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Part 68: Elemia Island,

This doesn’t have much to do with the actual story, but Ar Ru had decided to act on her pitiful complaint earlier and conned Aoto into returning to the Binary Field.

Feinne on Qoga: DLC Binary Field
We access this from Tyria’s Binary Field by going to the Portal Shrine at any time we don’t need to. I’ll show the scene before we start.

Video Record- “Elemia Island 1”


It proceeded as normal for a bit, but there was activity at the Portal Shrine.

The gate finally opened!
Well, isn’t the gate supposed to be open? I mean, that is the main attraction for this shrine.
But I’ve never seen it before, so it surprised me!
Are you really the abbot here?
Anyways, Masakado, the conditions have been met. You can go through whenever you want.
You look so excited…
Aren’t you curious about what kind of world is awaiting? I have to make you enter and then submit a 10-page report!
What am I, a war correspondent?
You’re originally from the other world, right? So, what do you say? Are you gonna go?
Of course, you could just go back in time and start over from the beginning…

Then, please pick the world you want to enter.

Alright, you wanna go to the Elemia Island Binary World?
Good luck!

Good luck indeed, because Elemia Island is one of Tyriasoft’s most notorious products. Ar Ru couldn’t have chosen better frankly.

I think every single one of these things starts with the main character waking up. It’s not necessary or anything, it’s just done.

???: Aoto, you can’t sleep here.

???: Hey, Aoto. Aoto!
Hmmm…donation box… That monetary donation box…
???: Aoto!

He was on a boat that I’m sure is familiar, though I can’t place it, and he wasn’t there alone.

You finally woke up. You can’t sleep in the hallway.
Ar Ru…was I sleeping? Huh? Where are we!?
Where are we? We’re in the ship, of course. Are you alright? You were moaning. Were you having a nightmare?
A ship? Like an airship?
N-no! A “ship” means a big boat on the sea, right?
…You’re still half asleep. Aoto, please remember what we’re doing right now.
Well, I think we’re…

This program was somewhat more merciful than Tyria’s core memory, at least.

Aoto and Ar Ru are in the Film Studies Club at their school, and their faculty advisor, Suzunomia, calls a meeting.
This year, we were given a huge budget. If we’re thrifty for the whole year, we can go to one of the southern islands.
Did we really get that much money?
But our club is practically defunct. Why are we getting such luxuries now!?
Hey, now! Nevertheless, we aren’t going there for fun. It will be an academic field trip.
It’ll be a tour for the Film Studies Club. That means you have to learn something about films.
So, the purpose of the trip is to research movies that take place on the southern islands.
Damn, I thought it was gonna be fun.
Fool! If you forget what being a student is all about, you shan’t grow up to be a decent man.
…Anyway, this is still a field trip. Its objective is to research a film.
Play, rejoice, for we must know what the characters felt when they were on the island. Is that what this trip is about?
Then what was the point of that whole dramatic lecture!? I’m out. I don’t want to go that far for some lame research.
…Is what I would normally say. Well, we are a Film Studies Club. We hafta do stuff like this sometimes.
Alright, I’ll spend my precious summer vacation on that field trip!

At least it supplied him with proper memories.

You finally remember? You looked really excited before we left…
But when we get there, you should get some sleep. You seem tired from the long boat trip.
How can I waste my time like that!? We’re going to the southern islands, ya know!?
The blue sky, white clouds, and breezy beaches…
…A luxurious hotel, beautiful women in swimsuits…oh, I can’t wait!
Especially for that last one, right?
You know it!
For someone with their arms spread wide on the starboard bow, you seem pretty energetic.
Ms. Suzie, when are we going to get there? I can’t wait any longer…
Settle down. We shall arrive soon enough.
I know, but can’t you at least tell us the name of the island we’re going to?
…Suzie, didn’t you tell him yet?
Nay, I thought it would give him a millionfold more fun.
I see. He’s such a simpleton.
I-I just have a pure heart! So, what’s the name of the island?
You shall witness it with your own eyes.
It is a beauteous island with azure skies and a cerulean ocean. You certainly will take likings to it.
Oh, there it is. That island over there. Can you see it?
Finally! I’ve been waiting for ages…
…W-wait! There!? That island seems awfully familiar…
Have you been there before?
Well, it feels like I’ve seen it on Telemo news shows every day.
…A-ahhh! No way! That island is…!

Way less of a trainwreck than her real Binary Field.

Elemia Island used to be a very famous sightseeing destination.
It boasts tropical weather, ironically snow-white beaches, and a blue ocean. It certainly is a tropical paradise.
However, one decade ago, a tragedy was set in motion when a neighboring country started a war.
The resort hotel, the symbol of the island, and a small native village…
Were completely annihilated. Because of that, the island lost all of its tourism.
In the aftermath of the war, ruin enthusiasts flocked to the destroyed buildings, but that was only temporary.
Most of the inhabitants fled the island. Now, only a few people, including the Administrator of the island, live there.
An isolated resort spot that nobody cares about… That is Elemia Island.
You lied to me.
That is not true.
There’s absolutely no one else around! Are there any other tourists, other than us, on the entire island!?
How could we afford to go to a popular place with our humble means?
First of all, we were granted a standard school club budget. It is not enough to afford luxuries.
Dammit! What the hell is a southern island without a luxury hotel or beautiful women in bikinis good for…?
What are you talking about? There are beautiful women here.
There are two of us right here.
You’re pretty witty, Suzie.
I just spoke the truth. Are you not satisfied?
…Well, I wish at least one of you two had decent-sized boobs.
It’s so horrible of you to judge women by their breasts.

Whereas Tyria’s Binary Field gave him memories that really amplified what was good about Aoto, this one really did quite the opposite.

(…I won’t hold my breath.)
Oceanti: Attention passengers! We’re about to dock at the island!
(Huh? They have a Hyuma crew member?)
Message: Hyumas are fairies that look like humans, but they have mysterious powers.
Their powers vary, depending on the individual. Some even have really scary abilities.
Sometimes these abilities can hurt others, but they are friendly most of the time.
Unless you piss them off, they will usually be helpful allies.
Some of them are more proactive in volunteering for humans, like this one.
Very well, we must prepare to disembark. You two, do not leave any of your belongings on the boat.
We’re not kids. Goddess, look at this place…
Oceanti: Once we get there, I’ll take you to the beach house. It’s in the best location! It’s only a 10 minute walk to the beach.

The inside of the beach house was also suspiciously familiar. I’m not saying Tyriasoft’s programmers were lazy or anything, but they were very lazy.

Yo, I’ve been waiting! Yer the Cluster High School Film Studies Club, right? I’m the beach hut manager, Gengai.
Oh, hello, sir.
You must be tired from the long journey. We’ve prepared rooms for you on the 2nd floor. Go leave your crap in there, bro.
Oceanti: Alright, I’ve done my job! Bye, mister!
Yo, thanks, angel.
…Well, I doubt this place gets many visitors, but it still looks pretty fancy.
Of course my beach hut is still in business! I import keen interior decoration magazines like Reside.
Although…I don’t have enough money to keep up with the trends, so the guest hall is kinda dated, but it’s not that bad!
(Is he really alright?)
Hey, Aoto. We’re going to our rooms. I want to leave our luggage now.
You don’t have any luggage, do you? You forced me to carry all of it for you.
We are at a southern island, so it is customary for the men to escort the women.
Hahahaha. She’s got you there!
*sigh* Where did my life go so wrong?
???: Hi. New tourists?
Huh? Whoa!

It turned out that Aoto wasn’t going to be entirely defeated in his main goal on the island.

Aoto, you must greet her properly.
Oh, yeah. My name is Aoto! Nice to meet you!
I’m Sarapatra. I arrived here a few days ago.
…By yourself?
I have company. Oh, there she is.
Sorry for making you wait… Huh? Hi, who are you?
They will be staying at the Inn with us.
I see… My name is Soma. Pleased to meet you all.
N-nice to meet ya. I’m Aoto.
(She’s soaked in sweat. Isn’t she gonna pass out from hyper-dehydration or something?)
Alright, I’m going for a swim. Why don’t you guys join us later?
…Yeah! I’m starting to have fun!
I cannot believe this is the same lad who kept sighing a minute ago.
He’s way too easy to predict. Unbelievable.
It’s finally turning into a tropical island vacation!
Well, we can’t waste any more time. Let’s leave our shit and go swimming already!

Aoto discovered a problem when he actually unpacked, though.

No! I can’t waste any time here. I hafta get my swimsuit…
Now…where did I put it?
…You gotta be kidding me! I forgot my swimsuit!
So, you’re basically saying…you were thinking about lookers in swimsuits on the beach but forgot to bring your own?
Actually, that’s exactly it. Hey, don’t you guys sell swimsuits here?
Get outta here. This is a desolate island, ya know? You’re s’posed to bring your own swimsuit.
Where do you expect to get a swimsuit in a place like this?
You’re right…I’m so stupid.
Well, just move on, man. Your true objective is the eye candy, right?
Your two friends have already gone to the beach. Just go and enjoy the sights.
…That’s a good idea. Alright Gramps, I’m going now!

He headed down to the beach.

Spica and I have been working on a ridiculous beach volleyball game to capitalize on stupid guys like Aoto, by the way.

Soma, are you ready? Here goes!
Oh, that’s a good one, but I can still handle it!
Alright? Then, take my…full power spike!
(Busty girls playing beach volleyball is really hard for me to take my eyes off of…)
(Well, first of all, is that really a swimsuit? It’s a really sexy whatever it is…)
…Anyways, I just love the effect physics has on the female anatomy.
What are you mumbling about?
(Whoa!? S-she’s…! Why is she wearing such a bold swimsuit?)
(Well, it’s practically nothing. I don’t know where to look…)
What a wuss… I can tell what you’re looking at.
N-no. I’m not looking at any…
See? You can’t deny it. Okay then, tell me what you were looking at?

I don’t know what he means, I thought her swimwear was entirely tasteful. Anyway, Aoto at least managed to fulfill his purpose in the story.

I mean she did ask for this and set things up to create it.

Hey, why are you looking away? That’s pretty rude, don’t you think?
B-because… Oh, geez!
Your swimsuit! It’s way too sexy! Because of that, I can barely resist staring at you.
But I’d be embarrassed if you caught me staring at you. That’s why I was trying to distract myself by watching them.
Y-you idiot! What are you talking about!?

Hyah!? N-no! Don’t stare at me like that! I can feel your eyes on me!
I can’t help it! As a warm-blooded man, how can I resist looking at you?
I’m just saying don’t stare at this one thing! It’s like I can physically feel your gaze. It stings.
I told you not to look at it! Stupid, dumb, perverted Aoto!

Goddess is he even stupider than normal in this.

…Do you think it looks good on me?
Can’t you tell from how goofy you’re making me?

I-I think I’ll go for a swim. …As long as you don’t STARE, you can look at me…just a little.
I looked too closely. The image of her in that swimsuit is completely imprinted into my skull.
…You impressed me.
Whoa! S-Suzie!? What are you talking about!?

What is that tender smile all about!?
This truly is an adolescent romantic comedy. …Hmhm, I certainly witnessed a wonderful show.
Ar Ru must be glad that she chose such a bold swimsuit for you.

Hmm? What? Why are you staring at your teach so closely…?
N-no, you must not state that you prefer figures that are less responsive to physical influences.
Why not?
If that were the case, you would give sweet words to not only Ar Ru, but me as well.
No. You said Ar Ru’s swimsuit was bold, but look who’s talking. You’re only wearing a semi-transparent belt.

Her position here was entirely reasonable and I don’t see anything wrong with it. But you all still have to wear clothes because I’m informed that’s the law.

I am not shy about showing off my naked body, either.
Then why aren’t you naked right now?
Because I have not yet stripped off my ideals of common courtesy.
I see. That’s pretty smart, Suzie!
(…Was that a cogent argument?)
Hmm, I think I’m getting used to seeing girls in swimsuits. I don’t feel as excited as I was before.
Alright, why don’t I ask the locals if there are any other places I can go without a swimsuit.

He returned to the hotel.

The old man wasn’t in, though.

???: Huh…? The manager is out.
What!? A Hyuma? What’s a Hyuma doing here?
Kuru Kuru: I’m a part timer here. I take care of the beach hut when the manager is away. My name is Kuru Kuru. Nice to meet ya.
I see, but where did Gramps go?
Kuru Kuru: He went fishing. He said he was going out to catch today’s dinner.
I can take a message for him. If you’re hungry, I can make a light meal for you, too.
I’m not hungry. I’m just wondering if there are any places I can go to around here to have fun.
I just wanna have a good time here. Do you know of any good spots?
Kuru Kuru: Well, there is an abandoned village that’s only a few blocks away from here.
Alright, that sounds like a good place to kill some time.
Why don’t I go to that abandoned village?
Kuru Kuru: The manager will be back by this evening, so please come back before dark.
Message: The Hyuma, Kuru Kuru, has been unlocked.

Who goes to ruined buildings for fun? It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway he had more odd encounters there.

Hello. Is anyone there!?

…N-no. I can’t relax here. It was kinda stupid to come here by myself.
???: Yo, is someone over there!?
Oh, there is someone. I was just surprised cuz I overheard you talking so loudly.
W-well, who are you?
I’m just a passerby. First of all, are you a tourist who just came to this island today?
Yeah. Why?
You were talking to two babes. I’m so jealous. Where did ya get ‘em, Mr. Ladykiller?
N-no! They’re just my teacher and classmate.
Hahaha. I’m just kiddin’, buddy.
Wh-what’s that…?
Sorry, bro. Alright, I’ll give ya something nice.
Oh, you’re gonna give something to me?
Y’know, I was just… Yo, Yoko! Come on out here!

I also have to say it’s amazing how quickly Ar Ru picked up enough to rightly fill Jack into this role given that she’s not ever directly interacted with him.

This is a pretty Gothic-looking Hyuma. Is that what you’re into?
She caught me in a bush nearby…
And she’s been clingin’ to me ever since. Yo, don’t pull on my ear!
Yoko Beach: I like your ear, darling! You’re my dearest darling!
Who’s Miss Murder?
I’m only interested in chicks that wield chain saws!
(…What kind of girl would wield a chain saw!?)
You were with a girl with curly hair, right? Is she your girlfriend or somethin’?
I said we’re just classmates and that’s all.
Stop acting like the guy version of a tsundere! Believe me, it’s not cute!
But judging by your reaction, I can tell you’re interested in her at least a little bit.
What are you trying to get at!?
This is a gift for ya! Take it, ya bastard!
Yoko Beach: Kyahhh! That’s too much, darling!
Girls like this kinda stuff, small dolls with frilly dresses.
If you give it to her, I’m sure she’ll like you even more!
…You just wanna get rid of her, don’t you?
D-do I look that cruel!?
Yoko Beach: Darling! Please don’t abandon me!
She wants to go back with you.
Shyeah right! Come on, babe, act happy, okay?

Right down to him being kind of a jerk.

Don’t say that! …You make it sound so forceful.
Alright, time to go. Play fair, amigo. See ya!
Uh, hey, wait! …Who the hell was that guy?
(Anyway, I guess some people do live on this desolate island.)
(But where does he live?)

Just then Ar Ru showed up.

Ar Ru!? What’s up? I thought you were gonna go swimming.
Since you left, Suzie told me to keep you company so you wouldn’t get lost.
…What am I, a child?
Oh well…anyway, Ar Ru, here’s a gift for you.
Yoko Beach: *sob*
Oh, what a cute Hyuma! But why is she crying?
It’s complicated. But since she’s wearing a dress and looks like a doll, I thought you might like her.
Do you wanna come with me?
Yoko Beach: You have to treasure me for the rest of your life!
Is she putting on airs?
I don’t mind as long as she’s cute. I’ll be your friend, sweetheart.
By the way, I heard there’s a shrine near here. Why don’t we go look for it?
An abandoned temple? That’s just asking for something creepy to pop out at us.
It’s not abandoned. It has a shrine maiden.
Hmmm…I see. Well, it’s a waste of time to stick around any longer. Let’s go then.
Yoko Beach: Alright, you two! Please come with me!
You’re not the boss of me!
Message: The Hyuma, Yoko Beach, has been unlocked.

There was indeed a suspiciously familiar shrine there.

Which was of course run by a suspiciously familiar shrine maiden.

Aoto, that’s so rude.
???: Wow! We finally have visitors!
Welcome. You’re not from this island, are you?
Huh? Oh, no, we’re not. So you’re the shrine maiden here?
I’m the abbot. The name is Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona. Nice to meet you!
…Huh? Tits-sue-me-nah-no…?
Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona.
What a complicated name… It’s like a tongue twister.
You can just call me Kokona.
Portal Shrine, huh? Wait! Portal Shrine?
(I think I’ve heard that name before…)
(I mean, it looks familiar! What’s going on!?)
(Plus, I kind of remember that something fishy was going on with this shrine…)
What’s up, Aoto? You look pale.

Aoto was either supposed to do something weird here or was just corrupted by being another stage removed from reality.

There is a hold or abyss or something that leads to another world, and if you make a monetary donation, it opens up!
What are you talking about? Even if you are tired, that’s a little much for just a hallucination.
That’s amazing! How did you know all that!?
…What do you mean?
What he just said was an old legend about this shrine. No one is supposed to know about that. Who are you!?
Well, yeah… How do I know about it?
(But for some reason, I feel like I’ve been here before…)
(It wasn’t on this island, but elsewhere… Yeah, it was in a completely different world.)
(But in that case, what did I see…?)
…You two, I have to tell you something, but you have to promise that you won’t freak out.
Well, that depends. What are you gonna say?
What is this all about?
This just occurred to me, but could I possibly be…
From another world?

Next time kids, we’ve got more fantastic adventures!

Neither Ar Ru nor Kokona believe Aoto when he said such a random thing all of a sudden.
But when he put money in the donation box…

Aoto remembered that he was a medical doctor.
But he discovered the existence of an unknown virus spreading throughout the warship.

This is not good! Her heart is stopping! Unit Z-1, get ready for Defibrillation! Hurry!
Buzzz buzz! ERROR! Error!
Message: Aoto attempted to rescue the patient with his trusted partner, a nurse robot called Z-1, but the patient got worse.

It’s the robot apocalypse!
Message: The virus actually possessed the power to send the machines out of control! What will you do, Aoto!?
Next time on Space Doctor Aoto: Revival!

(…I think she probably needs counseling.)