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Part 7: Chapter 5: Breakout

Chapter 5: Breakout

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Give me internal surveillance records for Tenba's Firefly Alley facilities for the past day.

Loading... files found. Playback commencing.


If we can put him to good use, we'll have a bright future ahead of us.
Guard the third cell carefully. I'll interrogate him tomorrow.
Guard: Yes, sir!
I'll work him to the bone.
The third cell...

Switch view to containment facility, third cell.


Ergh... damn! They locked me up.
I can't waste time in here...
I have to find the Purger and get back to the Upper World!

......! .........!!
...!!! .........! ......!
It's no use... I can't hear her.

That's you, right? Lyner?
Huh? What?
What are you doing here?
Why aren't you in Platina?
And, your armor... You look like a Knight of Elemia!
What's going on?
What's wrong?
Sorry, but who are you?
Well, uh, how do you know my name?
Have we met before?
Uh, heh heh...
...Don't you remember me?
Umm... well... no...

Misha? That's a cute name.
You really forgot me...?
Um, well... aheh heh...
I'm sorry...


Follow their movements. And give me all information on this 'Misha'.

Record found:

Name: Misha Arsellec Lune. Age: 18. Height: 164 cm. Weight: 48 kg.
Note: Beta Pureblood Reyvateil, Hymn Code: MISHA_FEHU_EORIA_ARTONELICO Purpose of creation: Execution of Hymn Crystal 'Chronicle Key'.

Chronicle Key? CHRONICLE KEY?! What are you playing at, Rade? Whatever, it doesn't matter. He'll be dealt with too in the end. Follow their movements through the facility.

So, we now have a Reyvateil in the party for good. At the moment Misha has pretty much the same general abilities as Aurica. We'll see next update how she can get more Song Magic.

And yes, Misha's 18. She's not 'wink wink' 18 either, the reason for her current appearance will become apparent later on. The artbook only includes young Misha as an afterthought so I'll just put her main page up.

Subjects followed to hallway.

This doesn't look good...
We can't let them see us. We should hide for now.
Guard A: ...Say, have you Dived recently?
Guard B: Huh? No, I haven't.
Guard C: You better not put it off too long or the boss'll get mad.
Guard B: Yeah, I know. But my Reyvateil's Cosmosphere is just too crazy.
(Reyvateil!? Cosmosphere...?)
Guard A: Ah, man. That sucks.
Guard B: Yes it does. Last time, I had to do some ridiculous dance, just to craft some magic!
Guard C: Woah, woah, wait. I thought you're not supposed to talk about your partner's Cosmosphere to anyone...
Guard B: It doesn't matter. She can't even craft any decent Songs.
Guard A: Sounds like your Reyvateil is really stressed out.
Once she becomes useless, just ask your sergeant for a new one.
Guard B: Oh yeah... I should probably do that...
What are you doing?

A Reyvateil isn't a tool. You can't just do anything you want to her.
Guard C: You! I saw Bourd drag you in! You must've escaped...
I can't believe it! He's a stupid fool!
Sorry... I just couldn't stand listening to them anymore. I had to do something...
I see... So, you haven't changed much.
Guard A: You can't escape from us.
Guard B: Just surrender now.
Looks like we have to fight.
Guard A: Do you really think you can beat all of us? What a confident little punk.
Hey, don't forget about me!
Misha! No! I can't let a little girl fight.
Did you also forget that I'm a Reyvateil?

It's your fault for not treating her with love and respect!
And, I'll prove it to you now!
Guard A: Huh? How dare you lecture to us. You're just a Reyvateil.
Guard B: I was getting bored, anyway. This could be fun!

This fight introduces Stored Attacks. Stored Attacks are enemy attacks that target your Reyvateil. By choosing the Guard command, your frontline can leap in front and take the blow bodyguard style. The upshot is that you get a counterattack. For each ring around your Reyvateil you need one person to guard them.

Really!? Cheating bastards...
Our Song Magic is powerful, but we are fragile girls ourselves.
So Lyner, if they target me, you have to protect me with your body and soul.
You can count on me!
Great. Then select the Guard command and protect me! Do you promise?

Let's look at the battle results a bit.

We now gain DP in addition to experience points after battles. These are based on songs used in combat, and are expended in Dives, which we'll see next update. Also note the item results. At the highest harmonic level, you get four items per enemy. This is generally hard to achieve on regular enemies unless they're reasonably robust, but on bosses it is pretty important because there's a lot of otherwise missable grathnode crystals to be had.

You really forgot everything about me.
But, I haven't forgotten anything about you!
Uh, heh heh...
...Shame on you, Lyner.
It's okay. I can't really blame you. I'm just shocked.
Come on, let's hurry.
Why do you sound so sarcastic...?

Unauthorized access recorded in cell block.

Oh, this is just a simple rotary lock. I can open it easily.
Oh, hey, I heard them talking about a Dive earlier...
A Dive is that thing where someone goes into the inner world of a Reyvateil, right?
Yes. You craft Magic by entering a Reyvateil's soulspace, called a Cosmosphere.
But, don't you need to have a good, solid relationship with a Reyvateil in order to Dive?
It helps, but the people around here lack common sense and morals.
They think Reyvateils are just tools to be used by humans. A Reyvateil can't deny anyone who asks.
Even if she hates the guy, she has to let him dive. It's an order.
...This place is horrible. Reyvateils don't have any civil rights.
Misha... were you forced to put up with this, too?

But, I'll let you dive... if you want.
Oh, I got it open!
Let's go.

Subjects stopped in hallway outside storage room.

Can I stop by this room first? You don't mind, do you?

Huh? Hey... isn't that a Grathmeld Recipe Card?
You know about Grathmelding!?
Yeah. I learned how to do it my first day on the Wings of Horus.
Really!? So, you can make this?
Well, yeah. What is it, anyway?
It's a recipe for an item called Tranquility.
This item can be a real source of life for a Reyvateil.
It quickly restores MP, which gets drained by continuous singing.
So, it'll be really useful in battle.
Alright. I'll make it next time we go to camp.
What's wrong now?

Subjects approached director Rade's Reyvateil research unit.

I'm... sorry... I...
Misha! Come on! Get it together.
I'm scared... Lyner, I'm scared!
For some reason, this door, it brings up horrible images...
I don't know why, but if I get any closer... I'll lose my mind...
It's okay. We don't have to come back here.
I'm... sorry...

Second unauthorized access recorded.

This one's a little trickier. It needs a pressure key.
...But I think I can open it.
Ah, I found it. This pipe connects directly to the pressure valve...
The people who live here sure use interesting technology...
You know how people in Platina use technology, even though they don't know how it works?
Well down here, the people had to create their own technology, so they understand how all of it works.
So in a way, the civilization down here is more advanced than in Platina...
Because, at least they know how their own technology works.
Great... the pressure is going down.
Let's go.

Subjects moved onto Firefly Alley access scaffold. Subjects paused near Power Plant access.

I didn't get a chance to ask you before, but what were you doing here?
Well... Tenba took something important from me. So... I'm trying to get it back.
Why didn't you tell me before? I'll help you look for it.
No, it's too late. I've looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it...
Lyner, what's going on with the Upper World?
The Upper World? Oh, in Platina?
Yes... How are things there?
Well, honestly, we're facing a serious threat.
Yeah. A new virus emerged and is causing a lot of trouble. We have to beat it.
So, you're here because of a virus?
Yeah, something like that.
Sounds serious...
I guess I should have gone back instead of coming here to look for it... Either way...
Uh... Misha?
Never mind.
Let's go.

Power fluctuations detected in reactor core.

It felt like it came from below... like an explosion!
We better get out of here! This place is too dangerous.
Wait... I've got a bad feeling about this...
We have to check it out!
What... did you forget something? We're trying to escape!
Lyner, are you outta your mind? You're going to get us killed!

Subjects approached nuclear reactor core. Report available.


Post-incident report:
Following the appearance of unidentified enemy, control was lost over Ikaruga Mk. I. The Ikaruga attacked the nuclear reactor core, and if not for the intervention of several intruders the reactor and all of Firefly Alley would have been lost.

Ikaruga's inability to withstand song magic proved a critical weakness, later designs should take this into account. Following battle, intruders fled Commander Rade.


Hey, what is she doing?
Maybe she can't escape? Let's find out!

We're here to help you.
Don't worry about me, I'm fine. But we have to stop that wing nut!
If he keeps going, he'll destroy the Nukular Power Generator! Then, this island'll fall for sure!
...Island!? It's going to fall?
Oh, I forgot you don't know about this place.
This whole island is man-made. It can't float without the Nuclear Power Generator.
So, if it's destroyed, this whole island will fall!
We can't let that happen!

Boss Battle: Ikaruga Mk. I
Ikaruga's a pretty easy boss. Not as easy as ABR, but still easy. He's got moderately powerful attacks, but is very vulnerable to Song Magic. You're joined by an as yet unidentified character who, at Harmonic level 1 and higher, has an intensely useful skill.

It's a free heal on one target, which is awesome. She also uses chainsaws as her weapons, which further cements her as the greatest character ever. We'll be seeing much more of her soon enough.

Who are you?
Blast! Tenba's guards are coming! We gotta go!
Hey, you!
Not bad. I would expect no less from an Apostle of Elemia.
I'm telling you, you really should join us. You'd fit right in with Tenba.
You can't always get what you want!
Ah, Misha. So you helped Lyner escape. Why must you always cause trouble...?
Reyvateils are supposed to obey their human masters.
I'll never obey you!
How dare you raise your voice to me, you stupid, defective doll!

I should have just killed you when I had the chance!
He really has it in for you!
Lyner, we have to run!
What are the conditions like outside?
Guard: It's still flying around out there, sir.
I see.
Hmm. They can't get away, so you may as well leave them alone.
Close down the airport, and cancel all private airships. Return all ships at the Floating Wharf to Nemo.
Guard: Yes, sir!
You can't escape from me.
Hmmm hmhmhm... Haa hahahahaha!

This isn't normal.
Which reminds me.. that wolf-machine back there...
It looked like you've seen it before. What's going on?
That was the virus that attacked Platina.
That thing appeared at the Altar of Apostles... and so Platina...
...Well, thinking about it won't be much help.
What are we gonna do now?
First, we have to get out of here.
Usually, we escape by taking an airship from the airport...
Then, won't they be waiting for us there?
They never have before...
Okay, sounds like a plan.

Subjects entered Firefly Alley.

We call it Firefly Alley.
Huh... so, does Tenba have a base here?
Technically, they do.
Tenba built this city, but ordinary people live here.
Everything on the island was made by Tenba, including the island itself.
The Power Generator, where we were fighting, is right below us.
The city was built on the top part of the generator.
Isn't it amazing?
I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it.
This is what the people of the Lower World are capable of.
They have an insatiable hunger for knowledge.
They strive for technological innovation.

...So, this is the power of the people of the Lower World...
Come on. We better hurry.

Subject tracking lost.

Useless machine couldn't even send that worthless rock plummeting into the void. Despite their shortcomings I must rely on their resources. For now. Computer, log off and delete all records of this access.

Records deleted. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!