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Part 9: Additional music

Shady Amish Terror posted:

Thanks for showing off the game, Feinne, but, I ended up just sort of skimming through the rest of the update partway through the whole dive thing. The consistently unusual sentence structures I can handle. The incomprehensible onions of layered innuendo, I was wading through. And then I realized with some minor horror that you were exploring a world of unambiguously phallic imagery and psychobabble within the mind of a magical probably-under-aged possibly-a-cyborg girl whose superpowers come from singing, which you can only explore through awkward character-building exercises and innuendo-laden conversation, and the GLORY OF GREAT NIPPON overloaded my brain. I think a robotic rabbit even showed up somewhere, but this was past the point I stopped trying to analyze the scene.

This is like a caricature of Japanese culture/video-game quirks. And it's going to get worse at some point, isn't it? I think I may have to watch some Betterman or Elfen Lied or something else horrible and quirky just to inure myself to the incredible waves of Japanese before your next dive update.

I won't lie to you, this stuff is pretty goddamn Japan. I just bit the bullet and read the Necronomicon before starting the LP so I wouldn't have to worry about Sanity loss.

Honestly most of the dives aren't that bad. Also, it should be noted that Misha's dives are in general worse than Aurica's for so many reasons. Hama might constantly unleash the power of SICK BURNS on us but she's pretty annoying. All I'll say is that Aurica's mind guardian pretty much makes the entire thing worthwhile.

Here's the music that plays in Misha's Cosmosphere: