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Part 17: Interlude

Keep it together guys. We've kept this pretty lighthearted so far and I'd like that to stay the case. Here's a little bit of extra stuff that I had to cut out for length from the update.

Why... Well you're not really the reason I came here.
Oh, I'm sorry then.
Anyway, you're always around whenever I come here, but do you get enough sleep? Don't overwork yourself.
I'm not overworking, and we mind guardians don't need sleep.
I see... That's horrible.
Because, sleeping is one of life's most enjoyable things. If you don't do that, it's like wasting away 1/3 of your life.
Stop thinking on your own level.
First of all, you can't do anything when you're sleeping, right? It's a waste of time. And you say weird things without knowing it.
Huh? Weird things...? What do you mean?
Misha says a lot. Almost everyday.
Like "Ungh" or "Moheh" or "Ah, no..." or "Lyner, not in there..." or...
You mean talking in her sleep!? But those lasts words kind of caught my attention...
You don't remember those, right? I can't stand to go through such embarrassment.
I, I see... But if I said that in my sleep, I would be a little embarrassed too.
If those were your words, it's super embarrassing.