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Part 46: Tyria's Binary Field, Part 1c

The amazing thing is the timeframe of this simulation. It actually encompassed several weeks.

Video Record- “Tyria 1 Part 3”


The last morning, before the “ritual”…

Aoto was walking Tyria to school for the last time.

What's up, Masakado? You don't look too well today.
You usually talk more loudly.
Well, I was thinking, today might be our last day...
You'll become the Tower tomorrow, so today is our final day at school, right?
Of course. Once I become the tower, I can't go to school like a good little school girl.
Well, that's why I'm a little sad.
...Masakado is a lonely boy. So that was your secret...
Don't you feel sad, too? You won't be able to come to school or see friends anymore.
Yeah, but I'll realize my life-long dream of becoming the Tower. I wouldn't even call that a sacrifice.
You're cold.

He really didn’t quite get the point of what she was doing, I think. Anyway, they were joined by ‘Sake’ and ‘Finelle’ outside the school.

Oh, there you are! Morning, guys!
Hey, what's up? You guys look happy today.
Hehehe. We're gonna work part-time, too!
What about your family's bistro?
They won't pay me anyway.
The Kurogane Lab was hiring temporary workers, so we applied together.
The Kurogane Lab!?
Yes! It's the same place that you and Ria work.
I heard they're gonna have a hectic day tomorrow, since Tyria will be gone.
That's why they're hiring new people. We applied for those positions.
And they actually hired us both. It was really competitive, too! We're so lucky!
...What a coincidence.

S-So...Masakado, you're going to the lab today, right?
Can we go with you?
Well...I don't think we'll work at the same department.
Maybe not, but you're still going there, right? I'd like you to take us.
We're kind of nervous, because it's gonna be our first day working there.

It seemed Tyria wanted him to go with them.

Huh? Ria, aren't you going with us?
I was told to show up early today to prepare for tomorrow.
I see...that's kind of sad.
Masakado, please escort them today.
Thank you, Masakado. We'll meet you after class.
Alright. Let's go to the class first!
...Please explain to me what you're up to.
I recommended those girls to the lab's department manager.
I know that. My question is, why did you tell me to go with Sake and Zet?

Because today is my last day of school.
I know they like you, so I wanted to let you guys be together.
...Like, as a parting souvenir?
I don't like that name. It's my final present to you.

Tyria explained.

You're such a lonely boy, I thought you would like to always have someone by your side.
Until you actually become the Tower, I'm still your bodyguard. My first priority is always...
There was no need for you to reject their proposal. I'm not your girlfriend or anything.
If you rejected them and went with me, they would definitely mistake us as a couple.
If that happens, they'll never try to hit on you again.
This is your opportunity to find happiness. You don't need to blow it just for your job.
I'll become the Tower and obtain my own happiness.
You have the right to be happy. If you spoil that chance because of me, I'll always regret it.
...Then, what about after school? You can't go to the lab by yourself.
I'll ask Yozuki to escort me. Then you wouldn't have to worry, right?

I'm sorry I called you cold. You were always thinking about me.

But...I'm sad. I thought this would be the last time I got to go to the lab with you.
I wanted to talk quite a bit with you along the way, but now that plan's ruined.

Aoto suggested they could go somewhere, but Tyria shot him down.

...I'm going to pass. I'd rather enjoy my last day of school.
...Oh. If you say so, I understand.
Alright, let's hurry then. You'll be late for your final day.

The school day went by without incident, and soon was done.

Tyria split off ahead of them.

Aoto, I'm heading home first.
Okay. It's sorta weird, since I used to walk you to the Lab every day.
In the end, I always feel refreshed.
I wish you'd sound more sad about leaving me.
Be careful.
I'll be fine. Yozuki will protect me. Ciao.
...I hope nothing happens.
I’m ready.
Oh, where's Sake?
Thanks for waiting. I'm ready, too.
Okay. It's a bit early, but shall we get started?
Early? How much time do we have before work starts?
Not enough to chill at a cafe or anything. Maybe we can window shop for a bit.
I have one request, then.
I guess that depends on what it is.

It was actually a rather difficult request.

Yes, but...Finelle, isn't that a bit demanding?
But I get the feeling that Masakado's a pro...
I dunno. I've hardly ever played those.
Still, maybe you'll get lucky. Please! Sake, you ask him, too!
...If it's not any trouble, could you...please?
I don't know...
(But Tyria went to the Lab early without me so I could be with these girls.)
(In that case, I can't fail her now.)
Okay, I'll try. But don't blame me if I blow it.
Yay! Masakado, you're so kind!
I'm happy, too. Thank you so much, Masakado.
Thank me after I get you something. Let's go.

They headed downtown together.

I’m glad none of the entities inhabiting the crane game are in a position to be aware there are stuffed versions of them in someone’s mind because they’d be mortified.

An arcade? I don't usually come here, so I didn't know about it.
So, where is this crane game that you were talking about?
It's over there at the storefront.
There's a buncha character plushies that I wouldn't exactly call cute... Are you sure you want to play it?
They are cute!
Yeah, they sure are!
Alright,, which one do you want?
That girl with cat ears who's holding the ocarina.
That one? Alright, I hope I can catch it.
Oh, cool! I got it!
Ahh! Masakado! You're the greatest! You got it on your first try!
I got lucky. Here you go.
I'll treasure it forever!
M-Masakado, get me something, too! That girl who looks like she's book smart, but probably makes boring jokes!
Zeta, I think your taste is kinda off. But, that's not really my concern...
Th-this is awesome! You got something twice in a row!
Masakado, are you sure you've never played this kind of game before?
N-no, I haven't... But I feel like I've used up all the luck I was born with.
Anyway, here you go, Zeta. Are you happy now?

They were both quite happy with their rude inhabitants of the Soulspace.

She doesn't even get mad when I call her Zeta anymore. Is she so happy that she forgot about that?
Oh well, as long as they're happy, I'm happy. Hey, why don't we go now?
Ah, wait! It looks like you can try it one more time.
Oh yeah! I put some extra coins in, just in case. Is there anything else you want?
Sake actually only wanted this one.
Same here. Don't you want anything for yourself?
Well...alright. I'll just play around, and if I get anything, I'll just put it in my room for decoration or something.
Alright, which one should I aim for?

There was something moving in the machine, which drew his attention.

...That stuffed girl running around really makes me many ways.
She looks like she's trying to escape from the crane...
Alright, then. I shall pretend to chase her legit... and feint! OK now!!
Haha! I got her!
I-I can't believe you even caught a stuffed character that was running around...
This is a little much. I'm more scared than impressed...
You know what? I feel the same way. And what the heck is with this stuffed character...?
???: Hey, asshat, leggo of me!
This little stuffed animal talks!
Moff Moff: What the hell are you talking about, punk! I'm a Hyuma! What!? Are your eyes just for decoration?
A Hyuma!? What's a Hyuma doing in a crane game machine?
Moff Moff: I just snuck in to play with these girls!
And then you pinched me with that crane, lifted me up and dropped me in that dark, narrow hole! You're so mean!
Urgh...when you put it that way, it makes me feel like I did something cruel.
What's your name, chum!? Where do you live?
Oh, I'm Otto Masakado. My house is the small shack near Green Hills Park.
Moff Moff: Alright, I'm gonna use your shack as my playroom.
Wh-what!? Why are you gonna do that!?
Moff Moff: Naturally, it's cuz you stopped me from playing. You're gonna have to pay for that!
I'm going home. Masakado, you better come home early and play with me! Adios!
H-hey! Are you serious!?
The Hyuma, Moff Moff, has been unlocked!

Aoto wasn’t that excited to have another Hyuma bothering him.

I've never seen a Hyuma purposefully get into a game machine before. Have you, Filly?
No, never, but I feel lucky for seeing something as rare as that.
I'm kinda scared to go home now. I already have three other Hyumas at home.
That sounds like fun.
Anyway, that was fun! You got the character plushie I wanted, and even showed us your sleight of hand at the end.
That was sheer luck. I even surprised myself...
Either way, you can't deny you won the toys, and caught a runaway Hyuma.
Masakado, is it okay if I ask you to get something for us again?
...If you really want me to. But, don't expect me to get this lucky next time.
Yay! You've made Sake very happy!
If I want something, you're the first person I'll ask.
Haha. I don't know what to say about that.
(...That makes me feel so happy.)
(Ever since I started guarding Tyria, I haven't been able to do anything like this.)
(And my duty ends tomorrow...)
(...Maybe being a normal student again won't be so bad.)

It’s sort of unfortunate to make plans with fake people in the Binary Field when the simulation is going to end before then.

This weekend? No, nothing in particular.
I don't have any plans, either.
Okay. Do you wanna go out with me?
Are you serious!? Don't you have any plans? this weekend, I won't have anything to do.
But, I won't force you to go out with me. It's only if you wanna hang out.
Of course I'll go! I won't make any plans for this weekend!
Me, neither! I'll go anywhere you want!
Alright, then let's talk about where we wanna go before the weekend gets here.
I don't know of any fun places to go. I think you guys know more about that, right?
If you have any recommendations, tell me. I'll really appreciate it.
Sure! Let us take care of that!
Of course! We'll think up a lot of fun spots to go to!
Okay, I'm looking forward to it.
I'm excited, too! How 'bout you, Filly?
Of course! We got so many good things today! Was it our birthdays or something!?
(Looks like they're both happy...)
Okay, it's time to go to the lab.
Oops, I forgot about that. We better leave now, or we'll be late!
Although, I think it's funny that we're worring about tardiness after school.
Haha, yeah. Alright, let's go.

They headed to the Lab.

Aoto split off from them at that point to find out how things were going.

Okay, thank you.
Masakado, is your workplace nearby?
Yep. Okay, I'm heading to my place. Good luck. See you later.
Okay. Same to you. Tyria okay?

When he found the Vice Chairman, though, there was shocking news.

Oh, Aoto, I've been waiting for you!
Vice Chairman? What happened? You look pale.
It's an emergency. Tyria was attacked by someone claiming to be part of an Anti-AAA group!
So, is she okay!?
Yes. Luckily, she doesn't even have a scratch.
Oh, okay.
Where's Yozuki? Is she fine?
She is getting her wounds treated.
Yes, but it's nothing serious. She just couldn't catch the attacker.
It's not your fault. Plus, she's a far more efficient bodyguard than you are.
Even if she's this injured, if it were you trying to protect Tyria...

So where is she!?
I sent her home. She was very shocked from the incident. It was the Chairman's orders.
I see. I'm gonna go check up on her.
I thought as much. Take this with you.

A Hyuma appeared.

A Hyuma?
It's a bodyguard-type. Though her house is surrounded by security, Tyria refuses to let anyone inside.
I figure a Hyuma should be fine in that case, so please leave her there.
Auspia: I can only do so much, though. Like make an alarm go off.
I'm counting on you anyway.
Okay, please go.
The Hyuma, Auspia, has been unlocked.

He rushed over to her place.

She was terribly shaken.

Ah!? Masa...kado?
The Vice Chairman filled me in. Are you really okay?

Yozuki...she...saved me...
The Vice Chairman assured me that she's fine.
I tried to heal her injuries, but it wasn't effective...
I see. You tried your best, too. Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault.
But she was protecting me, so...
I wanted to help with my Songs.
It was so out of the blue...when they attacked...
Nobody could have done anything differently. Tyria, you haven't been trained for battle...
Because of my lack of experience...
She was bleeding. It's all my fault, since she was protecting me.
...Please leave me alone. I want to be by myself.

He tried to stay to keep her safe, but she wouldn’t have it.

No. I'll stay for a while. I'm too worried to leave you alone.
I'm okay. I just need time to think. Please go home.
No. I'm your bodyguard, so...
I asked you kindly! I really just want to be left alone!

Fine. Tomorrow's the day of the ritual, so you need to be able to concentrate.
Oh, I forgot about this.
Auspia: Hey, Tyria.
...A Hyuma?
It's like an Anti-Crime Alarm. Don't worry and just relax a little.
Tomorrow's the day your dream comes true!
Yozuki threw herself into the fray for you.
Let's make it happen.
...Thank you, Masakado.
I'll see you tomorrow.

He still wasn’t satisfied, though.

Even Yozuki got injured...
If I was there, I would've probably died, and then even Tyria...

Is this is the best result!? Yozuki got hurt, and Tyria's frightened... Is this really the best outcome?

The next morning came without any further incident.

Pocco: I'm worried. Today's the day she transforms into the Tower, but she's so scared.
Mimi: Of course you're worried. Though, you should calm down a little.
Pudding: Masakado, why not go there with her? Along the way, you should encourage her as much as you can.
That's a good idea. Okay, then...I'm going now.
Mimi: Good luck, Otto.

Still, he rushed over to Tyria’s place to make sure she was fine.

It almost seemed, though, as if nothing had happened yesterday at all.

Good morning, Masakado.
Something wrong?
Oh, no. Are you okay?
I'm fine. All is well.
All is...well? Did something happen?

Yes. Something wonderful.
Kurogane called me last night...
Oh. I see...
He was worried about me. He wished me luck and said he was looking forward to the ritual.

(I'm not exactly enjoying this conversation.)
(I know how she feels about Kurogane, but how could a single call cheer her up so much?)
(He rarely visits her and always steals the spotlight at the best moments.)
(It doesn't seem like Yozuki's even on his mind anymore...)

She noticed something was bothering him, but he didn’t want to let it worry her.

Well, um...
(But, I already knew she didn't get attached to others from the start.)
(Tyria's mental burden should be lifted now that her worries are gone.)
(Which means she's in the best shape possible.)
(I probably shouldn't say anything to ruin it.)
...It's nothing. I'm glad you're feeling better.
You're ready, right? Let's go.
Yes. Let's hurry and then I'll become the Tower...
What is it?

She did have one regret though.

Fried bread? I don't get it.
Sake and Finelle said there was a bakery that sold delicious fried bread.
I wanted to try some before turning into the Tower.
I see. If only you remembered a little earlier...
I'm worried about whether I can still do this...
It's a joke. It'll be sad, but I will become the Tower.
That is your dream, right?
Yes, and Kurogane's too. He told me so over the phone...

So they headed down to the Lab, Tyria sadly without her fried bread.

They split up for the last time.

Are you sure? I thought I'd watch you become the Tower.
I want to concentrate on this without any distractions.
...I understand.
Okay, then...

I don't want to make a sentimental goodbye scene. Please don't look so sad.

I know it's sad to have to say goodbye, but this was your dream, right?
I'm rooting for you. Good luck.
Thank you for everything, Masakado.
So long…
...So long, Tyria.
Alright, let's get out of here.

He headed down to the control room to watch what was coming.

Oh, sure...
...Are you melancholy over parting with Tyria?
Well...I was always with her, though I was just her bodyguard...
...But I know she doesn't even feel a speck of loneliness.
...The only person she opens up to is Chairman Kurogane.
Still, Mr. Otto, you would be categorized as a fairly trusted individual.
As for me, she wouldn't even notice my existence if I didn't greet her first.
Oh, man, I'm sorry.
You needn't be sorry. Plus, I think she should've been that way from the start.
Why's that?
It would be harder for me to say goodbye if she had been closer. Mr. Otto, are you alright?

Tyria asked for the Chairman, but he wasn’t in the Command Room.

Oh, Tyria.
Masakado, is Kurogane over there?
I haven't gotten any orders from Kurogane.
...The Chairman isn't here.
I think he should be here any moment now.
Masakado, can you go look for him?
Thank you.
...Do you want me to go instead?
No, please let me go. I wouldn't be able to do anything other than watch Tyria on the monitor anyway.

So, Aoto went to look for the Chairman.

In any case, I don't just have to walk around.
...This is weird. He's nowhere.
Is he really in the lab?
He has to be. The Chairman was looking forward to seeing Tyria become the Tower...
The Sonic Room is totally locked. I don't think he could be in there...
...Who knows? Maybe I should go check, just in case.
She's still in there.

Well, I know it's locked...
See? he outside the building?

The Song from the Tower began to resonate through the whole Lab.

Was the Chairman found? I better head back.

The Chairman had been found. In a manner of speaking.

Mr. Otto, this is an emergency!
Whoa!? W-What happened? Eveyone seems so panicked...
Look at the monitor! What's going on in the Sonic Room!?
That's...Chairman Kurogane!? Why is he there?
What's he holding in his hand...? Is that a gun?
Chairman, what does he intend to do!? Please come back to the Operation Room right away!

For just an instant the world was consumed by static.

Urgh...what was that?
...N-no way! Chairman, please stop!
Tyria, don't look! Tyria!

A shot rang out.

And then only silence. The world faded away into just more static, and Aoto found himself in the raw Binary Field.

...You ruined it.
Tyria!? What the heck is going on!?
I wasn't myself all of a sudden, and Kurogane...
...That was my memory.
...My memory of the incident that transpired 700 years ago.
A 700 year old memory? So that was...
My own experience from back then.
That's why I saw the screen filled with static...
Yeah, it looked like a broken Telemo. You know, those video screens. And I was somehow thrown back here.

Tyria had a suggestion as to what might have happened. Given the other products I’ve seen from Tyriasoft I have to say it’s certainly a contributing factor.

What's that!?
They're pretty common if you keep selecting the same route. The game freezes at a certain point.
Because of that, some of virtual games that use Binary Fields were recalled.
Since Tyria's games are known for their arrogance, it's my policy not to provide any customer support after the sale.
If you have a bug, too bad. Please accept your fate and forget about it. Buh bye.
A bug…?
Wait, if I avoid that particular path, will the bug still happen?
...Maybe it's worth trying.

Aoto resolved to return and try again when they had time. He was still curious about the bugs Tyria had mentioned later, though he didn’t quite get why she wouldn’t be happy to discuss them.

So, can you tell me about those “bug” things?
I’m not willing to. I don’t even want to think about bugs.
Well, you said “fix” and “support.”
If you can fix bugs, then there shouldn’t be a problem, right?
It’s not easy to fix bugs!
Even if you know where the bug happens, you must find out how it happens.
Some bugs are permanently irreparable.
So, don’t assume it’s easy!
Apologize to the staff that created the Tyria software!
I can’t apologize to those hooligans who left them as is.
Well, sometimes, though, users like it to have bugs.
They like it…? So, you mean all programs should be buggy?
No! Apologize to the staff that created the Tyria software right now!
…Bugs are so profound.

He also wanted to understand more about Tyria’s relationship with Chairman Kurogane.

Hey, it’s kind of pathetic of me to ask you, but can I ask you anyway?
…Did you wet your bed?
That’s too pathetic. I’m afraid I’ll have to call you by a really pathetic nickname…
That’s sooo pathetic! I mean, NO! I didn’t wet my bed!
That’s now what I was going to say! I want to know about Kurogane.
Why did you tell me you wet your bed when you wanted to know about Kurogane?
It’s disgracing to Kurogane!
I didn’t say I wet my bed! You said that!
So, Kurogane…what kind of person was he to you?
…You should know if you were in the Binary Field.
I want to hear from the you in the real world.
He wasn’t like your boyfriend, was he?
No. I hardly even saw his face.
He gave me commands through speakers, and I obeyed them. That’s all.
What a cold man.
He’s not cold. That’s the way he is.
Why can you like someone who only gives your orders without showing you his face?
It’s better than an idiotic animal with an obvious agenda approaching me without showing its ugly face.
Besides, he laid everything on the line to turn me into the Tower.
How can I not love such a great man?
…Was that unrequited love?
That was not a romantic crush. I just loved him, and I still do.
…Sounds complicated.
It was a complicated relationship. But this is how true love works.

That’s all for this for the moment. Cocona was bugging me to tell you about how Aoto broke reality and I’ve agreed to do that next time.