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Part 39: The Fury of Teru

Now accompanied by Tyria, the group headed to Archia. The whole place was in chaos.

Everyone's panicking...which is understandable. That attack completely blindsided them.
Hey, you guys!
Rev. Gengai! What're you doing here?
Archia's military operations system has gone inert. They're useless.
So, by any chance, are you leading the entire Archia and Great Fang Coalition?
Well, I disagree with the way Archia is handling things, but we must help each other out. We're a charitable militia!
A charitable militia, huh?
We just arrived, but it seems like the damage isn't too severe yet.
Fortunately for us, the Antibodies from Moocheriel seem to be heading towards the Tower.
Clustanian airships and guardians are all raiding the Tower as we speak.
The Clustanians must be controlling the Antibodies.
Those scum! I'm sure after annexing Archia, they'll target Great Fang next!

While they couldn’t be sure what was going on, they did know that Clustania wasn’t responsible for the current attacks and told Gengai as much.

Huh? What'd you say?
He's right. The Clustanian Army's Supreme Commander didn't know anything about this raid!
Yeah, think about it! Those airships and guardians herding around the tower are all unmanned.
This is true. So, you mean there's a mastermind at work here? If that's the case, we've got a real problem...
We'll uncover that mastermind. Reverend, can we leave the town to you?
Fine. I'll take command of the armies of Archia and Great Fang...and defend this town, down to the last man.
Thank you!
Don't get reckless, Master!
I'll be fine. You better be careful.
After Rev. Gengai's story, I have clearer picture of the drama that's taking place.
The Antibodies are aiming for the Tower, not populated cities. That can only mean...
There must be something significant within the Tower.
What could it be?
But, the Tower of Origin should've ceased functioning completely.

It seemed the ancient prototype Tower was still functional.

You mean it's still running...?
I believe so. Ayatane's true objective, and that of the Antibodies, lie within the Tower of Origin.
It's too much of a coincidence to ignore.
Then, the only conclusion is that there must be something that Archia has chosen to hide from us.
...Let's head to the Tower of Origin.
Even so, the Tower of Origin is no place to go on a whim.
I know one route we can take to reach it. First, we need to get to the Archia Think Tank.

On the way into the unguarded Think Tank, Tyria started poking some of the boxes.

Wait…what are you doing, Tyria!?
You can’t open that container without permission!
But this is the evil people’s research institute, right?
So I don’t see any problem with opening their boxes like treasure chests.
…Well, your argument sounds extremely valid somehow.
What!? N-no!
We can open any boxes and chests in this building, right?
I’m not comfortable with stealing things from those treasure chests, so I’ll take the stuff from these containers.
No objections!
B-but, what if there’s something important inside it?

What’s up, Tyria?
…It’s too heavy for me to open.
What!? After such a long debate, you can’t say that now…
She can’t help it. If she can’t open it, let’s just give up on it.
It’s better to open treasure chests than a container that can’t be opened.
…Yeah, Saki’s actually right.
…I really wanted to open it. *sigh*

Doctor Gojo was familiar with the path they’d need to take to reach the Tower of Origin.

What? Underground again…? Ugh.
There’s no time for complaints. Let’s move.

While it had been firmly shut every other time they’ve visited the Think Tank, now the door was wide open.

Did the Antibodies break into it...?
It doesn't matter. It's more convenient for us. This is the way into the Tower of Origin.
The Tower of Origin...
But Doctor, how do you know about this path?
I've snuck into the Tower of Origin before.
Are you serious?
Archia must be hiding something very important, like their horrifying conspiracy. I was certain of it...
That's how I learned of the Tower of Origin's continuous function and the fearsome research that took place here.
Fearsome research...?
Yes. Katene told me later on that the research was in regards to the Human Evolution Project.
...Human Evolution...
Now is the time to uncover Archia's conspiracy!

As they entered the Tower of Origin, Aoto was still confused about it.

To this world, this is the point of life’s origin.
All life…started here?
Before the other tower or myself existed, there was only the Tower of Origin.
I sang a song in the Tower of Origin and became the second tower…
Then this is a pretty important place for you.
Not really. I have no memories of this place, specifically.
Besides, it’s turned into a derelict ruin. I feel no nostalgia from this place.

Feinne on Qoga: Dungeon Videos
Here, have a few videos to see Tyria in action. The first is in the Think Tank, the second is in the Tower.

Video- “In the Tank”


Video Record- “Tower 1”


As they scaled the Tower, they encountered a familiar face in a desperate situation.

Video Record- “Richa”


Doctor!? What are-...!?
You seem to be struggling with them.
Alright. We'll back you up!

Mini Boss: Doll Model x 4
This is arguably the hardest fight in the game so far. These assholes hit HARD and there are four of them. If you’re still a bit low in levels and/or using Tyria it’s going to be very tricky. You shouldn’t wait for Flipsphere, just hit them with a Song when you’ve got an exciting enough Burst going. That is the one really nice thing about using Tyria right now, you might trouble purging as fast as normal thanks to her lack of Hyumas but damn does she hit hard.

They managed to push back the Antibodies, giving them a chance to talk to Richa.

I...I always believed you'd come and save me if I was ever in a crisis!
...Richa! Please tell me the truth. Why does it seem like the Antibodies are zeroing in on this place?
...I don't know why, either...
All I can say is that Archia keeps some very important data here. I must guard it at all costs.
...Important data?
Richa, as your friend, I beg you, please tell me everything you know about those records and this facility.
I'm asking you, too!
...I'm sorry, but...I can't do that.
Is that your answer as a military officer...?
...Half of for that reason... But the other for another reason....

Richa was rightfully concerned that they might not be able to forgive her, but in the end relented.

...Then, as a man, I'll beg you again! Please tell me the secret of the Tower of Origin.
If it pains you...then I'll be there to help heal your wounds.
If you trust me, then please tell me, Richa...!
...You' conniving...

Archian Soldier: Ms. Richaryosha...!
But there is one condition...
As you can see, the Tower of Origin is under attack. If you fight alongside our forces...I'll tell you everything.
...Very well, I accept.
...Then, let's climb this Tower.

They found themselves in a very familiar place.

Video Record- “The SH Server”


It looks just like the Reyvateil Nurturing Center, where we were created...!
Right. A long time ago, approximately 600 years ago, many Reyvateils were produced from this facility.

Their guess had been quite correct.

Ayatane...! were the Antibodies' puppet master! You tried to oppress all the humans with this...? You make me sick!
...Oh? Look who's talking. You do know whose fault it is that I'm here, don't you?
It's you who shamelessly defected from us to become the humans' dog. We are paying the price for what you've done.
Huh...? What does he mean, Richa?
As I just said, this woman used to do what I am doing now, without hesitation. Right, former General Richaryosha?
Stop! Leave me alone! You have no right to suppress my life!
You haven't grown at all. Learn from General Akane, Reyvateil emotion levels should be set to minimum.
That causes another problem. Because of her emotion level, or whatever, Akane will start to suffer from now on.
That's...a trivial matter. I couldn't care less about that.
The only things that truly matter are the results of your past efforts and achievements.
Thanks to those, our long term aspirations are finally bearing fruit.
...You're such a self-centered loser. You're the one who doesn't seem to have grown at all.'re also self-centered, aren't you?

Ayatane decided to explain exactly why he was here, and the truth about Archia and Clustania.

All of the facilities in Clustania are only terminal devices. But all Reyvateil lives are kept in here.
What!? So, our lives aren't in Clustania!? They're right here!?
Yes. Such a vital thing is stored inside a human facility. Don't you think that's absurd?
When it comes to battle capabilities, Reyvateils outshine humans by far. So why did Archia and Clustania coexist?
...Because Archia had the switch to shut off their lives for 700 years.
However, once we obtain the Server, there is nothing left for Clustania to fear.
And therefore, the Reyvateils shall rule the world...and the genesis of a new monarchy...Reyvateilia shall begin!
...The genesis of Reyvateilia?
That's right. Reyvateils are the mother of all, and the only noble beings who can generate the new planet.
Humans are less than garbage. Therefore, racial cleansing is necessary. That's why I made a deal with the Antibodies.
They will help us exterminate the humans, in exchange for one Reyvateil body.

Ayatane had sold the entire world out for his insane fantasy of a world that could never be. I really wish I could sue him for infringement on that name but that’s not in the cards at this point.

...That's the deal you were talking about...?
...You little bastard! Do you know how much Finnel has suffered because of your stupidity!?
I couldn't care less for the vessels that have been promised.
What the hell did you just say!?
Aoto, don't!
I don't care what he says. He's not worth listening to. Let's stop him before we defend the world...! you really think you have a shot? I'm no ordinary human. I belong to a long forgotten clan...the Teru Tribe.
Teru Tribe...?
And that's not all. The Antibodies have given me more power. I'm far beyond the reach of the Human Evolution Project.
...What are you going to do now?
Behold my refined body! The divine appearance of the new age's ruler!

So yeah, Ayatane turned into a dragon.

What is that...!?
Ayatane tuned into a dragon!
Don't just stand there! Do you want to be sent to Heaven forever!?
Yeah, we have to thwart his plan!

Video Record- “Ayatane”


Boss Battle: Ayatane
Oh boy here is where you really figure out how your levels stack up compared to what the game thinks you might be at. Ayatane can be very, very rough if you’re a bit low. He’s got two normal attacks. The first is a half-moon kick that hits a single person for quite a lot.

The second is a rather nasty charge that hits everyone in front of him pretty hard.

Still, if that was all he did this wouldn’t be hard at all. No, where this gets tricky is his special attack, because if you’re not significantly stronger than I am the only way you’ll break it is with an Ultra Supermove. It’s a real pain, too.

Mega Flare hits the whole party, including your Reyvateil, for most of two thousand damage. It’s really bad news and again can be hard to break. One nice thing is that there are no additional enemies here, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your Reyvateil safe from anything other than the Mega Flare. One good Flipsphere will end this asshole. His music is awesome (one of my favorites from this game) but I’m going to save it for the boss whose music he’s shamefully borrowing like a jerk.

Mortally wounded, Ayatane returned to his humanoid form.

Video Record- “One Small Victory”


...Hmhm. To have been defeated by the likes of you...I didn't see that coming.
Tell me, are you the one who owns the key to igniting Harvestasha?
...I told you, Clustania has been under Archia's control for a long time. If anyone has would be Archia.
...They claim to be neutral, but in fact, they are playing with the fate of all Reyvateils.
...You'll regret killing me... If you leave the world in their hands, it will become a living Hell.

Ayatane’s warning hung in the air as he fell dead to the ground.

...Clustania and Archia, which one of them is righteous?
Neither. They're both up for destroying our world for their own selfish reasons.
...Yeah, you're right.

Oh...! This is unbelievable...
Chairman! You've returned?
How amazing... The Antibodies are withdrawing from the Tower as the tides wane.

They all withdrew from the Tower of Origin. It’s a story for another day what happened next, though.