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Part 8: Chapter 6: Dive

Chapter 6: Dive

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Computer, search for all current records on the actions of Lyner Barsett.

Searching... Records found.


Personal Log: Lyner Barsett

Last night Misha stopped by my room. She wanted to talk to me.

Lyner, are you still awake?
Hehehe... Good night.
Misha? What's up? It's so late.
Huh? I just felt like talking to you. I haven't seen you for a while, so...
...for me anyway...
Well, you might be ale to remember me if we talk, you know?
...Hey, you're right!
You think so, too!? Then we should talk like this sometimes.

When we choose the Rest option from an Inn or blue save point with a Reyvateil in the party, conversation events can be triggered. Sometimes they'll want to say things to us, sometimes we've got things to talk to them about. Some of them are funny, some of them are interesting character development. Sometimes they give us an item or grathmeld recipe. The talk topics are stratified into levels, and you need to have completed a certain number of topics in a level do unlock that level in their cosmosphere, as we'll see later on.

You have something you want to talk about, right? Tell me about it.

I see... but I don't think it's a good thing for you to come to my room so late at night...
Why not? We're only having a conversation. There's too many things going on during the day, and we're so busy.
It makes me happy to be able to talk to you. And there are so many things I want to talk to you about since we've been separated for so long.
You're right... but we better finish up early so that you can get enough sleep.
Hey, don't treat me like a kid!

Huh? Oh, yeah. I was just being a little cautious.
Someone in Tenba goes to that bar a lot.
Nope. I was worried about the President of Tenba.
You mean the person in charge? Why would someone like that go into that bar?
The Dokkoi Set that they serve at that bar is her favorite.
And she always orders the large size.
She's always on the lookout for something fun to do. When she gets bored, she eats.
That's just how she is.
...Looks like someone I'd rather not meet more than Bourd.

But, I'm really curious as to why you know how to pick locks...
Huh? Don't you think it's convenient?
Well yeah but, I can't understand why you learned it in the first place...
Well it's for emergencies. It's really convenient when I have to get away.
I guess it is... but is that the only reason?
What do you mean, "Is that the only reason?"
I thought maybe you were thinking of becoming a thief or something...
...What did you say?
Oh, nothing! Misha, you can do everything! You're so dependable!

Hm, yeah. They had a lot of cards so I was a little curious.
You better watch out for those cards.
I've never actually bought one, but those cards are popular among everyone regardless of age or sex.
Wow, they're really popular, huh?
Once you buy one, you gotta get 'em all. Some people even spend all their money on 'em.
That's extreme popularity.
If you're going to buy one, I won't stop you. But don't go overboard and buy too many.
I wouldn't want to see you lose all your money and go homeless or anything.
It has a worse characteristic than a virus in some ways...

In the morning we went to the airport. Things didn't go as smoothly as we'd hoped though.

This place is usually busy, but never like this...
We better ask someone.
Excuse me, what's going on here?
Man: What's going on!? They've cancelled all flights.
All flights? Cancelled?
Man: I heard that the Tower's Guardian is attacking airships.
It's too dangerous to fly.
Oh... Thank you.
All flights have been cancelled.
Hmmm... Bourd must've known we were coming here. That's why he didn't chase us.
Now we have no other choice. We have to take the dangerous route.
And I was hoping to enjoy the flight.

I'll tell you more when we get to the Power Generator.
But before that, we should go to a shop and prepare for the trip. Then we can go to the Power Generator.

We went over there, but as always it seems like nothing can go smoothly.


This door was used for communications when Firely Alley was first created.
But, no one really uses it now. It's a great little hiding spot.
The door has a lock. But, it's just for decoration...
Let's go! We can't let anyone see us.

We can...
Oh no! It's completely blocked.
We can't go this way.
But there must be another way in... Let's go back to the city.
I know someone who might know something. We could ask her.
I'm sure she could help us somehow.
Misha... you sure do know a lot of people...
I wasn't fooling around when I worked for Tenba.
I did it for a reason...
Come on, let's go find my friend.

Misha's friend was... unusual.

Oh, hi Misha! It's 12 leaf per candy. How many would you like?
"...Who cares about the price, I just want to eat a bucket's worth."
??? ...What the hell was that?
What's happening? What's wrong?
We need to go to Nemo.
Oh? I heard that all the flights are cancelled.
I can get you a forged ticket, but that won't help you if the airships can't fly.
Yeah, I know. Can you tell me another way to get there?
Oh, Lyner, you've never met Spica before. She sells Kitty Candy. And... she's also a merchant.
I know she doesn't look like it, but she also sells rare Grathnode Crystals.
And because of it, she hears a lot of Top Secret info.
It's nice to meet you, Lyner.
Spica, we don't have much time. Is there another way out of this city?
The way you told me about before is blocked.
Really? That's too bad. I suppose there is one other way...
Really!? Tell me!

If you get caught, you don't even know me...
Of course! I'll never betray you like that!
Okay... listen carefully.
Have you ever heard the saying, "The hardest things to find are those that are right in front of you?" Well, it's true.
There are places of the Power Generator that don't quite fit right.
They may be parts that have bet, or warped in some way. That's your opening.
Those areas are just too damaged. No matter how many times they fix it, another wall falls off.

Like I said, "The hardest things to find are those that are right in front of you."
Look carefully at the walls. You'll see that one wall looks awkwardly new.
If you blow up that wall, you can reach the pipeline.
...Okay. Where did you hear this from?
I can't tell you that.
So, now can you do me a favor?
Lyner, from now on, can you buy your Grathnode Crystals from me?
I may not look like it, but I do collect high-quality Grathnode Crystals.
You might not need them now...
But, soon, you'll learn to appreciate all I have to offer... Hehehehe...
Is that so...?
I suggest you register at my store.
Now, when I say, "It's 12 leaf per candy..."
You, "...Who cares about the price, I just want to eat a bucket's worth."
Once you say that, my store mode changes.
So, come back soon!
Let's go to the Power Generator.

Spica has a random inventory every time you show up. She often has incredibly powerful and incredibly expensive grathnode crystals. She's worth checking in with later in the game when you've got lots of money and nothing to do with it.

We headed back, but this just wasn't our day.

...Oh, I think I found it! This wall is newer than the others.
So, all we have to do is knock it down, right?
Are you okay? Even though it's falling apart, we can't get through with our bare hands.
So, do we need to use a bomb?
It's too loud. Someone might catch us.
I got it! I'll destroy it using Song Magic.
I've been to the tower with Tenba before.
When I was there, I saw a Reyvateil blast down a wall using a lightning bolt.
Oh yeah, a lightning bolt should be quiet enough. That's a good idea.
Thanks. Lemme try it...
Misha, do you know how to sing that Song Magic?

Then, we need to find another way of doing this.
Why didn't you ask to dive with me!?
...Well, I guess because... I thought you would refuse...
I won't refuse! I already told you that earlier!
I'll be a little nervous, of course... It'll be my first time...

...Well, I thought...
Urrghh! Enough already! Lyner!
C'mon, dive into me!
We're going to the Dive Shop, now!
Wait! Are you sure about this?

So we went. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty strange. But if it helps Misha grow stronger, I guess it's worth the strangeness.

Dive Shop: Well, aren't you a bold Reyvateil!
Okay, let me tell you how this works.
By diving, you can craft Song Magic inside a Reyvateil's mind.
Well, actually, you're translating the feelings in her Cosmosphere, or mind, into Songs.
The Cosmosphere is filled by her emotions and past experiences.
You pick something out of there and craft a Song with it.
That's your job, buddy.
We have the ability to realize our feelings and memories and translate them into Songs.
But, it's hard to realize it all by ourselves.
And, we can't open our minds to just anyone.
Dive Shop: So, they need reliable partners, you see?
That's right.
Dive Shop: Also, the more a Reyvateil opens her mind to a partner, the deeper that partner can see into her.
The deeper into the mind, the stronger the feelings will be to craft more powerful Songs.
So, it's important to bond with a Reyvateil.

I'm ready. Please be careful!
O, okay. I'll try my best...

In a nutshell this is how it works: After combats we get Dive Points. We spend these to initiate the scenes in the Cosmosphere. This will lead to the creation of Song Magic. Each level represents some aspect of the Reyvateil, which colors interactions with them on it. Cosmosphere level one is Misha's surface personality, so it's pretty much just like the regular Misha we've seen.

Computer, load all logs from the Cosmosphere of MISHA_FEHU_EORIA_ARTONELICO.

Loading... Load complete. Record available for Level One.


Whoa! Who are you!? You startled me!
What is your name?
Your name!?
Oh, ah, yeah... I'm Lyner Barsett.
Lyner!? Oh, I knew it...
Huh? Do you know me?
...I knew it. Good thing I didn't expect too much.
Hey, that's not nice!
Ah, never mind. I'm Hama, the Mind Guardian of this Cosmosphere.
Mind Guardian...?
Yes. It's my job to stop intruders like you from wandering around.
I'm not an intruder! Misha asked me to dive in. That's the only reason I'm here...

Well, I'm sorry...
That's okay. I've already given up on you.
But, I'll always be with you as long as you're inside this Cosmosphere. And I'll be watching your every move.
Great. So, what do I do to help Misha craft some Song Magic?
It's not that difficult. Just look around until you find Misha. Then, explore with her.
If something dramatic happens, she'll craft a Song. But with Misha, she might start crafting songs without all the drama.
But, to visit different locations, you'll need a good supply of dive points.
Significant locations require more dive points. That's because only reliable people should enter them.
To enter those locations, you need to build a reliable relationship with Misha in the real world to earn enough dive points.
Heheheha! The best thing to do is just walk around the world.

Oh! Don't be too quick to judge! There's more to this world than you can see from here. You should look around.

Lyner! You're here! Thank you for coming!
Misha? Why is Misha in her own mind?
Well it's my world. I can do anything I want.
I see... Then, can you use magic?
Of course! But to craft magic, I need a healthy imagination and a lot of creativity.
So, I need your help. It's a lot harder to craft by myself.
Lyner; Okay. Misha from the real world said she wants Song Magic that shoots a lightning bolt...
Misha; Oh yeah, I can do that right away.
Hmmm... How about this?
Woah! Be careful with that!
There you go! The real Misha should be able to use it now, too.
Wow! Crafting Song Magic is a lot easier than I thought.
It really depends on the person. I'm really good at this... well, I'm better than others.
Misha, you're amazing!
Thank you!
If you want more Song Magic, you can search this world to find more.

Don't say that...

Wh, what!?
You know what I mean. You couldn't just wait a minute?
No, wait! You got it all wrong. I wasn't thinking of anything dirty!
Huh? Dirty thoughts? I was talking about Song Magic.
You were thinking something dirty!
No, it's not like that!
Ahahaha! I was just kidding. It's so fun to tease you!
Don't make fun of me! I'm serious, you know.
I'm sorry. I'll craft something new. I know, I'll make it a "Blue Magic" this time.
Blue Magic? What's that?
Blue Magic is mainly for "Guarding" and "Healing". To craft it, you have to be with someone that you really want to protect.
So, Blue Magic is like proof of my love for you, Lyner.
Here we go! Ya!

Thunder Guard: Misha, Lyner. I'll protect you from thunder with my metal shield.
So this is how it works.
You really can make anything! I'll just have to dive with you every time I need new magic.
Yeah, you can count on me!

Tower? It looks more like an energy field.
We need to get closer to check it out.
It really is a tower... I wonder if we can get in from here.
No. It's just a port for the symphonic power lines. People can't go inside.
Symphonic power lines...?
You won't understand now, so I'll have to tell you later.
Anyway, it's easier to craft powerful Song Magic around here since there's an abundance of energy.
That's why you should craft your Red Magic here to get powerful attacks.
I see.
Okay, we wasted enough time! I'll make something awesome!
Here we go. Ya!

Dragon: Are you the one who crafted me?
Dragon: You're just a girl...? Do you think you can handle me?
Dragon: You fool! You're 10 levels too early to craft me!
No fair! I created you...
Dragon: You may have the power to craft, but I won't take orders from posers like you who are too afraid of showing the truth.
Dragon: Come back later!
Are you all right...? Get a hold of yourself!
I'm too embarrassed to be with you.
...I have to chase her!

You're so cold.

Rabbit: I'm a part of Misha's consciousness. I don't know why I was created, but we'll learn soon enough.
I'm Lyner. Do you know where Misha is?
Rabbit: No. I don't have a crystal ball to tell your fortune.
Hmmm... do you know what's happening? Or what caused it?
Rabbit: It's because the dragon is beyond the capacity for this world to contain.
Misha's a girl of great potential. She can craft magic that's greater than her world can handle.
This time, she messed up. Misha can craft a dragon, but she's not capable of handling it.
The Cosmosphere is so complicated. So, when will she be ready to handle it?
Rabbit: She has to increase her spiritual level. It's important that she willingly does so.
Unless she feels the need to do so, you can't do anything to help her.
...I got it.
Rabbit: As her spiritual level increases, she has to reveal her inner secrets to you.
All the graffiti in this world is a reflection of her unwillingness to reveal her true emotions.
Her true world is underneath all this filth.
Misha is probably afraid to show you her true feelings. And you know why, don't you?

Misha's secret world...

Huh? Of course. Not just Misha. Most people don't show 95% of their true selves. Which means, you are only seeing 5% of that person.
By diving, you're seeing the private 95% of that person.
What!? I'm not here to invade her privacy!
I know you didn't mean to, but after all, that is what you're doing.
I know Misha is the one who asked you to dive, but she also regrets asking you.
She wanted you to dive and get to know her more.
But, at the same time, she doesn't want to show you her ugly side.
Girls have many inner feelings, you know?
You need to understand and care for her!
I know.

...I put your life in danger...
I was trying to impress you, but all I did was embarrass myself...
There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Anyway, what happened here?
I guess... this world just isn't strong enough to have a dragon.
Yeah... to have something as big as a dragon in here, you'll have to improve your spiritual level.
How do you know that!?
Some rabbit-looking creature told me... it lives in here somewhere.
Really!? I haven't even seen it. So, what did you talk about? Did it say something bad? Do you hate me now?
Calm down. All I heard was that this world you're showing me isn't real.
Misha... why won't you show me your true self?
Because... I don't want to. But, it's not because I don't like you...
It's completely the opposite...

So, I have to show you the embarrassing and ugly side of myself...
...Don't worry. Nothing can change how I feel about you. Whatever I see, I won't hold it against you.
...You mean it?
Yes, I do.
...Okay. But, don't get your hopes up. Compared to my real Cosmosphere, the dragon was nothing...
...Yeah. I heard that you were coming, so I wanted to fix up my Soulspace a little just to cover it up.
I didn't want you to see my real world...
But, I made up my mind. I have to show you the real me.
I don't know what I was thinking. You must hate me for trying to lie to you.
All I wanted was for us to be together. I'll be honest with you from now on.

Oh, that!? That's a Paradigm Shift!
A Paradigm... Shift!? What's that? Like another monster or something?
You idiot! That means that Misha's spiritual level has grown.
By jumping into the light, Misha's spiritual level will advance by one.
Hurry, before it disappears! Go to the Stonehenge!

Misha, if you jump into the light, you'll get one level stronger.
Over here?
If I gain a level, that horrible world might return...
I'm afraid to show you the real me... I'm scared that you won't... like me anymore...
I know I decided to do it earlier, but... now... I'm too nervous...
Misha, it'll be alright. Growing stronger can't be bad, can it?
I'm so proud of you for being this brave. And, nothing can change that now.
...You mean it?
Okay... I'll go.
Hey, Lyner... will I see you again in the next world?
Of course.

How delightfully putrid. Any other records?

Records end.

So they plan to climb the tower. I suppose it's only right to have a little surprise or two waiting for them then, make things a bit more interesting. System log off and delete all records of this access.

Records deleted. System logging off. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!