whining. This is exciting!