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Part 16: Supplemental: Misha's Soulspace, Level 5

Supplemental- Misha's Soulspace, Level 5


After completing the fourth Soulspace level, you get a little cutscene that introduces the concept of 'Installing'. We can use Red, Blue, and Green Grathnode crystals to improve the power of Red, Blue, and Green magic.

Huh? Really?
Dive Shop: In general, even for two people who click, the level 3 is the highest level they can reach.
So, if you reach the level this deep, you've already installed right?
Dive Shop: Oh, you haven't? Why don't you give him a chance?
It's not like that... It's just Lyner never asked me...
It's my fault!?
...a girl doesn't usually bring up the subject!
I didn't know that... I don't even know about installing very well...
Dive Shop: What! It's a big surprise too.
You install by inserting a Grathnode Crystal directly into a Reyvateil's body.
By doing so, various power of Grathnode Crystal will be added to her song.
An easier way to explain this is that her song will be strengthened.
But there is a downside to it. The Reyvateil will be damaged.

Poison!? I can't do that to Misha...
Dive Shop: It's up to you two to decide.
Why don't you go to the inn and talk it over?

The more Grathnode Crystals we put into a song, the more expensive it becomes to use it. That's really all there is to it.

What!? What are you saying?
I've heard that you can make song magic even stronger. I want to be stronger and help you even more.
Then we'll be able to get to places we weren't able to go before.
You're right, but...
I want to help you, Lyner! I want to be even stronger. So, will you install?
Okay. But, are you really sure about this? I don't want to force you.
Actually, I'm looking forward to it. I'll be getting special effects.
But, I've also heard that it hurts, so I'm a little scared. Please be gentle...
I'll try my best.
Thank you. You're so kind.
Oh... you've never installed before right? Do you want to do it now? It'll be a good practice.
If you don't have Grathnode Crystal, try using this. It's not so effective, but doesn't damage me much either.

All Reyvateils have a spot on their body called an installer port, that reacts to Grathnode Crystal and takes them into their body.
Mine is on my upper chest.
Here... see how it looks like a tattoo between my breasts...?
Uh... umm, I don't know if I should be looking at that...
You pervert! It's not like I'm going to show you my boobs! ...Sheesh...
S, sorry...
This thing near your breast... it's a tattoo?
That's my installer port. See how there's a circle in the middle? Put a Grathnode Crystal up against it, and it'll take it in.
Try it.

This is what the install interface looks like. It's extremely straightforward.

Well, a little. But it was the first time for both of us. We can practice and find less painful ways to do it.
I'm sorry...
That's OK. It was my decision. I can stand it as long as you do it for me. So, I"ll ask you to do it again in the future.

What do you mean? I don't understand the question.
Well, you see... I used to not want to be an adult.
I kinda felt like you wouldn't like me anymore, and , there were some other reasons, too.
But recently, I'm starting to change my mind.
So will you still like me as an adult... or is that just wishful thinking?

Yeah, now that you mention it.
You know, it gets a little tiring going back and forth every night. Should we just get the same room from now on?
That's... not a good idea. I mean, it'll make it easier for people to ambush us...
Aw... that's okay. You better keep coming to my room then.

Really? I didn't think they were so bad.
Well it is kinda my fault. Maybe it's because I lived in Firefly Alley for so long.
I had to use my head a lot more often than my body. Ah, I should've worked out a little.
Well at least you learned how to pick locks, and met a lot of strange people.
...You make it sound like a bad thing.

Huh? Yeah I have some. How did you know?
I knew because... are you serious?
Huh, what?
The smell. Your body stinks of it.
Really!? I didn't notice it myself!
Yeah, you don't notice these things yourself. Go take a bath.
I don't want a smelly Lyner...

But it's a little embarrassing when you make me wear Magical Shower.
I may look like this, but I'm close to 20 years old...
I'm sorry, but what did you say about my taste and fetish?
I feel like I'm in danger. There was this one time, when these weird guys were staring at me. It was so scary...
Maybe you didn't notice, but they were stalking us for a while.
What!? Seriously!?
So, pay better attention! Or else I'll be too scared to even wear it.

Yeah, I think so. It has to be.
...I'm starting to wonder why I was able to fight normally and not even care much about it.
Hahaha, there's nothing wrong with that. You're little, so I don't think anyone minds.
I'm sure you meant that in a good way, and it's you, so I'll let that one slide.
But if you ever say that again, I won't hesitate to sing at you. So, be prepared.


We're back on Adult Misha for good now. This is also the last relatively normal level. Past this it starts to get pretty crazy. As we get deeper the fact that this isn't the real world increasingly becomes lost on Misha, which is really really bad for us. This level is all about Misha's past and her inability to deal with it.


What are you doing here... and why are you dressed like that...!?
...Huh? This is how all students are supposed to dress...
Hmm... I just didn't expect to see you here.
That's because... I don't want to go home...
...I see...
(She's often like that...)

Huh...? What's that building in the middle? It looks like a mirage...
But, everything else looks normal. This world is the most realistic so far.

Don't you want me to?
...No, it's not that. I'm just a little embarrassed...
It's kind of extreme... but don't worry about it...

Father! Stop it!
This... is normal for us...
Father, we can't afford to buy you any more...
...What did you say!? Can't afford more!? Then sell your clothes and make some money!
Dad! Stop it! What are you doing!?
Dad!? Who are you? I don't know you!
Father, please!
Misha, you're home. Where have you been? I need sake! Bring me some more sake!
We don't have any sake! Are you drunk again?
How dare you speak to your father like that!
You always have your way and say whatever you want! Why don't you ever consider other people's feelings?
You're just a kid! You need to learn to obey your parents!

Let's get some sake and come home. I've heard we might be able to find some imported sake at the pier warehouse. Let's go check it out.
Big sis is always too nice to father...
Lyner, I'm sorry that you had to see that. I'm so embarrassed...
No, don't worry about it.
Oh, is he your friend? Good evening, I'm Misha's big sister.
...Is he your boyfriend?
N, no he's not!
I see... then, will you go out with me...?
Wh, what!?
No!! You can't do that! Big sis, you can't ask him that! What's wrong with you!?
I... don't even know why I asked...
(...I think this happened before...)

I heard that you have imported sake here...
Yes we do. It's only 10,000 leaf right now.
10, 000 leaf!? I don't have that kind of money!
I guess you wouldn't. Then why don't we have a drinking competition. If you win, I'll give you a bottle for free.
I can't drink sake!
It doesn't have to be you. It could be the young man or the lady next to you. Or you could bring a friend.
I can't drink sake. What about you, Lyner?
I don't drink at all!
Then I guess we don't even have a contestant.
Don't we know anyone who can drink a lot?
I don't know anyone...
...Okay, why don't we look around and find someone who can.

Hmm, what's wrong with this world? I didn't know Misha had a dysfunctional family.
...You... think this is about Misha's family? It's not that simple. It's called Rewriting.
You rewrite past experiences into something more obvious. So he might appear to be a drunk here, but the real world problem is something else.
I see... so, maybe something happened between my father and Misha...
Good guess...

In case you're wondering, people just have to have been seen by Misha at all. We know Radolf has had lots of run-ins with Tenba, so that's probably how she's seen him before.

Sake? Sure I can. I can out drink anyone!
(...A cardinal shouldn't say that... but, I guess it's okay since we're inside Misha's mind...)
Then why don't you come with me. You can drink sake for free.

Nice to meet you. But, I won't go easy on you.
Alright! Let's begin!
I can't... drink... any more...
You gave up already. I thought you could do better.
It didn't work...

Of course. I like to drink more than just with my three meals a day.
I'll let you drink a lot, so come with me.

Thanks for the compliment, but I won't go easy on you.
Well, let's enjoy this evening to the fullest.
Zzzz zzzz zzzz...
He fell asleep? He had quite a lot but he still couldn't beat me.
It didn't work...

Oh, wait... Hey, do you drink a lot?
Of course. Nobody has ever out drank me before!
Then I'll let you drink a lot of sake. Come with me!

You think so? Then I won't go easy on you.
Oh, I'm so scared...
...I can't drink any more...
Oh, that's it? I thought you could do better.
It didn't work...

But, we have to keep looking.
Rabbit: You guys are in trouble.
You! I remember you...
Rabbit: Oh, I'm honored. Please call me Mecha Rabbit.
By the way, you can't beat China Misha that easily.
She's a high level Misha, so her feelings are very strong and determined.
She can't be easily beaten once she's determined to win.
So, residents of this world...
Rabbit: You have to find someone really special to beat her. And if you have any doubt in your contestant, you've already lost.
Then, we have no chance of winning?
Rabbit: It's up to you. You're the administrator of this world.
You have to find someone who can definitely beat Misha. If you can't find anyone, then you have to create someone. Know what I mean?
Someone who can definitely beat her...

Rabbit: Oops, I've been here too long. Gotta go.
Misha... how's it going?
Let's go to the mountains...

...I need to find something that will make the other me think that she's gonna lose...
Misha... are you ready?
Don't bother me! I'm thinking!
Lyner, thank you for waiting. I found the greatest drinker ever.
H, hurry u, uupp... I'm fr, freezing...
I should be able to find a raccoon that can absorb anything around here.
A raccoon can drink a lot of sake and temporarily expand. Once the sake is absorbed, it'll return to its normal size.
What are you talking about?
Let's hear her out.
An enzyme inside raccoons help them absorb sake quickly, and their bodies expand to ferment.
Once they break down the alcohol, their bodies quickly shrink back to their normal size. And, the alcohol residue is very nutritious for raccoons!

Tanuki: Oh, you were talking about me!
I did! I want you to drink a lot of sake for me!
Tanuki: Sake! Alright! Where is it?
Come with us.

What!? He's going to drink? Will he be okay?
Of course. He drinks sake for his three meals a day.
Okay then, let's have a drinking match.

Tanuki: I'm hungry. Will you let me drink some more?
What's going on!?
He has an enzyme that absorbs alcohol. He's getting big because of the fermentation. Once all of the alcohol is absorbed, he shrinks back to normal size.
Once he absorbs the alcohol, he's hungry and ready to drink a lot more. So, he's pretty much a bottomless drinker.
Then! I can never beat him!
Oh no! I think I'm getting drunk. I guess he won. You can take the sake...
Great! We got sake!
Alright, we did it! I'm impressed. How did you find the way to beat her?
I know myself better than anyone. I'm not good with logic.
I carefully planned the whole thing. There was a lot of logic that I didn't mention.
I'll tell you about it some other time. It'll probably take a whole day to explain it all.
No! You don't have to do that...
Tanuki: Can I take one, too?
Of course. We couldn't win without you!
Tanuki: Great! You're so nice. I want to work for you. Call me whenever you need me!
We have sake, so we are good to go home!
Yes. Father must be worried about us.
I don't think he's worried at all...

(She's right about Dad...)
(What happen between them in the real world...?)

The Blue Magic we get from this absorbs incoming damage. This is very, very useful in a few fights where the whole party is getting absolutely hammered with damage.

We brought sake back for you.
What took you so long!? Where have you been!?
What's wrong with you? We worked hard to make you happy!
Misha, calm down!
No! I won't let him get away with this! Not today!
Stop it, both of you!
No, big sis! I won't deny my feelings any longer! I'm gonna tell him how it is!
How dare you talk to me like that!
You can't hold me up to your ridiculous standards. My singing skills are better than you thought!
...Singing skills?
You locked me up in a dark room. You told me it was perfect for training for crafting Songs under extreme situations.
I did that for you... because I care about you!
You care about me!? If you really cared about me, you woulda bought me that kid's meal when I was little!
You told me to grow up already. You never let me play...
Because of you, I don't even have any good childhood memories! Give me back my childhood, you monster!

Lyner, it's too dangerous here! We have to leave now!
But, what about Misha?
She'll be fine. But, we have to go outside!

From that guy!?
Yes. He's a brilliant, but selfish man.
Misha had unbelievable potential. He put her through extreme tests to train her to meet his standards. Misha patiently obeyed all of his orders.
I guess she finally reached her boiling point.
...I never knew...
This should get everything off her chest. Just wait until she's done.
Once she gets everything out, it'll be easy to make up with her.
If you say so...

I'll let you go... this time...
What a mess...
You're so... powerful... I thought you were... still just a kid...
* huff* * huff*
I'm... so proud of you.
Thank you...

For doing this we get Stubborn Father, which is a decent non-elemental magic attack. This level is pretty self explanatory story wise.

Commander Leard taught Misha how to craft Song Magic. He taught her everything she needed to know to carry out her mission.
He was tough on her, and she couldn't take it. That's why her feelings about him were buried so deep...
Dad did that to her back then...
But, now that she let out her feelings, she should feel a lot better.


There's nothing to be embarrassed about. That's all in the past. Besides, you were kinda cute when you were angry.
That better be because I look cute all the time...
This is gonna be my fifth Paradigm Shift. The more times we do this, the more of my secrets you'll see.
...Next time, you may be disappointed and hate me... Hahaha!
Don't worry... I told you, nothing here can change how I feel about you. So go right ahead.
...Alright. See you there...

Record ends.

The costume we get from that is for Adult Misha, so we can't make use of it at the moment. We get an event next time we rest after completing Five.

You look so happy. What did you make?
It's a gift to you. It was really difficult to make.
You're giving me a gift? That's nice!
Once you see it, you'll be a hundred times happier than now.
So, will you accept my masterpiece, the Decorated Hakama!
Decorated Hakama!?
It even has your family emblem!
Wait a minute! How do you know my family emblem!? I didn't even know about it!?
I saw it when I was little.
Three layers of circles with a cross inside? My family emblem is corny.
What do you expect? It's a family emblem. Isn't this great, though?
Yeah, it is. It looks sturdy...

That's why I had a hard time making it. Do you like it?
Yes. I really like it! Thanks.
Well, you're welcome. You should wear this during a battle. You'll do great.
Alright! ...Uh, what did you say? Battle!?
I forgot to tell you, but it's really sturdy.
I made this for you to wear in battle. It's much sturdier than regular armor.
Why make it that sturdy?
Because I wanted for you to wear it all the time.
It not only increases your defense, but you can cause all elemental damage!
I thought about you a lot while making it. So, your HP should go up drastically, too!
...Thoughts are powerful.
So, will you wear this?
...You're serious?
Of course I'm serious. I made it for you to wear.
But it looks uncomfortable for battle...
I know it looks uncomfortable, but trust me, it's not.
...This is just great.
That's a great compliment! So, will you wear it?
Well, I'll stand out if I wear it...
It'll be fine. It's even sturdier than armor. So, will you wear it?

This thing is, as they say, 'off the hook.' It effectively doubles your damage output in the form of +25% fire, ice, lightning, and wind damage. You gain huge amounts of health and defense as well. This thing is hugely overpowered for this part of the game and will make much of Phase 1 a breeze.