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Part 20: Old Friends

From the Garvelt Bridge, they could enter the outskirts of the Tower proper.

Video Record- “The Assault Begins”


This is a substation. The main operational center is this way.

Filament, however, tried to go the other way, as though something were calling to her.

...I can hear someone singing from that direction...
From the Tower...? But that's in the opposite direction. Besides, we can't get in there right now anyway.
...Once we get to the signal station and get the encryption code, then we'll go there.

They took a break for a moment before beginning the assault to gather their strength.

What a big yawn. Don’t you sleep enough these days?
Hmm…maybe that’s because I’ve been talking with you every night.
Oh, but we don’t talk every night.
Yes we do. Don’t you feel sleepy at all?
….Well, actually, I’ve been having difficulty getting up in the morning.
I can’t wake up easily and I sometimes feel drowsy during battle.
That’s not good.
But not only that, are you sure it’s okay to talk only with me?
If you keep talking with me all the time, Saki will get the wrong idea.
Saki’ll get the wrong idea? What do you mean?
Well, I mean…
Just the two of us, talking alone in a room at night…
I don’t think Saki is the type of girl who’d feel left out because of this.
That’s not what I meant… *sigh* Nevermind.

The signal station was heavily guarded.

Our destination is the Console Room.
Let's go there...!

Indeed, it seemed there were a lot more Clustanians than they’d expected around.

This is looking a bit dire for us, but we'll cut our way through!

And even after they pushed through the first set, more arrived.

Damn... Yo, you guys! Go on through!
Rev. Gengai!
I'll call for reinforcements and try to hold them off! You guys go ahead and deactivate the Prome Wall!
But Master!
Go! I'm counting on all of you!
...Alright! Please be careful!

The Console Room was close, but so very far. A field of energy blocked the elevator to it.

This elevator leads straight to our destination, but if we try to pass through, we'll be killed by the lasers.
We must turn off the shield by cutting off its power supply. There are two supply facilities at the Signal Station.
Alright! Let's go back and look for them!

Feinne on Qoga: Kniehar Signal Station
This place is quite straightforward. There are a pair of switches that we need to hit. Both also open up a smaller field that gives us access to something we need for Tatsumi’s and Gojo’s fourth supermoves. The enemies have a lot of health, if you’d like you can blow things up with Flipspheres for massive damage.

They managed to shut off the power to the field.

Ma num ra parge omnis powel.
It seems the power supply has been completely shut off.
Alright! Let's go!

They got on the elevator, and were immediately greeted by an unwelcome sight.

Video Record- “Friends and Foes”


It's a Guardian Robot...
Hey, look! Someone's over there!

The robot seemed to be acting strangely, it was attacking a particularly small Clustanian.

That's a Clustanian uniform...? Why is a Clustanian Soldier being attacked by a Guardian Robot...?
We need to save her!
Sure thing!
Please wait!
I have a plan! Please let me handle this.
Aoto! Let him do it!
We're leaving it to you, Katene!

Katene did indeed have a plan to defeat the robot, and a reason to do it.

If you zap its eye with a strong symphonic power wave, it'll lose a lot of its power.
Lady, are you okay?
Oh, hehe... Thank you.
You don't need to thank me. But, are you...a Clustanian Reyvateil?
You know how to get into the Tower, right? If you don't mind, could you please tell me?

Meanwhile Aoto and his allies found the Control Room already occupied.

What!? You defeated that monster robot!? I’m bowled.
…Why are you here!?
Hey, Tatsumi, do you know them?

It’s really just like those two to come up with some ridiculous nickname that sounds clever but isn’t.

I never expected to see you guys. Krusche, it looks like the tides turned low.
Alright, I'm done! I've got the gateway address! This is all taken care of! ...Hah!
Alright! See you suckers later!
Oh, hey!
It seems like they were manipulating the main terminal device here... Aoto!
Could you please chase after them? 'Might have done something to hurt our chances.
I'll stay here and deactivate the Prome Wall. Go with him, please! Right now!

They rushed after Jack and Krusche, leaving Luphan behind. The robot was still, and Katene and the Clustanian were gone.

Is this robot shut off...?
I think Katene did it. Where is he anyway?
I don't see that girl, either.
...I hope they're okay...
Damn! The Robot again!
The elevator isn't coming yet!
It seems like we don't have any choice but to fight it.
Bring it on, scrap heap!

They ended up having to fight the huge robot.

Video Record- “Berserk Robot”


Boss Battle: Robot
Hit it with a Flipsphere and it will fall over.

They reduced it to scrap and charged down, only to find that the Clustanians were beginning a brutal counter-offensive. They were forced to flee.

Here it comes! Everyone, get in!
...What's that noise?
Oh, it's you guys! It's good to see you again!
Rev. Gengai!
I'm glad you're safe, Master.
This place must be abandoned! For some reason, the Clustanians are surging in here, one after another!
...I don't know how our information was leaked, but we have no chance against that giant fleet. We must retreat!
Luphan's still upstairs! He's deactivating the Prome Wall now!
What!? Okay, I'll go get him now!
Katene has gotten lost, too. Have you seen him?
No, I haven't. As soon as I find him, I'll bring him back with me! You guys better escape! Let's meet at the camp!
...Katene, you've got to survive!
Okay, let's go...!
Aoto...I want to climb the Tower...
...Filament, I'm sorry, but we have to escape right now!

Finnel was concerned that Aoto had been messing with consoles at the signal station as they pulled out.

Aoto, you were messing with the machines in Kniehar Signal Station, weren’t you?
You knew? I was doing it secretly, though…
That’s not the point. What if you accidentally broke it!?
Well, I’ve never seen those machines before, so I couldn’t help it. Don’t you understand?
Well, of course…
But what if you did break them…?
I could’ve framed J&K.
You’d pretend that they did it? That’s the worst thing you could do!
I-I was just kidding!
Anyway, nothing happened, so let’s say it’s all good, okay?
…Please try to resist your urges more…

They almost caught up with their quarry on the Garvelt Bridge.

Video Record- “Close Encounters”


Those cretins!
Whoa! They caught us!
*sigh* What a persistent crowd.
This is no good! Let's get the hell outta here!
Wait! What were you doing at the Signal Station earlier!?
Nothing really. Well, we gotta go now! Bye! Say hello to Sasha for me!

The pair leapt into their airship and fled, however.

...Man! What's their problem!?

Meanwhile, Katene had made it into the Tower with the help of his new friend.

This is amazing! Spectacular! I'm really pumped up now!
...Excuse me...
Thank you for letting me in! Thank you so much!'re...Kiraha's son Katene, right?
Huh? How do you know that?

She wasn’t going to get a chance to finish, though.

Aoto and his friends continued to flee back to the Great Fang camp. I’ll tell you what happened when they returned next time, children.