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Part 13: Chapter 8: Loss

Chapter 8: Loss

File recovery complete.

Finally. Wretched thing. Commence playback.

Tower Guardians had engaged unauthorized aircraft in Floating Wharf area.


They are Fortress-Class guardians. They will call for help.
So, we gotta defeat them before more guardians show up?
Okay, let's go!

Boss Battle: Fortress Guardian. This boss can summon additional enemies, as Misha said. Red Magic attacks should take them out with relative ease. The boss's most threatening attack is a whole party Thunder attack for about 500 HP a character. Heal back up with Cinna or Cure Tablets after it or you'll lose people like I did early on. Also watch for Paralysis after that attack, which can shut a character down.

Tower Guardians defeated.

Well, you see...
Ah, Tenba.
They closed the airport, so we had to walk.
That must've been rough.
I was really worried the other day, when you didn't stop by the Church.
But, now I know why you couldn't make it.
We're on our way to Nemo. Would you like to catch a ride with us?
Are you sure it's okay?
Yes, of course. It didn't work out last time, but I still want you to meet Bishop Falss.
Taking an airship will be safer and faster than any other way.
Great, it's settled. Welcome aboard.

Yup. It was nice meeting you. Thanks.
How are you gonna get back? I could ask them to wait for you.
No, it's okay. I can use my own airship.
Your own airship!?
Yeah. Didn't I tell you? I'm a Melder who specializes in airships.
But, I'm still just a beginner. I've only finished 3 airships so far.
3 airships!?
And you're still a beginner?
Hey, Krusche, do you think you can fix my airship?
Your airship?
Yeah. I was attacked by a monster on my way down. I had to make an emergency landing.
Sure. It sounds fun. 'Sides, I'm curious to see what it looks like.
Really? Thanks! Alright! This means a lot to me.

But, it all depends on how badly it's damaged, and what kinds of parts you'll need. I won't know until I see it.
Are you going to the Nemo Airport?
I can take my ship there, and meet you at the airport later.
Great! I'll be waiting.
Okay, I'll see you later.
We're almost ready to leave.
We can leave whenever you're ready.

Shortly after takeoff a second unidentified aircraft commenced an attack.


As I mentioned before, we were on a mission.
I'm not supposed to tell this to outsiders... but I can trust you. We're searching for the Hymn Crystal.
The Hymn Crystal!
Oh? Are you interested in it as well?
Absolutely! Can you tell me anything about it?
Actually, I don't know much about it myself.
Bishop Falss is the real expert. He should be able to answer your questions.
For now, you should just enjoy the ride.
Bishop Falss...

I want to feel the wind. Hehehe....
What are you doing?
Lyner! Come closer...
Oh, yeah, I forgot. You're afraid of heights.
How could you forget!?
If it's getting too much for you, we could go inside.
No! I like it here.

That's okay. I didn't think you would. It's been a long time.
I used to live in Platina.
I moved away when you were only this big.
...Really? People don't usually move away from Platina.
I know... I guess that makes me special, but not in a good way.
I was born to fulfill a mission... That's why I had to leave Platina.
...A mission?
Lyner... I...
What? Do you know her?

I look at you with your happy Reyvateil and it's like you're slapping me in the face!
Well, I'm taking Misha back! The rest of you can go straight to hell!
Not on my watch!

If you don't stand still, I'll drop this girl.
Why must you be such a pain?
Come on over, Misha! Or do you want me to drop this girl?
You coward!
Are you gonna come peacefully?
I'll never take orders from you!
Then, you've just killed this girl.
What's going on!?
Bourd!! You!
Oh, hello Radolf. My fight's not with you today.

What? She's a Reyvateil!?
Heh, I've gotta great idea...
Hey kid! Bring Misha over here.
What are you up to?
Misha, stay here. I'm going by myself.
Lyner! I'm coming with you...
No! You're afraid of heights!

What are you, stupid? Or don't you understand your predicament?
Hurry up and bring me Misha! Otherwise, I'll drop this one right now!
What's wrong? Afraid of heights or something?
...Sh, shut up! I'm coming, so just let her go!
Excellent! But, you have to walk up to me alone!
This should be interesting. Bwahahahahahaha!
Hey, no holding hands! She has to walk by herself.
Lyner, I'm sorry. I have to go...
Misha! You don't have to do this!
Don't worry, I'll be okay. I'm not... that scared of... heights...
I'll... be back... Wait for me...


Let me go... We'll both fall if you don't.
I can't let you go!
Why...? Why are you risking your life to save me?
I don't know. Reflexes, I guess.
Argh... can't... hold on... much longer...
Then don't. You've already done enough...
Heh... heh... I'm almost spent. I'm sorry...
Save yourself. Let go of my hand.
Don't say that! No matter what, I won't... give up... on you!

Subjects fell from aircraft. Descent interrupted by third unauthorized aircraft.

I knew something bad was gonna happen when I saw Tenba arguing with the church, so I followed you.
But, I didn't expect to have to perform a miracle.
Thanks! I gotta admit, I thought we were gonna die.
Well, there is a slight problem.
What is it?
I can't control the ship.
So, we might get to go to heaven after all.
Are you serious!?

Unauthorized aircraft spun out of control, crashed on land designated 'Falcon's Claw.' Passenger survival confirmed.

Can't win them all I suppose.

...I'm sorry...
Don't be. I made this decision on my own.
What matters is that we're all okay, right? That's enough of a miracle for me.
...You're right. Aurica... are you okay?
...I'm alright.

I know. I blame it on my dark sense of humor.
Say, you're a pretty wild guy, aren't you? You change Reyvateils like I change... well, never mind.
...Shame on you.
First of all, eww! And second, it's not like that at all!
I don't know. I've heard stories...
Okay, enough. So, where are we?
Falcon's Claw. It's a floating dragon's nest that's isolated from the Wings of Horus.
...So, what do we do now?
We may as well walk around. Who knows what we'll find.

Record ends.

Continue surveillance on targets. I want to know the second something happens. With the Star Singer recovered all that is needed is the Knight's death for my plans to come to fruition. I will be victorious! Nothing will stand in my way! Noth-

Connection terminated by remote.

Oh man, oh man. Unauthorized access? This isn't good! Computer, why did you grant that user access to secure files?

Previous user granted Level One access.


Investigating logs... Calculating... Calculation complete. 99.95% probability Virus is responsible.

This isn't good. Lady Shurelia's going... to... be...

Oh... dear... losing... power... sleep... mode... engaged...

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Damned meddling Tower Security! I suppose I'll have to be more careful, I'm not ready yet. For now, I will maintain a lower profile. Computer, log off and delete all records of this and the previous access.

Confirmed. Records deleted. Logging off. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!