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Part 20: Supplemental: Aurica's Soulspace, Level 1

Supplemental 5- Aurica's Soulspace, Level 1

Let's as always start with some Reyvateil Talk stuff.


Aurica!? Wh, what's wrong!?
Well... nothing, never mind... Sorry to bother you...
Wait! You aren't bothering me at all. I'm just surprised, because you don't usually visit me.
You're right. I've never done this before...
Lyner, thank you for saving my life when I was pushed off the airship.
Oh, that... I'm just glad that both of us made it out safely. That was a miracle!
We owe Krusche a lot. If either of you had done anything differently, that miracle wouldn't have happened.
I know. It's amazing.
Sorry to bother you so late.
Can I come back some other time?
It's more relaxing when it's just the two of us.
Sure, anytime. I'll go to you if I have something, too.
Oh, if you don't want me do, just let me know.
No... it's not like that. But, it is getting late... I'd better go back to my room.

Yes, I do. How'd you know?
When we walked into the inn, she was staring at you. So I thought maybe she knew you.
I didn't even notice. I hope she's not mad at me...
Just say something to her the next time we go there.
Do you play with her often?
Only sometimes. I got to name her cat. Ever since then, we've been friends.
Really? So you were the one who named the cat, huh?
Yes. She was trying to find a good name for it. That's how we became friends.
So... what did you name it?
I named it Puffball, since its fur was so puffy and it sounded good.
P... Puffball, huh...? That's an interesting name, I guess.
I thought of other names too, but she liked that one the best. Do you want to hear them?
Um, uh, I'd love to, but it'll have to wait till next time.
(I do want to know, but I'm kind of scared...)

Oh, that big one? Yeah, I head it was the symbol of the city of Nemo.
Yeah. It's probably the only place you'll ever get to see a Song Stone that big.
True. Even if we do find one in our travels, we won't be able to carry it home.
You're right... but, I wonder how many regular Song Stones it'll take to make one that big.
Huh? Well, let's see... It's pretty big, so I'd say at least 100.
I think you're off by a couple of 0's. It'll take a lot.
Well, yeah. If you can use the whole thing to Grathmeld, I wonder how it'll turn out?
It's so huge. I bet you can make some really great stuff out of it.
I bet I wouldn't even have to mix anything with that Song Stone to make something good.
Yeah, like a Song Stone Sword, or Song Stone Armor.
We'll even have more to spare after making like 10 each...!
...But, it is the city's symbol. We probably shouldn't be saying stuff like this.
You're right... I do live in Nemo, after all...

Yeah. I think it's the same one that's in the courtyard in Platina.
I usually wouldn't even notice it, but I think I saw the same thing down here, too.
Lyner, do you know what the statues are for?
Huh? No, I don't. Isn't it just a guy and a girl standing next to each other?
You think people would build statues without a meaning?
Well, I thought it was some sort of fine art or something.
...Well I guess that's what makes you... you.
Hey! So, what is the meaning of those statues?
Hmm... I'll give you a little hint.
Try to imagine us in the statue.
Huh? Us?
That's a big hint. I'll tell you the answer next time.

And to find one so huge... well, I'm impressed.
Aurica, do you like the Trio of Elemia or something?
Yes. They aren't just myths, they really existed.
Oh yeah, I remember hearing about that.
Together they were the Trio of Elemia. I would have been happier if all of them were here, not just Tyria...
But, that would be asking too much, wouldn't it?
Well, it's good that you can see how selfish you're being.
Besides, you'd probably freak out if they had statues of all three of them.
Really. By the way, who are the other two Goddesses?
There's Goddess Eoria and Goddess Frelia. I told you about them before...
But, I still can't believe you never knew about the Trio in the first place.
But since they really did exist, you can hope to meet them, too...
And also... uh...

But what about the rest?
There isn't any. That's it!

And now it's time for Aurica's first Dive. This one deals with her lack of confidence in herself. Also, get ready for Aurica's Mind Guardian, aka one of my favorite characters in this whole game. He rocks Hama hard.



But, I don't feel very welcome here. Maybe it's just me...
Hey! Oww!

Scoundrel! How rude! You should give me your name before requesting mine!
Okay, okay. I'm Lyner Barsett.
And, I am Don Leon, the royal knight of her mind.
Knight? So, you're the Mind Guardian?
Si. I am here to protect Aurica. You'll have no funny business, so long as I am here.
That's fine. I'm not here to screw around. Hey... what kind of name is Don Leon...?
How dare you! Aurica gave me my name! I demand satisfaction... or an apology...
Okay, I admit I was wrong. I'm sorry.
I shall forgive you this once. So, what business do you have in Aurica's world?
I'm here for Song Magic.
Song Magic, you say? Aurica would never craft Song Magic with a weirdo like you!
But, you have come all this way. Know that I do not trust you...
I shall be keeping a close eye on you. That, you must never forget!
Alright. I get it, sheesh...
(This one... will not be fun...)

She can live peacefully because of this thorn wall. She was living in peace before you showed up!
That's enough... I get your point. By the way, are there any towns in Aurica's world?
You should see for yourself!

I should look around some more...
And, who might you be?
R, Radolf...? No, he talks a little strange. It's too formal to be Radolf...
I sincerely doubt that you are in any position to judge me like that. I don't even know you. It's only proper for me to be polite to people.
Okay, fine... whatever. So, does anyone else live in this village?
The Sick Lady, the Songless Princess, and I are the only residents of this village. It is only the three of us.
However, this village is facing a crisis.
...A crisis?
The Songless Princess is perpetually trying to burn down the village. And, it falls upon me to save this village every time.
I see.
Therefore, I must be on my way. I'm on my patrol as we speak.
...Radolf sounded strange. But, it's also not normal for someone to want to burn down a village.
I don't know what's going on. I'll just have to investigate some more... Where is Aurica?

I'm Lyner Barsett. I came here so that you can craft a Song.
...A Song? I can't craft a Song. I'm not powerful enough...
I don't think so... Besides, this is your world. You should be able to create anything you want.
It's not that easy for me. I can't even save my own village...
This village has been destroyed many times by the Fire Demon. Radolf, who lives in this village, thinks I'm summoning the Fire Demon.
Wh, what? Why would he think that?
Unfortunately, he's probably right. This village has been burned down many times in the past, because of me.
Radolf always rebuilds the village. He isn't friendly, but he's got a big heart.
Huh? That sounds strange... Isn't this your world? Why can't you restore the village?
You should be able to do anything... including stopping that demon...
I can't do that! I would only destroy this village.
(Sounds like she has post-traumatic stress...)
Let's defeat this Fire Demon first. This is your world, so you know how to defeat him, right?
You don't know? Then how did you create it?
I don't know. The demon always appears out of nowhere, destroys things, and then leaves...

...Laugh? Why?
It's because I'm stupid. I can only create strange things, and I'm so weak...
Can you give it a shot? Please?
...I'm really weak, though.
I don't care.
You'll laugh at me.
No, I won't.
We can't beat that Fire Demon...
Don't worry about a thing! Just trust me and make something!
I'll do it...

Fireball: Excuse you! You crafted me! You can't call me useless!
It talks!?
Fireball: Why are you surprised? You crafted me, thinking it would be cute if I could talk.
I did... but I didn't expect it to really happen.
Great! See, you can craft properly. I can't do this. You need to be more confident.
This is your world. You can craft anything if you believe in yourself.
...Y, yes. But, I can only craft silly magic.
Fireball: Don't call me "Silly Magic!" I decided to do my best to help you, since you did craft me.
That fire ball is right. I think he'll be useful.
We can grill meat with this thing. Powerful isn't always a good thing, right? We can't grill meat with a bomb.
You're right.
Fireball: Wait a minute! I'm only good for grilling meat!? What an insult...

I didn't do anything. Why are you so upset? What, you don't want her to craft magic or something?
That is not it! It is just... she hasn't crafted magic in the past few years.
I see...

Fire shot is yet another Green Magic, good for when fire is appropriate to destroy something.

What!? Aurica...
No, I can't... I can't win.
I have to do something. The village will be destroyed... I'm going to attack!
He knows that he can't win, so why does he fight...?
Because he's determined to save this world.
While you blame yourself for being incompetent, many people are supporting you.
I never asked them to do anything...

You know why Radolf is saving you, right?
No, I don't...
That's not true.
This is your world. Radolf is saving you because you want him to. Am I right?
You don't have to do it for Radolf. But, I want you to save your village and world on your own.

Aurica! Protect the village. You're the only one who can save this world!
But, I don't even know how!
Fireball: I have a plan! He attacks us by blowing fire, so we can protect ourselves by building a firewall.
But, what should I make it out of?
Fireball: Your job is to figure that out!
Why, you...
It's okay. I'll try it, but it might not work...
I can't let everyone else do all the work. I can do this...
...Just don't laugh at me, alright?
I won't laugh.
I see. I'll do it...
Please! Appear!

I thought that I could blow away fire with wind... so I made this...
Flamia: I'll burn it all...!
It's not working... I wasn't good enough...
No, don't give up! Think harder! Imagine yourself beating the demon in your head!
I'll try. I hope this works...
It will, trust me. Believe in your power.
Yes, I can feel the energy. Nobody ever encouraged me like this before.
You're right. It's worth trying!
Fire Guard... please protect us all!

Flamia: Whewwww!
The fire's being blown away!?
Did I do it?
Yes, you did! Aurica, you saved the village!
I can't believe I did it...
Fireball: It's too early to celebrate. He's still alive. He'll soon be back.
Then next time, you have to beat it.
...But, I...
Don't worry. You can do it as long as you believe in yourself.
You're right... I hope I can do it.

You should ask her yourself. It is not my place to tell you.

There's a door. I hope it opens...
This is the door that can never be opened. It leads to the strong energies of the outside world...
Strong energies? Where does it go?
I don't know.
Fireball: Whoa! Look out! I sense something... I think it's...
A fire demon!?
Fireball: ...Here I come!
So, is this his base?
Flamia: Burning... burning... everyone is burning...
Damn! We have to take it down this time!

You can't get me!
(What do I do? This is Aurica's world...)
...That's it! This is Aurica's world!
Can you make those feathery things again?
You mean, the Fire Guard? Yes, I can make some more...
Great! Okay, seal his fire with one of those. I'll take him down while you guard me!
But... you'll...
Don't worry about me. I'm invincible, remember? Or, don't you trust me anymore?
No, you're right. You are invincible. I believe you'll defeat that fire demon...
Alright! Here it comes! Aurica, don't worry. Have faith in me!
I do.

Flamia: Ugh!
...Did you get it?
Of course I did. That was easy!
That's because you're so talented.
No, it was because of you. Aurica. You are talented.
I was only able to beat it because you believe that I could.
This is your world. Whatever you wish for will come true.
...Are you sure?

Flamia: I decided to protect this land.
Lyner; Protect this land...? Aurica, did you...?
Yes. Now I know that I can change this world.
I used to blame myself for being weak.
But, you made me realize I was wrong.
Well, this world should be peaceful from now on.
Yes, it will.

Now, we must hurry to Stonehenge!

As we'll discover, Aurica's soulspace is a battlefield between her two deepest selves. We'll meet one of those now. The high level Auricas are in general more active interfering with us in the Soulspace than the high level Mishas. This makes the Dives more interesting, but is far from a good thing for us. While they all want what's 'best' for her from their perspective, their high level makes them pretty strange.

Fireball: Hey, I see someone in the light!

Did you pass through the Paradigm Shift?
Huh? Whats going on? Are you Aurica?
I am Aurica. But, you haven't met me before.
Aurica, jump in there. It's a step toward spiritual growth.
Spiritual growth...?
Yes. This Stonehenge is an altar for growing spiritually.
You need to grow. Every time you step into this light, you'll be a step closer to enlightenment.

Will I see you again?
Of course.
Then, I'm going...

Unlike Hama, Don Leon often talks to you after the Dives but before you go back. This is because, unlike Hama, Don Leon just dislikes you on principle and not for something very specific. This level was pretty straightforward. We already know Aurica's village was destroyed, so this is to some extent based on real events. I'll say now that I think Aurica's dives are in general more interesting than Misha's. This is mostly because one half of the conflict within Misha pretty much just chills on their level waiting for you, whereas we've got high level Auricas showing up right from the start messing with shit.