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Part 47: Synthesis Roundup 2

Ar Ru was waiting for them in Moocheriel, but this time they wanted to be ready. And so Aoto returned to synthesis against the recommendation of, well, everyone. He started by applying his ‘special’ efforts to medicine.

When you're in an abnormal state, just recovering HP isn't enough.
That's because you're ill. If it's not an injury, just healing wounds won't address the whole problem.
So then you have to take a specific medicine for whatever's making you sick.
I think a syringe is the best way to apply medicine. It's better than pills, at least.
A syringe!? No way! I'm not gonna use that...
But illnesses can be serious if you don't treat them.
I think you'd be better off dealing with the pain of the needle than getting even sicker and sorrier.
...I feel like I've lost face here, given you said that in front of me, a real doctor...
I think any normal person would say the same thing. Don't feel bad for missing the first shot at it.
So if you know it's so normal and reasonable, why are you refusing to take a shot?
Because nobody likes getting stuck with needles! You should know that.
Well, there are some exceptions.
Okay, fine, but there are very few, you know? Most sane people in the world hate needles.
So what are you going to do?
I'm going to make a liquid medicine for it. I can heal ailments without using needles.

I don’t know that I have a problem with this one though, I’ve always believed just showering people in medicine is probably good enough.

...If a doctor prescribed this to a patient, they would be furious. Don't you think?
Don't think of sick people as vegetables or something, Aoto.
I don't see what the problem is, so long as it's effective.
This showers you with medicine in mist form and purifies any contamination within the body.
It works just by showering it?
Uh-huh. It's easily absorbed into the body, so it can heal ailments from inside and outside of the body.
How quickly does it work?
Instantly, of course. Otherwise... *shiver* ...A needle would be more useful.
I put a lot of effort into this thing, I'll have you know.
I didn't think that just trying hard could create such a thing, but here it is, right in front of us...
That's just how synthesis works sometimes. So, what are you going to call it?
How about Medical Disperser?
...When you say that name with this appearance, I can't help thinking about manure...
You should change it to Medical Nano.

Then he started trying to fill a box with electricity.

Aoto, what kind of item are we making now?
This one will give enemies a big electric shock!
And not just one enemy, but every enemy unit on the field!
Now how do you propose going about that? Shocking multiple enemies at once without Song Magic?
If nothing else, just finding a container to hold that much electricity would be hard to find.
Really? I was just gonna get a big box and stuff it full of electricity...
...I'm pretty sure boxes aren't something you can store electricity in...
Aoto's a little, um, "special" sometimes...

I mean I heard it actually worked but you can’t fill a box with electricity, that’s just stupid.

Aha! It's done!

...What's wrong, you two? Did I do something wrong?
I can't believe you actually put electricity in a box...
I can't believe it, either. How can you do that in such a primitive way...
Well, so, does that mean you're impressed?
Impressed? Not quite, but uh...
I'd say confused... I have no idea how this happened.
I don't know much, either, but it's probably best not to think about it too much.
Life is happier when you make the complicated parts simpler.
Don't make proverbs after breaking every scientific law known to man by putting lightning in a box...
So, for the name of it...what about Electric Shock Box?
...Electro Acid System.
...I just need to lay down.

He decided to try and make some calming incense for when synthesis was leaving Cocona angry.

How's this? Does the smell make you feel any calmer?
Hmm...not really. The mix might be a little thin. Can you make it stronger?
Hmm... Tyria, what do you think?
It doesn't really smell like anything. It's almost nothing.
That's not a very professional critique, but it's straight to the point. Okay, let's make it stronger.
Just a little more scent will do, okay? If you make it too pungent, it'll make us feel uncomfortable.

Somehow he actually managed to create something not terrible nor ridiculous.

...What a fragrant incense.
So, the strength's just right? Does it smell good?
I think this is just right, actually.
And...the more I smell it, the calmer I get.
This incense really makes me calm.
That's kind of the idea. I was getting ready to explain it to you...
Well, it wouldn't hurt if you let someone else explain it every once in a while...
Though I don't think it's really all that effective on Tyria...
I guess not... Well, it's Tyria, after all.
That's not true.
I do feel soothed and relaxed. This smell...soothes me.
Oh! Seems like it's working!
She's always so sedate that it's hard to tell just by looking.
So this incense, what should we call it?
Well, what about Soothing Aroma?
Or maybe Green Healing?

He very quickly got over making useful things.

If the main power of this thing I'm holding went hot, I'd probably die in a second.
That sounds like a strong item. I can't wait to use it.
Aren't you the one who's supposed to say, "Be careful, Aoto!"
Oh, is it a weak item? Is it going to break and explode?
Nevermind... It'll all be fine, so long as I'm handling it carefully.
Sure. After all, "Human bodies are stronger than..." Well, I mean, you're pretty strong.
I don't think you'd die from such a trivial thing.
You got that right! I don't think I'd die so easily, either.
You're right. You wouldn't die from that kind of accident. There's nothing to worry about...
...Although, you might wish you died, and were spared the agony that'll be coursing through you...

I don’t know why you’d try to electrocute someone with a thing you’re holding in your uninsulated hand but what do I know, I’m just a genius.

There, all done and without any electrocutions! No problem!
I'm glad the power never turned on by itself.
It wouldn't have mattered if it did, I wouldn't have been taken out so easily.
...That or it would've fried you so fast you wouldn't have felt it.
So, what kind of item is that?
Okay, to start with, you hit the enemy with the points of the star on the tip here.
Then the electricity turns on and discharges into the wound, shocking their entire system!
For something designed to look so cute, that attack sounds pretty cruel...
You can't judge a book by its cover, I guess.
That kind of attack is... Aoto, you make really scary things sometimes.
I'm only doing it to make the world a place where I don't have to think about such scary things anymore.
Okay, I get that you're trying to sound cool and intellectual, but you're coming across as crazy...
Ahem! So, uh, anyway, how about Spark Stick for the name of this one?
...That sounds kind of like the name of a children's toy...
I think I'd prefer Elec-trick Shocker.

Then again I understand he didn’t, like, ‘believe’ in safely handling electricity.

Electricity is something you have to be careful about handling, right?
Only if you care about not dying...
Don't scare me...
Careful or not, I don't think you should be touching it with your bare hands.
At least wear some insulated gloves...
I don't like them. They make it so hard to work on the little stuff and they itch.
...You're exposing your life to great danger because they itch? Can you afford to be so picky?

He didn’t manage to die horribly, though.

...There wasn't even anything that little to make that with. Why didn't you wear gloves?
That wasn't dangerous enough to have to wear them, was it?
I think you're nuts, handling electricity without gloves, but I have to admit you did a good job.
Hehehe. It looks strong, huh?
...Wait, is this an item to use against enemies?
Naturally. If you throw this, all the electricity inside will spread and discharge and shock enemies.
...I thought it was just a knick-knack gadget.
I thought so, too.
Why would I make a knick-knack through synthesis?
Anyways, I think we should call it the Spark Ball, okay?
That doesn't sound like a strong name. Call it Electrofission Bomb instead.
But I thought long and hard on that name! Like, four times longer than I usually do!
Anything times zero is still zero...

Not content to do dangerous things with electricity, he moved on to fashion.

That's a lot of glitter... Are you going to use it all?
Uh-huh. I need at least this much.
Because this time, the goal is to get away from the sweaty images.
Sweaty images? What are you making?
Armor, of course. Armor that will dispel the sweaty image of other armor forever.
...So, you're using glitter?
I thought this would be the best way. Good idea, huh?
I'm kind of scared to imagine what this is going to end up like?
Don't worry. I'll make sure to make it not only look good, but be strong, as well!
That's not what I meant...

They started a museum somewhere for his stuff to warn future generations.

...This is incredible.
Well, it's kind of awkward if the creator praises his own work so explicitly.
...Bad taste.
But the sweaty images are gone, right? And it's extremely strong!
But why did you choose to use glitter?
Your stuff usually smells like sweat, but this one just looks cheap.
Really? I thought glitter was always gorgeous and graceful looking.
It reminds me of a middle-aged woman.
...I think the "sweaty images" are much better-off.
So, what are you going to call it?
I think this should be called Matron Hag Armor.
I named it Shiny Spangle Mail.
But after hearing that, the name makes it sound even worse, huh...?
Well, as long as it's useful, I don't care about the name at all.

Aoto still didn’t really believe that the first set of BBQ Soda wasn’t a fluke, so they made it again.

...I'm a little scared to be making such a dreadful thing...
I thought you were just kidding.
Huh? Are you making "that stuff?"
What can you imagine from these ingredients?
...I just know about some weird food.
It is grotesque, yet tasty.
Uh-huh. After all, you only use tasty ingredients to make it.
Just because each piece is delicious by itself, the result is supposed to be great? Even I think that's nuts.
Why don't we just try it anyway? It'll be a good experience.

I’ve been trying to talk her into opening up a restaurant because that’d be hilarious.

I did just as Cocona said, but truly brutal.
We have committed blasphemy against everything that is good and decent about food all over the world...
You can really savor and enjoy it, so hold off on the blasphemy talk until you try it.
Here, just try some. C'mon.
I'm really reluctant, but I'll take a sip...

Well? How is it?
…This is good.
...That's all you have to say?
This is awfully awesome! How the hell did this happen!? I though it was just another gross mixture!
I told you, using only tasty ingredients can only result in making tasty food.
What genius came up this miraculous invention!?
According to legend, some Reyvateil who loved to cook was the first person to invent this.
...I'm starting to get scared of people who love to cook.
I mean, Tyria! How fast did you finish that!?
It was tasty. I feel refreshed. I think this is a great item.
And I'd like to name it Soda Sauce Steak.
Well, but it's all gone already...
I'll make it again! And I'll eat it!
Leave one extra piece for me.
For Cocona? Alright!
...Well, we're not cooking for dinner. Did you guys forget its initial purpose?

Tyria, meanwhile, wanted Aoto to make that flying stone again.

Aoto, I'm supposed to use that V-Board<CR> you're making right now, right?
Uh-huh! Look forward to it!
But...that's just an ordinary stone tablet.
It's not just any ordinary stone tablet. Some stuff is engraved on it.
And, of course, I've been working on it.
Oh, boy, here we go again... I guess I'll just step back and see how this turns out...

It left her just as confused even to see it created, though.

How is it!? No one uses a cool design like this for their V-Board!
If a lot of people were using stone tablets for V-Boards, I'd be more worried about today's youths...
Hey, that's no ordinary piece of granite. For starters, it's floating...
Is that supposed to be a plus? "Hey, let's violate the laws of physics! Nothing bad could possibly happen!"
Hey, don't ask me. I just created a stone tablet that flies by itself.
...And that doesn't sound the least bit weird to you?
I don't know any particulars, but since it's floating, I assume you can use it like a V-Board?
...It looks possible, but I'm reluctant to even touch it, for fear of glitching the physics engine.
Well, as long as it's useful, why sweat it? Besides, this flies faster than regular V-Boards.
That's not the point. This is...
You know what, nevermind. I feel like it's a waste of time to even try to bring sanity into this.
So, what's the name of it?
As I said before, it's a Flying Tablet.
That's way too plain and boring. I like Flying Stone better.
Alright, I give up. You guys figure it out. I need a drink.

That’s about all for today I think, we’ll get back to the real story next time.