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Part 18: Chapter 10: Purger

Chapter 10- Purger

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Tell me what happened at the Singing Hill.

Facility at Singing Hill suffered severe structural damage following full assault by Tower Guardian ABR. Tower Guardians suffered significant damage, termination unsuccessful.

Show me.

The place where the Hymn Crystal is kept.
What is this Hymn Crystal that you're looking for?
Well... it's a special crystal that I need to get to defeat those viruses that I told you about.
It looks like this.
You got that pendant from a woman, didn't you?
How!? How did you know that?
I knew it. It's much too cute for your taste.
Wow... You got me there, Krusche.
You're right, a woman did give this to me...

I wish to be like her someday.
...Ah. That's good.
So, you see, I have a mission to accomplish.
I want to save the world, but I'm doing it to save her as well.

Facility security system bypassed by intruders.

Activation of Wind Crest triggered automated defense systems.

Some kind of device was activated. We should go back.
You're right.

Fire Crest activation followed shortly thereafter. Theft of secured items detected.

Transport device activated. Intruders gained access to main facility.

Intruders breached several secured doors before proceeding to second transport device. Automated defenses attempted to repel intruders, but were unsuccessful.

This is a Fragment of Yuteria.
I didn't think finding it would be this easy...
I never would have guessed it would belong to this guy.
What matters is that we found it safely.
The road up ahead is now open.
Then, let's go.

Intruders entered secured area of facility. Tower Guardians called for assistance in repelling unauthorized entrants.

I can see a passage on the other side... But, how do we get there?
There must be another way. Let's check the rooms around us.

Intruders used Song Magic to breach secured door to Hymn Crystal Storage.

Lyner! Look at that!
That has to be the Hymn Crystal...
Lady Shurelia! I finally found it!
...! Something's coming!
Lyner! Look out!

Guardian ABR-Beta engaged intruders.


Boss Battle: ABR-Beta

ABR-Beta is either incredibly hard or incredibly easy. If you read the Secret Cards describing ABR's abilities from the Tower section earlier on, you'll know that ABR-Beta absorbs Song Magic directed against it. What this means for us is that we can't hit him with any Red Magic or he starts healing himself, which can make the fight unwinnable. So instead we will increase our Harmonics by using a Guard song. The fight's pretty easy as long as you don't use any Red Magic on ABR. You also don't really need to get above the third Burst Level because the rewards for the fourth aren't really that great in this case.

Guardian forced to retreat after severe damage to systems and facility.

It's too dangerous to stay here! We have to get out, now!
Where's the crystal!?
I can't find the crystal!
Without it, nothing we've done will make a difference!

Lyner! Watch out!
The crystal!
Lyner! Hurry!
This place won't even last the next 10 seconds!

Listen up!
I'm sorry, but I'll meet you all later. I have to get that crystal.
But, Lyner! Didn't you hear what I said?
It might still be caught on a ledge or something...
Don't throw your life away!
You don't know what's at stake!
I came down here just to find this one crystal! It's more important than my life...
The whole world is counting on me. I've come this far...
It's not just a treasure to us!
I have to bring this crystal back to Platina...
Radolf, you've risked your life on missions for the church before, haven't you?
Well, now it's my turn.
...I'm sorry. I'll see you outside.

No! I won't have you risk your life for my mission!
Did you forget? I'm on a mission for the church as well.
My mission is Operation: Protect Lyner.
You can't expect me to give up halfway through.
I'm going with you guys, too.
Whenever I'm with you, I feel like I'm invincible.
Or, sort of like I can feel the power of life itself. It's the reason I'm calm, even now.
I... want to protect you, Lyner.
Because you are my partner.
You need me, don't you?
Yes, I do...

Intruders investigated area. Wreckage had fallen allowing access to other areas of facility.

Come on, let's go!

Intruders found Hymn Crystal Purger on ledge.

Look, it's caught on something over there!
Just one room down... So, how do we get down there?
We better start looking.

Intruder 'Lyner Barsett' caused severe structural damage to facility in attempt to recover Hymn Crystal Purger.


But, I have no choice.
I'll try going to the other side. Wait here for me.
Don't worry! I'll be fine...

It's starting to get really bad! Go on, get out of here!
...I'll be fine. I'm not gonna die ina place like this.
Look out. This side is gonna fall first...
Alright... we have no choice. Let's go!
...I don't want to .
Aurica! This side is about to fall.

Reyvateil 'Aurica Nestmile' detected crafting Song Magic in attempt to rescue intruder 'Lyner Barsett'.


Aurica!? ...Are you okay?
Wait! ...This is... she's crafting a Song!
Can this really be...?

...Blue Magic!?
It's incredible... Aurica crafted Blue Magic for Lyner...
And she did it in the real world, not the Cosmosphere! That shouldn't be possible!
Okay! Let's go!

Larger group of intruders regrouped in stable area.

I don't know... I just had an urge to sing, and before I knew it, I was singing...
That was Blue Magic. It's only craftable when you desperately want to protect somebody.
And more astonishing, you crafted that Song outside of the Cosmosphere, all by yourself...
...I've never felt like this before.
I remember this one time, back when I was an oracle.
I had this one partner. She crafted a Song in the real world once, as well.
Lyner could feel how much you cared about him.
...Do you really think so?
Yes. That is what Song Magic is all about.
I never imagined you would be able to do that.

A Reyvateil can craft a song when she's deeply emotional.
For Aurica, the thought of losing Lyner was too painful for her...
She never showed her emotions before.
It was the first time I ever saw her express any feelings.
I hope Lyner is alright...
I'm sure he'll be fine...
It looked pretty bad in there.
That is true...
Hmmm... I hope Aurica didn't go too far.
...Let's go find her.

Where am I...?
This... this is the Hymn Crystal!
Oh, man...! I finally got it... Hahaha heh!
Ah, good, you're awake.
Jack!? Wait... what are you doing here?
Claire told me you were coming out here. I got worried, so here I am.
When I found you, it looked like you were just playing around or something.
Did you... save me?
Yeah, sure...
Thanks, Jack. I mean it!
Don't mention it. Pals look out for each other.
Now, I just need to go back up!
What was that scream?
That was Aurica! Come on!

Tower Guardian ABR-Gamma engaged intruders.

Let's go!

Boss Battle: ABR-Gamma

Gamma's a pretty easy fight. Just pound it with Red Magic and attacks until it drops. It doesn't have many threatening attacks, between healing items and Blue Magic there's little chance of defeat.

Tower Guardian ABR-Gamma suffered critical system damage and withdrew.

Yeah, sorry for making you worry...
Aurica? ...Are you mad at me?
I'm sorry...
No, it's not that.
...Lyner, I put you in danger, again...
You saved me from that robot attack...
And, now I caused you more trouble...
You're alive.

You do? That's great!
Well... it was Jack that did it.
Oh, so he saved your life, Lyner? Hahaha!
Well, it's no big deal, really...
Well, Jack, it's nice to see you again!
...Well, what can I say? I'm flattered. So, young lady, where are you from?
Gah!! ...Y, y, you...

Well, you see, I wasn't expecting to meet you out here. I don't have any money on me...
Do you want me to fix your arm so it's just like it was before I fixed it?
Aw, come on... cut me some slack.
...You two know each other?
I do the maintenance for the Gatling on Jack's arm.
And he's waaay behind on the payments!
Please! Can't you let me slide today! Pretty please!
Hahaha, Jack, you're in for it now...
Hey, can't your business wait? We should get out of here as quickly as possible.
Are you alright?
...Yes, I'm fine.

Intruders exited facility.

Well, we can't stay at this ruin. It's too dangerous now.
Besides, we accomplished our mission. We should return to Nemo.
Hey Lyner, do you still want me to take a look at your airship?
Oh, yeah! I completely forgot about it!
It doesn't matter to me. It's totally up to you.
Yes, yes, yes! I want you to come look at it!
My airship crashed in Viola Forest. Will you please come with me?

Record ends.

So he's acquired the Purger...

He still has to get up the Tower. He'll have to pass through Silvaplate if he does that on foot. I should arrange a surprise for him. I think I know just the thing...

Computer, log off and delete logs of this access.

Confirmed. System logging off. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!