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Part 93: Saki Romantic Scene 2

Tonight I've got another thing that could have happened, but didn't. If Aoto had been more concerned about Saki, he'd have been doing stuff without

Video Record- "Saki Heart Conversation 2"


Akane, that idiot! I don't get why she had to kick us out, just so Finnel can get some rest.
I think she considered the situation, and wants us to rest, as well.
Then she should just say so...
Fine, whatever. It's boring, just waiting around here. Saki, do you want to go for a walk with me?

Wow! Look at this is pretty view!
The reason it's so nice is because we're up higher than Great Fang.
...So beautiful... It makes me glad that I'm alive...
What did you just say?
Hehehe... Aoto, you've made me really happy today!
I never expected to see the children again. They all seemed pretty well!
Yeah, they had a little extra spunk. They were almost annoying...
Hahaha, I'm sorry...
But...I think they're good kids. They all seem to like "Ms. Saki."
Yes, they are all good boys and girls. I wonder what they're doing right now.
Don't worry. They're pretty mature for their ages. Mute'll take care of them.
...Yes, I think you're right.
...I have a favor to ask of you.
If, in the near future, my life burns out and I...disappear, could you please take care of my boys and girls?
What are you talking about...?
Please...take care of them...
What!? Isn't that what Sakia Lumei said? What do you mean!?
...I...remember everything. Even things I forgot a long time ago.
I was created to become one with the most important Antibody and initiate a reaction called Neutralization.
That's how Archia quells Antibodies...and that's what I'm supposed to do.
...Who cares about all that!?
...It's going to make you disappear!? Are you really okay with letting that happen!?
I don't know... They didn't even know if I would survive my purpose...
But I made a play with the children again, and to read them my slide picture stories...
If I can't keep my promise to the children, could you please do those things for me?
Is that too much to ask? But...this is something I really want to ask you.
I can' that...
...How can I keep the promise you made to the kids without keeping my own promise to you...!?
...Don't disappear, Saki. Don't disappear from me...
...Please stay with me here. I like you, Saki.
I'm gonna keep my word. I'll never let you die.
So, live on and keep your promise to the kids.
Let's live together. I'll help you at the pre-school, taking care of the kids, and I'll even help you with your stories.
...Aoto, I'm so glad. You taught me that I, too, have a future...and it is where you will be waiting for me...
Yeah. We'll always be together.
We'll always be together... That's my only treasure. I'll never forget about this day...

Honestly, that was kind of nauseating. I'm rather glad this didn't happen. Anyway next time I will most definitely not be revealing something, since your mother has threatened me severe harm if I do.