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Part 31: The Stars of Clustania

They rushed back to Akane’s house. They were able to get her awake relatively easily.

Video Record- “The Promise”


It happens. Once the Soulspace is hacked, not even a Pureblooded ß-Type can do anything about it.
Richa has awakened, too.
I left everything to the Innkeeper. Clustania doesn't know about this place. I don't think they'll find us here.
Doc, you're so smart!
Akane, you seem to be okay, as well.
That's because our treatment was quick and precise.
Thank you, both.
As a temporary means, I've blocked your connection to the Tower.
No one can Dive into you, but you also can't be hacked, either.
Doctor, where are Cocona and Filly?

Both of them were resting in Akane’s bedroom. Cocona would be alright, but Finnel…

Finnel, in worse condition. She's suffering from severe exhaustion.
Even if she wakes up...she may have lost a significant part of her memory, like Saki.
That can't be... Filly...
Hey, Doc! Isn't there any way to save Finnel!?
...There is only one way I can think of. The structure of Finnel's Soulspace resembles that of Saki's.
Are you saying that the causes of their symptoms are identical?
Exactly. So...there's the message from Filament.

This was as good a time as any to ask Akane for her help.

Do you know what that even means?
It's Clustania's sanctuary, right? You are the only one who can operate it...
So, you know what it is and what it means to be there...
I know I'm asking a lot, but we're dealing with Saki's and Finnel's lives here!
I have to meet someone named Tyria there!
May I have some time to ponder on that?
...Yeah, I'll wait.

They took turns watching over Cocona and Finnel. It just so happened that Finnel awoke while Aoto was in.

Oh, you're awake? How do you feel?
Ungh...I'm fine... Aoto, did you stay by my side the whole time?
Huh...? know, there was a lot of people in here and there wasn't any room for me to sleep...
...Hehe...I'm sorry for causing so much trouble for you.
It's fine. Just go back to sleep.
No, I feel good now. I can get up.
Don't be so stubborn. You shouldn't push yourself too hard.

Finnel didn’t want to just go back to sleep, though.

I...promised. Let's go, Aoto.
...Are you serious? We don't have to go so soon.
...I want to show you now...the stars that you can see from Clustania.
...How can you be so stubborn? Alright, if you insist, I'll go with you. But, I have to carry you there, deal?
...Heh ...Okay!

And so they headed outside to see the stars.

Video Record- “The Stars”


Wow! This is amazing...!
...So beautiful.
What was that? You sounded like this was your first time seeing them.
This is my first time...
It's my first time seeing these stars with someone I know. It looks a million times prettier than seeing them alone...
A million times? Sounds like someone's exaggerating.
...N-No, I-I'm not... exaggerating...! *sob*
H-hey! Why are you crying?
*sob* ...Because...I like you...
...H-huh? you so much, Aoto.
I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't say that. I know I shouldn't even like you...
...I know you have Saki...
She's so sweet and cute, and...I like you both. I want you two to be happy together, but...
I can't help myself... I can't help liking you. I can feel my heart tearing apart...!

Finnel had quite a good reason to try and keep her feelings from Aoto, though she still shouldn’t have.

Because I...might die soon!
I'm gonna disappear soon! It's not fair to tell you that I like you!
Heh... You sure are a clumsy idiot...
There's not a person alive who isn't qualified to like anyone they want!
...But...I can't...
Yes, you can! You can like whoever you want!
And I will make you live longer...!
I'll make you live forever and ever! ...Till you're an old hag with a cane! me as much as you damn want.
..Ugh! ...Yeah! I like you so much, Aoto! I want to be with you!

Aoto didn’t really respond directly, because he’s not a real man like your father.

My true Aoto_lx.Ciela Bridge Gate.
W-what!? You told me you would never give your true name to anyone other than a family member or life partner...
You're right. That's why I gave it to you.
You wanted to do our Cartology reading, right?
O-oh...y-yeah! I'll do it right now!
Well...Aoto's is 2-4-6-7...
Huh...? ...Finnel?
Ah... W-whaaat?
What was our result?

Then again the sort of guy who couldn’t get the result from how she was acting couldn’t be expected to get that you should probably be clear whether you think of someone as a family member or significant other.

That sounds nice. I'm glad I decided to give you my true name.
Oh, yeah! Thank you, Aoto...

Akane still hadn’t decided her course of action the next morning. The Doctor and Katene had been working through the night.

Video Record- “Aki’s Choice”


Yeah, thank you for your hard work. I really appreciate it.
Well, if it was a human operation, I would've given up, but this is for a Reyvateil. I am an engineer, after all.
Anyway, I'm glad you're safe. You can be impetuous sometimes... So, what have you been doing?
I knew you were going to ask me that, my friend! I saw with my own two eyes...the legendary Reyvateil, Tyria...!
I see... That's why you were acting so weird on the Telemo.
I was expecting to get a little more rise out of you.
I actually saw Tyria, as well.
It seems like Tyria holds the key to extending Saki's and Finnel's lives.
Does that link back to your story about the Rinkernator?
That's right. As far as I know, she's inside the Rinkernator.
Aww... That's kind of lame. You've beaten me every step of the way.
Not necessarily. In fact, I don't really know anything about her, either.

Katene, though, certainly did. With his father dead, he was probably the foremost expert on the Tower’s Origin.

For the sake of her salvation, we must take the proper and respective steps. And...I know the correct procedure.
Is that right...!?
My father and I have researched her for decades. I guess our impetuous field work wasn't a total waste after all.
Not at all. You're a great scholar, as was your father.
Well, that's why he was exiled from Archia.
Oh, by the way, I met your old friend.
My old friend?
Yeah, Laude's daughter. Her name was...Mute.
…! Mute…?
I guess you have some charm to go with your smarts. She was worried about you, ever since they took you away.
Mute...? Was she that Mute...?

For just an instant Katene considered going to find Mute first.

...Hmph. Looks like there's hope for this one after all.
Huh? Did you say something, Gojo?
Nevermind. Anyway, are you sure about this? I think you should go see her.
Well, of course I want to see her, but as a scientist, my first priority is to see Tyria!
Now that sounds more like you. Well, then...let's go see what the Clustanian General's verdict is.

Akane was indeed ready to tell them what she would do.

I think they all went outside. Should I go bring them back in?
Yes, please.

She’d agreed to take them where they wanted to go.

Yes. I shall take you all to the Rinkernator.
We did it, Aoto!
Yeah! Thank you, Akane!
We didn't expect to receive a favorable answer from you... May I ask why?
...Her Divinity, Harvestasha, and Sir Kureha...planted a seed of doubt about my loyalties in my mind.
I've done everything I could, even cruel things, to help Finnel recover from her illness.
However, I did it based on my master's lies...
If what she told me was false, then I wish to make false the fact that Finnel has so little time left, as well.
...Therefore, if Tyria possesses the key to extending Finnel's life, I am willing to lay my future on the line.
Everything is going to be alright. Filly will be better soon! Right, Aoto!?
Right! Both Finnel and Saki are going to be fine! ...and it's all thanks to you, Akane.

There was a very real problem though, given what they were asking her to do.

But once that happens, the entire land of Clustania will be exposed to great danger.
Tis ridiculous for you to fret over this.
I don't know how much it will help, but I shall send all Security Guardian Squads to safeguard the city.
As a General, I should not do this, but...there's something I'd rather uphold, even at the cost of my status.
So, Sir Aoto, I shall lend all my strength to you!
Alright, let's go save Finnel together!
To reach the upper part of the Tower, where the Rinkernator is, we have to go through the Executive District.
The best route would be to go through the Promenade.

The scene in Clustania was nightmarish. The entire city and its inhabitants had just… stopped.

Everyone’s down!
Archia’s virus must’ve caused this! It appears to render all Reyvateils into a comatose state.
…Damn those Archians! This is horrendous…

Aoto had a concern about Akane after seeing her room.

Does Akane really not have any hobbies?
Why do you think that?
Do you remember the big bookshelf? It was in front of her desk.
I looked at the titles of the books. They're all encyclopedias, treaties and academic theses.
She didn't even have a single novel or manga.
Yes, I kind of remember that...
Ahh! I have an idea!
If I secretly put one of my slide picture stories in her bookshelf, she'll be happy when she finds it.
Well, I think she'll just take it as a prank.

Finnel, meanwhile, just wanted Aoto to be clear about what he’d meant that night. Being a coward, he couldn’t respond.

Hey, Aoto, I haven't heard this from you yet.
Hey, don't say you forgot.
When we gazed at the stars that night...I said I...
...So, I want you say what you think about me clearly.
I-I told you my true name, so figure it out by yourself.
I-I like that, but...still...
I like explicit words better...
Wh-what should I say, though...
What if you were me? Would you be satisfied?
See? So, you must...
Say what you really feel about me.

Please let me say it some other time!
What!? Are you trying to escape now? You're such a chicken!
I can't deny that, nor do I intend to be one! But I'm really confused inside my head...
Please think about how you would feel if you were me.

Meanwhile, Cocona was trying to come up with a way to make up for the fact that she couldn’t use her best moves without her old weapons and close support from Infel Pira.

It's rare to see you thinking so hard.
Well, actually, I was thinking of making a new move. But I can't come up with any good ideas.
You're trying to invent a new move...?
What made you think about doing that? should I explain this...?
I thought my current attack moves were a little bland compared to the ones I used to use.
Bland? ...They are?
I mean, not how they look, but the damage they can deal.
…Are you serious?
Hey, listen to me more seriously! Something is really going boo here!
Then, why don't you use the moves that you used to use?
I'm using a different weapon type. I can't do them anymore. Changing weapons is hard, you know?
I've been using V-Boards in battle, so I'm used to them.
So, I want your advice. Do you think I can do a powerful move using this?
I think you've done everything you can.
Please! One more idea! If you give me a hint, I'll develop a new move from it.
Then, what about charging at an enemy on the Board?
If you bump into an enemy at top speed. You can blow them away.
Charging on a V-Board... Just bumping isn't that strong...
Oh, I see.
Taking advantage of the speed of the board may not be a bad idea, though.
Take advantage of its speed...

Saki’d given her enough of an idea to create a new move.

Alright! I think this'll work!
What is it!? Tell me what it's like!
As Saki said earlier, I'm going to use the speed of the board.
Charge an enemy on the board, and then back up and hit it again...
I'll speed up as I go, increasing the power until finally...I'll give it the final blow.
How does that sound? Pretty powerful, huh!?
That'll use the functionality of the V-Board to it's fullest!
But is it possible to speed up as you continuously run into an enemy?
It'll be a little tricky... But I bet I can pull it off.
Really? You're awesome.
I can't wait to see you use it!
The name of this will be... Photon Ride ∞∞.

It was time to head to the Rinkernator, but it would be a long and difficult journey. And so they took a moment to prepare. Next time I think I’ll tell you about that.