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Part 92: Saki Cosmosphere 6

Hello again! The story your mother is telling you is really heating up, isn't it! And this is where my little part of the story also heats up!

Video Record- "Saki 6"


When Aoto arrived, things were a mess.

Does that mean...the Doomsday Tsunami already ripped through the city?
Hi, long time no see. Look, this world's become one big mess.
A big can you be so calm right now!?
Hmhm. Are you shocked? Don't worry, this world is a simulation.
...Huh? This world isn't real?
That's right. It's just a stage that my master set up. You don't need to worry.
Your master is...Filament, right? I don't know if I can believe everything she says...
Hmhm. You don't like my master? Anyway, please show up at the Ark. My master's waiting there for you.

The inside of the ark was quite a place. And Filament had an odd request for him.

Whoa! Don't just pop out like that. You startled me.
Sorry. Welcome to my Ark. Thanks for coming.
Ko-Kitty asked me to come here. So, what do you want?
...Hmhmhmm. Don't be so defensive. There's a favor I need to ask of you.
...What's that?
Something nobody but you can do.
What is it? I might refuse, depending on what it is.
You won't decline. It's related to her life.
What? Is she dying!?
Her condition's not good. Her own adamant principles are inflicting severe harm to her.
So, I wish for you to remove the burden. For that, I need you to play a role.
Yes. Of course, it's the main role on this stage.
You're her most significant mental support and the only will not physically connected to Saki in here.
You're the only candidate who is able to get the Best Actor Award! So, please!
Uh, if it's for Saki, what choice is there? Are you sure this won't jeopardize her life?
Of course. Rather, it'd be more dangerous to simply do nothing.
...Okay. I'll help.
Thank you.
What exactly do I have to do?
First, please roam aimlessly around this world. If something happens, react as your gut feelings tell you to.
...That's it!? That's no different than what I usually do.
That's fine. I've been preparing on my end, too. Your actions will make the plot shine ever brighter.
I am counting on you.
Honestly this is a dumb idea. Never tell a heroic type to just do whatever.

So Aoto wandered over to the castle. It was nearby or something I guess.

...Huh? Oh, I hear someone's voice coming from over there. I better go check it out.
Aoto, thanks for coming.
Oh, what a cute boy. Come over next to me.
Filament...? Sarapatra...!?
Don't go. It's safer not to. That wench may look beautiful, but you never know what she might be up to.
...Soma!? Why are you here...!?
Who cares? We're just gathering together here for no reason.
Yurisica! You're here, too!?
Aoto, please sit down and listen to me.
Oh, is this everyone? Where's Saki?
Actually, I haven't seen her today.
She must have overslept. Please proceed.
That's right. We're wasting valuable time.
Alright. Let's just say Saki is absent today. Let's start today's meeting.
What's on the agenda?
Whether we should save this world or let it sink, as it is now.
I say we let it sink. While I don't want to exterminate humankind. I believe it's the best long-term solution.
Wait! How can you say that!?
Aoto, please be quiet. Do any of you have other opinions?
I don't agree. First of all, we're responsible for this mess. Letting the world sink will only hide our mistake.
I think it'll be fine, though.
I'll just agree with our verdict.
Hmm...what should we do? We all have different opinions...

...!? What happened to her!?
Maidria, please explain.
Maidria: Yes, ma'am! Lady Saki has just descended into a human town!
What!? How reckless...
...That can't be...we fused...
I gave her all of my memories and information...but she still went to a human place...!?
Should we save Saki? Do you want me to bring her back?
...No. Let's leave her alone to do whatever it is that she wants to do.
Wait a second! That sounds really dangerous! Are you sure it's okay!?
...Well...yeah. She should be alright. Even if she gets in a pinch, she can still pull herself out of it.
Because we are Goddesses after all...

For being a goddess, Filament is a terrible judge of human behavior.
Goddesses...!? What kind of setting is this?
...And...even if that's true, I'm still worried about her.
The Hyuma, Maidria, has been unlocked!

So Aoto ran to the town.

Yo, Aoto! Big news! The Goddess has descended onto our house of worship!
We're all totally spared!
We'll survive the Doomsday Tsunami that will surge at the end of the world. We saw it coming, but had no solutions.
If we use the Goddess' power, we should be able to fend off the wave. With deities and science, all is possible.
Let's head to the church!
Yeah, let's go!
...I've got a bad feeling about this. Saki, I'm coming.

Who wouldn't? Gojo there had just delivered one hell of a mad scientist speech.

Quiet, folks! Silence!
The time has come! Our Goddess has arrived! A ray of hope has been cast upon humanity!
When the power of the Goddess is combined with our human technology, we shall be invincible!
The power of the Goddess will save us. Our Goddess has provided us with the final means...!
Behold! Her human form emerges!
...! Saki!
...!? Aoto!?
Sir Aoto, you're here. Then, please come this way.
Aoto, why are you here?
That's what I was gonna ask you! Everyone's been worried about you.
Be quiet. First, we must request Her divine permission.
W-well...! I think fighting is a bad thing! It's always best to live together in a happy and friendly way.
So...please stop fighting, hurting each other, and deceiving each other!
I came down to the human world to spread this message so that you'll all help to make the world a happy, peaceful place.
Please help me! Let's make a happy world together!
Thank you for your holy words. We ask that you bestow upon us your holiness, from within your divine vessel.
Sir Aoto, remove her heart from her divine vessel with this holy knife.
...What!? But, if I do that...
The Goddess' heart possesses enough power to light our way for all eternity.
Her divine heart, along with her divine words, are necessary to make this world, a peaceful, abundant and happy place!
But, she'll die!
Uh...Saki will do anything. Just please don't...let me feel pain.
Then, provide us with an infinite amount of food.
...I can't do that...
Then, bring us enough arable land so that each one of us can live without suffering from lack of resources.
Give us wonder drugs so that we can cure all ailments and diseases!
Hey! If she was able to generate those things so easily, this world would've been a peaceful place to begin with!
That's the problem! Anyone can say, "Let's make the world a better place!" but, ideals don't put food on the table.
Goddesses, ignorant of human needs, talk big with a straight face, but if you decree eternal peace, give us a source.
Your divine heart!
Alright, Sir Aoto! Take the knife, and gouge out her heart. You have the talent needed to accomplish this glorious act!
...Aoto, please take my heart... I'll close my eyes...
Saki! Don't be stupid!
But this will make you happy... Saki'll do it!
Apostle, it's an emergency! A giant tidal wave is surging toward us from beyond the horizon!
What!? No way... Is that the Tide of Doomsday!?
Sir Aoto! Please do it now or else the world will sink beneath the dark waters!
Hell no! I'd rather die than carve out her heart!
Traitor! You're a foe to all humankind! You will lead the world to extinction!
I don't care! To me, Saki is more important than this little world!
Kh...this isn't good. Pull back! I'll handle this!
Aoto! The tsunami is coming!

Uh...where am I...? Oh yeah, I was swallowed up by the tsunami...
Did everyone die...!?
Huh? ...Am I dead...!?
I can pass through walls! Oh...I guess I did die with them...
...Where's Saki? I hafta look for her... Saki... Saki...

So Aoto went looking for Saki.

There she is!
Why did you go to human society without our consent?
B-because I wanted to make the world a peaceful place!
But look what happened. I'm glad you were able to survive.
I sort of knew this was going to happen. That's why I told you we should take her back.
Unfortunately, human kind is not as peaceful and friendly a creature as you believe, Saki.
Did you see it? That's the way humans are.
I always imagined a world where everyone is nice to each other, and help one another. But...
That is the reality. Even Aoto, the human you liked, was no more than a product of your feeble imagination.
Wait a sec! I was being serious...
That's not true!
Saki, please accept it. Humans are nothing but betrayers, they never keep their word.
Shit...they can't sense me... Well, naturally, it's because I'm dead now, but this is really frustrating...
Knowing that, I still like humans. Therefore, even if it's hard, I can do what needs to be done for them.
In fact, your imagination of what they are isn't born from love, but from your idealism that you're infatuated with...
No! I really do want to live happily with them! I truly want to save them!
If you want to help them, then we must get out of here. So, let's leave together.
No, I won't leave! I will create a happy world with them!
Saki...did you see my appearance the other time?
Put your hand up to the wound on my chest.
I can't do that!
Just do it, now!

So yeah, there's a gaping hole in the middle of her chest big enough to stick your hand in.
...No way! It's not there anymore...
See? My heart is gone. It was shattered to pieces. I no longer have a heart.
Who do you think did this to me? It was the humans...who you value the most.

This conversation by the way is uncomfortably significant.
No way...that can't be true!
Cut it open. It's time for you to face reality! If you don't confront the truth, the world will never be restored!
"That can't be true!" cannot solve anything.
If you keep looking away, you'll never be able to exert your gift, the power of creation.
But...Saki...really loves peace and created a world where people like each other. But...
What you created, for the most part, doesn't act the way you wish it would.
What you created only functions because of our maintenance. It is destined to be ruled by our iron fists.

I like the way Filament talks sometimes.
These wounds were made by human hands. It was also my destiny to receive their transgressions.
Nevertheless, I don't attribute this tragedy only to humanity. Our lack of consideration is also to blame.
I think it may even have been a mistake to create you in the first place.
I don't hate humans. I just can't carry the burden of their horrendous karma anymore... I need your power now!
...I'm sorry. I'm going now.
Where to?
To the Cathedral...because I at least want to save Aoto...
That is not allowed! Keep in mind your position here!
That's right. Saki...we must not fall in love with a particular person. As a Goddess, that is utter profanity.
If you don't give him up, you can't be a Goddess. You will lose everything, including the power of miracles.
...Even so, I will still save him first!
Because...he told me that he would rather die than gouge out my heart!
She is going to be a problem...
I'll go watch 'em. You guys prepare the Ark.
Thank you.
I don't know the specifics, but it seems like something heavy is going on...
You look really exhausted. For such situations, take this! It's Ko-Kitty's special drink!
Oh, how thoughtful of you!
Hmhm. Isn't that right? You'll take flight like an angel!
Bfft! What!? Flight!? What do you mean? What the hell is in this!?
I'll never tell♪
This is way too scary! Don't give me things like this!
I know someone who cooks like that. It's terrifying.

Saki returned to the Cathedral.

I know you tried to sacrifice your life and this world to save me, but I can't do anything for you in return...
Aoto, I like you very much.
So, please take half of my life. We'll split it evenly.
...! Saki! If you do that...
I shall take that life!
Sakia...!? You're still alive!?
I will create the utopia that you imagined. So...bestow your life...your heart upon me!
No! This is for Aoto!
Is it forbidden for a Goddess to possess partial love for a specific man! You must give your love to the entire world!
If you resist, I shall respond with force!

Really, you need to make sure a divine being isn't sneaking up behind you when you say stuff like that.
Saki! Are you alright!?
Sarapatra! What are you doing here...?
I was still worried about you. I'm glad I wasn't too late.
Saki won't go back to the Ark.
I know. So...I came here to say goodbye to you.
It seems that your determination to save Aoto remains unchangeable.
...It is!
You can't have it all. If you love a single person, or develop human emotions, you'll lose your divinity.
We all oppose your decision, but I personally don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. You do have free will.
I'm the Goddess of Love. Whether you're a human or a Goddess, no one is entitled to extinguish another's flames of love.
So...I decided to celebrate with you for the choice you've made. Please followthe path you believe in.
Saki Aoto! I don't care if I'm no longer a Goddess. ...I'm sorry!
Saki! Stop! Damn! Why can't they hear me!?
There's no need to apologize. The love you feel is real. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.
Now, go to Aoto.
...Aoto, thank you so much for striving so hard to help me.
I've been relying on you, but now I get to reciprocate your kindness at last.
Saki, no! Don't discard your divinity for my sake! Saki! and I...will share this life...a half for each...but I want to live this life alongside you...
Aoto, please come back to life...
...! *cough* *cough* *huff* *huff*
Aoto! Thank goodness you're alive...!
Saki, you won't be a Goddess anymore! Why did you do that...?
I just always want to be with you. It's more important to me than being a Goddess. So...I'm really happy now...
I can't believe you stuck with that foolish choice until the end. Now my script calls for a thorough revision.
What do you mean!?
I miscalculated. The denouement of this story was supposed to infuse Saki with the realization that she is a Goddess.
However, she kept making decisions that were beyond our expectations. Perhaps, her feelings for you were too strong.

Honestly Filament is a bit dumb to be playing puppetmaster.
And now, she'll lose her divinity. If she's no longer a Goddess, the world she created will shut down, as well.
No way! Isn't there any way to save both Saki and the world!?
The world is coming to an end now. If we don't make our escape, we'll be caught up in it.
Yes, let's hurry and get out. I'm sorry, Aoto, it's too late. Once this happened, I couldn't do anything about it.
I drew the picture of this plan to involve you so that this wouldn't happen.
Saki...I'm sorry. There is nothing we can do for you anymore... I wish you well.
Saki! Go with them! You can still make it! They'll welcome you on the boat.
No! Saki will stay with Aoto!
But that means we'll both vanish with this world!
...Okay! Then, I'll go with you. Why don't we ask them to let me join? Is that okay with you?
...Aoto, that's a brilliant idea! Let's go to the ship!
Sakia's still alive. Alright, let's take her, too.
Good idea!

They tried to board the ark, but...
Great. We're here.
...Saki! Aoto! What's going on?
Filament, I know it's asking too much, but let us in the Ark as well!
...I cannot.
I wish I could, but it can no longer accomodate mortal beings.
That's ridiculous. Saki, let's just go!

Yeah that wasn't happening.
I wasn't lying. When the Tsunami swallowed the civilization, the Goddess' Consensus was to terminate humanity.
...No way...
Alright, it's time for our departure. I wish you the best of luck.
Saki! Maybe Saki can still enter, right?
...There is a chance, but if you wish to try, you had best hurry.
I won't go in without you, Aoto. I said I wouldn't leave you.
Even if this world ends, or I can only live for a short time, I'll stay by you until the last moment.
...Fine. I respect this decision.
Thank you for everything. I believe you two will somehow survive this mayhem.
Are you sure, Saki? You should escape without me...
Aoto, I'm staying by your side, and that's that. I don't need anything else.
A Paradigm Shift? Nice! If we make it, we both should survive!

And so they rushed to the stonehenge.
Damn, we gotta hurry!
Sir Aoto, run faster!
Much appreciation is due for supporting my master. On behalf of her subconscious self, I show you her gratitude.
...Don't worry! When in trouble, we gotta help each other out!
That's right. Ms. Sakia should Paradigm Shift with us, too.
I'm coming in! Hyaaah!
Nice! I guess I should go, too. But, she's so heavy... Is it because of the armor, or is it her...?
Sir Aoto! How insolent of you to mention my master's body weight!
What're you talking about? This is hardly the time to hash this out. Let's hurry!

No kitty candy for guessing the next persona on that view.

We get triple purge here, which is 50% more useless than double purge.

After that, they had a talk about the cosmosphere again.
Well, I want to talk about the Dive we did the other time.
Oh, I caused another Paradigm Shift.
I know, but you've looked a little depressed ever since.
To be honest, I don't know if that was the best ending.
...How did you feel about it? Oh, and please don't get too specific.
Oh, yeah...
...You're qualified to become a really important person.
But you exchanged that privilege for my life.
Oh, really!?
I'm so glad! If I had chosen the other option, I would've hated myself.
You're glad? But you relinquished the chance to become a Goddess!
A G-Goddess!?
...What's going on with the Saki in my Cosmosphere!?
As I said, you could've become a Goddess.
But you stupidly gave it up for the sake of my humble life.
That's not stupid! That was the right choice!
You've gone that deep into my Cosmosphere.
Do you understand what that means?
Of course...that means you trust me a lot, right?
Even more! It takes a lot of determination to let someone in that deep.
Even more than you know, I...
D-do you understand? Please don't tell anyone about it.
Otherwise...I can be really mad sometimes, you know?
I'm sorry. I took your trust too casually.
...Please don't apologize.
I'm happy as long as I can be with you.
So, Aoto, please remember to see the rest of my Cosmosphere.
Yeah Aoto is kinda dumb.

If you run out of DP in the church the second time, this happens.
Aoto, I'm sorry. I actually will follow my divine destiny.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm obligated to make everyone happy... If I can't do it, then the world will be...
Saki, you finally understand me. ...Thank you. Now, we don't have much time. Hurry.
Don't feel disappointed. This is the most righteous choice that you can make.
Goodluck, Saki...