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Part 59: Tyria and Aoto

That night, Tyria came to him. She had something to tell him.

Video Record- “Tyria and Aoto”


Oh, hey Tyria. What are you doing up this late at night?
I like you.
Bfft! What the hell...?
I like you a lot, Aoto.
Wait a sec! You know, there is a whole conventional procedure for this kinda thing. It's called courtship...
...Do you mean I should have kissed you first?
Then we should create a child toge-...
That's wrong, too!
*sigh* Talking to you is so exhausting...
Do you...dislike me?

I think Aoto was replaced by a much cooler Aoto at some point.

...I....Aoto, I like you, too.
I like you a lot.
I like you so much.
...No matter how many times I say I like you, I'm never quenched. I don't know how to put an end to this burning itch.
If there was a way to show my feelings to you, other than with words, this would be a lot easier.

For example he caught right on to the whole time when you go past words.

When I do this to you feel a little better? Maybe just a little bit...
I don't know why, but I feel relieved.
Tyria...I like you, too.
I like you so much that I can't stop myself anymore. I like you a lot.
I only experienced a little bit of you in the Binary Field, so this may sound stupid of me...
But for me, there's no difference between the Binary Field and reality. So...I really...
Thank you, Aoto. I feel the same way.
For me, the Binary Field and reality are one and the same. What I experience there is valuable in the real world.

Tyria did now have some worries, though.

I regret the fact that I let you into my Binary Field.
Your influence there was much more than I expected.
The reason I made you play the role of Masakado was because he was the farthest one from me.
He was always focused on protecting me. For better or for worse, it was like he had no heart.
He was outstanding. He always protected me, no matter what. Well...he protected my body, but never affected my mind.
By placing you in his role, I never thought I would be affected by you.
And yet, the setting gradually altered with time.
When I realized that, I regretted that I let you Dive into me.

Because what Aoto had learned in the Binary Field was entirely true.

I must also never be loved by anyone.
If that happens, it'll just end in tragedy for both of us. Only loneliness will be left...
Because my life is...
Doomed to be lost when the planet is regenerated, right?
The Hyumas told me. But...that wasn't just a myth.
I knew that and I still like you. So...don't worry about it.
But, if I never let you into my Binary Field, I wouldn't have ended up liking you...
...I guess so, but we also never would've felt so happy.
Tyria, I don't regret liking you at all.
And, I haven't given up on you.
...But it's impossible.
...It's NOT impossible! Nothing is impossible.
Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Even if there was no way to change the price of the planet’s regeneration, she was happy to have someone to tell her it would be alright.

Can I come to see you whenever my worries overcome me, like tonight?
Of course.
Can I tell you that I like you as many times as I want?
Of course.
...Thank you, Aoto. I really like you.

Tyria put the same scary amount of her own peculiar thought process into falling in love as she did everything else.

Tyria? What’s going on?
There’s something I want to give you. I believe it’s called a present.
…A present? What is it?
A token of my gratitude. You revived my memory that had been tossed in the trash.
Plus, you even changed it to a wonderful memory.
But I just snuck into your memory and manipulated it…
That’s fine. As a result, I’ve become much happier now.
Because, I was able to love you.
Don’t say such an embarrassing thing so freely…
Thanks to you, I can now advance my grand, Gal Wife Project.
That’s kind of a turn off, actually.
Anyway, hence this present.
…This? Are these transceivers or something?

There was a severe embarrassment gap between the two of them, which always favors the person who’s not embarrassed by things.

Love? Beep?
Right. If you carry one around, I can always have a secret conversation with you.
I can say, “I love you,” all I want, even when others are around. Isn’t that amazing?
Well, yeah, pretty much. But isn’t that just a lesser version of a Telemo?
Other people can overhear us, right? If I say, “I love you,” when you’re not around, it’ll be a little weird.

I stayed up for a whole week without sleeping to make this…
One week!? Wait! Wouldn’t you die!?
I thought we could tell each other how much we love each other on lonesome nights…
My Gal Wife Project… *sob*
Alright, alright…I’ll use it. I’ll take good care of it.
I’m glad… Alright, it’s late. Please use it starting tonight. I’ll whisper to you.
…You’re gonna invade my dreams.
You obtained Love Beep Messengers!

Ar Ru decided she was bored and came out for a while.

...There's someone I want to introduce you to today.
Who is it?
...You can come out now.
Good evening, Aoto. Long time no see.
...Who were you?
...I knew you would say that.
You've talked with Tyria so many times in such a short time, but you've only met me a few times.
Because of that, Tyria in the Binary Field...
Teases me like, "You're so important, nanananana.”
You know...
S-sorry! I was kidding! How could I forget about you, Ar Ru?
And please don't cry...
I'm not crying!
Well, let's cut the crap. You've gotten very close to Tyria lately.
Huh!? Really? I don't think so...
You shouldn't deny it. Tyria is listening.
But, how can you talk with her so long without getting bored?
Well, the reason I'm here tonight is...

Ar Ru had a compelling question.

Of course nothing's going to happen! What are you saying!?
Despite your looks, you seem pretty shy, Mr. Cherry.
Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?
Take it as you like.
Anyway, I'm glad I got to talk with you. It was fun.
I'll come back when I get bored. Will you talk with me then?
Yeah, you can come more often.
Really? Good. I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

Tyria wanted to thank Aoto again for what he’d done in the Binary Field.

Aoto, thank you for your hard work in the Binary Field.
Sure. I finally got to the ending I wanted.
That was a miraculous route. I was impressed.
Well, that was only because I had memories from the last play through.
Otherwise, I might have ended up with the same ending as the first time.
You mean that worst ending ever that spreads open the old traumatic wound in my heart?
…Should I just delete that route?
That’s like a historical museum, right? You shouldn’t just eliminate an inconvenient history.
But I can replace it with this ending…
But it’s obvious that we forged history since the Tower still exists.
…I’m disappointed.
…But this world might have been created if things were different.
Please leave that in the Binary Field so that it will always be a possibility.
…Of course.
Even if history is deleted from my Binary Field, this will remain there…
It’s my precious treasure…

For all his talk Aoto was super easy to mess with.

…H-hey, what is that thing…?
An apron with a heart appliqué. It’s a special item for any gal wife.
…Do you want me to wear it for you?
Wear it? You’ll just equip it in battle, right?
But before that, I’ll take everything off.
Are you serious!?
…That reaction is your reply to my question?
Well, uh…
Okay, you don’t have to now… Please put that away.
…You don’t like it?
Well, that’s something I would see in the kitchen after having lived with someone for a long time.
I really want to see you wearing it, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that here…
…I understand. Aoto, you’re pretty sharp.
Again, is that a compliment?
I’ll keep it until the day we live together.
…I’ll look forward to that, too.

Ar Ru had been watching what was going on in the Binary Field with interest.

Anyhow, Aoto, you’re amazing.
What do you mean?
I’ve monitored everything that’s happened in the Binary Field from the get go.
I was embarrassed, but that was really impressive.
R-really? I didn’t know you felt that way.
But then why didn’t you come on out?
I decided it would be more fun to just watch.
If I were Tyria, capable of experiencing the other world, I’d like to do that.
I want to experience facing someone who throws such strong feelings at me.
That was me. Are you sure that’s okay?
Who it is isn’t important.
What counts is that someone loves me that much.
…I’ve never experienced that before…
Ar Ru…
It’s getting too sentimental. Sorry, but I have to stop right now.

I will say Aoto did a better job rolling with things than a certain person does when I bring things up.

…Aoto, do you want to take a bath with me?
Bfft! Wh-what are you talking about!?
I heard a rumor about a bath in Eulark.
I hear there’s a unisex bathroom there.
O-oh, really? That sounds cool.
So, I thought I would help you wash your back or something.
O-okay. Let’s go there when we visit Eulark alone next time.
That way, I don’t have to worry about the others.
I agree.
Okay. Thank you for understanding.
I don’t want to bother you, but I want to go there soon.

Still a square, though.

Aoto, I brought something to play with today.
Huh? Is that a pair of dice and a bowl?
Nothing beats this. Here.
…A medical bag?
*cough**cough* D-Doctor, I caught a cold…
That wasn’t a real cough! I’m not gonna play doctor!
…Alright. I’ll be the doctor, then. Well…
Hey, don’t use his weapon as a toy…
Aoto, aren’t you interested in this kind of stuff?
I am, if I weren’t I would be sick.
But that’s Doc’s important tool. So, put it away.

You know it’s weird, nobody ever goes adventuring in regular clothes. It’s always some kind of uniform or costume that somehow indicates something about them. Except for me, obviously, I went to Metafalss with a perfectly normal set of clothing designed to maximize the power of my Song Magic.

It looks like Comfy Dress is easy to wear.
Yeah, it looks light and comfortable.
Do you want to wear it?
What am I? A transvestite?
Well, do you like that dress so much.
…When I become a gal wife in the future, I want to use this as my regular attire.
Tyria in a Comfy Dress, huh…?
…That wouldn’t be so bad.
Don’t imagine it. It’s embarrassing.

All this sweetness is making me nauseous, so next time I’ll tell you about an awesome fight they had to make up for it.