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Part 12: Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level 3

Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level 3

Once again we'll start with some talk.


Huh? What do you mean?
Well I mean, you remember me and all so it's fine, but I can't remember you at all.
So I was wondering if it was okay for you to let me enter your Cosmosphere...
Well, it is kind of sad that you forgot all about me...
It's almost impressive how you completely forgot everything about me.
Yeah well, th...
If you think that's praise, I'm gonna blast you!
Of course that's not praise! I feel really bad about it!!
*sigh * Well I'll tell you why I let such a cold-hearted guy dive into me...
And it's not because you were an old friend of mine.
Then why?
Hehe... my dream is to become a bride!
Say what!?
That's what. And, that's all I'm going to tell you.

Misha just did a good job saying one of the scariest things a girl you just met could say, although admittedly she knows us.

Record ends.

Now we'll get to the first soulspace level featuring a Costume. Higher and higher levels of the soulspace make the Reyvateil increasingly driven by some motivating factor, making them act less and less like a normal person.



Okay, then she should be fine now.
It's too early to say. She's more sensitive than you think.
For instance, this world is dark. Why do you think it's so dark?
She's still fighting her inner struggles. I need you to understand that.
Yeah, you're right.
Oh, a place called the Pier has appeared in this world.
The Pier is a very important place to Misha. You should visit there sometime.
Okay. I think I'll go there now.

In the Cosmosphere I'll use a new icon for each new Misha now, because we can run into multiples in the same level and it's important to keep track.

Are you going to board the ship?
Yes, I guess... I have to board it to go back to my hometown.
I see...
It's really boring to just sit here and wait.
How long have you been waiting?
Well... it's been 4 years.
4 years!? That's such a long time...
But it's so important to me that I just had to wait for it...

China Misha is best defined as 'grown up' Misha. She's the part of Misha that does 'grown up' things and acts like an adult. This next section requires you to have 3080 DP to complete, and yields a missable Red Magic, so before Phase 2 you should complete it.

Do you know when the ship will arrive?
I don't know. I think it's up to you.
That doesn't help me very much.

You're still waiting for the ship?
Of course. You never know when it'll come back.
But, waiting around here is boring...
I know! Why don't you grow a flower with me?
...A flower?
Yes, like this one.
Flower: ......
Huh? This is a flower?
Well, what else could it be? I found it the other day in a corner of the warehouse. I decided to bring it back.
Are you supposed to do that?
It's okay. It's supposed to be mine, anyway.
What do you want me to do?
Come water it every now and then. You'll love this flower, too.
O... kay. Sure, I'll come back and water it.
Please take good care of it.

You need 1000 DP to water it. Do you still want to do it?

It's fun to take care of this flower with you. My days aren't so boring anymore.
I'm glad.
I'm not good with sports, and I'm scared of heights. So, I didn't like to play outside when I was little.
But, I like to go out to water flowers. It's exciting to see them grow.
You must like flowers.
Yes, very much. The Tail of Reminiscence is my favorite place...
It's a monument that's surrounded by flowers.
We said goodbye at the Tail of Reminiscence when I left for Em Pheyna.
Do you remember?

No, he doesn't. We'll find out all about Em Pheyna and why Misha was there later on.

Flower: Lyner...
The flower remembers you now. Are you here to water it?
You need 1,000 DP to water it. Do you still want to do it?

Is this a flower? It looks like a stalk to me. It's kinda strange looking...
Don't say that!
If it was any smaller, I could eat it...
Flower: !!
Stop! Don't scare the flower!
Huh? I've eaten a plant like this before. It's pretty good if you steam it with some spices. Do you cook, Misha?
No... I don't know how.
I didn't have time to learn! I've always wanted to, though...
Then, we can cook something together. But, I only know how to cook manly stuff, though.
Manly cooking?
Yeah, you know like BBQ ribs, BBQ hot dogs, BBQ burgers... Pretty much BBQ anything.
...I don't you to teach me how to cook.
Yeah, I get it...

You need 1000 DP to water it. Do you still want to do it?

Is this a flower? Are you really sure about this!?
You worry about the minor details too much!
I can't help it!
You're right. Thanks to your love and care, it's getting bigger than I expected.
Yeah, the kind of love that's big enough to turn a flower into a tree...
Flower: Lyner, Misha, thank you for taking care of me.
I've grown enough. It's time for me to repay you for your love.
Please use me for your magic, Misha. I'll be useful.
Really!? Thank you!
Good for you.

Flower is an incredibly powerful Red Magic that's very expensive to use at this point in the game. If we can manage it, though, a burst level 4 Flower will smash the enemy into paste.

So, this upcoming scene introduces the Misha of this level. Oh, and Aurica being in this level at this point in the game is NOT a sequence break.

It's beautiful and fantastic. It's a little cold, though.

I'm... cold...
You must be. I mean dressed like that.

W, wait! What happened to you!? You got smaller again...
Maybe... are you the Song Fairy? Can you please do me a favor and give me something warm to wear? I'm freezing.
Song Fairy!?
Human, are you really cold? Fine, I'll give you something, so go away.

Ice Guard: No problem!

Why do I have to do a favor for a girl whom I don't even know...?
Misha? What's with this Song Fairy?
The Song Fairy is the one who sacrifices herself to make other people's dreams come true. Right now, I'm the Song Fairy.
But, I'm sick of doing this. I don't wanna do favors for people that I don't even know.
I just wanna be a regular human...
But, you are a human, right?
What are you talking about? I said I'm the Song Fairy, not a Human.
A Song Fairy is a machine made to serve Humans.
(Why does everything sound so confusing...?)
I know! Lyner, I have a favor to ask you! Help me become a Human. I'm sick of being a Song Fairy!
Why are you asking me all of a sudden...? I don't even know what to do about it.
There is only one way for a Song Fairy to transform into a Human.
I need a special medicine from the Shaman who lives in the mountains!
Wow, that's some medicine...
Yeah, so I need to go up into the mountains. Will you come with me?
Well, I guess I can.
Great! Let's do it!

Ice Guard works just like Thunder Guard but with Ice. Song Fairy Misha represents Misha's reluctance to help people at her own expense. She wants to just live her own life, which she can't in reality due to circumstances that will be explained.

You hurt her unconsciously. That's why she's small again.
I didn't know that.

I've got some amusing scenes that are in the video but that I won't put in this update for length's sake. I might include them as an extra later on.

Of course. An Ice Fairy lived on this mountain.
Ice Fairy : Did someone call me!?
Ice Fairy! You look fine.
Ice Fairy : Thanks. Oh, it's you...
Do you remember me?
Ice Fairy : Of course. You saved me on a previous level. How can I forget you.
Oh, I want to pay you back for what you've done for me. I think there's enough snow for a while, so I can help you.
Are you sure?
Ice Fairy : Yeah. You can call me whenever you need me.
Really!? Thank you!

Glacial Ball is a decent mid-range damage spell that does Ice damage.

Ice Fairy : I usually find him around here. Hey Shaman, where are you?
Shaman: Did you call for me?
Ice Fairy : Hello, Shaman.
You're the Shaman!?
I can't believe it.

Shaman: You're a Song Fairy, right? I get visitors who ask for that all the time. It's no problem, I'll fix something for you.
Oh, this is my last one. Don't waste it.
Wow, thank you. I'm gonna be a Human.
Shaman: Oh, you should go somewhere quiet to take your medicine. An inn would be perfect.
Now, I can be a Human! I don't have to guard Humans anymore.
Hey, Misha. Don't you like to make people's dreams come true?
I didn't say that. It's just... not fair. Everyone else is having fun, but I have to work...
It's not fair that I work hard while everyone else is out having fun!
I'm just a robot, so I shouldn't complain about work, right? But, I'm sick of it!

Yeah, but are you sure you aren't going to miss being a Song Fairy?
No! I won't have to take care of Humans anymore. I'm gonna be so happy.
Cinna: Someone just collapsed outside! I tried to heal the person, but my power isn't strong enough.
I saw a Song Fairy go in there. Maybe she can help.
Someone collapsed!? C'mon Misha, let's go!

Cinna: You'll be fine! A Song Fairy is here!
A Song Fairy!? So I'll be okay...?
W, wait! I never agreed to save you!
I quit being a Song Fairy! So, I don't save humans anymore!
Misha! How dare you say that! You don't have to be a Song Fairy to want to save people. Humans also try to save people who desperately need help!
Okay! I'll save her if that's what you want! But this is the last time!
Am I... gonna feel better...?
Cinna: ...It doesn't look like it.
H, huh? It should've worked. What's happening...?
No, it's not working.
It's okay... thanks anyway. The doctor told me that I won't make it, so there's nothing a Song Fairy can do.
Hey, what about the Shaman's medicine.

But if the medicine doesn't work, it'll be a total waste. I'll regret for the rest of my life!
But, what if it does work?
No! You don't understand how I feel!
Let's at least take Krusche to the inn!
Cinna: Uh, okay!
She should be okay for now, but she's still in critical condition...
Cinna: I'm worried about Misha, too...
Misha doesn't want to sing for complete strangers any more.
Wait, why doesn't she want to sing?
She doesn't want to help us defeat enemies or heal us during battles?
Cinna: That's not it. She has a much larger mission to accomplish.
Hasn't she told you about it yet?

Cinna: Yes, we might be erased if we say something that Misha doesn't want to hear. She can do whatever she wants to us inside of her mind.
So... you always have to think before you speak.
Cinna: You really should ask her yourself...
Alright. Let's find Misha.


There you are! I was worried about you.
Lyner... what am I living for?
Well, that's a tough question...
I'm not asking you philosophically.
Ever since I left Platina, I've been singing all alone in one place for days on end...
I didn't know anything about the outside world. I wasn't allowed to know.
I never got to live a normal life, like those I read about in books.
So, what am I living for? I wish I didn't have any feelings, so that I would sing forever and not care about anything else...
It would be so much easier that way. If I was just a singing doll, I wouldn't have to suffer like this...

If you die, it's all over. But, as long as you live, you will always have a chance...

You guys can't even touch me now.
Misha, are you sure about this? I thought you wanted to be free.
Free... I...
What do you get out of saving someone you don't even know? You should be taking care of yourself before worrying about anything else.
What!? You can't just barge in here and trick her into doing whatever you want her to do.
The same can be said of you.
You're an outsider. Leave her alone. I'm trying to make Misha happy.
Misha, take the medicine the shaman gave you. Then, you can enjoy the life you deserve.

But if she dies... she'll never get a second chance.
So, that is your answer. Your decision will weigh heavily on your deeper feelings.
You need to make decisions that are based on your true emotions. Otherwise, you will never break the bonds of your heart. Keep that in mind.
Bonds of my heart...
I'll be back when you need me...
...She's gone.
Let's go back to the inn. We have to save Krusche. She's in a lot of pain.
You're right...

Shinobi is a Misha from a much higher level in her Cosmosphere. She's one of the last Mishas we meet, and she represents the part of Misha that wants to ignore her purpose and duty and go do whatever she wants. We'll be seeing her again. Shinobi thinks we're screwing things up, but she's not exactly unbiased here.

...Leave me alone.
The problem is, you don't know very much about her. You need to get to know her before you can understand her.
...Yeah, well, that really doesn't help me right now.

Sorry I'm late. I'm gonna cure Krusche for real this time.
But, I can't do it myself, so I have to use this medicine.
Cinna: What!? But, that medicine's for...
No, it's okay... I'll get another chance. But, if I don't help her now, it's over.
Here goes...
...Uh...ugh? What....?
So, how do you feel?
I feel... great. I can't believe how sick I was...
So, you're okay?
I think so! Oh, thank you, mythical Song Fairy! Thank you... thank you very much...
I'm happy for you...
Lyner, does it always feel this good to save someone?

Shaman: So, you feel warm and fuzzy inside? That is good news.
Hey, you're the shaman!
Shaman: When seeing others happy makes you happy, you start to feel a warm sensation inside.
When your heart is full of this warm sensation, you will want to share it with others. And, that leads to helping each other.
Until now, Misha, you had never felt such warmth before.
That is why you were hesitant to help.
But now that you know that the warmth comes from helping others, do you think you can begin to enjoy helping others?
...I do!
Shaman: That's wonderful! Seeing how vibrant you are makes me want to help others, too, Misha.
I have the power to Cleanse. Please use me whenever the need arises.

Okay! I will!

Shaman cleanses status effects from the party. It's not needed often, but if you need it you really need it. Always a valuable thing to keep in mind.

Thank you, Lyner. I'm sorry you have to keep visiting all my strange worlds...
I don't know what the next one will be like, but I'd love for you to come and see it with me.
Of course.
So, uh, why are you so small again? That's not how you're supposed to look, is it?
...Well, I don't wanna grow up...
Oh, nothing. C'mon, let's go!
Hey, wait!

So, this level was all about Misha's inability to feel good about helping people for the sake of helping people. It's pretty straightforward. For the first time, we get a Costume for completing a Level. Costumes are the equivalent of weapons for Reyvateils. They change their max MP, singing speed, and various other parameters. We get every Costume we see in the Cosmosphere as we complete the Level that features it. Each one also has a Talk associated with it that opens up after you use it a bit, many of which are hilarious. I won't ruin it, but there's quite a number of them that they wonder where the hell you even got, never mind why they're wearing the silly thing.

Record ends.