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They hurried to Moocheriel.

Video Record- “Moocheriel”


Feinne on Qoga: Moocheriel Again
I hope you got all the items last time and remember which way to go in here because now it’s full of Antibodies. And not just the same ones we’ve been running in to, there are some exciting new ones as well. You’re not killing them without some kind of big song magic or an Ultra Supermove, they’ve got loads of health. You shouldn’t really ‘need’ a Flipsphere though. I got one of the Supermove chats and while I’ve been saving those for a collection later I like this one so much I’m just going to put it in the update.

Tyria was quite impressed by one of Cocona’s moves.

It’s still simple and plain compared to Aoto’s, though.
Well, Aoto’s moves sure look more powerful.
But your moves…
My moves…?
…They look plain, but they are painful, so they look frightening.
…Is that a compliment?
Painful means that their damage is devastating.
Of course I’m complimenting you. I would back you up if you ever say, “Ahem, I’m awesome.”
…Maybe I’ll say it later.
Then, I’ll give you a wonderful name for it.
What about Lovely Pain?

The Heart of Gaea had taken on its complete form thanks to Ar Ru’s inhabitation of it.



Someone's will is residing in the Heart. I can say, without doubt, that it must be Ar Ru. Look under it...
The physical manifestation of Ar Ru.
Are you...the Will of the Tower?
Bingo. You are the Goddess of this world indeed. I'm here today to ask a favor of you.

Tyria was hardly asking for much.

Thanks, but no thanks. The Consensus doesn't wish for that.
Trust me, it'll be fine. I promise.
If you stay here any will be killed.
...By who?
...By us.
What's going on!?
Our negotiations have failed.
Huh? Can't you be more serious!?
I am flipping serious. I don't think we can communicate with the empyreal Will of the Planet without the Hymn.
While I'm singing, I'll be totally helpless. You guys have to protect me, okay?

Tyria began to sing.

But it would be for nothing if she couldn’t finish.


And so they were forced into combat with Ar Ru once more.

Boss Battle: Ar Ru and Furia Carrier x 2
You can’t win this fight. Even if those weren’t Antibodies from the final area of the game and even if Ar Ru didn’t have stats high enough to do most of your health in a single hit she’s got one more ace up her sleeve: You literally cannot damage her. Anything you do just hits her for zero. That means you are guaranteed to lose as soon as she decides to do this:

You might not even live that long though. At least the game doesn’t fool around like you could win this.

She was far more powerful this time.

Video Record- “New Goals”


We can't keep this up till the end of the Song!
I'll try asking!
Asking what?
Ari! Please stop!
Saki is the same as Ari, a Will of the Planet. We should be friends, not enemies!
No, Saki! We have to give up!
We have no choice! Let's retreat for now!

They fled to a safer location. They were rushing so fast at first they didn’t even realize they’d lost someone on the way.

Where's Filly...? She's disappeared!
The vessel is here.

The nameless persona had returned. And she had something extremely important to talk about with Tyria.

...I finally get to face you. Ever since you emerged, I've sought to converse with you.
Despite my attempts to break out of my shell, Finnel was quite adamant. But thanks to her I am...
Filly...that's why she's been suffering so much...
Kh! I won't let you possess Finnel anymore! Give that body back to her right now!
I cannot do that. This one would like to inquire about the maiden over there named Tyria.
Inquire? What's your question, ma'am?
...The Song that resonates in the Tower...are you the singer of it?
...Yes, I am.

Namely what she’d been talking about since she’d appeared.

Her power was taken away?
Hey, what's that supposed to mean!?
She is probably another Will of the Planet. Moocheriel was the second energy source created to complete the Tower.
...What she's said is actually true.
...Speaking of which, a runt named Harvestasha told me she would give me back my power. Was that a lie!?
From what you've said, I assume you're not a friend of Ar Ru's.
Ar Ru...? Is that the one who co-resides within my soul?
I surely know about the existence of that one. However, I know nothing more.
No sooner had I arrived at Moocheriel than she came along.
When I realized this abnormality, it had already been too late.

Tyria was suddenly very interested by what she was saying.

Indeed. She lies at the depths of my soul.
Is she there right now?
Yes, she still lies where she has always been.
...Hmm. I see...
Tyria, is there anything new that you'd like to share?
Yes. Long story short, even though the body has moved to the Heart of Gaea, its Soulspace is linked with Finnel herself.
Therefore, there is a fairly good chance that we can find Ar Ru if we Dive into Finnel.
Right now, Ar Ru is out of control and highly unreasonable, but if we go through the Soulspace, perhaps...
Cool! Hey, you, tell us where Ar Ru is in your Soulspace.

The unnamed persona was willing to help if they were willing to help her.

Which is?
You return the symphonic power that was taken from me. Once you do that, I shall escort you all to her place.
...Alright. Once we handle Ar Ru, that will be possible.
...Do you swear?
Yes, I do.
...The consciousness of the one you call Ar Ru exists in the Soulspace... By your location codes, she is at 4.6x10^17 Hz.

But acting on her information was the real challenge.

What!? Do such levels really exist!?
Yes, theoretically. But not with humans. Only the most divine beings can access such high levels.
Such beings' Soulspace begin at Level 10 in human terms. So, normally, you guys can't feel or talk in there.
...But can we really go to such a high level place?
You can't by any ordinary means. Regular Dive Machines only cover up to Level 9.
Then...what's the point of locating Ar Ru!?

Gojo had the answer.

If we use that, it should be possible to Dive into a Level 10 Soulspace.
Is that the old device that Katene was talking about the other day?
Yes. Katene's father discovered that Pre-Grathnode-Inferia Dive Machine. It has been thoroughly studied ever since.
Research on it at the Think Tank was prohibited. Only Katene kept researching on it. He should be able to operate it.
Awesome! Let's go!
But there is one problem: It is only theoretically possible to Dive into Level 17 if we use VR21.
An ordinary human wouldn't be able to survive a second in that deep of a layer.
I have a solution for that problem. I can lighten the bad effects of those kinds of a degree.
Plus, I may know of that antique Dive Machine.

And so their next task was clear.

Alright, let’s go then!
..Remember your promise, Tyria. For now, I shall return this vessel to you.
Huh...? I...
Finnel, can you move?
Alright, then let's go! We're heading to Eternus Shaft, right?

Next time I’ll tell you what happened when they tried to talk to Ar Ru.