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Ar Tonelico Qoga

by Feinne


They headed through the Promenade towards the Executive District. I’m not totally sure how but I think one or two Reyvateils actually escaped that virus.

Reyvateil: (Wh-what happened? A-anyway, I’ll imitate everyone…)

The Doctor wasn’t happy to have to leave the whole town disabled but there was little choice.

Doctor, what’s up?
I can’t forgive myself for not being able to resolve this situation.
As a Reyvatologist, I must do some EMT work, but I have no clue what to do.
I feel so inadequate.
Saki feels the same way. I wish I could help them with Song Magic, but Song Magic just can’t do much about it.
To heal them, we must do something about Archia.
Seems that way. Let’s hurry, Doctor…to save these children.

They pushed on to the Executive District.

Keep your guard up. There's a chance Ayatane might be lurking nearby...
Sir Kureha is not a threat right now. While Lady Harvestasha remains inactive, he remains quite powerless, you see.
Unless, and until, Her Divinity awakens once more, there will be no problem.
Gah, this is making my blood boil...
Katene, why don't you show a little bit of composure?
How could I do that!? I'll revive Tyria with my own hands. Today, my years of research shall be put to the test!
Tch. His ego's as tall as this tower...

From there, they went to the door Finnel had previously stopped them passing through. Beyond it was the source of all life in Clustania, the Nuturing Center.

This is a Pureblooded ß-Type Nurturing Center. Finnel and I were both created here.
So all those people will be born as Reyvateils?
Not all. There is an annual quota. Of the infinite breeding tanks, only a relatively small portion will be born.
Huh? That sounds pretty mechanical, like some sort of inhumane factory.
Due to the quota, we are never concerned about overpopulation. Therefore, there is no need for Cleansings.
What'd you just say? You Reyvateils kill people when you feel like there are too many of them?
That is incorrect. Cleansing is not the act of killing many humans at once, but rather, a means to stabilize the world.
Stabilize...the world?
Humanity has exhausted this Planet's resources over time and continue to do so, eroding the sanctity of Her life.
If they remain ignorant and turn a blind eye to this simple truth and what we must face...there is no future for us.

Aoto at least got the idiotic idealism his role in the tale required of him right. That sort of thing is a power that’s impossible to measure.

We're upset at how you're handling the situation. That's why we continue to fight this war.
Yes, we hate one another. That is why our struggles are inevitable.
We're not all that stupid!
Don't you think there are humans who long for peaceful co-existence? Will you kill those who want to be your friends?
You're a peculiar human.
Let’s move on.

On the upper level, they found one of the tanks was destroyed. Three guesses whose, and two don’t count.

Whoa! This is horrendous...
It's completely destroyed.
That is the tank Finnel was born in.
What!? Finnel, how violent were you as a baby...?
N-no! I didn't do it!
So, someone else did?
Soma, right? I can't think of anyone else who would.
She was born with a fiery nature...
Anyway, let's just go!

From the Nuturing Center, they entered the Tower once more. Again the strange, broken Song resonated through it.

Marvelous! Climbing this high in the tower… What an incredible opportunity!
Be ready for immediate danger. Since Lady Harvestasha has stopped, there’s no way to monitor the security protocols.
If the Guardians emerge, we should vanquish them before they have a chance to attack us.
…Speaking of which, Ayatane never did show up.
He’s a clever sort. He might be preparing a strategy as we speak. Never let your guard down.

Still, the trip up to the Rinkernator proved almost worryingly uneventful. After a few minor scrapes with the Tower’s Guardians, they achieved their goal.

Video Record- “The Rinkernator”


…This is…
...The Rinkernator?
Yes, this is the sanctuary of Clustania, the Rinkernator.
From here, we regulate the flow of symphonic power throughout the entire Tower.
I see, so this is where all the power in the Tower comes from.
Indeed. And yet, that is not the reason this place is called our sanctuary.
It is because this is the most important part of the Tower. The legendary Reyvateil Origin, Tyria.
Tyria no longer exists as a humanoid. We Clustanians have replaced her, Thus we protect the Rinkernator.
Does that mean, simply speaking, that Tyria passed away?
Strictly speaking, that is not true, but she did end her life as a humanoid. Therefore, you could call it a death.
That's bullshit! We talked with her.
That's why I couldn't believe the news at first. But if she really will awaken, I shall witness it with my own eyes.
Then, I'll show you the results of my long, painstaking research.

Katene got to work on setting up the Rinkernator.

...The connectors are even set up as the report states. flipping this toggle...yeah! This is it!
Katene, you can live in your own world, but don't forget there are others around you. And, we don't have much time.
I know, I know!
Do you want us to help?
Yeah, we should help. He's doing this for us, after all.
Saki will help, too!
No, I got this! You'll actually just distract me. Please just relax.
Uh, sure...okay.
*sigh* He really wants to be in his own world...
Anyway, we've finally made it to the Rinkernator...
Now all I can do is trust Katene's skills, and...

After traveling so far to reach this point with her, Aoto was happy that he could save Saki.

Saki, please be alright...
Stay with me. I always want to see you smile.

While Katene got to work, Aoto and Akane had a conversation.

Sir Aoto?
Sorry about earlier. I didn't mean to yell at you.
Not at all. I should be the one to apologize for being inconsiderate.
You have taken very good care of me. I should have thanked you much earlier.
Don't worry about it. We're both friends of Finnel. It's not like you asked for our help.
No, I'm really grateful. Finnel is the only friend I have...
...If I weren't in this position, I could have been much kinder to her.
It's not your position, it's your personality. You're not very good at socializing, are you?
Friends should always act like friends, regardless of their positions or status. You should go with your emotions.

If I ever need to remind myself how wrong I used to be, I just think about the reality of Clustania.

Yes. Every Clustanian Reyvateil is born with a life-long duty.
I was created to be a military leader. I wouldn't need emotions for my profession.
Oh. That sounds...boring.
...Is that so?
You don't feel happiness or joy, right? Well, that's not fun.
Do I need to feel fun in order to live?
Hahaha...I see. You can't even feel sadness.
Anyway, you should express your feelings for Finnel more.
...Sir Aoto, why do you try to make Finnel happy, without being given an order to do so?
Huh? Well, because...she's very clumsy, isn't she? I can't just leave her alone.'s kinda fun to be with her.
...It's fun to be with her?
Yeah. That's the whole point of being friends with someone, from an emotional stand point.

Nobody has the right to force another person into some role from birth.

Bff! You said you had no emotions! Then how do you know about romance!?
I've just read about it. All I know is that romance is the most absurd of all the privileges of being human.
*sigh* You might know the word, but I don't think you understand the meaning of romance quite yet.
I'm done!
Okay, it's ready! Everyone, please come over here!
It looks like he finished it.

Everything was ready on Katene’s end to reincarnate Tyria.



The Song to operate the Rinkernator... Now it's my turn.
Yes, please sing the Song, Ms. Akane.
...I'm sorry. This is all my fault...
...Finnel, I was always worried about you.
If this is the only way to save your life, I'll gladly help. It's my first priority,'re my friend.
*sob* Aki...
Don't worry. The black out caused by shutting down the Rinkernator is only temporary.

And so Akane began to sing.

And the Rinkernator began to unlock.

The walls are opening...
The Rinkernator's being released...!
This is...way too amazing! It's exactly as my father's research describes...
When all of the walls open, the symphonic power supply will completely halt. That will resurrect Tyria!
H-hey! It looks like something is already coming out!

A horrible machine appeared, the Tower’s own Guardian. And the timing couldn’t have been worse.

Whoa! What is that!?
Is it the Tower's guardian!?
Our situation is getting dire. I didn't expect a battle at this point.
Finish off the enemy before the walls open! Otherwise, you won't have the power to use Song Magic!
I see... Without using Song Magic, it'll be impossible to defeat the guardian.
Alright! Is everybody ready!?

Boss Battle: MYU
So here’s a real boss for once. So let’s talk about the biggest problem first. You have about seven or so minutes to kill this guy before the Rinkernator opens, which in turn prevents you from doing what you need to do up here and locks you out of the true endings. He’s got two normal attacks worth noting. The first is a missile barrage that follows someone, which you can outrun if you try. The second is a rather nasty point blank AoE attack that will inflict status effects as well. If he does start casting make sure you break it at all costs, because it’s a massive attack on everyone. He has about 700k health so you’ll want to drop three Ultra-Supermoves on him and then hit him with a Flipsphere to beat the clock.

They managed to defeat the thing in time, leaving the way clear to revive Tyria.

Video Record- “Tyria”


I’ll unlock the Pod.

And so once more the third of this world’s Origins walked among its people.

There are some crazies who actually seriously think Tyria’s an honest to Goddess deity.

That's the Reyvateil I saw...!
...She is...
...Our savior?
Yes! Tyria, the legendary Reyvateil is reviving!
This is unbelievable... She really awakened...!
Now Saki and Finnel are...finally...

I so wish they could meet her so they could be terribly disappointed.

...Oh...this isn't the school cafeteria...
Uh, is she okay?
Oh yeah, I once became the Tower. And now I became a human again.
You are...Tyria...

Filament forced herself to the front at the sight of her savior.

Please, Tyria! Please save us!
You pushed Sakia Lumei aside and came out to see her...?
Her strong feelings beat out the other personae.
...She is...the planet, right?
...The planet...?
Yes, we are the planet! Mother Ar Ciel's manifestations...!
Hey, wait a second! What do you mean? What was that about Mother Ar Ciel's something...?
Saki and I and...all the other personae have our own objectives and feelings... Finnel and her personae are the same...
We are...?
Yes... Together, we make the Will...manifestations of our Empyreal Mother...
I don't follow... I mean, first of all, we're here to extend their lives!
...Tyria, please save us now...

Tyria didn’t even need to be told that Saki and Finnel were dying.

Saki...and Finnel... Four personae reside in each of your bodies...completely overloading them.
The Third Dimensional Core Triangle Ring can't sustain all the energy you need.
Is it possible to boost its supply?
If I could replace this "obsolete engine" with a Fourth Dimensional Core Square Ring, it should solve everything.
But, it's impossible due to a compatiblity issue, so I'll simply replenish the old engine with Telomere.
What does that mean?
The Core Triangle Ring is the most vital device in a Reyvateil's body.
Telomere is like the fuel for the Core Triangle Ring. Once it is replenished, it will extend their lives.
Yes. Both of them will survive. Anyway, I'm amazed that she has the ability to manipulate Telomere.
Okay, you two must come to the Pods. Filament, let Saki come out.
Tyria...when Saki is saved, will you save me? ...Do you promise?
Uh-huh. I will promise you that.
...Thank you. I believe in you...

Filament vanished once more.

Saki, you're fine now. She can cure your illness.
...Huh? Really...?
Alright, Saki, Finnel, stand by.
...Yes, Doctor.

Finnel and Saki entered the pods at the Rinkernator, as Tyria asked.

Thank Goddess... So, Finnel will definitely recover from her trauma, as well?
Yeah, she should...
Sir Aoto, we've been through a lot, but in the end, I am very grateful to you. You have my utmost gratitude.
Well, I'm the one who should thank you.
Very well, everyone, I shall take my leave now. I must return to Clustania proper.
Please take good care of Finnel.
Sure. Leave it to us.
Will we see you again?
Of course. Farewell...

Aoto was pacing around waiting for the process to finish, which amused Tyria into starting a conversation with him.

Are you anxious?
Don't worry. The technology of this Tower surpasses that of the most advanced human technology by far.
Normally, it is considered impossible to artificially replenish Telomere. However, that is possible here.
...I don't know about any of that academic stuff, but in short, we don't have to worry anymore, right?
That's right. It's okay for you to feel relieved now.
...Hey, you're the legendary Reyvateil, right?
I don't know. I slept for ages. But I can say this: I'm identical to the Tower itself, as well as its Administrator.
Yes! And she is destined to regenerate this world!

It’s weird how well crazy people can just pop out of nowhere.

Tyria is one of the Reyvateil Origins who were created to revive the world.
Reyvateil Origamis?
There are three Reyvateil Origins in this world. Among them, Tyria is especially outstanding!
Oh yeah?
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, but I would rather go to the mall... No mo' homework for me. *sigh* I wanna eat fried bread.
...Especially outstanding?
By the way, you!
Huh, me?

Tyria also had a very odd yet very interesting question for Aoto.

A melody?
Their superficial appearance is human, but inside, they're Reyvateilic. You're not even a 3rd Generation.
When emotionally aroused, you become too potent with those quotients. You're very dangerous.
H-hey, what do you mean by Medley?
Like a mermaid. Shahnahnahnahnahnah! You're a mermaid.
*sigh* Trying to have a conversation with her is pretty tiring... many ways, she's different from other Reyvateils.

Tyria, meanwhile, had noticed Saki and Finnel were done in the pods.

Hey...they aren't food, ya know?
*sigh* I wanna have some fried bread... Don't they have fried bread in this era?

And so Saki and Finnel’s lives were extended.

Oh, I'm so happy...! Now both Saki and Finnel can live a long time!
Is my illness...completely gone?
Yes, Filly! Everything turned out really well...!
...Yeah. I'm happy for you, too, Saki!
Thank you...!
So this story has come to its finale, qoga! I'm happy for both of you! Good job, everyone.
Wait, you haven't fulfilled your promise to Filament.
...Oh. I was completely oblivious to that.
You just made her a promise a minute ago!
Is she...really okay? I mean, she's the Administrator, right?
She's fine.
Third person? And where does that confidence come from?
Well, well, there are a lot of things I have to get done. If you'll excuse me, so long, amigos.
What? Hey…

And Tyria just sort of wandered off to go work on whatever it was she was up to.

Do you think she's weird? I think she's a very interesting girl.
Well, I think you're also kind of weird...but only a little.
Nooo! You're so mean.

The Tower itself began to shake, and a horrible noise began from below.

This must be an assault by the Archian and Great Fang air fleets!
...Damn! Because the Prome Wall's down, they're raiding Clustania together!
If Archia and Great Fang gang up against Clustania, there's no way they can withstand the coalition force.
Oh no! What'll happen to Akane!?
...Alright, let's go back to Clustania!

And so it came to be that they were in an odd position, rushing to save the very place not too long ago they were seeking to bring down. As for what happened next, though, you’ll have to wait for next time I’m afraid.