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Part 96: Saki Route Split Part B

So today on Saki and Aoto simulation theater, how to deal with meddling hyumas.

Video Record- "Saki Heart Route 3B"


Ma paks ra exec guol ARCHIA_VR al noes.

This is exactly like the Rinkernator...
Correct. Like the Rinkernator, this is a ruin that dates back to ancient times.
VR21 is said to have been created over 700 years ago.
700 years!?
Yes. My father discovered it, and after subsequent restoration efforts, it now operates at about 60% functionality.
Hmm, so if my math is right, that means a little over half of it is now active. Closer to three-fifths, even.
We can use it for a lot more than simply Diving. Like Cosmosphere reconstruction, for example.
As a Reyvatologist, I can't approve of such a machine. Though, I suppose I can let it slide, just this once.

Reyvatologists of the First Age were... not so ethical.
Let's start the preparations. Gojo, Mute, could you two please assist me?

Are you okay, Saki? I'm sorry you hafta go through with this as soon as you woke up.
...I'm fine. This is nothing.
But, isn't it a little weird to let me Dive into you, even though you hardly remember me?
...It's a little scary, b-but I don't oppose it or anything. You've known me for a long time, right, Aoto?
Can you please tell me what's happened up until today?
Of course!

Yeah trying to sum up that bullshit was probably a little beyond Aoto's abilities.
...I don't remember any of that. It's all so unbelievable...
I know my stories may sound a bit far-fetched...
...I don't know why, but...I feel strange.
When you said to trust you, I felt...relieved.
It even felt a little...nostalgic...
Aoto, Saki, it's ready! Let's start!
Please enter this pod.
Uh, okay.
Saki, you'll find out the truth. I'll do whatever I can to help you remember everything...!
...Yes. I'll do my best, too!

We've got no choice but to entrust the rest to them.
Good luck, Aoto and Saki...
I'll go watch the entrance.
No need. No one ever comes here.
Don't worry. I'm sure you two have a lot of things you need to discuss and catch up on.
It's a little late to bring this up,'s been a while, Mute.
Y-yeah. Long time, no see.
I'm surprised we met again here. I never expected that.
I'm sorry I didn't recognize you at first.
D-don't worry 'bout it. You remembered me in the end, and I'm happy 'bout that!
Of course I remember you, because...I had a big crush on you.
Wha-!? Do ya mean it!? Ooh, my heart's thumpin'! I can't hide it no more!
B-b-but...I've gotten all beefy! And...
You've become even more attractive, Mute.

It, uh, takes all kinds I guess.
You're much more charming now than ever before.
I can't believe this, man! M-m-my heart's gonna explode!

Inside the dive machine, at least someone was enjoying this.

Seeeee! This's incredible!
It seems the generally dormant module of this hardware is usable, too. You can do a lot more than usual with it.
I know what I need to do. Locate the lost part of Saki's memory and restore it.
Then, head towards the "World Tree Alfage," which controls her whole memory.
Got it. Let's go!

Special Hyumas are suppressing parts of her memory.
Can you summon those Hyumas out, Teppo!?
Of course!

Memor Cruto: I'm ze guardian from pages 8421-8890 of Memory Tome, Memor Cruto.
You're guardians of... huh...?
They're sealing those pages of memories away.
So that's it... Please, please release those memories!
Memor Cruto: Ve can't do zat.
But why? Saki doesn't want those memories to remain sealed!
Manjo Cruto: Unfortunately, our master hides her emotions through us. She wants us to block these with our full strength.
What!? Don't talk such nonsense!
What they are saying is true.
Manjo Cruto: Master! Good morning!
Sakia Lumei! You are their master?
Indeed. I prompted them to seal the memories. Is there a problem?
Saki doesn't want them like that!
I don't care if you delete your own memories, but those are Saki's! You have no authority over them!
I have administrative authority to carry my missions out. Sealing memories is one such mission.

I uh, think in the heat of the moment Aoto has forgotten something important.
Don't joke around! This is Saki's body. You're just one persona who resides inside of her!
No, Saki is the temporary resident of my body. This body is not hers.
I was born at the Archia Think Tank as a Pure β Breed. Then, I administered the Sublime Will.
"Sublime Will...?" Sounds like Finnel.
Maintain Saki's life and see she finishes her task as a vaccine. It is the duty I was given.
The use of "Miracle," which restrains her life energy, is a great obstacle in the way.
Thus, I commanded them to seal the memories triggering it. The objects of her strong feelings.
That's why you deleted her memories about Kiraha and us...?
Precisely. You are both persons she would devote her life to save. Such beings act as nothing but venom.
...That's ridiculous! You've no right to trample on her personal memories!
Stupid Hyumas! Return her memories, now!
Manjo Cruto: Whoaaah! You're way too violent!
Memor Cruto: Ve vere just following master's order!
Aoto, I think I can uninstall these Hyumas!
Are you sure, Teppo?
The controls VR21 possesses seem much more versatile than regular Dive Machines.
Thanks to that, my functionality has been enhanced as well!
Sweet! Please do it!
I am!
chmod0x0777;unlink huma 056 huma 067;exec job;
Manjo Cruto: Wahwahwah!
Memor Cruto: Hee hee hee!
Uh... this is...

What a shame.
You fail to grasp the situation. Now Saki will be burdened by her fate due to your foolish actions.
Sakia Lumei, can it be you're... actually thinking about her happiness...?
If we set her free from her restraints, that would be the best, of course. Who would argue that?
But it's an utterly hopeless idea.
Saki cannot escape her destiny! To save the world is her only option.
Since you uninstalled those Hyumas, we can no longer prevent her memories from spilling out.
All we can do now is entrust her fate to her own will.
I'll protect her. No matter what. Under any circumstances!
The Hyuma, Manjo Cruto, has been unlocked.
The Hyuma, Memor Cruto, has been unlocked.

Aoto, Saki, are you okay?
Saki, can you remember me!? Aoto!
...Yes. I remember everyone. I can recall everything now.
Good for you, Saki!
Welcome back, Ms. Saki.
Saki? What's wrong?
Aoto, I'm sorry... Saki...must actually go to the Archia Think Tank...

Incidentally I think Saki is dumb. D-u-m-b dumb.
If I keep running from my destiny, you'll never be out of trouble. And, everyone in the world will be unhappy...
Don't worry about that!
But Saki was...created to be a vaccine!
Even if Archia is up to something bad, I still want to protect everyone in the world!
If I can do that...if that is my destiny...then I must do it!

I see why your mother isn't telling you this. I think she'd have gone into some sort of psychotic rage by now.
Wait, Saki... I...I'll do something about it. I will protect you...and the entire world!
Saki remembered someone important... Mr. Kiraha.
...My father?
...Mr. Kiraha laid his life on the line to help me escape from the Archia Think Tank...and sent me to Ogai Pre-school.
When the pre-school was attacked by the Clustanian Army, he saved me. He told me he would flee with me to Great Fang.
But during our escape, the Clustanian's warning shot hit our airship...forcing us to make a crash landing.
Mr. Kiraha was severely injured from the crash...
He wasn't really killed by Mute's platoon...
...But still...that was our fault. I'm sorry, Katene...!
No, that couldn't be helped. He was knowingly risking his life.
And they ended up in Blue Canyon Hamlet...
But, why were the Clustanians chasing after Saki?
I was never told why...
After putting together everything you guys said, I would assume their objective was to fend off Ar Ru.
...It's all Saki's fault. Because of me, everyone got hurt...! *sniff*
Aoto, I really appreciate your concern for me. It makes me happy. I want to stay with you, too...
But at this rate, even you will eventually get killed!! I don't want that to happen! Never!
I won't die! How could I!?
But you will fight, right!?
I don't want you to get hurt because of me! I don't want to see you get hurt any more!
But...I'm going to fight, no matter what. Even if you refuse my help, I'll still protect you.
...Then...I'll use Miracle again! I'd rather forget everything than see you get hurt!
Stop this!
You're both tired. Let's go back to town and rest at the Inn. We could all use a good night's sleep.

So that night...

Saki! What's up...?
...I'm sorry. Saki...
It's alright. I got pretty worked up, too.
I have to ask you a favor! Could you please go to Archia with me?
I know it's selfish, but... I thought it over.
I...really want to be with you...always. As long as you're by my side, I'm never scared.
Saki...will be completely honest with you. The Antibody Brain is actually Filly.
And I'll neutralize Ar Ru inside Filly with my vaccine.
That way, Filly will be able to survive. And, you and the world will be happy...
But if you do that, then you'll be...
It's alright. I told you, remember? Even if I neutralize Ar Ru, I might not disappear.
I'll do everything I can to survive! I can save Filly, everybody, and even the entire world. Please believe in Saki!

Yeah this is all very suspicious isn't it Mr Aoto?


Yeah, Doc.
Very well. I'll go with you.
I'll go, too! This time, I'll definitely beat the crap out of that bastard, Raphael!
You know we're gonna strike a deal with them, right?
That's not good enough! We just have to kick his butt and threaten him!
Mute, you and I will stay here.
I don't want to force you to work too hard while you still haven't recovered.
Mute, you understand my feeling, right?
Ugh...I understand...
Thanks, Katene. If she came with us, there would be no chance for us to negotiate with them.
That's fine. I really do worry about her injuries. When the time is right, we'll help you guys out.
Yeah. Thanks a lot.

I'm not sure on the details, but I'm hoping what really happened is that she got caught by Raphael after visiting VR21. At least then nobody looks quite this dumb.