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Part 57: Tyria's Binary Field, Part 3c

We pick the story back up at the day before Tyria became the Tower.

Video Record- “Tyria 3c”


The last morning, before the “ritual”…

Once more they met up for their last day of school.

What's up, Masakado? You don't look too well today.
You usually talk more loudly.
Well, I was thinking, today might be our last day...
You'll become the Tower tomorrow, so today is our final day at school, right?
Of course. Once I become the tower, I can't go to school like a good little school girl.
Well, that's why I'm a little sad.
...Masakado is a lonely boy. So that was your secret...
Don't you feel sad, too? You won't be able to come to school or see friends anymore.
Yeah, but I'll realize my life-long dream of becoming the Tower. I wouldn't even call that a sacrifice.
...I know you really are such a sweet girl.
Oh, nothing.

They were joined by Sake and Finelle, as they had been every other time.

Oh, there you are! Morning, guys!
Hey, what's up? You guys look happy today.
Hehehe. We're gonna work part-time, too!
What about your family's bistro?
They won't pay me anyway.
The Kurogane Lab was hiring temporary workers, so we applied together.
The Kurogane Lab!?
Yes! It's the same place that you and Ria work.
I heard they're gonna have a hectic day tomorrow, since Tyria will be gone.
That's why they're hiring new people. We applied for those positions.
And they actually hired us both. It was really competitive, too! We're so lucky!
...What a coincidence.

S-So...Masakado, you're going to the lab today, right?
Can we go with you?
Well...I don't think we'll work at the same department.
Maybe not, but you're still going there, right? I'd like you to take us.
We're kind of nervous, because it's gonna be our first day working there.

Aoto was of course still concerned about Tyria’s safety and was considering going to help her as he had last time.

(If I go to the lab with them, I won't be able to protect Tyria. I have to reject them without causing a scene.)
(Either way...the enemy's strong enough to give Yozuki, who's way stronger than I am, a run for his money...)
(Even though I know they're gonna attack us, do I really stand a chance?)
(...Geez, why didn't I even think about that until just now!?)
...Did you hear that? You're going with them today.
Thank you. We'll meet you after class.
Alright. Let's go to the class first!
...Excuse me, but by any chance, was it really decided that I'm going to the lab with them today?
Yeah, because you didn't seem to be listening to us...
So I arranged it for you.
You shouldn't...
I'm sorry, but please do it.
I knew they've always wanted to be with you...
Are you trying to play cupid...?
I mean, is that a final present from you!?
That's right. I like the way that sounds...
(That's because you originally said it.)
Now, I want to go to the lab today, no matter what.
This'll be the last time I get to walk with you, so I wanted to talk about a lot of things with you on the way.

Just as the previous time he suggested they go somewhere.

Feinne on Qoga: Choice 7
This is obvious, we need to go talk to her alone here.

...Hey, can we go somewhere together right now?
If we can't go to the lab togeher, will you go out with me somewhere for fun?
C'mon. This is your last day of school. You won't miss the boring classes, right? Let's play hooky and have fun.

...Can we?
But...this is my last day of school...
Then...just for the morning.

There's something I wanted to talk to you about, too. So, just for the morning, it should be fine.
Alright, let's get going!
I'd like to go somewhere quiet. Like, a teahouse or coffee shop.

They headed downtown.

For a while it went a lot like last time.

...Is that so strange?
I'm glad, to be honest. I thought you only saw me as a bodyguard.
Not necessarily.
I think that because we've teamed up all this time, I find myself unable to develop any special feelings for you.
...I see.
(Did I not notice that she only saw me as a bodyguard, or did things change completely compared to the first time?)
That's why I came this far with you to talk about it.
What did you want to discuss?
...I will become the Tower tomorrow.
Yeah, it's been your dream.
Yes, but once I achieve it, what will you do?
I don't think anyone else needs a bodyguard.
I know. VIPs already have top-class ones.
I was only qualified because I could attend school as a student. I don't think that'll be of much use to me soon.
Will you transfer to another department?

Aoto was still planning to just give up on being a bodyguard after Tyria was gone.

Do you intend to quit?
You used to go to this school, but not everyone goes to the same one.
My job's not lucrative, and I'm not that strong. Maybe this is a good chance to leave this dangerous industry.
I'll be a normal student and have a normal life.
...That's your future?
It's a pretty lame story to tell you on your last day of school.
Not really. I'm glad that you've been thinking about your future.
Were you worried?
...To become the Tower is my dream, and you have always supported me.
It's only fair that I should be curious about what you'll do once I accomplish my goal.
I'm relieved to hear that you'll get out of such a dangerous lifestyle.
(I didn't know she worried about me so much...)
(...I'm glad, but tomorrow is the last day before she becomes the Tower.)
(I shouldn't be so happy that she's worried about me.)
(It's safe to think she told me about it because we're just closer than before.)
(...After class, I'll prioritize protecting Tyria for the rest of the day.)
Masakado, are you daydreaming again?
Huh? Umm...
Ria, I'll protect you until you become the Tower.

I expect a lot from you, Otto.

Again that Hyuma interrupted them like a jerk, though it was a bit more right that things were about to get cloying and sugary.

Sooweets: This is too sweet. The atmosphere between you two is just too sugary!
What a loud Hyuma.
Sooweets: How rude! You're both so sweet and cloying and sugary!
...Can you stop using the same words? People are going to get the wrong idea.
Sooweets: Fine. I'll reword it. You two are generally unwholesome!
The hell kind of rewording is that!?
Sooweets: You're students, right? If you're decent students, you should be in class!
But you're ditching... And on top of that, you're ditching just to go on a date!?
I came here to educate you minors. I'll teach you a lesson or two right now!
What a lame reason to come up to us...
Sooweets: That's none of your business! Tell me your names and what school you go to.
I don't know if I should.
(If the researchers find out about this, we'll be in trouble. What should I do?)

It resolved the same way as it had before, with Tyria saving the day. This was just about the last thing that was going to be at all familiar.

Sooweets: On duty...?
We work at the Kurogane Lab. Tyria is becoming the Tower tomorrow, so we're out here buying stuff that she needs.
(Stuff she needs? We can't buy anything that she needs around here.)
Sooweets: Huhhh!? You two are Kurogane Lab personnel?
Y-yeah, that's right.
Sooweets: Then why didn't you say so earlier!? I would never try to educate lab folks. I'd refuse if someone asked me to.
Are you sure?
Sooweets: Tomorrow is like launch day for you. You're entitled to prepare for tomorrow by skipping school!
There are those who oppose the AAA, but I support it.
Really? Thanks for letting us go.
Sooweets: Don't mention it. But I hope the plan is a success. Say hello to Tyria for me.
...I will. Thank you.
Sooweets: I'm going now. There are more delinquents lurking around here.
If you get caught by someone else, let me know. I'll hide the evidence by abusing my authority.
Don't do that! Just a little help is fine.
Sooweets: See you!
...Let's go back.

Tyria had somewhere else she wanted to go.

Sure. We can go anywhere you want.
Come with me.

I’ve been considering a suit against her for this.

I want to see some stuffed animals.
Stuffed animals? They're on the corner rack.
I'll take a look.
Sure. Take your time.
...I'm surprised you know about this place.
Sake and Finnel brought me here before.
I see.
Wait, I didn't know that.
Of course not. I never told you.
Oh...that one's cute. Can you reach that character plushie for me?
Oh, geez. This one, right?
What do you think?
...It's surreal. Those eyes could make me smile, even if I was crying.
That's not quite right. What about...this one?
Well, it could be a little better. I don't think this is the best one or anything.
...What about this one?
It's just a plain stuffed bear...
Masakado, you're so fussy. Are you really the type of person who needs to criticize stuffed animals?
Well, you're just picking the eccentric ones.
You like them simple?
Too simple is also bad.

Eventually she managed to find one that met the criteria.

A stuffed girl, huh? Hmm, she's cute.
You think so?
I think she complements your room. She can sit on your hope chest or by the window.
I'll take it, then.
Allow me. It's my treat.
No, I'm going to buy it. Hello, I'd like this one.
Thank you, ma'am. Shall I wrap it up for you?
No, this is fine.
You're going to carry it out just like that? Isn't that...a little embarrassing?
Don't worry. I feel perfectly comfortable.
Uh-huh. Here.
Here? You mean, I'm taking it home with me?
Didn't you say you liked it?
Well, yeah, but...
It's a gift from me. You've helped me so much, Masakado, so...
Don't worry about it. It's my job. I'm supposed to protect you.
But you've given me a lot of sweet, happy memories, too.
You say it's your job, but you do a lot more than just protect me.

At least Aoto didn’t let being dumb get in the way of this moment.

...Will you accept it?
...Of course. I'll keep it safe and sound.

Good. I'm going back to school.
Huh? It's not safe to go by yourself.
I'll be fine. Ciao!
Ah, she's gone. She's a pretty quick runner...
(This plot's new to me.)
(A gift... Does this mean I've become more important to her than before?)
Anyway, a doll? I don't know if I'd wanna take it with me to school without wrapping it up first...
Do you want a bag?
...No thanks.
It was given to me like this, so I'll proudly carry it like this.

Anyway the doll wasn’t quite a normal doll, at least anymore.

Who's talking?
Ninety-Nine: Me! In your arms.
Wow! Y-you're a Hyuma!?
Ninety-Nine: Hmm, if you're asking me, then maybe I am.
I was born a few minutes ago.
That's possible.
That stuffed girl has been in the shop for a long time.
...It never sold?
It's a historic doll.

I don't even remember how long it's been here.
So, it's not impossible that she might've become a Hyuma.
Well, they're fairies, right? She's more like...a monster...or something.
Monsters, fairies, same difference. Both appear in fairy tales.
Ninety-Nine: I don't know what you're talking about. I was just born. Maybe she's right.
Anyway, you bought me, so you're responsible for me. That means, you gotta take care of me.
Plus, I'm stuffed full of that girl's love!
Ninety-Nine: No. That was total bull.
...Another source of trouble...
The Hyuma, Ninety-Nine, has been unlocked.

Aoto returned to school.

This is the last bit that bears more than superficial resemblance to the last few runs.

Aoto, I'm heading home first.
Okay. It's sorta weird, since I used to walk you to the Lab every day.
In the end, I always feel refreshed.
I wish you'd sound more sad about leaving me.
(Okay, Tyria should get attacked by Hyumas after this.)
(What should I do? I already have the answer.)

Since he’d warned Yozuki earlier, he was confident Tyria would be safe while he did something else.

Feinne on Qoga: Choice 8
It’s funny because while we will catch some shit later for not having been there in some regards it’s still the right choice for several reasons. What we need to do right now is confront Sake and Finelle about being anti-AAA. We know Tyria will be safe because Yozuki has never actually been defeated even when she didn’t know the attack was coming, but we’ve warned her earlier.

(I'll let Yozuki know about the attack beforehand.)
(If Yozuki knows about it, preventive measures will probably be taken.)
(What I need to do today is speak with those girls.)
Be careful.
I'll be fine. Yozuki will protect me. Ciao.
...I hope nothing happens.
I'm ready.
Oh, where's Sake?
Thanks for waiting. I'm ready, too.
Before we go to work, there's something I want to speak with you girls about. Do you have some time?
Something to talk to us about?
Yeah. Let's go somewhere else. Somewhere we can talk in private.

They headed down to the park together.

Their topic definitely required a quiet place.

So, what's the important thing we have to talk about?
Is it related to your part time job?

Do you guys support Tyria becoming the Tower?
What do you say? You two are working at the lab, so you guys have gotta be all for it, right?

O-of course! Long live the Tower! I'm 100% for it!
Because...if Tyria doesn't become the Tower, the planet can't be restored, right?
Then, there's no reason for us to oppose it.
...I see.
Then why did you try to send Hyumas to attack Ria?
Then why did you try to send Hyumas to attack Ria?

At least he didn’t waste time beating around the bush here.

So...I knew that today, Tyria, I mean Ria, was gonna get attacked.
I told her to be cautious. I'm sure the assassins have met with a painful failure by now...
...But, how did you find out that we were Anti-AAA members? We didn't show any signs of it.
That's...a secret. I will tell you that it came from some intelligence network that I know of...
You two knew that I was her bodyguard, and not her old friend, right?
...I knew.
You did? ...Damn it!
I was hoping my guess was wrong about that...
...So, what are you gonna do with us? Are you going to take us to the lab?
I don't wanna resist against you. I don't wanna bother you any further.
...Don't get ahead of yourselves. I never said I would take you two to the lab.
I just wanted to hear the truth from you guys. Did you two become my friends just to get closer to Tyria?
N-no! That's not true! I didn't know Ria was actually Tyria until later.
We were scouted. Someone asked us if we were interested in joining an Anti-AAA Society after we got close to you.
That's why you joined them? Did you oppose the idea of Tyria becoming the Tower?
I was really supportive at first, because if she became the Tower, the planet would be saved.
I was for it, too, until someone told us the truth about it...

It seemed much like Labo Labo they weren’t comfortable with the cost of Tyria’s dream.

You two tried to hurt your friend!
That's not true! We didn't really want to hurt her!
We just didn't want her to become the Tower. We were just gonna kidnap her, or threaten her into not doing it.
We know everything. Even the fact that Ria will die in a few years after she becomes the Tower.
...You knew that, too?
If you knew, then why didn't you try to stop her!?
If you knew Ria would die a few years after becoming the Tower, then aren't you the one who's out of your mind!?
...I can't.
...Is it because it's your job?
No, it has nothing to do with my job.
If someone was forcing her to become the Tower, I would defend her with my life...
But Tyria already knows the consequence.
Even after knowing that she'll die in a few years, she still wants to be the Tower.
How can that be?
She still went through the exams and practiced for the transformation every day.
That's ridiculous! If she knew she would die, why did she still try to become the Tower!?
...That's way too sad!

Aoto explained to them why he couldn’t stop her if it was what she really wanted.

To make her dream come true, she did everything she was supposed to do, and has finally reached this phase.
Her dream...even though she knows she'll die...
Yeah...for her, it was her one true source of happiness.
To stop her from achieving it would deprive her of her happiness. And, I just can't do that.
B-but she'll die! That can't happen! I won't let it!
But, you're not doing this for her sake. It's for your own egotistical desire, right?
Just because you don't want her to die, doesn't mean that you're entitled to keep her from fulfilling her dream.

I know how badly she wants to become the Tower.
On top of that, she really wants to become the perfect Tower, and...
(Fulfill Kurogane's ambition...that is Tyria's true source of happiness.)

I know how much you two care for her, and I wish I could stop her from doing this...
But, when I think about how sad she'll be if she's deprived of her dream...I just can't do it.
...Are you sure Ria really wants to become the Tower of her own free will?
Yes, I'm sure she does. She thinks that'll bring her true happiness.

In the end he was able to convince them to let her decide her own path.

Because...Saki is Ria's friend.
I can't take my friend's dream away from her.

Isn't there any other way to save the planet, other than her becoming the Tower?
I don't know...
All I know is that she'll become the Tower tomorrow. We still have some time before then...
If we can change her mind...
...But, I don't think we can.
Let's not get too optimistic, or I won't be able to make Tyria happy.
Are you staying by her side for the sake of her happiness?
I just want to help her go down the path toward the happiness she has chosen.
This happiness is not something someone else imposed on her. Helping her realize her happiness is my one true duty.

We were wrong. I thought we were helping Ria, but was it just for our own egos?
I can't deny it. But you did those things for her sake, right? That's not necessarily a bad thing.

There was another important thing Sake and Finelle were worried about at this point.

No, I won't do anything. As I said, I just wanted to talk with you guys about this.
I was only curious about why you two joined the scheme to attack Tyria.
Now that I see the whole picture, I'm relieved. I'm really thankful that you guys are Tyria's friends.

...Do you think Ria will become a beautiful, glorious Tower?
At this rate, yes I do. But there's only one problem...
I heard that there are agents in the lab who are trying to thwart our plan.
Right. So, until I see her become the Tower, I have to stay by her side.
I'll be her shield, if I need to.
!? N-no!
If you do that, then you might die!
Well, that's what I'm here for.

Aoto ended up getting some extra help out of this, though he hadn’t intended that when he came here.

A Hyuma?
Uh-huh. She's like my living talisman. If you take her with you, she'll protect you when you're in danger, right?
Autumnal Chill: Hmm...I don't want you to expect too much from me, but...sure. Feel blessed! You're in the Aegis Carrier now.
Isn't that statement self contradictory?
Well, her personality is kind of weird, but she is reliable.
Take my Hyuma, too. I'm sure she'll help you a lot. She'll be your Aegis Guardian. Like a good luck charm!
Wintry Wind: What!? I'm gonna be his charm?
Well, if this is about me actually protecting you, then sure, I'll be a mighty charm.
I can sort of tell what kind of power you have...
Try to stay out of danger. And once you help Ria achieve her dream, please come back and return our Hyumas to us.
Please promise us, Masakado. Ria is already leaving us. If we lose you too, we'll be devastated.
...Alright. I promise I won't betray your feelings.
...Thank you.
Of course!
Okay, now, why don't we go to the lab?
So, Saki and Finnel, you two are coming with me, right?
Yes, sir. For Ria's sake tomorrow, we'll do our best today.
Me, too... Huh? You've been calling me by my first name, instead of Zeta...
Quit that jibba jabba, Zeta. Walk faster, or we're gonna be late.
Y-you called me Zeta again!
The Hyuma, Autumnal Chill, has been unlocked! The Hyuma, Wintry Wind, has been unlocked!

They hurried back to the Lab.

The girls split off from Aoto once they were there.

Okay, thank you.
Masakado, is your workplace nearby?
Yep. Okay, I'm heading to my place. Good luck. See you later.
Okay. Same to you. Tyria okay?

Even without Aoto there things had gone much better thanks to his warning.

Oh, Aoto, I've been waiting for you!
Vice Chairman? What happened? You look pale.
It's an emergency. Tyria was attacked by someone claiming to be part of an Anti-AAA group!
So, is she okay!?
Yes. Luckily, she doesn't even have a scratch.
Oh, okay.
Where's Yozuki? Is she fine?
She is getting her wounds treated.
Yes, but it's nothing serious. She just couldn't catch the attacker.
Yozuki! You were attacked and were injured, right? Are you okay?
Injured? Oh, you mean this?
I just failed to dodge a surprise attack. It's just a scratch and Tyria healed it right away. I'm fine.
Good. That's a relief. I thought you were in critical condition or something.
...I made sure to stay alert.
Of course. You're Yozuki, after all. Still, I'm glad.

Unfortunately it seemed things were even worse with Tyria than the first time.

She was traumatized by the assault. She's scared.
Tyria? Really?
(But why? Yozuki wasn't even injured that badly...)
(She wasn't scared after the attack, so why now...?)
Where is Tyria now?
I sent her home with a guardian. The Chairman told me to do so, since she was so frightened.
I see. I'm gonna go check up on her.
Please do.

Aoto headed down to Tyria’s place.

She was shaken in a way Aoto had never seen when he arrived.

I heard from the Vice Chairman! Are you're gonna be okay!?

...Yozuki defended me.
...She actually told me that, too. And she said that you healed her wounds.

What's wrong, Tyria? She fended off the assault. Why are you still so scared?

(What's going on? Why is this time around so different from the first cycle?)
(Yozuki was safe, too. but...something is wrong. What am I overlooking?)
Were you really that scared?
...Yes, I was very, very scared...
Because you were attacked?

(*sigh* She's not telling me anything.)

Aoto’s stubbornness worked in his favor here, he wasn’t willing to leave until he knew what was going on.

Feinne on Qoga: Choice 9
Here’s the last choice and it’s super obvious that we need to stay longer to find out anything. Going home here would actually give us the Bad Ending, we’ll see that after the main game’s done.

(But if she doesn't tell me, I won't leave her.)
(She's not gonna say anything. Maybe I should just wait a while...)
(*sigh* ...No, she's not telling me.)
Hey, Tyria, why don't you tell me the truth?

(It's getting dark outside. I don't think I should stay here any longer.)
Look, it's getting dark, so I'm gonna have to leave, but if you want to talk about anything...

But when he tried to go…

Don't go home.
Stay with me a little longer. I don't want to be alone right now...
...Alright. I'll stay here until you tell me to go.
...Thank you.
It's alright.

It’s funny because Aoto was actually a lot easier to make uncomfortable than it seemed like he should be.

(But, wait... How did I end up here?)
(Tyria never told me a thing, as the time slowly passed by...)
(I thought I would go to sleep, because it was getting dark...)
...No, that's not right, is it!?
Masakado, what's wrong?
Tyria, actually, I think I'll just sleep on the floor...
Then I'll sleep on the floor, too.
That would be even worse. You've got a very important day tomorrow. Get your rest in your bed.
No...I don't want to be alone. I'm scared. Stay with me, Masakado.
Well, I don't know...
I can't sleep by myself. I'll be too scared if you're not next to me.
If you don't sleep next to me, I might fail tomorrow.


Still an idiot after all this time. Anyway she finally felt comfortable enough to tell him what was bothering her.

(At least she seems calmer now...)
Masakado, I was really scared when I was attacked...
I know. Yozuki protected you very well, right?
Yes, she did. She was extremely strong.
I'm sure. Yozuki is much stronger and more reliable than I am.
But I was still scared... Even after she turned all the Hyumas away, I was still looking...
For other enemies?
...No, for you.
You're always protecting me. So, when Yozuki started fighting against the Hyumas, I was waiting for you.
But, that would've been impossible. I was with Sake and Finelle when that happened.
That's what you wanted me to do.
I know that… would come to save me. No matter what kind of crisis I'm in, you would still come and rescue me.
At least, that's what I believed... So even after it was all over, I was still waiting for you.
I know it's ridiculous, but that's the kind of man you are to me.
But, you never came... I thought you had abandoned me...

Aoto continued to at least be reassuring. And he continued to stand by his goal of letting Tyria figure out what she wanted herself.

Really. It's a waste of time to fear something that'll never happen.
...Thank you. I feel much better now.
...But I'm glad. It sounds like you trust me a lot now.
Whenever I'm with you, I feel safe for some reason.
You'll always protect me. But, that's only because it's your job. For the sake of your duty, you stay by my side. also stay with me outside of work...
You took me to fun places and taught me many fun things.
...I don't know. When I'm with you, I can feel safe and enjoy our time together.
But, this is the end of our fun times. Once I become the Tower, we can no longer go out and have fun together.
So, I want to be with you as much as possible until then. I'm sorry for bothering you so much...
...You seem to have no common sense.

What man would be bothered by a girl who says such sweet things about him? It's a little embarrassing, but I'm happy.
…Thank you.

Even in this situation there was one thing Tyria wasn’t going to forget about.

We weren't in the mood to eat earlier, and it's too late now. You'll have to bear with it until morning.
...My tummy's growling.
If you hold it until tomorrow morning, I'll buy you something to eat.
Tomorrow's your big moment in life. Of course I'll treat you to anything you want.
Then, I want fried bread.
F-fried bread?
(Oh yeah, she said she wanted to eat that the previous time around, and even before that.)
I heard that new bakery has the best fried bread.
I wanna try it... I wanna eat as much fried bread as I can.
Your first meal of the day is a stomach full of fried bread, huh? I'll just get two of them.
Masakado, you can eat more of it after I'm gone. So, that should be enough for you.
...I guess so. You have to eat to get ready to hibernate.
I'll try not to puke.
Girls shouldn't say things like that. Anyway, go to sleep for now.
...When you're next to me, I'm too nervous to fall asleep.
Okay, then I'll move down to the floor...
But then I'll be too scared to fall asleep.
Then what do you want me to do?

As always Tyria had a solution to the problem.

Nightmare: Whaaahhh! I was hiding behind the curtain because it would've been too hard to enter your conversation...
She helps me a lot when I can't fall asleep.
One night, I couldn't fall asleep, so she came up to me and told me she'd help. She resides within this house.
That's news to me.
She only comes out at night, so I didn't think it was necessary to introduce you to her.
Nightmare:, can I do the thunderbolt on you?
Yes, please.
Hey, I'm not so sure I like what I just heard...
Nightmare: Alright, goodnight!
Nightmare: Now, you both can sleep soundly.
Ugh...this is how you put us to sleep? Isn't this way too cruel...?

And since Tyria had a reason to sleep, she missed the Chairman’s call this time.

(Is it a call from the Chairman...?)
(Too bad. Soon I'll take over your role of encouraging Tyria.)
Nightmare: Otto, can you answer the phone for me?
S-sorry, I really can't...
The Hyuma, Nightmare, has been unlocked!

The story seems like it’s almost over, but there’s quite a lot to go. They didn’t realize, but this is when things were about to get really exciting…