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Part 89: Saki Cosmosphere 4

Welcome back, kids. Today we're going to see more of Saki's mind.

Video Record-"Saki 4"


Is this a musical city? It looks straight out of a fairy tale. I guess that's just like Saki.
What sort of crap am I gonna face in this world?

This is possibly the girliest cosmosphere he'd been in yet.

Whoa! Who're you!?
Nice to meet you. I'm Ko-Kitty, a feline maid vagabond. My hobby is caretaking.
Yet another eccentric stereotype? But what do you mean by the world will sink?
Look at the edge. Water is approaching us, right?
Yeah, I can see that.
The water will swallow the entire land. It is the Doomsday Tsunami.
Tsunami, huh...?
Right. My master and I have been struggling to prevent it.
And your master is...?
My master is not mustard, worcester sauce, nor a mustard gas grenade.
I sort of figured that on my own...

What he should have done here was asked Teppo to check that out, since it's obvious that her response was corrupted.
Oh, I must be getting back! Bye! Let's meet again on a deeper level.
Oh, I forgot to mention something. Beware of Sakia Lumei.
Sakia...Lumei? Who's that!?
She is the ruler of the underworld. Her influence is weak here, but as you go deeper, she will become a great threat.
Keep your eyes on her! Bye!
This place even has an underworld for someone to rule...?

Naturally Aoto was dumb enough to just walk over to the Organito Hut and ask Sakia if she was the ruler of the underworld. Kids, it's not safe to ask people if they're the ruler of the underworld. Especially if they actually are the ruler of the underworld.

Hey, so I heard through the grapevine...
You're the ruler of the underworld here. Is that true?
What's that? Hahaha. Hilarious. Who concocted that insanity?
You annihilated Level 1. That means you've got at least that much power, right?
...Having power and having control are not the same thing.
I've watched this world's balance ebb. I resort to force to keep it afloat. That's all.
Perhaps the residents of this world are the ones spreading false rumors.
There are a plethora of people who despise me. It's only natural. The personae are desperate for space.
Therefore, this cannot be helped. For the other personae, I am nothing but a pest.

I think Sakia's being a bit hard on herself. But there's certainly something going on.
...I see.
Don't let yourself get brainwashed by them. Keep your objective in plain view, Sir Aoto.

Of course NOW he figures to call on Teppo.
Hey, Teppo!
Yes, sir. It's been a while. How may I help you?
Do you get any fishy feelings from Sakia Lumei?
Hmm, I don't really see any hazardous factors, like a virus, in her data structure.
What about cognitive modules or something?
I don't know about that stuff! If I could see what people were thinking, I'd conquer this world.

If you have intuition, you don't need that.
That's equivalent to peeping into someone's heart. I can't do that.
Oh, I get it.
Anyway, I've got nothing indicating that she's dangerous. Though she's different, she's still a normal persona.
Okay. Thank you!

Who's your sweetheart?
What are you saying? You're my sweetheart!
...My dear husband.

I don't think he should be so surprised. This kind of thing supposedly happens in cosmospheres.
You're acting strange today. Oh, I get it! You're pouting because I didn't do my usual thing today...
...Your usual thing?
Welcome home, Sweetheart♪ Would you like dinner, a bath,

Aoto really is too forward sometimes.
Th-Then, I'll take Saki!
Huh!? Saki!?
Wait! That's not okay, right? Even though this is your Cosmosphere...
That's not true! If you don't mind that it's me...
Saki will sing with all my heart!
Because you said it's alright as long as it's me, I'll sing you a Song from the bottom of my heart!
I can live if living is with you~♪ I want to be watching you every breath you inhale~♪
Why are we so poor? It looks like the house is gonna cave in at any second.
Pull yourself together, Sweetheart. Did you forget everything because your life is so hard...?
I used to be a singer, but ever since the theater closed down, I haven't been able to work.
You were my bodyguard and manager, so we both lost our jobs.
I that's the setting...
Oh, didn't you go looking for a job?
Oh, yeah, that's why I went out.
It seems like you couldn't find a good employer.
But don't get discouraged. I'd rather you got a job that you like, so please take your time.
We can live off chocolate for two more years. We won't starve to death for a while.
How much chocolate did you buy!? You should buy everything in moderation...
I'm sorry, but I have a weakness for chocolate. When the supermarket had a sale, I bought a whole rack.
...Are you serious!? Poor people can't do that...
Sweetheart, you're going to look for a job again tomorrow, right? Let's just rest for the rest of the day.
*yawn* I didn't know we could spend the night in a Cosmosphere, too.
Well, she told me I should look for a job, but I want to know more about the Saki in this world. Let's hit the city.
At least Aoto isn't that dumb.

Oh, Gengai?
...!? Who are you!? You shouldn't talk to random strangers!
W-well, you looked angry, so I was curious as to why...
Angry!? Well yeah, of course, I'm very angry!
How long do you think it's been since the city's theater closed!?
We've been waiting for it to re-open!
I've been anticipating my favorite idol, Sakkyun's comeback performance!
He's right! There's a limit to our patience, you know!?
Urgh!'re furious, too!? Is Saki really that popular here...?
Of course! Sakkyun is our national idol! We're all waiting to see her sing onstage again!
Now that the theater's closed, do we never get to see her again!? I don't think I can live with that!
Forget about it! That's the final straw! I'm gonna go complain to the theater manager!
Oh, I'll go with you! How long does he think he can keep the theater closed!?
H-hey, you two...
Damn...they really went to complain. Saki seems super popular.

At this point you should have your theories about what's happening ready!
Are they stupid? Grown men yelling, "Sakkyun, I love you!" "Please marry me!" It's disgusting!
And now Sarapatra? But she doesn't seem to like Saki very much...
Naturally. She's my rival. She's always kept Sarapyon from rising to stardom!
Y-you don't know me!? Don't you watch TV? Don't you have friends? The Halley Comet Diva, Sarapyon, is me, indeed!
Urgh! How annoying! Once the theater re-opens, I'll prove I'm more talented than that toddler!
When the audience hears Sarapyon's voice, they'll instantly know I'm much better than Sakkyun!
I can't take it anymore! I'm going to go complain to the theater manager!
Ah! She's gone... the theater really okay...?

No, I'm not, but I am worried because a bunch of people said they were coming here to complain to you.

They were here earlier. They yelled at me and made a quite scene. I wanted to cry...
Why has the theater been closed for so long?
Do you think I closed it because I wanted to? Trust me, I want to open the theater, but the key Hyuma disappeared.
Because of that, I've lost a lot of income and have been struggling every month to make ends meet.
Key Hyuma, huh? If I can find it, then will Saki be able to sing onstage again?

Master...? Is it Sakia? Anyway, why do you always have to be so condescending when you talk to me?

Before that, Aoto noticed something suspicious at the Border Bridge

Oh, Arche, it's you. Everyone was beginning to forget about you.
Shut up! You seem happy... Are things with Saki going well, hero?
Well, that's the setting of this particular world!
By the way, I'll give you a useful bit of info, though you've already experienced it before.
What is it?
Despite what it looks like, she actually likes aggressive guys.
Remember that mock wedding ceremony? Well, her heart was really racing like hell.
What!? Really!?
So...why don't you ask her out to the Love Nest sometime? Choose Saki and...
What!? I-I can't do that...!
Hmph...chicken. Saki's waiting for a man who has the guts to make a move and take the lead.
...Hmm, that makes sense.
Honestly Aoto needs to learn that sometimes mind guardians can be dicks.

Then he went around to Sakia
Master, I've brought Aoto.
Thanks. Sir Aoto, welcome.
What do you want from me?
I'm sure you saw, but the theater's been closed for ages. This isn't an ideal situation.
What do you mean?
In the past, musical concerts took place there every day. Until one day when it closed down completely.
This was caused by a change in Saki's mind.
Negative changes like that one are indicative of something very dangerous.
It means she is intentionally restraining something in her mind.

You can have a kitty candy for guessing right. Here you go! Catch!
Restraining? What exactly is happening in her mind...?
It's your job to investigate and uncover the truth. That's the whole point of Diving.
The reason I'm discussing this with you is because I need to tell you setting changes like this are very serious.
I hope you'll speak with Saki and restore the world back to when musical concerts were held there every day.
I didn't realize it was such a serious situation.
Hey, Teppo. Is Saki's state as dire as Sakia made it seem?
Well, to be honest, I can't tell until I see the results of this change.
But it's certain that a significant change has occurred in her mind.
For Sakia Lumei, this is probably an adverse trend. That is also a certainty.
From the vantage point of Spiritual Science, negative changes are normally caused by newly born mind blockages.
I can confirm that it was inflicted by some negative emotions, like fear, anxiety, or worry.
Got it.
But there's another, more serious, cause for concern.
...What is it?
Sakia Lumei. What does she intend to do by telling you those things?
Normally, Soulspace residents don't tell outsiders about the world's situation.
For instance, they'd never tell you any sort of strategic tips.
I wonder who she is and what her goals are.
I have the same question. Well, it's our job to find out, right?

And so Aoto returned home, and put the advice he got from Arche into action.
I'm back.

Welcome back! Would you like to have dinner, a bath, or...
Of course, I'll choose Saki! What else would I pick!?
My sweetheart...

The massive DP cost should be a warning sign.

You can get the "Saki will do it" trophy here if you missed it before.
I'm going to go take a bath first!

Saki just didn't want that level of aggression.
Is that it!?
...It's so embarrassing!
You're such a shy girl. But, that's one of the things I like about you.
*sigh* That was a nice, relaxing bath.
By the way, Saki, you've been wearing so little clothing lately. Are you hot or something?'s because I had to sell some of my clothes to pay the rent...
We're renting this place...? Well, what should we do? If we don't do something, we'll lose this place, too...
I know... can sing at other places besides the theater, right? For example, on the street or at the city square.
Can't you sing in one of those places to make some money? Everyone's anxious to see you sing.
...Oh, that's a great idea! Although...I won't feel comfortable performing in public wearing this little clothing...
Oh, that's right, you sold your clothes... Damn, I wish I thought about this earlier...
If only I had the Sakkyun Smock that I used to wear onstage... Then I could perform in front of everyone again.
I want her to be able to sing again...

So aoto went back to the city to figure out where the Smock was now.
By the way, who did Saki sell her Sakkyun Smock to?
This isn't a big city... Why don't I go from boutique to boutique looking for it?

Ah, my Strategic Partner has grown a lot since then.
...those are just patent disputes. She's still my strategic partner!

This part seems like a hybrid of the Cosmosphere and real world. Anyway...
Hey, do you have a pink smock or something?
...Sir! You're in luck!
What do you mean!?
We've just imported a new one! It's reasonably priced, too!
This is the smock that Sakkyun used to wear when she performed onstage!
Can I see it!?
Here you are, sir!
...There's no doubt about it!

I'll take it! How much is it?
Right now, it's available for the low price of...100,000 DP!
I can't afford that... This is extortion!
I don't think so! Collector's items, such as this, can be sold at any price. Hardcore fans will buy it at any cost!
If you don't want to buy it, I won't force you to, sir. I'm sure someone else is willing to buy it at that price.
What should I do...? I found it, but I can't afford it... What if someone else buys it?
I've gotta think of something...!
Oh, hi. I recognize your face from yesterday. What are you doing here? You don't look very happy.
Sarapatra! Well, actually...
What!? Sakkyun sold away her Sakkyun Smock!?
...What was she thinking!?
Alright, I'll help you! How much is it?
Are you serious!? Why do you want to help us so badly...?
Didn't I tell you before? I just want to settle the score with her! Then she'll realize Sarapyon is way ahead of her!
Plus, Sarapyon is super rich. Don't worry about the money. I can afford up to 95,000 DP. Is that enough?
What!? You have that much money...? But, I can't accept that...
Sarapyon really wants to sponsor it! This isn't for you. Let's go back to the boutique!
Welcome, ma'am! Thank you for coming to the Nya Nya Nya Boutique! Oh, sir, hello again.
Sarapyon will purchase that smock! It was 100,000 DP, right?
Y-yes, ma'am...
Here, you pay the other 5,000 DP.
Yeah, this cosmosphere is stupidly expensive compared to Finnel 4.

Cool! Now Saki can sing in front of her fans again!
Alright, let's bring this to Sakkyun.
Y-you're coming, too?
Of course! I can't believe she actually sold her Sakkyun Smock! I have to teach her a lesson or two!
*sigh* Sarapatra is a really strong character in this world... Dealing with her is so tiring.
Once she starts singing Songs, something good may happen.

And so they went back to the "Love Nest" where they lived.
Saki, I'm home.
Sweetheart! Welcome back! Would you like to have dinner, a bath, or...
Oh, you look happy, Sakkyun.
...! Y-you're Sarapyon!
...! This is...
This is it, right? Your Sakkyun Smock.
The clerk at the boutique noticed it was yours and charged us a ridiculous price. It was hard to get it back!
W-why did you do that!? I've been saving money every day to make ends meet!
It's alright. This is Sarapatra...I mean, Sarapyon...? She helped us.
Huh!? She did...?
Hey! Why did you sell such an important thing!? What were you thinking!?
...I'm sorry...
Seeing this miserable shack, I understand, but I wish you brought your problems to me before you did that.
If you lost that smock, you could no longer fulfill your duty or finish our competition!
Well, we managed to get it back, so let's move on. Why don't we go to Main Street and perform a guerrilla concert!?
...No, I can't.
It's impossible. I can't sing!
Why!? What's wrong!?
Hey, Sakkyun...what are you saying now? Haven't you realized that you're the star, the diva, the singing angel!?
...Huh? Singing angel?
See, this is what I meant by "girliest".
Aren't you Singing Angel♪ Miracle Sakkyun, who makes everyone happy with your Songs!? Take responsibility!
I...I'm so sorry!

And Saki ran off.
...You're hopeless... She's here to sing Songs...
Uh...I don't get what's going on here...
...Aoto, weren't you listening? Sakkyun is a Singing Angel who descended to this world to save it with her Songs.
She's destined to purify and restore this horribly contaminated world with her MS, or Miracle Sakkyun Voice...
But to do that, she needs her Sakkyun Smock, like a hamburger needs a pickle. That smock amplifies her MS Voice.
Some of this stuff is important, so remember it.
I'm Singing Angel♪ Lun Lun Sarapyon.
We volunteered to descend to this world to fill it with happiness.
But...for heaven's sake, what happened!? Sakkyun...
...Uh, that's enough. So, what caused Miracle Sakkyun to be unable to sing?
That's what Sarapyon wants to know! The theater closed down, and she became like that. She's so screwed up...
Anyway, we should go look for her.
...You're right.
*sigh* ...Another insane plot twist, huh? Is this natural quality of hers inescapable anywhere in her Soulspace?

Aoto dropped in on Sakia again while looking for Saki.
You're back. I'm busy maintaining the gears...
What's "Singing Angel♪ Miracle Sakkyun...?"
...Beats me.
I'll tell you this. I've no such tastes nor am I involved in the creation of this silly world!

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
...Yeah, but I thought if you had such an eclectic taste and were pulling the strings, it'd be kind of funny.
I don't rule this world! It's all Saki's taste! At least let me clarify that!
Okay. Let's just say you did.
No, I must clarify it!
Fine, fine, don't get so defensive.
Ugh. It seems she really isn't involved with the "Miracle Sakkyun" setting.

Finally he caught up to Saki.

Why did you run away all of a sudden? I was worried.
...I'm sorry.
Hey Saki, if you don't wanna tell me, that's fine, but why did you say you couldn't sing anymore?
Is it related to the reason why you sold your smock?
I don't want to sing anymore...
That's what I thought. But you used to sing every day, so why did you change your mind? scared.
I'm the Singing Angel♪ Miracle Sakkyun who came down to this world to heal it through the power of my Songs.
But...can I really perform such a miracle?
If Saki sings and such a miracle doesn't occur, Saki will...
I don't think so! The miracle has already happened. Everyone wants to hear your Songs. You're so popular.
I still want to create a peaceful world without conflict through the miracle of Songs. I don't need to be popular!
The salvation of the world is my destiny!
Even if I keep singing, such a wonderful day will never come. I'm only causing people anger and pain.
So, I've become afraid of singing. If I can't make the world a better place, I would rather not sing...
Who cares if the power of your Songs won't make the world a better place?
I just want to hear you sing. I don't know if your Songs will make the world a peaceful place, but it doesn't matter...
Because this town is full of Sakkyun fans.
hey're whining about you not singing for them anymore. But if you do sing, they'll probably stop being so angry.
...I didn't know about that.
Yeah. I don't know if the entire world will change because of it, but at least this town will be peaceful.
...Will it?
Of course! And, I'll support you, too. I'll help you yell for peace from the rooftops!
So, please! Sing for us! I wanna hear you sing.
Okay! Saki will sing again!
Yes! I won't think about it too much. I'll just sing.
You said you want to hear me sing, and the people in town also want to hear me sing. This will lead to peace.
Yeah, that's right!

Ah! Who are you!?
Theateria: I'm Theateria, the key Hyuma for the theater.
You are!? Then, you're the key to the theater! I heard you were gone for years. Where did you go?
Theateria: Gyahhh! I was away for that long!? My Goddess! The manager's gonna be so mad at me...!
I was out shopping, and I somehow started leaping through time. I finally managed to get back just now.
Alright, I'm gonna go back to the theater right away! Goodbye!
What a noisy Hyuma...
But now the theater can re-open!
Hey, that's right.
Aoto...thank you so much! Saki'll do her best!
Whew....this problem's been solved. But the key to the theater...
...Hmm, no doubt. I figure the Hyuma was sucked into another world when she lost her enthusiasm to sing.
Whoa! Don't just show up here all of a sudden. But, yeah, you're right.
Sir Aoto, thank you for restoring this world. My master is very thankful, too.
Oh, I didn't know you could be polite like that...
The Hyuma, Theateria, has been unlocked!

After that, it was off to the theater.
Whoa! So many people...
Hmm. I'm glad. And I mean, I'm really, really glad.
Are you...the Theater Manager?
Yes. We found the key, so thanks to that, we can start performing concerts again. I'm so happy!
He's beaming. So, everything's alright now.
Hey, I remember you. I met ya in the city!
Oh! You're a Sakkyun fan also!?
Rev. Gengai, Doc...
You sly old dog! You can't be a closet fan. It's forbidden. You should've told us, "I'm a Sakkyun fan!" last time!
If you said that to a person you'd just met, I think you'd have a serious problem...
Oh, really? I always greet new people that way...
...He can't be the same species as me...
Why don't you join the fan club? It's full of benefits! But you can't contact her in any way whatsoever.
No, thanks.
Oh! The performance will start soon. It's been a while since the last concert... My heart is racing!
Oh, shoot! I can't believe it myself! I have to grab the best seat and lead the cheer! Saki! Saki!
Then, I'm coming with you. Adios!
Geez. But, they all look extremely happy. That's the power of Saki, huh?
Oops, I better take a seat, too!
Thank you for your patience. The Sakkyun♪ Sarapyon♪ Miracle Angel Lun Lun Live Concert will now begin!

Hi, everyone! How are you all doing!? Are you being nice to each other!?
No fighting!
Saki...!? Sarapatra...!?
Hi, everyone! Thank you all for coming! I'll deliver a lot of miracles to you!
I-I'll also bring you a whole bunch of lun lun feelings!
Sakkyuuun! Uwahhh!
Damn...I have a headache...
Thank you, everyone, for coming to our concert today. It's been a while, so I was worried, but...I'm happy to see you!
I-L-O-V-E! Sakkyuuun!
To tell you the truth, I didn't want to sing anymore, so I went into hiding... I didn't think I could make you all happy. and my dearest husband, Aoto kept encouraging me!

Yeah she doesn't really understand fame.
Saki! You shouldn't say that onstage!
What!? ...My dearest husband!?
That son of a bitch! ...How long has he been committing such an envious crime against humanity!?
W-wait! I didn't do anything wrong...
That's unforgivable! You're the devil who enchanted our dear Sakkyun! I curse you, Aoto!
Sheesh. I better run away!
No! He escaped!
Chase him! Capture him!
Whew! I thought I was really gonna die. Man, why'd she have to do that!?
...! A Paradigm Shift. Good for you, Saki.

After evading the riot, Aoto made it to the stonehenge.

You aren't dead? How lucky.
Saki, you can't announce that you have a husband on-stage. The entire audience instantly turned on me!
Yeah, because of that, he almost got killed.
I'm sorry! I was just so happy... I wanted to share it with the world... I couldn't help it...
I really wanted them to know how marvelous my husband is...
N-no! Nevermind!
Oh, how sweet! But can't you do such things in private, please?
Sorry. Because of Aoto, I've made up my mind. What really matters are these feelings, right!?
Right. Feelings. Your strong feelings for them makes them happy.
Yes. I think I'll throw out my feelings toward them just as they are from now on.
And I'll make a world that only I can create in a way that only I can do!
Yep. Good luck!
Yes! I'm going to go on ahead, Aoto. Sarapyon, thanks so much for your encouragement!
Whew. What a troublesome girl. I know it's hard, but please take good care of her, Aoto.
Of course.

Next time, we'll let Saki's imagination go way overboard in a different direction.

You get double purge from this just like with Finnel 4, but nobody cares.

You can ask for something besides Saki, if you're not interested in paying out huge amounts of DP or being a perv. If it's the latter always ask for dinner.
Okay! Today's dinner is rice-covered radish with chocolate.
What is that hellish-sounding dish?!
We aren't rich! Don't be picky!

Th-then, I'll take a bath...
The bath is ready. I'm sorry, but I took one first, so the water isn't fresh anymore.
You used it first? Well, that's not so bad...
We can't afford luxuries, so we both have to use the same bath water!
Wouldn't it be even better if we took a bath together?
Aoto, you pervert!

I'll take dinner!
Hmhmhm, I knew you would say that. Today, I'll do, "Sweetheart, open your mouth. Here!"
In other words...I'll feed you dinner!
Oh, that's nice!
Right? Hmhmhm, okay, ready? Sweetheart, open your mouth?
...Ngh...wh-what is this!?
Chocolate and rice! We ran out of radishes, so this is all we have left.
Ahh...our quality of life has plunged this low... But sadly, I find myself enjoying this insane food...

Alright, I'll take a bath first.
Of course. I've prepared the bath! And I'm going to help you wash your back...
Oh! R-really?
I may not be very good at it, but please let me practice!
Uh, sure...
How do you feel? If it hurts, please let me know.
Oh, it feels good! I feel like I'm in paradise...

And if you fail to have 5,000DP, this happens:
What!? You don't even have 5,000 DP!? What a miserable, good-for-nothing breadwinner you turned out to be!
How can I generate that much cash all of a sudden!?
*sigh* You've disappointed me. You don't have enough love. You don't deserve to have Sarapyon's help.
Get out of here!
...Uh-oh, you got kicked out.
B-but, it's not fair to ask for 5,000 DP without notice!
Well, if you live long enough, you can't avoid facing a few bouts of unfairness. Think of this as a life lesson.
I didn't think I was going to be given any life lessons here.