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Part 48: World Tour

Feinne on Qoga: Phase IV
Phase IV has a LOT of little scenes that are easy to miss or trigger in a funny order that can leave you a bit confused. All the stuff before I returned to Moocheriel ended up long enough that I felt like doing it as its own update.

Given how badly the fight with Ar Ru had gone last time, there were a few things they wanted to do before they left for Moocheriel. Finnel wanted to return to Eternus for a bit.

This smells really good...
Well, yeah. Every time I come here, the smell makes my stomach growl.
Yokkora Meal Sets aren't all about the taste! They're also about the smell!
Are you two regular customers here?
Yep, I sort of commute here. I love the food.
I live here when I work here.
...Well, it's more like, I used to live here. Now I'm with these guys, so I've been out for a while.
Living and working. So, you always ate such good food everyday?
Yep. Well, mostly leftovers from the bistro, but it was always delicious!
...If I worked and lived here, would I be able to eat delicious food, too?
I think it's a lot easier to purchase food tickets and come here every day.
I hear they work against the clock, even without eating when it gets busy.
Most weekends are like that.
...Well, then I'll choose to only eat here.

Tyria was still interested in the bistro, though she ended up a bit disappointed.

So, that bistro in Eternus Shaft...
Finnel lives and works there, right?
Oh, you knew that.
Is she working in the kitchen, or in the dining hall?
She said she was the mascot waitress.

Did she wear a maid costume or something?
No? Why would she be wearing something like that?
...Don't you understand what I'm getting at?
I don't understand at all.
...Oh, it seems like maid cafes have gone extinct in this era.

After that they headed up to Clustania to tell Akane what had happened in the SH Server.

Finnel. I see you're safe.
Well, we've been through quite a bit, so it's more like we're barely safe...
Anyway, we got rid of Ayatane.
Sir Kureha? I see...
I am ashamed that, despite my position, I failed to uncover his conspiracy before it was too late.
Due to my ignorance, you and the Archians were thrust into grave danger. I can never atone for this.
I will take responsibility in my own way. Despite our hostile history, civilians of all lands are innocent...
The Clustanian Army will march to Archia under the flag of civilian security and repel the Antibodies with our lives.
Oh, you've changed quite a bit.

Aoto was also bad at compliments.

A hero of justice? Are you mocking me?
No, it's a compliment! Yeah, you're also much better looking now.
I...I'm only doing what I can to save this world. That is all.
I think that's important, as a person. But if you stay this stubborn, you'll never get a boyfriend.
I-I-I need no such thing in my life!
Oh, I see...

You hear rumors but I’m not one to spread things around. Anyway they headed to the general store to stock up on supplies, and Tyria saw a thing she wanted.

I want a present.
What are you saying?
I found a cute stuffed animal. I really want it, but I can't afford it.
A stuffed animal? Alright, I'll buy it for ya.
R-really!? Are you really gonna buy me that!?
Sure I will. Where did you see it?
It's a huge stuffed animal at the general store in Clustania.
That stuffed animal? That giant monster!?
Yeah. It's so cute. I really want it.

You said you'd buy it for me. I'm sooo happy.
Well, I don't think you really want it!
Why not? Did you lie to me?
It would be a lot of work to carry it around.
Why don't we buy it after everything's settled?

Aoto, you're right. I understand.
(...I have to start saving money from now on.)

Aoto being the one getting messed with continues to amuse. Saki wanted to see how the children were doing in Archia, so they headed down there.

Kairi: Good, you're safe!
Totora: Hey, are you going to be our teacher again?
Rendeisha: Can we continue the slide picture story?
I'm sorry, but Ms. Saki has something to take care of before I can do that.
Kairi: Nooo.
Totora: Then, when are you coming back?
I'm sorry for taking up Ms. Saki's time. She'll come back soon. I promise.
Yes, I will come back soon...! So, can you wait for the rest of the story for a little longer?
Rendeisha: Really? Do you really promise, Ms. Saki!?
Yes, I promise.
Totora: Aoto.
Totora: You better take good care of Ms. Saki!
Kairi: That's right! If you let her get hurt, we'll kick your butt!
...What troublesome kids.
Totora: Aoto, you have to promise, too!
...Yeah, I know. I promise!

It turned out that they didn’t need to worry much, the children hadn’t been alone.

Totora: Oh, yeah! That's awesome!
Rendeisha: Prison guard lady, are you a wizard or something?
Hehehe! This is nothing compared to the tricks I'm gonna show ya later!
Now, Lady will become the Superheroine of Justice, Magical Warrior Love-love Cutie!
Kairi: Who is that!?
Hey, that's...
Ms. Mute!
Now I'm going! Cutie Love-Love Halley----!!
Hey, Mute!

Rendeisha: Ah! Ms. Saki!
Totora: Oh! It's Teach and young master!
Kairi: Young master! Young master!
H-hey, you guys!
What!? Who are you calling young master!?

Mute was pretty surprised to see them, even though she really should have expected them to swing down.

Back atcha. This is Saki's pre-school.
Kairi: That Prison Guard chick comes often to visit us.
Yo! Brats! I'm Prison Guard LADY!
Rendeisha: She uses magic and shows us some tricky dances.
Oh, that's great, everyone!
Whew...everyone's so happy today! I'm a little exhausted.
Hmm, yeah. Those kids with ya's like fish in dry tank who just got fresh water.
You know what, though? I never thought you'd be so popular with the kids.
She's a great entertainer! I knew she'd be popular ever since I saw her working in the Slave District.
Well, yeah, I kinda saw that, too.
It seems like you really like children.
I love kids. Ever since Antibodies started attacking Archia, I try to come down here to check on them.
When I talk with them, I forget all about the crappy stuff.
When I was demoted to prison guard, they're the ones who got me over it.
So, I wanted to help 'em, no matter what...
Oh, so that's why...

Saki had a sudden offer for Mute.

Huh!? That was way outta the blue!
I used to be the only teacher here, but I can't be here all the time. Having another teacher will make them so happy!
...I know, but I'm not very sweet like you, Saki and well, ya know, I'm usually kinda violent...
That doesn't matter! What's important is how you feel!
...So, can I consider this as an offer?
Of course! I hope we can be instructors here together!
Oh, yeah! Can I keep comin' here?
Of course! While I'm away, please take care of the children.
Sure thing!
Way to go, Mute.

Doctor Gojo wanted to swing down by his old clinic again meanwhile.

Is this where you used to work, Doctor?
Yes, but it's been years since I left.
I came back for the first time in a while, but it hasn't changed at all. I'm glad.
You actually liked this place, didn't you?
Very much.
So, when I saw the same interior as this in Eternus, I thought I was going to cry.
Do you dislike change? You won't be popular with girls...
What's wrong with having one or two things that I won't change?
I understand what you mean.
So, even though this is a vacant house, is it okay to trespass here?
You aren't worried about that, are you?
Don't trespass on someone's property.
Well, don't worry. Even though I left this place behind, I'm still renting it.
You know, it's my so-called...Plan B Shelter.
...You're so streetwise, Doctor. ...And reliable.
Thank you for the compliments.
(I can't tell them I kept renting it because I didn't want to lose it.)

While they were stocking up on supplies, something really strange happened.

What happened, Tyria?
...He's being watched.
...Yes, I can feel it, too. The shopkeeper is staring at you, Doctor.
Hey guys, do you have a second?
D-Doctor, are you...!?
...Well, he's an acquaintance from back in the old days, when I was in Archia.
For some reason, he seems to like me a lot.
So, what should we do?
If I'm with some girls, he might think I'm one of their boyfriends, right?
Then, he probably won't jump up on me or hug me or kiss me, right?
He's done that!? How assertive...
Alright, Saki'll pretend to be your girlfriend!
...Saki...I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
They say that one who dares to stand between two lovers shall die the most torturous death.
Tyria, please don't bring up such unnecessary nonsense.
Am I a third wheel!? I...I actually can't destroy their happy destiny...
I was just joking. But that man sure does like him.
So, you don't need to worry. You should just accept his affection.
...Are you enjoying my problems?

Still, Tyria was very happy to be traveling with people who had accepted her so quickly.

Perhaps, I should thank everyone.
Everyone? What did they do for you?
They've been really friendly to me, even though I joined the party pretty late.
Maybe it's normal, but it makes me really happy.
Well, it sure is normal. We're all friends.
You shouldn't thank them, that would make them feel distant.
...Is that how it works?
It's so overly formal.
Be normal, like how you are now.
...Alright, I don't think it's a good idea to become overly formal.
I'll just be friendly to them as always.

There’s really nothing quite like having people to talk to. It’s saved the world more than once. I know it’s a bit early, but once they went to Moocheriel things got a bit… interesting. It’ll give you something to look forward to.