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Part 15: Chapter 9: Return

Chapter 9: Return

Welcome to the Tower of At Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Give me all the results of the surveillance of Lyner Barsett.

Loading records... Load complete.

Begin at first record and display.

Subjects rested for night.

Aurica!? Wh, what's wrong!?
Well... nothing, never mind... Sorry to bother you...
Wait! You aren't bothering me at all. I'm just surprised, because you don't usually visit me.
You're right. I've never done this before...
Lyner, thank you for saving my life when I was pushed off the airship.
Oh, that... I'm just glad that both of us made it out safely. That was a miracle!
We owe Krusche a lot. If either of you had one anything differently, that miracle wouldn't have happened.
I know. It's amazing.
Sorry to bother you so late.
Can I come back some other time?
It's more relaxing when it's just the two of us.
Sure, anytime. I'll go to you if I have something, too.
Oh, if you don't want me to, just let me know.
No... it's not like that. But, it is getting late... I'd better go back to my room.

In the morning, subjects began investigating area.

Lynner: Huh? We don't have time to wander around a ruin!
Lyner, don't you know anything?
I'm not going there to fool around. We might find a way to get out of here.
Hmmm... I never though of that...
It's a big ruin. Come on, sitting here doesn't do us any good.
...Alright, let's go.

Subjects entered ruins to investigate.

Subjects approached Shrine of Tyria.

I'll go check.
It's... a statue of the Goddess Tyria...
Who's that?
She's the Goddess we worship at my church.
Long ago, she supported humans and helped keep the world peaceful.
In addition to the Goddess Tyria, there are the Goddess Eoria and the Goddess Frelia.
Together, they are the Trio of Elemia.
They aren't just a myth. They really did exist.
Goddess Tyria...
Did you find anything...

This sucks...
Let's go back.

Subjects returned to main ruin areas to rest for night.

Maybe we can gather wood to make a signal fire. Someone might see it.
...Sounds like a long shot.
Aurica, I'm sorry I got you involved in this.
It's all my fault. Misha and I shouldn't have been on the Church's airship.
But, it's not your fault, Lyner. I wasn't fast enough... that's why he caught me...
That isn't true. He could've grabbed anyone if he wanted to.
...Do you really think so?
Aurica, where are you from?
...Sorry. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Haha...
I'm... going to get some fresh air.
Alright. But, don't wander too far.

Well, that part's obvious.
I wonder why?
I've been meaning to tell you... You're extremely friendly to Reyvateils, you know what?
What? Really!? ...I thought I was just treating them normally.
No, there's something different about you.
I trust you, so I'll let you in on my secret...
...I'm a Reyvateil, too...
What!? Really!? ...I couldn't tell.
...Just kidding!
You little...! That's not funny.
I thought you'd e nicer to me if I told you I was a Reyvateil.

I don't need relationship advice from you.
Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot. I'm just a Melder who specializes in airships.
That's not true. But, you can fix my airship, right?
Sure, if we get outta here. We have to figure out how to do that, first.
You're right...
By the way, there's something I wanted to ask you...
Is there an airship here that I can use to fly up to Platina?
No way! If you try to fly up there, your airship will explode by sparks from the Blastline.
...That's what I figured.
But, my dream is to build a strong enough airship that can pass through the Blastline.
I'll fly past the Blastline and out of this world someday.
...Just like Luke did... a long time ago...
Say, who is this Luke guy...?

In the morning subjects continued investigation.

He is...? Are you here to rescue us!?
Knight A: Yes. Cardinal Radolf is on his way.
Goodness! You're alright! When you fell off the airship, I thought you were a goner.
But, you came to rescue us! I owe you big time, now!
I saw that your airship had a pretty rough landing over there. Come on, let's go.

No, it's okay. It was my own decision.
I see...
But, we have to thank Krusche. If she hadn't helped, neither of us would've survived.
What's wrong, Aurica?
Because of me, that girl had to give herself up...
It's okay. I'll bring her back.
So, you have nothing to worry about.

Subjects arrived at airport city Nemo.

I have an appointment at the Church. What should I do...?
It doesn't matter to me. So, it's really up to you.
Alright. Let's just take care of these things one at a time.

Subjects entered church in town.

Welcome to the Elemia Church.
I am Biship Falss.
I'm glad to finally meet you.
When Radolf first told me about you, quite frankly, I couldn't believe it.
I never expected an Apostle of Elemia would ever come all the way down here...
The Goddess Trio have surely led you to us.
But, what was it that brought you to the Lower World?
Well, I'm searching for the Hymn Crystal.
The Hymn Crystal!? ...Then you must be on an important mission.
If it is possible... will you tell me all about it?

I have this 3D diagram of it from Platina. The crystal looks like this...
The viruses have also caused the Tower Guardians to attack humans...
Given the current circumstances, we are obligated to help you.
I may be able to help you find the crystal.
A long time ago, I heard a rumor that the crystal is kept in a ruin called Singing Hill.
It will take me a day to research the crystal and ruin.
Aurica, please take them to the inn.
...Yes, sir.
I'll present my findings to you tomorrow. It's important that you get some rest.
Thank you very much!
I'll see you tomorrow. May the Goddess Trio bless you...

Purger is at the Singing Hill? Computer, mark Singing Hill for protection from intruders, class Omega Virus Threat.

Virus threat marked. Resuming playback.

Subjects entered building 'Singing Moon Inn'.

Man: Get outta here. We don't want a loner like you in our town!
It is true that I am an independent Reyvateil...
However, I have never caused any trouble.
There is no reason for me to leave.
Man: What!?
If I cause any real trouble, I will leave of my own accord.
But I won't be bullied into leaving if I haven't done anything wrong.
Man: You make me sick! But, I will be back!
What was that?
...He's got no class.

You!? Where have you been? We were worried about you.
Jack's not with you? He's been looking for you for a while now.
But... I'm glad that you're okay.
Oh...? Aurica, is it really you?
I can't believe it! It's been so long! I never thought I'd see you again!
I was so worried about you when our village burnt down...
You two know each other?
We grew up in the same village together.
Ah... and your village burned down?
It was a long time ago, during the war.

I'm surprised to see you two together.
She's been through so much. Maybe you can listen to her and make her feel better.
And loot at the new guy who has a pretty girl wrapped around each arm.
W, wait a minute! Miss Claire, you've got it all wrong...
Oh, I know. But teasing boys is always so much fun.
We have so much to talk about. Why don't we all go out to dinner?
Aurica, you're a candidate for the Holy Maiden of the Elemia Church? Your lifelong dream has come true.
The legendary Holy Maiden who saved the world... Wouldn't it be great if Aurica became the second Holy Maiden?
But, I'm a Class-D Reyvateil, they'll never choose me.
Class doesn't matter. If you believe in yourself, you'll make your dream come true.
...Do you really think so?
Of course. Come on, Aurica! Cheer up!

Hmmm... the Singing Hill ruin is pretty far.
...Oh! If you do go to the Singing Hill, will you do me a favor?
There's a material called Fragment of Yuteria over there.
Will you bring one back for me, please?
Sounds simple enough. Since I'm going there anyway, I'll pick one up for you.
Thank you!

Subjects rested in building for night. Record resumes in morning.

If it hasn't been stolen, it should still be there.
That's great... I finally know where the crystal is. I'm going to get it now!
Oh, and Lyner...
I may just be worrying too much, but...
Searching the ruin without a Reyvateil is dangerous, even for an Apostle of Elemia.
If you don't mind, will you please take Aurica with you?
Huh? Would that be alright...?
Aurica doesn't have a partner yet, but I sense an unlimited potential within her.
Aurica, do you want to go with him? The decision is yours to make.

Thank you very much!
Oh, and Radolf, you should go with them as well.
As you wish.
Thank you... for everything.
Oh, and Lyner...
Aurica has been through some tough times...
Because of this, she has closed her heart.
For a Reyvateil, deep emotions and high sensitivity are the source of strong Song Magic.
Please heal her.
May the Trio of Elemia bless you, Lyner.
May they bless us all.

Record ends.

What do we know about this 'Aurica' girl. Even a weak Reyvateil is of note.

Name: Aurica Nestmile Age: 17 Height: 160 cm Weight: 44 kg
Reyvateil Classification: Third Generation, Class D
Hymn Code not expected for Third Generation, search anyway?

Yes, continue search. Might as well.

Searching... Hymn Code found. Hymn Code: MIR_TEIWAZ_ARTONELICO

Oh, how interesting, she does have a... hymn... code... Confirm that code.


I see. That IS interesting. I supposed I'll have to monitor this situation. Log off and delete all logs of this access.

Confirmed. System logging off. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!