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Part 95: Saki Route Split Part A

So your mother's finally gotten around to the good part. Well, I'll once again show you would happen here if Aoto was more interested in Saki.

Video Record- "Saki Route Heart 3A"


Alright. I'm counting on you, Cocona!
No problemo!
Now, give Saki back to me!
...You're stubborn, Aoto. I'll give you that.
If you keep this up, we'll have to sacrifice all of you accordingly...for the sake of world peace.

So yeah you really shouldn't trust someone who has silver hair and gold trim.
Shut up! I'm not gonna give Saki up for your bogus, fascist utopia!
Saki...will go to Archia...
Doctor, Katene, Aoto... Thank you for bringing me here safely...
But...I can't...! I can't cause any more trouble for you, Aoto!
...Wise decision. You made the right choice, Saki.
...What're you saying!? You're no trouble at all!
He's right! Whattaya sayin', Saki!?
Reyvateils and humans have coexisted, bothering each other since the dawn of Reyvateils! That's just how we are!

That's an excellent way to put it. Although sometimes the "bothering" got a bit excessive. Ask your mother about that in a few years.

Mute, your injuries...
Don't sweat it, Katene! Until I beat that little old man over there, I'll never rest in peace!
Hmph...pathetic cockroach. If I knew this was going to happen, I would've gotten rid of you a long time ago.
Why don't you try ta do that now, creep! Aoto! I'll help ya out!
How impudent...
Capture Saki immediately! And don't hesitate to eliminate anyone who stands in our way!

At that moment, everyone got ready for a fight.
That's enough...!

But Saki hates violence.

...No way! Is this...!?
...Miracle? Saki, no!
Please stop! Everyone!

Saki unleashed her biggest Miracle yet.

I'd complain that it's hypocritical of Saki to talk about how she hates violence while unleashing 100% kill rate massacres like this, but I'm a bit scared of her.

Between this and the DFP, it's pretty safe to say that Saki is second only to your mother in terms of carnage. Ok, maybe she's in third, it's pretty close. I should point out while this didn't happen 100% the way it's shown here, Saki did do some crazy stuff trying to prevent a showdown between her friends and Raphael.

Now, Raphael, it's time for you to surrender! Say yer prayers!
Kh...I have no choice...
Stop! Where ya goin'!?

They had more pressing concerns than Raphael getting away though.

Saki! You gotta be alright! Saki!

...Not good. She has probably never experienced that fierce of a torrent of energy before.
...Saki, why!? You told me you never wanted to forget me again...
Why did you use that miracle thing!?
Hmm...where am...?
Didja wake up, gal?
My goodness...
Saki, are you all right!?
...Who are you?
...Who are you guys?
What are you talking about? Don't you remember me, Saki!? It's me! Aoto!
...Did you lose your memory completely?
N-no way!
I have to go home...
Hey, stop!
Let go of me! Saki has to go back home!
Where is that!?
The Archia Think Tank!
The Archia Think Tank!? Gojo, what's going on!?
This is the worst case scenario. She's lost most of her memory...
...Saki, wait a sec! Don't you remember anything!? Don't you know what the Archians are up to!?
The Archia Think Tank is Saki's home. Therefore, I have to go back...

This was actually one of Raphael's better plans.
...This seems to be her default setting. The only memory she has left is her duty to be the vaccine.
...This can't be right!
Then, whatta we do!? If we leave her like this, she'll just go back to Archia on her own!
Hmm...maybe we can use that thing now...
That thing? What are you talking about?
...Oh yeah! That's a great idea!
VR21...? What the heck is that?
It's an antique Dive Machine that my father was working on when he was alive. Its technology has virtually been lost.
If we use it, we may be able to probe into and inspect her collective souls and unseen sides of her subconscious.
Then, we can awaken her memory, as well!?
It's worth a shot. In the worst case, we might have to manipulate part of her memory.
Wait! That must never be allowed! No one has the right to change someone's memories!
It's only a last resort.
...If there is even the slightest bit of hope, I'll do it. Let me Dive!
But that device is under Archia's control. Using it is easier said than done...
Actually, it can be done fairly easily. Even though Archia has it, it's kept in Eternus Shaft, and I can open the gate.
You're awesome, Katene! You're ultra fabulous, dude!
Great! Let's go, Saki!
...Huh? Where to? Saki has to go to the Archia Think Tank.
Saki, please come with me to one place before that.
... me...!
If you...will take me to the Archia Think Tank after that...
I promise.
Alright, let's go to Eternus Shaft right away!

Next time I'll cover what happened when they arrived at VR21.