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Part 104: Saki True Ending

Welcome back boys and girls! This is the ending of our little side tale.
Saki Ending

Regardless of who Aoto spent time with, the giant antibody was pretty much toast.


And Ciela's heart wasn't really in beating the gang anyway.


But they still had to escape.
teyys 90 bexm.


I'm sorry. I sprained my ankle. I can't run any faster. Please leave me here!

Your reaction really shouldn't be so enthusiastic, even if it is Saki. Bad kids. Too much like your mother.
Saki...!? Don't worry, I'll carry you!
But if you do that, you won't be able to escape!
Besides...if I stay, the Will of the Planet will probably save me. Please just leave me, Aoto!
Dummy! How can I leave you here! You're a human now!
But at this rate...
Saki, why'd you become human!? What's the reason you resigned from being the Will of the Planet!?
That's because...I wanted to be with you forever.
Well, I feel the same about you! We just started our new life! We're gonna live together for a long time!
But I'm...

Honestly if they'd just kept limping along rather than chatting they'd have plenty of time. Or if Sakia Lumei came out she could probably run on that sprained ankle and not give a f...foul.
I won't leave you here! ...I will take you back with me!
Because I...I promised myself that I'll keep protecting you!
Aoto, I'm sorry! I'm a bad girl...! I can't help wanting to be with you...!

Can't you do this later?
...I like you a lot, Aoto.
teyys 30 bexm.
...Let's hurry!

Yeah that doesn't make sense either.

And then, after everything had settled a bit... Oh Goddess I think I'm going to be ill.


Yeah, maybe.

I'm so be able to have a wedding ceremony with you in such a beautiful place.
It certainly is beautiful, but are you sure this is what you really want? I thought you wanted more people to come...
No. I wanted to do this with just the two of us...because when I'm alone with you, that's when I'm the happiest.
...Oh, okay then, I guess.
Plus, I want to monopolize your time forever...
Well...there is something I wanted to ask you about.
What is it?
...Why did you start to like me?

When I first met you, it was the first time that I didn't mind somebody seeing my weakness.
Well, you know how both of my parents are dead? Steeps was extremely strict. He taught me to always be strong...
So, I always strived to be so strong that I wouldn't need any help from anybody.
But...for some reason, I can show my weakness to you without the slightest bit of hesitation.
Aoto! I'm so happy that you rely on me!
On our journey, I figured you'd never show any hint of weakness to anyone.
You were always our strong leader, and a big brother to Filly and Tyria.
But I knew your secret. When you came to my room, you always transformed into a needy baby all of a sudden.'re embarrassing me.
But I liked that needy baby, because that needy Aoto was all mine, and no one else's.
That was the part of you that you only showed to me. It made me happy to be with you.
...That's why I can show you a part of me that I don't show to others only when I'm alone with you. Isn't that exciting?
...Yeah, it kinda is.
Saki thinks this could be the kind of relationship where you and I complete each other as living beings.
That's why I want to be with you for good. I want this to be our happily ever after...
Saki...I feel the same. I want us to support each other, forever.
Ok I guess you're right. This isn't suitable for release in this condition at all. I'm just going to quietly dispose of it and hope Sakia never finds out that I obtained it.

There's an alternate conversation as they escape, but it doesn't really make sense either. I guess this is what you see when you beat the game with 3 heart points on Saki but don't create Yea?
What's wrong, Saki!? Come on!
...I'm being called. I have to go...
...Aoto, I'm sorry. I have to stay here.
Saki...! What are you saying...?
I'll stay inside Ar Ciel. They're calling to me... Ciela...and everyone else is telling me to come back to them.
...They say I don't have to do anything more.
Don't go back! You can't!
Don't worry...I'll just go to her home and tell Ar Ciel how wonderful you and all my other friends are.
Aoto...thank you. You're the person who made me happy... To protect you...I'm willing to become the planet.
...So long, Aoto...
Don't go! I need you here with me!
I won't let you go! I'm taking you home!
But I'm...not human. I'm just a helpless little girl who doesn't even know how much longer I can live...
That doesn't matter! I don't care if you're human or not! Or how much longer you'll live! I just want to be with you!
Aoto...I can't...
...I really want to be with you...
...I love you, Aoto.
teyys 30 bexm.
...Let's hurry!

And of course here's the conversation if you pick the "big boobs" option. Because I know you guys would.
You know...they are pretty big for your body size...
Huh? What are pretty big?
Well, you know...your breasts.
Aoto! You're a pervert!
I can't believe this! I don't care about you anymore!
I'm sorry, Saki! I was just kidding...
...Are you sure?
Of course! I went a little too far, and I'm really sorry! Please don't be mad at me...
...Hmhmhm. I'm not mad at you.
But it is not nice to say such things, even if you are just joking.
Because, if you joke about that... I might take it seriously...and be happy in vain.
...I know there are many more things that you like about me.
Besides, I've discovered one more reason why you like me.
It feels like your love for me has grown one size larger.
I like you...
I like you, too, Aoto.
You know...sometimes you say totally random things that are just...weird. But, I think it's cute...
What!? I've never said anything weird.
I think your uncanny slide picture stories really hit the bull's-eye.
Those stories are serious! All of them are interesting and educational!
More like devastating and executional.
You're so mean!
But...I like your stories.
Yeah. Actually...I was always looking forward to seeing your next story. You're really a way.
Whenever I heard your stories when I was tired, it rejuvinated me. You always tried so hard to entertain the audience.
Are you telling me the truth!?
Yeah. That's how I've always felt.
So...please keep writing and telling devastating and executional stories.
Interesting and educational stories!
But if you really like them, I'll make a new story for you every day.
If it'll heal your fatigue and stress, I'll do my best.
...I love you. I'm really glad I met you...

Ok I'm going to end on that note I think. Unless you want me to load up the Saki normal end and transcribe the full version of the Act 3 slide picture story. Which you probably will.