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Part 73: Elemia Island, Episode 5 Part 2

I’d asked your father what he thought the right choice was and he said that encouraging someone to jump to stop them from jumping was the dumbest thing he’d ever heard, so it was probably what worked.

Video Record- “Elemia Island 5 Part 2”


Good instincts, that man.

Alright, I’ve seen enough. I have no regrets now.
…Shall I go?
Ar Ru! Listen!
…I’m sorry, Aoto, but I need this island to…
Come on, Ar Ru! Jump right now!
Jump into my arms! I’ll catch you! Just like a prince and princess!
What are you saying, Aoto!? Are you going to let her die!?
…Nay, wait. This is…
I won’t let this island take you away from me! I’ll steal you away if I have to!
When you land on the ground, I’ll be beneath you!
You’re not committing suicide! You’re jumping into my arms! Do you understand, Ar Ru!?

This whole thing is just bizarre.

D-don’t! I mustn’t be stirred! I’ve already made up my mind…
Ar Ru, look down!
Oh, geez! What is it now!?
I’ll catch you! I know we’ll probably both die, but at least for a moment, I’ll embrace you tightly in my arms!
I won’t let you kiss the ground! I’ll even steal your kiss, as well!

What a crazy idiot… He’s unbelievable…
…Does anyone else thing she looks kinda discouraged from jumping off?
Yeah, it seems so… Actually, don’t you think she looks rather irritated?
I don’t know if he’s crazy or not, but is that…?
…She changed her mind.
Tyriel: How can you tell?
Look at the ocean… The tides are pulling in at an alarming rate.
…It is an omen that foretells the coming catastrophe.
Aoto, Ar Ru’s will is wavering! Confess your love to her as sincerely as you can! From the bottom of your heart!
B-but how…?

At that moment help arrived on the required front. Though really no amount of help was going to make Aoto not a moron.

Don’t worry, I won’t do any harm to you… Anyway, she doesn’t meet the conditions for the sacrifice anymore.
Then, why isn’t she leaving that place up there? Doesn’t that mean she’s still willing to die?
She may still be unaware that her mind is full of attachments to life.
Seduction is my field of expertise. I’ll teach you some lines, but you have to say them to her in your own words.
Sure! Please!
…I can’t die anymore.
I thought I had no hesitations. I never thought this was going to happen.
…I’m going back. They may be mad at me, but I’d still rather be with Aoto.
Hey! Ar Ru! Ar Ru!!
…Aoto, can you hear me? I already…

Ideally he would have, like, listened to Sarapatra instead of winging it. Or maybe he should have listened to her less. Bottom line he listened to her exactly the wrong amount.

Huh!? What!? Y-you idiot! What are you talking about!?
I want three girls! We’ll be a family of five… Ar Ru, me, and our three daughters!
Our kids will all be so cute! I’ll work really hard, so you better work hard, too!
Work hard on what!?
…Sarapatra? Is that what you told him to say?
No way, that’s WAY TOO DIRECT. How could that piece of shit line be mine?
But she’s such a shy girl. She may have a weakness for his direct lines.
Are you playing with the two children?
I was lying in the prison until just now. This is their punishment for leaving me in such a cold place.
Would you like a white wedding dress!? No, pink would look so good on you!
And we’ll invite everybody who’s here, and we’ll hold a crazy extravaganza!
Is he proposing!?
Gosh! What could be more embarrassing than this!? It’s not like I’m jealous, dammit!
But, wasn’t he discussing their happy family before he proposed? He’s doing it all out of order.
Forsooth! Now we cannot withdraw! Aoto! Keep yelling until Ar Ru comes down to you!
…Wait. Ar Ru is saying something.
…op! I won’t…so…
Huh!? What did you say!? I can’t hear you at all! Do you want me to say more!?

I guess embarrassing someone into not killing themselves does work.

You idiot! How can you say all that in front of so many people!?
So, you’ll stop, right? You won’t try to be a sacrifice anymore…?
Alright, alright. I’ll stop! I’m completely disqualified from being a sacrifice, so stop embarrassing me!
You’re so unbelievable! Before I can even become a sacrifice, I’ll die of embarrassment!
No, please don’t die! I love you, Ar Ru!
Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! No! Don’t look at me! This isn’t a performance!
Y-yeah, but…
How can I not look at you guys after all that drama…?
…I’m embarrassed just from watching.
Whoa! An earthquake!?
…It seems like what happened 10 years ago wasn’t just a coincidence.
Now that Ar Ru is disqualified, another disaster will occur on this island.
…It looks like it’s too late to escape. A giant tsunami is rolling in.
That means Ar Ru really has given up on becoming a sacrifice.
Yesss! Thank you, Ar Ru! I really do love you, from the bottom of my heart!
Please don’t say anymore!
Folks the wave is coming! Hold tight onto something!
Message: The Hyuma, Tyriel, has been unlocked.

Shortly after we pick the story back up.

Aoto, are you alright?
I’m glad you’re still alive. Aoto, open your eyes.
…Huh? Am I…?
You were lying on the beach. I’m glad you’re okay.
I see. So, we were swallowed by that huge tsunami…
It was a big one. Our shrine…the village…forest…they’re all gone.
Was the tsunami really that strong? Where is everyone?
Don’t’ worry, they’re all okay. They’re all at the shrine’s ruins.
I see. …Is Ar Ru there, too?
Why don’t you look aside? Anyway, Tatsumina no Mikoto Kokona will head back now. Relax before you come on back.
Look aside? What the hell does that mean?

It means you’re an idiot.

Whoa! Ar Ru! There you are!
Yes, I’ve been right here.
Oh, really? Sorry…I didn’t notice.
You don’t need to be sorry.
…You look grumpy. Did something happen?
Of course! It’s all because of you!
You said all of those embarrassing things out loud in front of everyone! You must be out of your mind!
Well, first of all, what are you going to do!? We have to go meet them all now.
Yeah. I guess you’re right. So, what about it?
How am I supposed to meet them! It’s so embarrassing! You Ultra Special Super Idiot!
Urgh…they’re definitely gonna tease me. They’ll be grinning for a whole decade…
Yeah, I see what you mean. It’s kind of embarrassing.
Hey, it’s not kind of anything! It’s SUPER embarrassing!
Not only did you say you like me, but you talked about our kids…
But I really think our kids will be really cute.
That’s not the… Kh…

An ultra special super idiot. I like that. I’m going to steal that.

D-don’t cry. I’ll make it less bad, okay?
*sniff* Ultra Special Super Idiot Aoto can’t do anything that needs that much precision…
Then, what if we absconded together?
I know a Hyuma who’s good at swimming. Let’s ask her to take us somewhere where we can be alone.
…You’re trying to embarrass me even more. If you say “alone,” you think my heart’ll start racing, don’t you?
Huh? Is your heart racing right now?

You got quiet again…
Were you serious when you said you’d embrace me tightly?
You said you’d catch me. You said you would embrace me in your arms…
Well, that was…
…Because of that, I didn’t jump.
I was going to sacrifice my life for the island, but where I would have jumped, you would be waiting.
You told me to jump into your arms. I wanted to die, but if I did that, you would’ve hugged me instead.
Once I thought about that, I couldn’t hold my emotions in check anymore.
…That wasn’t fair. It was so sneaky.
Well, but…
…So, please at least keep your word.
You have to embrace me. Will you?

Can I do that when we’re not in front of them?

It’s so perfect.

Just…be quiet and hug me tightly!

That’s all there is.

They got spat back into the Binary Field.

Owww! What are you doing!?
I was going to ask you the same thing! You just attacked me all of a sudden!
You told me to hug you tightly.
That was only in the story, and the story is over. Take a look around.
Huh…? Oh…this is the Binary Field!
Yeah. That means the dream story is over. Don’t confuse the game with reality.
What was that? Did you just make an “It’s all a dream” joke?

…Are you disappointed?
Of course I am. If only the story lasted a little longer. I could’ve…

Well, you shouldn’t be. If you go back, you may be able to experience the rest of the story.
Huh!? Is that right?
I-I don’t know! If you’re so curious about it, why don’t you go see for yourself?
Anyway, it’s over for now. You have to go back to reality.

If you…really are bored of reality, maybe you should try it one more time.

The rest isn’t suitable for all audiences, namely you. You’re not missing anything.

Message: Not only that, but Saki returned to normal, and Aoto successfully terminated the virus within his body.
Wait a second! That doesn’t make any sense!

But this is awkward. Did you forget the preview of this episode?
With no hope for rehabilitation, what will happen to Aoto!? The answer is simple: He’s screwed!
But, look what happened? This makes the preview nothing but a false teaser!
That’s what I thought, too. But…we can’t do anything about it at this point.
Why is that? I thought you solved the problem.
How can Aoto have done anything about it? He was infected with the virus.
Huh? That voice…

Krusche!? Why are you here!?
Why? Because I resolved this crisis, of course.
Huh!? Why was the picture taken down as soon as I showed up!?
Well, because you weren’t a part of it.
That’s so mean… I’m a returning character from Ar tonelico 1, but I’m not even featured in an event picture!
Don’t complain. How do you think Suzie feels?
She’s a playable character, but she isn’t in any of the event pics…
Hey, you’re right…
…Then, I guess I wasn’t screwed the worst. Anyway, it’s a fact that I contributed the most to this scenario.
But, how did you solve the problem?
They’re about to show us on the series recap special.
But, I won’t be in that…

Message: However, the virus boosted its own power by draining Aoto’s lust.
Th-this is really dire… I don’t think I can handle it all by myself anymore…
Space Witch Girl Soma. I’m here to help!
Huh!? Hey, you’re…!
Space Engineer Krusche! Alright, let’s defeat Aoto together!
This is no time for an engineer. Plus, I don’t want any help.
Well, we’re both cute, violent tomboy types. It’s normal that we should help each other out.
…I see. I like the cute part. Alright, Space Engineer, let’s defeat Aoto together!
Okay! You’ll soon witness the true power of my Magical Chain Saw!

I’m here to wash off the virus.
Why did you bring us in here?
Use the sanitizing shampoo.
Oh, I see. Because it’s a virus, we can kill it by washing it.
Why do you have to do that while I’m using the bathroom!?
Don’t worry about such trivial things. Don’t move, Aoto!
…I think that’s enough. Let’s rinse it off in the shower…
…Oh? What am I doing here? Was I freed from the virus?
Kyahhh! Get out of here right now!

Oh, did I hit a little too hard…?
Are you insane!? What were you thinking!? You can’t hit someone in the head with a chain saw!
It’s common sense that if you need to repair a busted doohickey, you gotta hit it hard.
But…this is…well, first of all, we have to give her a heart massage.
To rejuvenate a halted heart, you gotta hit it really hard.
It’s the golden rule that anything that’s broken can be fixed by hitting it really hard.
That can’t be right…
Y-you woke up!?
…I remember everything. Saki remembers everything!
I was wrong! Blank card slide picture stories aren’t something that you should ever tell to children!
See. She’s fixed.
…At least say cured, instead of fixed.

Didn’t that wrap up way too fast?
Anything is possible in this world.
A hero of justice can show up and solve all your problems.
Are you sure this is okay?
Of course. It’s good to solve problems as quickly as possible.
You’ve got a point, but…
This kind of thing might not be that bad.
The virus suddenly infected you, and now you’re suddenly free from it. That means the problem was solved.
…Is that how these things work?
That’s right. So…
W-wait a sec! I don’t have any lines to say in this scenario!
Sure you do. You’re performing the big spectacle at the end.
Oh, really?

*sniff* I’m being sent to the lab…
Message: Due to her problematic personality program, Unit Z-2 headed off to the lab with Krusche.
Space Doctor Aoto
What!? That’s the ending!?
Yeah, you were sent to the lab.
That’s not what I’m asking about! Aoto, say something!
We can’t add anymore new plots. Alright, in closing, thank you so much for all your support.
Huh!? What a far-fetched ending! Geez! Next time, I’m gonna be the main character!