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Part 3: Chapter 2: Meeting

Chapter 2: Meeting


...Unbelievable. Where can she be?

Welcome to the Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Initiate search: Lyner Barsett. Filter records, exclude those previous to incident in Platina.

Search initiated. Record found: Personal logs.

He's alive...

Load personal logs for Lyner Barsett since incident.

Loading... Commencing playback.

Personal Log: Lyner Barsett:
Why can't anything ever go well? I crashed the airship thanks to that monster from the Blastline. I woke up in a strange place covered in plants. I guess this must be the Wings of Horus. I thought I saw a girl before I woke up, but she was nowhere to be found.

...Where am I?
Never seen such a place...
Man, my whole body aches.
Let's see... I crashed my airship. So, where is it?
I don't see it around here, so it must've crashed far away.
Either way, I don't like this.
Viruses showed up at the Altar of Apostles... and then I took the airship...

This is... the Hymn Crystal Purger...
Lady Shurelia... I'll bring it back, I promise...
This must be... the Wings of Horus...
I gotta find the airship. I hope it's not too badly damaged.

I took stock of how I was doing. There could be anything around here, and I need to be ready. I'll try and find the crash and see how bad the airship is.

This is Lyner's status screen. Lyner uses swords as weapons and can equip heavy armors. He's not entirely inexperienced and enemies in this first area are pretty much no threat to us.


This is a save point. Green save points let us save and load. Blue ones also let us Rest, restoring all our health.


Oh yeah, some girl was taking care of me.
I wonder if she's from around here...

Record available: Crash Site Surveillance Log.

Display Record.

So? What have you been up to?
Oh, nothing.
We haven't discovered anything special. It's time to head back to Karulu Village.
Our missionary work is done. We'll return to the village, and head back to the Church tomorrow morning.
Oracles, remember to treat your Reyvateil partners well.
They've sung a lot for us again. They must be really tired.
Knight A: Yes, I know. I'm always kind to them.

Knight A: I can't believe you'd bring that up at a time like this! Idiot!
Knight B: What!? You asked them to do that? Why didn't I think of that?
You'll have plenty of time to talk on the way home. Now, please, let's go.
What is it, Aurica?
When... when will I get a partner?
Well... Actually, that is up to Bishop Falss to decide. I can't help you with that...
But don't worry. I'm sure you'll be assigned one soon.

Am I not powerful enough to have a partner?
Or, because even though I am a Reyvateil, I still can't craft any Song Magic?
That's not it. I'm sure Bishop Falss has a special plan for you.
You must be exhausted. Let us rest at the village.

...! This... is... horrible...
Even if I find the Purger, I won't be able to return to Platina.
...Damn! What am I gonna do now?

Oh, really? Because of your armor, I thought you were with the Church. You shouldn't confuse people like that.
But, anyway, this is some crash...
The pilot must have been awful, or drunk, or both.
Well, there's still prime parts to salvage
Wait a minute!
Eh...? This material... this airship... it can't be...
Hey! Are you even listening!?

...Your airship!? Alright, smart guy, if it is yours, then prove it.
I... I can't prove it. But I was on that airship!
...Yeah, right. Idiot.
Have you looked at the crash site? Nothing could have survived that crash.
...Are you calling me a liar!?
Well... yeah. And you're getting on my nerves. I can't concentrate like this.
I'll just come back later, when you're not around.
...Who was that?
I've heard people on the lower world were rough. I guess it's true.
...What should I do? I gotta find a town or village nearby.

Record ends.

Resume playback of personal log for Lyner Barsett.


Personal Log: Lyner Barsett:
I don't know who that weird guy was, but if everyone down here is like him this could be harder than I thought. Anyway, I found a town. It's nothing like Platina. I've got no idea what's going on around here, this could be a serious problem.

I better check this place out.

I went to the park at the center of town. There was a man in armor hassling a Reyvateil, but before I could intervene some other guys jumped in. I met that girl from the woods again! She acted like she didn't know who I was, though. I wonder why...

Tenba Commander: Because of you, the main force left us behind.
Woman: Please Commander, don't yell at her so much!
This girl saved my daughter from a monster...
Tenba Commander: ...Is that so?
Reyvateil: Y, yes...
Tenba Commander: You idiot! How many times have I told you not to act unless you're given an order?
This village doesn't pay us enough!
Don't act on your own! Don't do anything more than what you're getting paid for.
Reyvateil: I'm, I'm sorry...

Tenba Commander: Who the hell are you?
I am Cardinal Radolf of the Elemia Church.
Tenba Commander: Cardinal...?
So a church guy wants to butt in on Tenba business... You don't have any authority to do anything.
This is an official Tenba matter. So keep your lecture to yourself, padre!
It doesn't matter if you're with Tenba, or even the Church!
Tenba Commander: What are you guys...
If you insist on being violent, I'll beat you where you stand!
Tenba Commander: Damn it... I'm never helping this village again!
Hey, you're coming with me! Move it, move it!
Reyvateil: Ugh!

The guy left with the Reyvateil in tow. I don't know much about these 'Tenba' guys but I already don't like them if they treat Reyvateils like that.

Yes. Especially the way they were treating that Reyvateil.
...Are you scared?
If you work for Tenba, those kinds of things are inevitable.
But, as long as I'm in charge of the Church, you won't have to worry about a thing.
That girl...
I know it's her.

This is yours, isn't it?
Aurica, is it?
Oh, so your name is Aurica. I'm Lyner. It's nice to meet you!
No. That isn't mine.
Who are you, anyway?
Hmmm. So you don't know each other?
...I don't know him.
What!? B, but...
What's going on? I coulda sworn it was her...

There was a store nearby, I decided to check it out. And it's a good thing I did.

Store: Your airship!? That airship belongs to you!?
Then you better hurry out to Viola Forest.
Why? What's going on?
Store: I heard that your airship is being sold to Tenba for scrap.
Store: If you hurry to the Viola Forest, you can still make it.

I'm heading out to the forest now, I need to save the airship. It might be my only hope for getting back to Platina.

Additional record found: Crash site surveillance record.


You can't sell that airship! It belongs to me!
Mayor: What is your name?
My name's Lyner. Lyner Barsett.

Proof? That's the second time I've been asked that...
Why don't you people believe anything!? You all need proof!
Mayor: If you cannot provide us with proof, then it will become property of the village.
We can sell the airship to Tenba, so that they will better protect us.
...Tenba? What are you talking about?
Mayor: Karulu has a contract with Tenba. They're supposed to protect the village.
And thanks to them, we don't have to fight the monsters ourselves.
But, our village has been financial problems.
The villagers can't pay Tenba's fee, so we're worried the monsters might return.

Mayor: Who are you?
I'm just a traveler. But, after hearing his story, I just had to speak up.
Say, Gramps, what evidence do you have that makes it belong to you?
Mayor: It doesn't belong to me. Since there's no proof of ownership, it automatically belongs to the village!
Please! You have to believe me! If I lose it... I'll be in big trouble.
Mayor: ......
Mayor: Then... instead of Tenba, you must defeat the monsters.

Mayor: But, we can't pay them enough, so they haven't been doing their job...
If you defeat the monsters, I'll give you the airship.
Alright, I'll do it.
Wha, hey!
Mayor: It's a deal. After you defeat the Blue Wolves, come back and see me.
The Blue Wolves are in Cello Forest. Don't let us down.

I'm not sure who this guy is or why he helped me, but I appreciate the help.

But, enough about me. Who are you?
Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Jack.
I couldn't stand my day job, so I set out one day looking for treasure.
I'm Lyner. It's nice to meet you, Jack.
Yeah, same here.
Say... what kind of company is Tenba anyway? They seem kinda bad.

But they've recently gained a reputation for mistreating Reyvateils.
... I see. I can't believe anyone would treat them like that...
That's probably because you're from Platina. In the lower world, that's pretty normal.
Hey, Jack... How did you know I was from Platina?
Oh, w, well... Because you didn't know anything about Tenba!
And your airship! They don't make 'em like that around here! Heh heh heh!

Oh, okay...

Jack suggested we team up. We're heading back to town to get ready to fight these wolves.

[i]Computer, information. Who is this 'Jack'?

Searching security records... Records found.

Name: Jack Hamilton. Age: 19. Gender: Male. Height: 178 cm. Weight: 98 kg.
Distinguishing characteristics: Mechanical arm containing built in weaponry.
Additional information unavailable.


Computer. Knight Lyner Barsett is to be considered a class omega threat.

Confirmed. Dispatching guardians.

Delete all records of this access and log off.

Records deleted. Logging off. Thank you for using the Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network, [USER REDACTED]!