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Part 10: Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level 2

Supplemental 1: Misha's Soulspace, Level 2

We'll start with the new talk items we got since the last few, including the ones that unlocked level 2. These would have been included with the last update but they made the update too long. These updates won't have most of the narrative stuff the main updates do. Instead I'll explain in depth what's going on in the soulspace level we're in.


Huh, what is it?
A ridiculously high place, on the edge of Seagull Port... what were you thinking!?
Huh!? I wasn't really thinking about anything... I just wanted to see the view...
But you didn't have to get that close to the edge!
There was barely any room to walk and propellers spinning all around us! That place is just scary!
Really? I didn't think it was all that scary...
It was scary for me!
Oh, I'm sorry!
*sigh * I don't even like staying in Firefly Alley this long.
What if, right now, something happened and we all fall...
You can't worry so much...
As long as we stay here, we're all in danger.
Anyway! Just don't go to anymore places like that unless we have to. Okay!?

Huh? Yeah, it was fine.
Really? That's good. Did anything weird happen?
Well there were some weird places... but, it's not the real world, so...
It was weird!? Did something bad happen!?
Not really bad, but I... don't know how to say this.
What do you mean? Something bad did happen!
Well, not really. I mean... uh, how should I put this...?
Never mind, don't tell me! I'm too scared to find out now...
Oh, okay. Whew, that's a relief...
Just answer this...
Do you want to go back into my Cosmosphere?
...Yeah, of course.
Okay... then everything's fine!

Spica? Why do you want to know?
Well, it's not that easy to make friends with people who sell those kinds of products and information.
I think it's cool. But, I'm also a little curious.
It's not like something amazing happened.
It was just a coincidence. One day, I just wanted to buy a lot of Kitty Candy.
You mean...
I said, "Who cares about the price, I just want to eat a bucket's worth."
Then, all these Grathnode Crystals came popping out of nowhere. And that is how we met.
Are you serious!? Coming up with her code by accident! That's amazing!
Just kidding!
Huh!? Come on... give me a break.
I can't tell you what really happened. But trust me, it's an amazing story, and I know Spica's natural hair color.
Ah, man... When you say it like that, I really want to know...
You do? But I just can't tell you. Besides, you'd never believe it...
Fine! I know what you're doing. You want me to obsess about it so I can't sleep!

You can tie up so many Songs in such a short time, it's amazing.
Yeah, it's seriously amazing!
Hehehe... well, I'm different from any other Reyvateil! It's the quality, you know?
...Even though it's not like I'm perfect, either.
It's just that I wanted to be perfect in everyone's eyes, so I tried to hide the part of me that wasn't perfect...
Hm? Oh, no, never mind! Let's just say I'm just super talented, okay?

Record ends.

Really quickly I'll go over the Songs we got last time. Thunder Shot is used on the map to destroy objects and power things in the tower. Thunder Guard is an incredibly useful Blue Magic. While active, we get increased Thunder Resist, Thunder damage on our attacks, and some low level healing periodically. It's very useful support magic even on enemies with no Thunder attacks.



Misha's second Soulspace level is pitch black. While now everything is out in the open, most of it is so dark that it can't be seen. This level largely represents Misha's fears, as we'll see later on. It's got some interesting scenes outside the required ones that I'll show here.

Responsibility!? What are you talking about!
Misha showed you all of her fears, so now you have to calm her down.
Well, I always treat her well. So, where did she go?
Why don't you look for her yourself. Though, you might not find her.
What do you mean?
You'll know what I mean soon enough. It's beyond your imagination right now.
Hey... she's gone... I guess I should search around.
...I see some light over there. I guess I better check it out.

People the Reyvateil knows will often show up in their Cosmosphere. They are sort of caricatures of their true selves, and are also based on what Misha knows about the person, not what we know. This means that someone Misha knows better than us might say and do things that don't make sense yet. These characters as with anything in the Cosmosphere represent some aspect of their mind.

U...m... I'm sorry who are you?
What are you talking about? It's me, Harmonica.
Harmonica...!? I really don't know... But that voice! Are you Jack?
Who...? Whatever. Either way, I never thought I'd meet you in a place like this.
Well, how's it feel to be inside Misha's mind? Pretty nice, huh?
I don't really get what you mean by pretty nice but...
Alright. Well, I don't think it's that dangerous since it's Misha's world, but take care on your way.
And if something's up, tell me. I'll be around to listen and talk to. Don't worry on your own.
Uh, yeah...
What's wrong? Is there something that's bothering you? Do you want me to go with you?
Eh? No, it's okay... You don't have to do that.

(...Oh yeah, this Jack is merely an image of Jack that Misha created.)
(But... What kind of relationship do they have!?)

Understanding of this conversation is sadly a ways off. These updates are good things to go back to after we know more about what's going on and where things are coming from. This level stars Adult Misha.

You know, it really hurts when you forget me a second time. Once in the real world and now here...
I'm Misha. This is my true form.
What!? You can't fool me that easily.
I see... you don't believe me. Well, it is understandable.
It took me a lot of courage to go through the Paradigm Shift. I was expecting this from you, but it's still disappointing...
Paradigm Shift!? So it's really you, Misha?
Yes, I told you so!!
What do you think of this world after the shift? Isn't it wonderful...?
Why is it so dark...?
I don't know. All I know is that I've been living in this darkness since I was born. This is my real world.
This... is your real world!? It can't be.
It's true!

It's okay. But, I guess telling you this doesn't really change anything. Say, wanna go for a walk?

So, which one do you prefer?
Wh, what are you talking about!?
You aren't any fun. Don't you want to go on a date with the glamorous Misha?

Hey Hama. So, there's something I've always wanted to ask you...
...What is it.
Why are you wearing an overall apron?
...!! Wow, you noticed I was wearing an overall apron!
It's well hidden behind the ocarina, so it's hard to see. So, what's up with that?
...That's a secret! If you get it right, I'll tell you.
U-m... Is it this? You actually have a husband and kid... And you are a housewife who protects the household...
Stop saying such stupid things! Wrong! You're way wrong!
Too bad! I guess I can't tell you the reason.
Seriously... I won't be able to sleep if you don't tell me.
In your long lifetime, it's a little more fun to have at least one unsolved mystery.

...I know. I can't even enjoy shopping. It's no fun.
You think so? I kinda like the atmosphere in this town. It's... nice.
Thanks. I told you that I'll give you a tour. To tell you the truth, this is the only place I can show you around.
I see...
The rest of it is too dark to walk. If we enter the darkness, we could easily get lost.
It's really an ugly world...
It's not ugly. I think it looks beautiful.
You really think so...?
Yeah. Besides, if you keep complaining, it'll never get better.
I think you should learn to like it. That way, you can enjoy it better.
But it's too dark to enjoy anything...
We can improve it by adding more lights. I'll help you make this world more suitable.
???: Hi there you two.
Huh? Who is it?

Who are you?
Ice Fairy: I'm an Ice Fairy. I want to get back up the mountain, but it's too dark for me to get back.
If I don't get back soon, I'll melt away. Will you take me back up?
An Ice Fairy? You mean, the one who was creating all the snow!?
Ice Fairy: Yes! I know I don't look like it, but I used to make it snow all the time.
Don't you know what snow is? It's the breath of an Ice Fairy who lives high up in the mountains.
It's beautiful, and the snow helps to brighten up this dark world.
It used to snow on an icy mountain. But, it stopped snowing and I'm not sure when or why.
Ice Fairy: It's because I got lost. But if I get back up on the mountain, I can make it snow again.
It brings back some wonderful memories. I want to see the snow fall again.
Ice Fairy: I'm glad to hear that, and I want to make it snow, too! It's been so long...
That's it! We need snow in this world.
Let's take the Ice Fairy back up the mountain.

I guess, but...
What happened to the confidence you had in level 1? You said your dreams come true in this world.
You're right. It doesn't do us any good to cry about it. Besides, this is my world.
Ice Fairy: So, I can really go back up the mountain!? You saved my life!
...I don't know for sure yet, but I'll concentrate on my crafting...
I can see it. I found the route to the mountain!
Ice Fairy: You did it!!
Yes! I'm certain. I just spoke with this world and crafted the way to find the answer!
Does that mean you crafted magic?
I think so. It's not tangible, but I think I can craft Song Magic.
I crafted the magic that lets me talk to the world and figure out the answer.
I see... well, we can climb the mountain now, right?

Now we have Green Magic Analyzer, which we can use to see all the destructible things in the world.

As long as I'm saved, it doesn't matter to me.

Misha? Where are you?
Over here, Lyner!
...I can't see.
Oh, right. Here, I'll hold your hand...
Oh, uh...

What a view...
Yeah, I know. This is the highest point in my Cosmosphere.
Ice Fairy: Thank you, guys! I'm finally back where I belong!
So, will you let it snow again?
Ice Fairy: Oh yes, of course! Here goes!
Yeah, what's wrong!?
Ice Fairy: My body melted and shrank. I'm not strong enough to make it snow...
Are you serious?
Ice Fairy: I'm useless... I can't make it snow with my body like this...
So... we brought you here, but you still can't make it snow...
There's gotta be another way to do this. You can't give up just yet.
I know...
Hey, what about this?
Ice Fairy: What is that?

Hold on! I think you're getting bigger!
Ice Fairy: Oh yes! I am...
It's working. Let's try it one more time!

Ice Fairy: ...You're right!
Okay, now hold on a little longer!

Ice Fairy: Yes, I think I can make it snow now!
This is...
Snow! It's snowing!!
Misha! You did it!
Yes, I did. But only because you told me not to give up.
But, you did all the work.
...I wonder how long it'll take for the snow to stick...
Ice Fairy: It's coming down pretty hard now. It shouldn't take too long.
You're right! I can't wait to see it!
Lyner, let's go back to the Inn and watch the snow fall.

We get Ice Shot for this scene. It's like Thunder Shot but used in different applications.

I'm sure it'll snow for as long as you want it to.
It's going to be beautiful... the roofs, the streets... the whole world will be blanketed in white.
Wow, you really know a lot about things covered in snow.
...Actually, I don't know anything about it. That's why I wanna see it so badly.
What do you mean?
Until just recently, I didn't even know what the real world was like. I just kept singing in a dark room...
Because of that, this world isn't like the real world. It's based on a book I read. It's all fake...
I was too embarrassed to show you my world of lies and fakeness. Especially because you're so important to me...
...You really think it's that bad? I like this world...

Just walking around town makes me want to see everything.
There's a lot of wonderful things that I've never seen before.
Lyner... thank you. I hope you get to see all the different wonders of my world...
I'm still a little nervous. But, thanks to your compliments, I'm starting to like this place...

So we help Misha stop being afraid that her world in here is bad just because it's not based on reality. It's not based on reality because she seriously has been living in a dark room up until not too terribly long ago, because as we'll discover it really sucks to be Misha.

That's right! You better hurry to Stonehenge!

I didn't get to see everything covered in snow. That's kinda sad.
I used to think I had no control over my own world.
But, I was wrong. I always wanted to see the snow, and now I finally got the chance...
I'm starting to like this place.
I'm happy to hear that.
There's many wonderful things to find here. I'm surprised to see you grow so quickly.
I don't know how to say it, but... I'm not used to seeing you like this. I was a little nervous, but this is how you're supposed to look, right?
Well, I guess it doesn't really matter...
I should get going.

Record ends.

And Lyner messes everything up again. He just implied that he was put off by real Misha, which is going to make her retreat to fake Misha again for a while, as we'll see. Of course, things also get much stranger here quite soon. Next Dive update we'll see just that.