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Part 14: Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace Level 4

Supplemental- Misha's Soulspace Level 4


Really? Well you were in the Upper World the whole time, so it figures you'd think that.
When I first came down here, I felt the same way.
It seems like this world is more energetic, or just more fun.
Yeah. Firefly Alley is especially energetic.
If we get the time, I'll show you around.

Isn't it boring? Just walking around and stuff.
Nope. It's not that bad. It's my first time, so it's really fun. And I want to go to a lot of other places, too.
When you were in Tenba, were you always in Firefly Alley?
Yeah... but, that was the best. At least in Firefly Alley, I was able to walk around freely.
Before that... it was just a dark room...
A dark room? Were you imprisoned or something?
Um... I'll tell you about it someday. It's not something I really want to remember...

Oh, I've got plans for it. Big plans.
Then you should hurry up and use it.
Honestly, it's a hassle having to carry all your stuff with us everywhere we go.
Well, I guess you're right, but...
Then it's decided. Hurry up and Grathmeld something with it.

I'll try not to, I guess.
You see... I actually really hate, how should I put this, doing things for other people.
I always thought it should be more important to take care of myself before doing things for other people...
So... why were you so nice to me from the very beginning?
You're different. You're Lyner.
I don't quite see how that works but, well, I'm still grateful.
Hehehe... but I think I've changed a little, lately.
I used to hate doing things for other people, but now, I'm starting to like it...

The Tranquilizer is complete!
I know the effects of this are great, but it's bitter so I don't really like it...
Well, I thought there would be people like you, so this one isn't bitter!
Anyone can enjoy this Nyo? Guts flavored drink!
Nyo? Guts!? ...Well, okay. I'll call it "Legend Raiser."
Can I call this item Legend Raiser?

The Dream Chaser Water is complete. I almost fell asleep like twice while I was making this so it was harder than I thought.
That's how effectifve it is. Well, it can be used for everyday life so I guess that's good enough.
I guess. It helps for people who have insomnia.
Another one would be giving it to someone you like.
Huh, why?
Th, that's not something I can say from my mouth. Think of it yourself.
...What are you thinking?

Yeah, sure... What are you planning to do?
Well, I'm having a little trouble falling asleep lately.
So I was going to use a little bit before I go to bed and then I can quickly fall asleep.
A, am I the only one that thinks that's kind of dangerous?
Really? It's convenient how you can use it for everyday life.


Get ready for the last time we see Young Misha in her Soulspace. This world is even less inviting than the previous ones. This will begin to get increasingly strange and dangerous as we go on.


I thought that the higher the level, the more beautiful it gets.
It's not that easy.
To grow up, you have to reveal your long hidden secrets and find solutions for them.
There are many unsolved matters and secrets inside the mind.
Once you grow, you have to reveal them. You can only grow emotionally by facing your secrets and finding solutions for them.
I... see...
So as levels advance, Misha's ugly sides will be revealed.
Supporting Misha won't be easy. But no matter how ugly it gets, you have to accept her for who she is and help her.
That's... why I'm here...
If you dived without knowing the magnitude of your role, you should leave now.
...You still don't remember me?
Huh!? Remember... what?
...Never mind. I should've known better...

If we remembered Misha, we might know what Hama's talking about. I'll just say that Hama has every reason to be pissed at us, specifically.

Hey Hama. So, there's something I've always wanted to ask you...
...What now?
Those cat ears and bells... What are they? Or like, do those bells even jingle?
They're just for decoration, so no, they don't jingle.
But then there'd be no meaning to the bells.
Well. Then I guess the drums on Misha's hair have no meaning too. Or would you want to beat those drums?
If I do that, Misha would kill me...
My bells are the same. They're just accents. Fashion, you know?
(Somehow her sense of fashion is a little off...)
J, just thinking it's so cute! Ahaha!
...I wonder.

I'm getting sick of these thorns...
Maybe I'm just not welcome here...

W, wait Misha!? Why are you wearing pajamas. Are you gonna play in those?
What's wrong with playing in pajamas? Besides, it's night. You should be wearing pajamas, too.
C'mon, let's play everywhere!


To save points and time, and because I didn't really think about what I was doing, I went to the forest first, which triggers the next phase.

Huh!? Why not...?
Because I said so! Don't enter this forest!
I'm getting tired. Let's go home.

Oh Hama, it's you.
I'm sorry it's just me. I know I'm of no merit to you.
You're wrong. When I'm with you, I feel kind of relaxed, but I don't really know why.
Wh, what are you talking about? I'm only mean to you. Or are you... A masochist?
Of course not...
But it is true that I feel relaxed when I'm with you. I wonder why...
That's probably because... I'm your...
I know! Those ears!
Those cat ears are what makes me feel calm. You see, I actually really like cats!
And bells! That bell gives it a nice feel too!
I was the stupid one when I thought I could trust you for even a moment.
Huh? ...Wh, what's wrong all of a sudden!?
Forget it! Go away!

Lyner is a complete idiot and his idiocy robbed him of an early chance to find out what Hama keeps nearly saying. I mean my god is he stupid. Never rely on Lyner not messing crap like this up, because man is he terrible.

Oh! Mom, I'm sorry!
I didn't even notice when you left. I was worried about you...
But... you're always too busy studying. You never play with me...
You don't have time to play! You have to grow up...
I don't wanna grow up! You can't make me!
Misha, stop being such a baby!
Excuse me...
Lyner! Save me from this mean, old lady!
I'm not a mean old lady! Besides, who are you? Are you trying to kidnap her with candy?
Hi, Misha's mom. I'm Lyner. I think we've met before... or maybe not...
What? I don't know you. Well... maybe I do know you...
Who are you? How do I know you? And, will you go out with me?
Wh, what!?

You've been playing around too much. As punishment, you'll have to grow up now.
What! N, no! Please don't!
Ah ah! Let's go to the forest now.
No! I'm not going to the forest!
Lyner! Help me!
...Forest? Is it the same forest Misha told me not to enter?

Okay. So remember that every actual person in the Soulspace has to be a real person. Also keep in mind that, since she's a Beta, Misha doesn't actually have 'parents'. Lyner has already failed to figure out if he knows who that person is. I haven't used this icon before, if that helps. I encourage you to think through the facts as the game progresses and we meet more characters. They get a face, though, because this is hardly going to be the last time we see them.

So, this is the part of Misha that won't accept reality. She's really an adult who has a misson to fulfill, but she'd rather be a kid who plays all day. This is further compounded by the fact that in the real world she never got a choice like this. What's more, this is also a region of insecurity, where Misha is sure we won't like her any more if she's an adult.

So, why does Misha hate this forest...?
What was that voice!? It came from over there!
Misha! Don't be so selfish!
No! I don't want to ! I don't want to ever grow up!
Lyner! Don't come any closer!
Lyner, will you please talk some sense into her? She says she doesn't want to grow up...
Please calm down, ma'am. She'll have to grow up eventually. She's just not ready yet.
Don't you know anything? She's already grown up. She's just masquerading as a child so she can act foolish.
Come over here and take a closer look!
No! Stay back!

No! This isn't the real me!
I hate this body! Don't make me break it!
Stop that! You can't break your body with that!
Then, I'll craft a Song strong enough to destroy this body in one blast!
I'm sorry to drag you into this...
What happened to her? Why is she acting like that?
She discarded her grown body so that she could remain a child...
She always dreaded growing up and losing her freedom.
She has an important destiny to fulfill...
She stopped whining recently, and began acting like an adult.

Could it be... that I'm the reason...?
Please stop Misha from destroying herself.
If she succeeds, she may even disappear!
She looked very determined. She is capable of crafting a song powerful enough...
You have to stop her before she gets that far. Please...

What is it now?
You may not have caused this mess in the first place, but now, you're responsible for it.
Yeah, yeah. I know... Now, I gotta go find her.

I found out how to destroy my grown body.
Stop it! You might kill yourself by doing it!
I'd rather die than be a grown up! See you later!
Why are you stopping me?
I can't let you die!
But if I don't do something, I'll grow up. And then you'll hate me!
Hate you!?
So, get outta my way!!
So powerful...
...! Damn! Where is she!?
She must've returned to the forest. I gotta hurry!

I was waiting for you. I wanted you to see me destroy my grown body.
Then you'll see that this is the true me, and then we'll be together forever...
It doesn't matter to me if you're a child or a grown up. Please, don't do anything crazy!
You're lying! You can't guarantee that you won't change your mind. You might not like me if I grow up!
You might even hate me! So I have to get rid of it!
Misha... do you really want to do this?
Of course. It's too painful not being able to be who you really are... And it hurts even more when someone likes the fake parts of you...
You're nice to the little Misha, but that doesn't mean you'll be nice to the big Misha.
That's not true. It doesn't matter if you're big or small. You're still Misha.
How can you prove it? Show me proof that you'll still like big Misha!
If you can show it to me, I won't destroy my grown body.

You're in the way. I don't wanna hurt you, so move!
No. I'm here to protect Misha. Both Mishas, big and little, are important to me.
If little Misha wants to destroy big Misha, there's only one way I can stop her.
You can't stop me!
Then go ahead and do it. Even if you destroy me, it'll still protect big Misha!
No. I can't destroy you...
You're so great. You're determined to protect me, no matter what.
I guess I must look pretty pathetic... trying to destroy myself to make you like me better...
Lyner, I'm not going to destroy the grown up me. I want to face you head on.
I'll take a chance. If you don't like the grown up me, oh well. I have to accept that your feelings for me aren't strong.
I made up my mind. I realized that there's something else I need to destroy.
...Something else?
Yes. But to do so, I need to go to the Stonehenge. Will you come with me?

The fake me...
The fake Misha...?
Yes. Just like my mom said, this small Misha... it's not real.
The real Misha is all grown up. In the real world, I'm really 18. So, of course, I don't really look like this.
So I'm going to destroy this body, and the whole fake world that I created!
Misha! Wait!
I'm gonna do it!
Whoa! It's shaking really hard! This place is gonna collapse!

Yes! I'm through with this lousy world!
I'm leaving now! Please don't hate me when I grow up!

The Sheep Sweets costume we get from this has less MP than Magical Shower, so I generally would prefer the former. Actually, I would prefer not to use Young Misha at all, and wishes are about to be horses for me because we've got Aurica again.

Record ends.