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Part 100: Saki Cosmosphere 8A

I know you heard me discuss this with your mother, and whether it was ok to tell you about this. I'm thinking for the commercial version I'll have to make some small cuts here and there to keep it appropriate for the audience...

Video Record- "Saki Cosmosphere 8A"


...! The book's gone. Is Saki okay?
She didn't deceive me, did she?
My master would do no such thing! Refrain from such hasty speculations!
...Sorry. But, this is undoubtedly Sakia's Cosmosphere, right?
Indeed. It surely is. The world she annihilated in Level 1 is gradually recovering.
The ray means it's... recovering...?
Oh, and I said it before, but Sakia's actually got pretty girly tastes. It's surprising. I mean, look at this place.
Shut it!
Despite her solemn looks, inside the armor was a young girl, as fair as a flower, after all.

He took a detour to the castle before going to the city, but I'll probably cut this for obvious reasons. really has been a long time.
That's what I'm saying. Oh, I got a message from my master.
From Sarapatra?
Yeah. Wanna know what it is? Just say you wanna know!
Of course I want to know.
I knew you would. You are a boy after all. Alright, I'll tell ya! Hearken, runt!
Saki prefers wearing looser clothes. She actually doesn't like to wear tights.
She doesn't?
You may be wondering why. Well, there's a wonderful reason for that.
Her inner thighs are very sensitive. She wears tights so that they won't rub against each other as she walks.
What!? That's your fabulous information!?
Huh? Don't you like it? I figured it'll come in handy in the near future.
How's that!? Sarapatra...

I know some of you know why that might come in handy, but don't talk to your younger siblings about it- the decision to tell that about stuff like that is your mother and father's alone. Unless you happen to have at least 500 leaf.

Anyway, the city.

Aoto, this way!
Sarapatra, you're here, too?
Of course. The mayor's waiting for you. Filament's over there.
Okay, let's go.

They went off to the castle.

Ah, you must be His Highness, Prince Aoto.
I've heard tales of your heroism. As your reputation states, you do look quite mighty.
So what's the setting for this plot?
You're the prince of Mirage Castle. The princess, your fiance, was turned into foam by a curse.
I see. Typical. So, I need to save Princess Saki, huh?
Right. The only one who can save her is you...the prince who loves her from the bottom of his heart.
Another predictable fairy tale. Well, since I've come this far, I'll play along until the end.
Thank you. Traveling alone must be hard. We will dispatch our finest warrior to serve as your bodyguard.
It is my honor, Prince Aoto.
A sub-character, huh? But it's your world. Why not be the main character? Whatever. I'm counting on you.
But, you're my...companion, huh?
Am I inadequate?
Oh, no. It's just weird, since you've, uh, beaten the crap out of me so many times already.
...My apologies.
It's fine. Let's save Princess Saki!
We'll go with you, too!
We can be helpful sometimes.
Oh, thanks, I guess.

Aoto checked to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything in the castle...

Who're you?
???: How disappointing. You forgot me? Did your mind get erased in a time paradox?
Sioni: I am your butler, Hyuma Sioni. What is the princess' condition?
Oh, uh, well...
Sioni: From your reaction, I glean she is still held hostage. If so, allow me to keep you company.
The Hyuma, Sioni, has been unlocked!

Aoto finally went to Ulurua's Egg.

Yes...the princess was turned into foam.
But the Mayor of Mermaid Village put the foam inside Ulurua's Egg. That's how her life was saved.
Therefore, once it comes out of its shell, it will melt into water and she will die.
This symbolizes the fact that Saki may still be taken away by the Consensus.

I might cut that line, just because it's so obvious what the symbolism is.
The Consensus hasn't given up yet!? Dammit!
Once Saki's gone, we must find a substitute for her, and that is a really gruesome task to accomplish.
So, in the meantime, she will always be scheming to get Saki back.
...Then what are we supposed to do?
I don't know, but the two shamans who live in this world may know the answer.
Two shamans...?
Yes. They have the ability to communicate with the Goddess of this world.

So they went to the Arcane Archive.
Ciela Cruto: Oh, how rare for a traveler to visit such a desolated house.

...A Hyuma?
Those girls are shamans, capable of communicating with the Truth of this world, Ciela Cruto and Patio Cruto.
Hey! I wanna remove a curse! Please tell me how to do it!
Ciela Cruto: Very well. We'll communicate with our Lady.
Patio Cruta: Although, there may be some risk involved depending on what we have to do. Are you prepared for such a risk?
...Yeah. If you can set Saki free of her curse, then I don't mind.
Ciela Cruto: ...Understood. Then, shall we?
Patio Cruta: Translation start!


And everything went white.
...Where am I?
Oh, this is...
A nostalgic scent...
Ciela Cruto: This is the boundary between the human world and the celestial kingdom.
Patio Cruta: By coming here, we are able to hear the voices of the Goddesses.
The boundary...
Ciela Cruto: Prince Aoto, please come over here. Our Lady tells me that She has a feeling that She wants to entrust to you.
...Aoto, it'll be alright. The Goddess who is beckoning you is also our ally.
She is probably Saki's Superior Will, who protects and blesses her with love. Fear Her not.
You should just express all of your feelings for Saki in Her presence.

Yes, that does make "Our Lady" equivalent to... WHEW! I almost gave away who Finnel's mysterious personality is.
Okay. I understand.

???: Thank you for defending Saki.
You are...!?
Rere: My name is Rere. I am the one who exists as the Will to Create the World, along with Saki.
Saki descended upon the human's soil, and has done everything she can do in the name of World Happiness.
The reason why she could exert herself to her full potential was...primarily because of you, Aoto.
...Saki...does she really have to go back?
Rere: There are still an innumerable amount of things for her to do, as the Will of the Planet.
Apart from that, her mission of singing Alfage is complete. There's no reason for her to stay on human soil.
I see...and I understand. Well, I knew that. But still...
I still don't want to lose her.
Rere: You're such a kind, and brave lifeform. I can see why Saki was attracted to your soul.

Wills of the Planet have lousy taste in men. Yes, I would say that to Ar Ru's face.
...I'm not really kind at all... I hurt her so badly.
Rere: Are you talking about your sacrificial lie?
Rere: If you hadn't truly cared for Saki and longed for her happiness, you wouldn't have done that.
It could only have been done because you thought of her and acted on your thoughts.
...So, Rere, I know I'm asking a lot from you, but I still need to ask. Please don't take her back with you!
Rere: ...
To live a human life means to sublimate one's own life until it comes to the end. She'll lose her eternal life.
Rere: For us, a human life is like an ephemeral candle. It is not good to shorten one's life in vain.
It's not in vain! I want to...make Saki happy...
...And I will. I promise...
Rere: ...
If you love her unconditionally till the day you die, and you're both happy, that may be worth more than eternal life.
If you can do this, I shall teach you and Saki one method.
Rere: I already told you, I don't want you to keep her trapped in the human world on a mere whim or fancy.
If you're ready, place this Orb of Light into the palm of Saki's hand...
What is this...?
Rere: This piece of regalia houses a feeling that is necessary for her to stay on human soil.
When she holds it in her hand, her feelings will spring forth out of her mind, as well as the moves you've made.
I'll see them and then make my decision on whether I'll leave her on the surface or take her back with us.
Rere: This will be a decisive test for both you and Saki. You will get no second chances.
Please don't be impulsive with your decision.
How did it go?
I got this orb. A Goddess told me to put in Saki's hand.
Orb...? Do you mind if I see it?
Go ahead. Here.
...! This is...!
...No way! I can't believe it! It's giving me butterflies♪
...H-hey, what are you talking about?
Here, Filament! Hold this.
What was that unusual reaction!?
W-well...this may be a little too... intense...for the human world, but not in our world...
Well, if you think of it like that, then you're right. I'm a little surprised, but Alfage can make this possible...
Hey, don't get so excited about stuff I don't understand!
Hmhm, don't worry, Aoto. There's nothing frightening about this.
Then, tell me what it is. I'm curious!
I can't do that. The feelings in this Orb cannot be expressed with human language.
...Damn...I feel left out.
Huh? Why are you two grinning like that!? ...You look creepy!

I, uh, will request that you not ask me about that. This part might need some editing.
Prince Aoto, you can feel relieved. You're not the only one. I don't know what they are talking about, either.
I'm too curious to get any rest.
Ciela Cruto: How was it? Did you get any useful tips?
Of course. Thanks.
Patio Cruta: I'm glad we were able to be of help to you. Blessed be the Prince and Princess forever.
Determination to make Saki happy... My life-long obligation... My responsibility.
I have to think this over carefully.
The Hyuma, Ciela Cruto, has been unlocked! The Hyuma, Patio Cruto, has been unlocked!

They returned to the Egg, now with part of a plan.
...Saki's sleeping in there. How can I...?

Who are you!?

Saki Portal: I'm Saki Portal, the Hyuma in charge of the maintenance and protection of Princess Saki since she was sent here.
I see. The guardian of the seal, so to speak?
Saki Portal: Yes, sir. I'm also in charge of guiding you, Prince, when the time is right.
Then, you can take us through. I'm counting on you.
Saki Portal: But, before that...I need to hear your pledge to the Princess' final will.
Do you swear, under oath, that you will protect Princess Saki from all harm, love her and nurture her happiness?
That means, at times, you may have to reject others who are also attracted to you, Prince.
Saki Portal: If your determination is so resolute, please take my hand...
Sorry...but can you give me a little more time?
Saki Portal: Of course. This is an important choice. Please consider your options thoroughly.
Once you're ready, please come back.

Needless to say, Aoto wasn't up to the task of remaining with Saki for the rest of his life, forsaking all others and making her happy. So the following happened when he tried to call her back.
Saki cannot accept this feeling.
Aoto, you already have someone to protect. Please give all your feelings for me to that person.
I like you very much, Aoto. That's why I want you to faithfully contiue loving the person who's really on your mind.
Then, you'll truly be happy. If I can keep seeing you smile, that will give me true bliss.
...Saki...I'm sorry. I was too casual.
No, that's not something you should apologize for. Thank you for everything you've done for me until today!
Actually, I'll return to the purity of being the Will of Ar Ciel.
But...that won't happen immediately, so please don't worry.
Since I came down to the ground, I had always been scared. But you brightened my path. I'm very thankful for that.
Thank you so much. I'm very happy right now.
I'm the one who should thank you. You're the reason I was able to come here.
From now on, I'll make you happy by doing whatever I can for you, so please keep being my friend.
I will!
The Hyuma, Saki Portal, has been unlocked.

But that's a boring ending, don't you think? So I took the liberty of running this through a facility that simulates dives. I know I mentioned that to you before, but here's the part where it really kicked in.

She'll be happiest on Ar Ciel.
Saki Portal: Very well. Prince, I shall escort you to the Princess. Please take my hand.
Now, Prince Aoto...
Give her all of your feelings.
...I know.
Saki Portal: Shall we?'s so bright...
Saki Portal: It'll be alright. You'll get used to it. Here, please walk this way.
Saki Portal: Princess Saki is in a deep sleep. If you two aren't ready, when she awakens, she'll turn into foam and disappear.
Are you ready?
Saki Portal: Very well. I wish you the best of luck.
...Saki...please take this Orb...
The seal has been removed!
Saki...where's the orb...?
...It's here. The Orb that has Aoto's and Lady Rere's feelings sealed within it is in my hand...
And I've accepted their feelings!

Brace yourselves kids.
...Saki!? No, not in front of this many people...!
Then...I think we should go elsewhere...
Please make a baby with me!
Oh no...we were too late... But, huh? Aoto...?
He's frozen. I didn't expected her to be so straightforward... Was that her strategy?
I think that is...just her nature.
Well, I mean...not no or...
I'm sorry, of course you don't want to do that with me...
No! That's not what I mean! But it's not like...I'm doing...that...with you!
Oh, look how adorable Aoto is...all blushing and awkward. But, we're running out of time. He has to make a decision.
Aoto, don't worry about it. To make a child with the Will of the Planet is tantamount to singing a Song.

I'm definitely going to have to play up this angle in the edit.
Saki'll receive your feelings and create a brand new will with the power of Alfage.
Then, that child will be sent to Ar Ciel as the new Saki. That is the decision that Rere has made.'s not what you expect. Are you disappointed?
N-no! Of course not...!
Alright, now that we know what to do, let's make a child together, quick!
Aoto... Thank you very much!
This is weird. The more innocent they act, the more awkward and frustrated they seem to be.
Saki Portal: I'll receive energy from Alfage, so please enter Ulurua's Egg.
...Aoto! We're going to have such an energetic baby. So please, stay by my side.
...Whew. ...They're gone.

I decided to stick with the group outside so you don't have to hear Aoto sing. He is so unlike your father it's amazing they're the same gender and species.
Hey, Sarapatra, Filament, I've been wondering...
...Why did Saki join with us in the first place? She must have known that such a tough ordeal awaited her.
She likes to live out there more than any of the other Wills of the Planet. Plus, she's the key to creating life.
Of course, it wasn't just her doing, but Saki was the only one who consistently longed to create a peaceful world.
And that's why she volunteered to do this when she found the final ray of hope in Alfage.
...I see.
She is as pure as the fallen snow... She's almost too pure. I was afraid she might break at any time.
She strove to get where she is now, fueled only by her undaunted willpower, to save every life in this world.
But I know she will be fine now. Aoto will always support her.

Sometimes the simulator has people say crazy things when it's bending people to make it work.
Isn't it wonderful that you are being protected by a life that you've created?
Was she born yet?
The new life of the planet...

Everyone...she is the new Will...
The life that was born from the wills of both the planet and a human. Her name is Yea.
Hmhm...she's so energetic. She's going to grow up to be a big brat, like her father.
Well, I don't think I'll be that much of an influence on her!

The idea of any part of Aoto as a god is terrifying.
That's not true. She has a lot of your feelings.
Yes! She's full of Aoto's feelings!
Yea will probably carry over my feelings and create a lot of happy new worlds...
Because she's Aoto's and my baby! She'll never give in to any hardships!
Of course not. Yea is...our child.
The crystallization of the planet and humanity's love. Such an amazing life could never have existed before now.
I have been drawing a world in which everyone would always be smiling.
But, helpless Saki couldn't finish the task all by herself.
...Yea will definitely accomplish my dream.
I know this because she was born from Aoto's strength and my wish.
With unshakable willpower, she certainly will create a happy world at any cost.
I'm counting on you. I definitely will make Saki happy!
She's left us.
Please take care of this world!
Don't worry. She seemed to be filled with your love.

The idea of Aoto helping build a planet is even more terrifying.
I know Yea will keep creating happy worlds.
Alright, Princess. We'll take up our final task.
We have to acclimate you to this world.
Otherwise, you'll gradually part from this world, and turn into a bodyless soul.
I'll be waiting for you in the Village of Mermaids. Once you're ready, meet me there.
The Hyuma, Saki Portal, has been unlocked.

They went to the Village, but there was a snag.
By fusing with me, you'll be able to stay in this world.
Have you made up your mind?
I'm sorry. I can't fuse now. I'm just not ready for this yet.
I understand. I am ready at any time. Come back when you've made up your mind.
...I will.
Saki's in trouble. To fuse again, she must open her mind up to Sakia Lumei.
Advance the main story. There may be a new improvement in her mind.

Honestly, I don't know why, but we couldn't make Saki fuse until a little while later. Your guess is as good as mine why.