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Part 2: Chapter 1: Begin

Chapter 1: Begin

These viruses were programmed by the Tower, and lurked in the shadows as pieces of data. They would occasionally appear in the real world with physical form and attack people.
Threatened by the viruses, the Humans lived in a constant state of terror.
Then amidst the chaos, the Humans glimpsed a ray of hope. The Reyvateils, Holy Song Maidens, appeared with the legendary Hymn Crystals.
Using the power of the crystals, the maidens weakened the viruses.
In time they sealed the so-called "Mother Virus" within the Tower.
Peace had temporarily been restored.

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Show me what happened in Platina.

Security clearance is required to access this information. Please log in.


Accessing... Clearance accepted. Welcome, [USER REDACTED]. Loading security logs for Platina.

Report for date: Attack by unidentified viruses at Altar of Apostles. Knights of Elemia dispatched to investigate. Current status: Unknown.

Location: Platina Commander's Chamber


Knight: Aye, sir! Viruses are spreading at the Altar of Apostles!
Classification: Unknown. Rank: Unknown. We don't have any information, sir!
...Is it a new type of virus? This shaking is getting serious.

...Great. I've been waiting to take on an enemy like this.
C'mon! Let's do this!
Lyner! Wait!
Who gave you the order to confront them? Speak up!
If we wait around for orders, the viruses will destroy the whole city!
Whose knight are you? Answer me, Lyner!
...I'm Lady Shurelia's knight.
Then you must follow Lady Shurelia's orders.
That is the duty of a Knight of Elemia!

Lady Shurelia!
The Altar of Apostles is being overrun by viruses.
We have no information about these viruses. We're completely in the dark here.

We must deploy now. Leard, please protect the city.
Yes, Ma'am! Don't worry about a thing, Lady Shurelia!
You won't be much help out there, so just stay out of trouble.
...Don't worry! I'll beat those viruses myself, I swear!
Hmph... when are you going to grow up?

Pause playback. Display all records on the boy.

Loading records... Load complete.

Name: Lyner Barsett. Age: 18. Gender: Male. Height: 171 cm Weight: 59 kg.
Son of Leard Barsett, Commander of Platina. Member of Knights of Elemia. Tasked with guarding Tower Administrator Shurelia.
Assessment: Often behaves rashly in crises. Reliability questionable.

An unforeseen element to be accounted for. Resume playback.

Location: Altar of Apostles

...I've never seen viruses like these before.
...They're pouring outta the Altar of Apostles! What's going on here?
Cut the chatter. Everyone, get ready for battle!

Boss Battle- ELMA-DS
The first battle of the game is technically a boss, although it's a scripted fight that you can't win. Just Attack it with Lyner and Ayatane until Shurelia hits it with her Song Magic, after which the battle will end. You should also note that we have a decent amount of health. That's because Lyner starts at level 10, and is therefore not a total loser.

For this battle we get Ayatane and Shurelia, but don't get used to having them. We won't be seeing either for a while after the next scene. It should also be noted that yes, Shurelia really does hit ELMA for like 400 times what our regular attacks are doing. In fact, that Primal Word song is her weakest.

This battle incorporates but isn't intended to explain the elements of battle, so I'll wait for the game before giving more detailed explanations of what's going on. I will say that our party consists of up to three main line characters and up to one Reyvateil. The main line and enemies act in the order shown by the gauge at the top of the screen, with action rate determined by our speed stats. Reyvateils cast Song Magic, and do so out of order with the turns. You can set them charging a song whenever, and activate it whenever. Song Magic can inflict lots of damage, provide healing, or buff the party.


...It is confirmed... they don't match any previous samples that we've taken.
The behavioral pattern and characteristics of these viruses are unknown... I don't know how this battle will go.
But, they're viruses, right? The first move always gets them!
Lyner! Wait for Lady Shurelia's orders.
Lady Shurelia!
...This is a dangerous mission, but we must do something.
I'll start chanting and we'll see what happens. You two, back me up!

Virus Data: ELMA-DS

Classification: Unknown.
Attacks: Bugs Fang, System Break.
Note: Proceed with Extreme Caution.

What's this... it's transparent! What's going on...?
I don't care what they are, let's go!

They passed right through us! Our attacks don't hurt them at all!
These viruses... they're...!

We don't stand a chance against them!

Following engagement Knight team attempted to fall back to Platina.


She's right. We must go back.
Wait a second! We're Knights of Elemia. It's our duty to destroy viruses!
We can't just give up when the going gets tough!
Lyner! How dare you speak to Lady Shurelia like that!
It's fine. But, Lyner...
We must look at the big picture. If we die here, who will protect our land?
I understand how you feel, but as a knight, you must make rational decisions.
We must retreat. That's an order!

Lady Shurelia! That's-
The symphonic power lines in this area have been damaged.
Without Platina functioning properly, it's impossible to repel these viruses.
I can't believe it! This has never happened before...
You're wrong... this is just like the two disasters from the past...
We must return to Platina and hold an emergency disaster meeting.

Team continued to flee, with virus ELMA-DS in pursuit. Knight Ayatane attempted to delay virus to allow safe return of Administrator Shurelia.

That was too close. Let's hurry!
What about you?
I'll try to hold them off.
But... that's impossible!
There's no time to argue!
Lady Shurelia, Lyner, I'm sorry.

Knight Ayatane forced rest of team through divider A7 and sealed it.

...Lyner. This area will soon be occupied as well. We must hurry to Platina.
Are you telling me to abandon Ayatane!? But, I can't...
I don't want to leave him either...
But, staying here won't do any good.
If we return to Platina, we may be able to discover a countermeasure that can save Ayatane, and the world.
Ayatane, hold on!

Ayatane... damn...
We are now in danger, as well... if they block the road, we won't be able to return to Platina.
Lady Shurelia, don't you care about Ayatane? How can you stay so calm?
I am in charge... I cannot allow my personal feelings to affect my judgement.
Lyner... calm down and listen to me.
We cannot exterminate these viruses through conventional means.
Since they can turn into energy and move throughout the tower instantaneously, attacking them is useless.
...Then, we're completely powerless...
...There is one way.
Huh? What's that?
The legendary crystal...
We must use the Hymn Crystal.

But that particular crystal is not currently in Platina.
It's in the Wings of Horus, a floating continent several thousand stons away.
... In the Lower World!? I thought we weren't allowed to go down there!
Lyner, this is going to be a very dangerous mission.
Go down to the Wings of Horus and retrieve the Purger.
Take the airship on the other side of this door and head out.
Huh!? But, the airship-
This is an emergency. I grant you special permission to use it.
...I understand.
Lady Shurelia...

No! I'm not leaving you behind!
I... will be alright.
Hurry! We don't have much time!

Lyner... Here... take this...
This is...
It has a 3D diagram of the Purger recorded on it.
You should find it helpful.
Lady Shurelia... I'll bring back the Purger, I promise...
Please... hold on until I get back.

Knight Lyner Barsett boarded airship.


Shortly after takeoff, airship was attacked by creature, classification Sleipnir. Subsequent to attack airship crashed on Wings of Horus. Current status of pilot unknown. Record ends.

Hymn Crystal Purger... An unanticipated turn of events. Steps will need to be taken. Computer, delete all records of this access and log off.

Records deleted. Logging off. Thank you for using the Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network, [USER REDACTED]!