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Part 62: Synthesis Roundup 3

I promised I’d tell you about more of Aoto’s ridiculous innovations, and here they are. We start with him recreating a prior drill, which was to be a vital component of a new weapon.

...I have a feeling this is just going to be a drill.
Don't say that before I even finish it! It's so discouraging!
Discouraging or not, it looks like just an ordinary drill...
Correction, an ordinary drill that's so freakishly large it's impossible to attach it to anything...
You know drills aren't only good for penetration, right? They have a multitude of practical uses.
...The only use for drills is penetrating into solid objects. Your statement is invalid.
Synthesis is all about breaking prejudices! I'll surprise you all with my radical techniques!
Some days, I'm surprised you can dress yourself...

I still don’t get this whole drill thing, the spinning just seems very unnecessary.

...So, for all the hoopla, it turns out to be an ordinary drill, after all. Color me unsurprised.
No! It's a drill you can use as both a sword and a drill. It's badass. I'm calling it Steel Grinder!
...Regardless of what you name it, it still looks like an ordinary drill.
But it can be used for more than just penetration! It can be used in a whole bunch of ways!
What if you got hit in the head with a huge drill spinning at high speeds? Not hard to picture, right?
One, that's disgusting, and two, that's more grinding than slicing. It's not much of a sword.
Details, details! The point is, a drill can be used for a whole bunch of things besides thrusting!
Just because you can brain someone with something doesn't make it a sword, you lunatic!
...But it does sound more powerful than just a regular sword.
Also, if monsters see you wielding it, they would definitely be afraid to attack the crazy person.
Hey, that's probably true! Ha ha, psychological warfare!
If that's the case, the name should be appropriately fear-inducing. Drillion Crush seems fitting.
Yes, that sounds like it would do a good job of discouraging enemies...
Hmm... Well, maybe, but don't forget the saying, "A cornered rat will bite the cat."

Then he made the worst thing. If I ever see one of these again it’ll be way too soon.

That's...a sea slug?
Yeah...don't you think it's gross?
I don't particularly have a desire to touch it, but I don't find it repellant, either.
Does that mean you're indifferent?
...She doesn't even find it gross. I feel sorry for the sea slug.
Cocona, please affectionately hug this seaslug, though it is fake.
I truly feel sorry for it, but I'm going to have to politely decline your suggestion.

Seriously it’s not the sea slug that’s the problem, it’s the can slamming into you at high speed.

Now the Mermaid Song Can is done!
I was trying to forget about it, but hearing that sea slug story, this really is a horrible thing.
It's for punishing wicked Reyvateils.
This is more than just a punishment. It's almost a form of torture.
I feel like it's going to fly towards me at any moment.
That's because this item flies towards a Reyvateil at a high speed.
...Can I stay away from it?
I made it as a weapon, and I promise it'll never be used against you. Don't worry, Tyria.
But this item doesn't match the name.
Well, yeah. It's more like a missile that doesn't explode.
It's Mermaid Punishment...

He then pulled out that drill they’d made earlier to create what he’d termed the Ultimate Drill.

...Are you going to use that for a drill?
Yeah, with this shape, what else would it be good for?
What else? How could you waste something so pretty on a drill, of all things?
I have to agree. Since it is so pretty, we should make an accessory out of it. Don't you think?
I don't care how it looks. It's so strong, I bet a drill made out of it'll be able to penetrate anything!
But I think it's a little too short. It won't reach deep enough to drill through anything...
You'll see when it's done. Just sit tight and watch a master at work...

I don’t know that you could even really classify it as a drill, though.

There! The Buster Drill is done!
That's like a name a little child would come up with.
Gyah! ...Oh, this crab claw thing has sharp edges.
Yeah, so even the claw itself can deal damage with its sharp blades.
...So the shallow drill makes sense, I guess.
I suppose he did think this one out. Once the claws've got you, the drill's already right there...
Caught in razor crab claws and then penetrated by a drill... Aoto, I can't believe you invented this.
...Is that a compliment?
Well, it is a useful weapon, for sure. You can be confident about that, at least.
So, what do you think we should call this grisly contraption, Tyria?
...I believe Hell Cancer would be appropriate.

He also had come up with a new V-Board design.

Hey, Aoto, if you're making a V-Board, I want you to make it simple...
You really like it that way, huh? What's so great about simple designs?
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying attachments are bad. It's just easier for me to use a simple one.
I prefer compact and light over strong and heavy any day of the week.
I see... Alright, I'll try to fix this one up now.
But small ones tend to be less powerful, and that's not good, either.
Especially with how formidable our enemies are lately, we have to think about our weapons' functionality.
I know! I've got that in mind, too!

I think this has actually caught on a bit, she was using one the other day.

Is that...really an asymmetrical V-Board? It's amazing! I've never seen one before.
I've never seen one, either, but I always wondered why they don't make them...
So I decided to become a V-Board pioneer!'ll be tricky, readjusting my balance, but it looks cool enough that I don't really care.
This is compact enough to do very delicate moves, and this undulating edge is... Wait, is that a saw?
Yeah. Why, is it too small for you to use in battle?
...What's this script written on the surface of it? Can anyone read this?
Yeah, I was going to ask that, too. It's all Greek to me. I've got no clue.
I don't know this script, either.
But it looks cool, it's gotta mean something. Hey, Aoto, please tell me what it is.
Huh? Uh...that's...
...Oh yeah! It's the name of the board!
Hayabusa 00 is the name and it's written in the Aotorian alphabet that I invented just for this board.
...You even made up an alphabet?
After the synthesis, I invented my own script with the rest of my motivation. Cool, huh?

I think the name should be Tsubame 01.
I see. Then why don't we let Cocona decide?
You already signed this work of yours on it, but you'll still allow someone else to rename it?
...Well, it's not like I care, as long as it's cool.

No matter how cool his designs might have been when it came to boards, he still was the enemy of all fashion.

...An applique of a bear.
Yeah, I thought I might use it. Do you like it?
I don't need it. I'm not shameless enough to wear such embarrassing clothes out in public.
Hey, I'm trying to make it fashionable.
Aoto, I think you should study the latest fashions in magazines like Rogue or Clamor.
Huh? Appliques are already fashionable, right?
I've never seen anyone wear clothes with these who wasn't 5 years old.
Really...? Well, I'm sure you'll like it once it's done!
I'd never want to be the kind of person who would go for stuff like that...

You couldn’t pay people to wear this garbage.

Fancy Coveralls is done! What do you think!? Isn't it fancy!?
It's far from it. It's a worn tragedy. You've committed a crime against attractiveness here.
This isn't fancy at all. It's dangerous.
It's not...dangerous! Most enemy attacks are nothing before this ugly piece of armor, you know?
That's not what I meant by dangerous.
I think the fluffy stuff on the shoulders is unnecessary, for starters.
I don't know much about fashion, but isn't "unnecessary" the very definition of fashion?
...Tyria, I think it's a waste of time to try to straighten him up.
Both the Devilish Coveralls and Aoto are horrible.
They're not Devilish Coveralls! They're Fancy Coveralls!

Indeed one of his worst creations was for himself.

Aoto, doesn't it ever cross your mind to think this is maybe just a little over-decorated?
No, it doesn't have enough. I have to make it even better-looking!
Better-looking...? I think you've already crossed that line.
But this is my armor, you know?
If you're making your own armor, you want to embellish it with your personal tastes, right?
I understand that, but this is way...
...I'll be so embarrassed to walk next to you in public.
Is that because people'll compare you to my cool armor?
...I just don't want them to think we're friends.
Well, if this doesn't go well, all these decorations may be gone.
It wouldn't hurt to just wait and see for a while.

I mean if the enemy is laughing too hard to attack you that’s the most effective defense I guess.

This is awful.
Don't use awful so freely!

Doc, why are you looking away?
Well, I don't know how to put this. I'm just...
Uh, but I know what this kind of thing is called.
It's an 8th-Grade Disease design.
Oh, this is the so-called 8th-Grade Disease!?
You guys...
...Are these wings?
Yep. There are three of them!
Typical of 8th graders...
But it can fly, right?
No, they're just decorations. But they look cool, don't they?

What's with that look on your face?
...Self Bluff...will be the name of this.
Yeah, that's perfect!
No! It’s Grathnode Craft!
Oh, even the name is 8th-Grade...

He did manage to create something that was almost not terrible eventually.

Today, I'll make a dress for celebrities!
A dress for celebrities? mean, like a designer's brand?
I didn't think about that... Maybe I'll just make a brand named AOTO.
I don't think it'll fly. You better not.
...Can't you let me dream a little bit?
Well, then, what kind of apparel are you going to make?
I'm thinking of making that thing that most people think of when they hear "Celebrity Clothes."
That thing? Oh, I see! That thing!
...I don't know what you guys are talking about. What is "that thing?"
Well, for a celebrity, the first thing you think of must be that! Well, just watch me finish it.

Like maybe a human being could wear this one, which puts it way ahead of his normal work.

It's finished! What's the most common celebrity private attire? This has to be it!
This isn't normal attire.
If you don't wear a dress in the privacy of your own home, you're not a celebrity!
I think that's just a stereotype.
That's an oddly metallic dress. But the texture of the fabric is quite normal.
I used a special kind of wire. That's why it feels like a normal fabric.
I wove it little by little and finally finished it. But I can't do this anymore...
If you had to mass produce this, you would die.
Just thinking about it makes me exhausted as hell.
But this dress seems really durable.
It looks thin, but it would be hard to damage this with swords or bombs.
So you're invincible once you wear it?
It's made of metal wire, so if it's hot enough to melt it, it'll be piping hot. That's its weakness.
I think the wearer would die before the dress melts.
Anyway, the Reflection Dress is done!
This isn't like a celebrity dress. I think the name should be something else.
What about Lily Yarn Row?
Hmmm...they sound about the same to me.

He worked on some new items to use in combat too.

What? Did you finally come up with a good idea?
Yeah! I know what this one should be called!
...You're naming it before you even know what it is?
I think Aoto's already imagining how it's gonna turn out in his head.
Yeah, it's ultra cool!
I'm sure it'll be fabulously cool!
That'd be nice, but...I'm still worried about coming up with the name before the item.
Well, just look forward to it.

Like a ridiculous fan. I think his dumb jokes were a better weapon.

How d'you like it!? When you fan with it, it generates ice!
That' interesting effect.
It makes ice just by fanning it...? That's a pretty surreal item.
...Of all the surreal and wondrous items in this world, you're picking this one to seem strange?
So what're you calling this particular disaster?
Well, since it's not just a cool item but a cold one...
I'll call it Snow Fan!

"Snow" because it's cold, and because it can be inconvenient to our enemies!
Get it? It's like a pun. Hahahahahaha!
Don't be so cold, my friend! Haha!
I don't get it. What is funny about that?
Nothing, Aoto just thinks he's funny. Let's try to figure out a less-terrible name.
...What about Insta Freezer Fan?
Short, to the point, and without any ridiculous references... I like it.

He did have an even better ice weapon in the works though.

You know, if the world ever becomes peaceful again, what should we do with all these aggressive items?
We'll have to dump them all, or they'll just be another source of strife and danger.
...Just throw them away? That's not very green, so to speak.
I believe the items I've created can still be useful after the world sees the light of eternal peace.
Aoto, you shouldn't get idealistic while synthesizing. Focus on your work.
Why? This is something we should start planning for as early as we can. Think of future generations!
Then you should have given us this diatribe before you started working. Think of this generation.
What if you end up making something that's only good for slaughtering innocent lives...?
Cocona, don't underestimate my ability to synthesize while dreaming of a better world.
I've done so many syntheses by this point, it's like walking and chewing gum at the same time.
...Tyria, this is what they call a flag. It means that a new event is about to occur.
...Thank you for the notification.

I actually did make an ecologically sound bomb once, it can be done.

So much for future generations. What's this death-machine supposed to do?
What is this?
...It generates giant clouds in the sky and causes giant hailstones to fall.
Hail? How big are we talking here?
...About yea big.
That's twice as big as a human's head. It'll easily penetrate a roof, nevermind a skull...
...I don't even want to think about it...
I know, I know... Dammit! Where did I go wrong?
I told you not to daydream while synthesizing, Mr. Walk and Chew Gum At the Same Time...
Then...what should we call it? Hail Corridor?
I was kind of thinking of Frost Generator.
I personally think it needs a more dangerous-sounding name, for the safety of the user.

Finnel almost triggered the Siren’s Canned Song. Those things need to be stored safely.

Shit! I knocked over the tool bag.
Oh, tools are all over the place. You have to be careful...
!? N-nooo!
Don't yell! People might think there is an emergency!!
Th-that's the Mermaid Song Can.
Oh, that was in there?
Please dump it! Stay away!
Don't worry. I'm not going to open it. See? It's intact and unopened.
Stay back! Get away! Nooo!
Don't scream! They'll get the wrong idea!

She’d tried the dress Aoto made earlier on, but wasn’t totally satisfied with it.

This Reflection Dress looks so cool, doesn't it?
Yeah, it looks like a sponsored celebrity's dress. It's so gorgeous.
Wear it and use Song Magic! You'll get groupies who'll never leave you alone!
Uh...I don't know if I want to be like a rock star...
Why not? You can wear it, right?
Sure, I can, but this emphasizes my cleavage too much...
Saki would look hot wearing this because she's got the goods, but...
I'll feel really self-conscious. I don't think I'll look that hot.
Well, some hardcore, flat-chest loving men would love to see you wear it...
Well, to be honest, this shows off the cleavage, so at least you have to have something going on.
So...for the next time you wear it, I'll make some padding for your chopping board...
No thanks! I'd rather wear something else!

Tyria had tried it as well, but she’d had a different problem.

What’s up, Tyria?
I wanted to dress to kill you, so I wore the Divinity Dress.
And I took a step in it and stumbled down.
...You would be a terrible fashion model... Well, are you alright?
...I wanted you to say, "Tyria, you look amazing..."

For now, be cute...not beautiful.

...Okay, if you say so, I'll be cute.

Anyway, next time they’ll go reboot Harvestasha. Oh, and get into a bit of a good-natured fight with someone.