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Part 21: Chapter 11: Awakening

Chapter 11: Awakening

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Computer, information request on current activities of Lyner Barsett.

Searching... records found. Load first record?


Personal Log: Lyner Barsett:

I found the Hymn Crystal Purger! Now all I have to do is find a way back to Platina. Easier said than done, though, because it seems we're going to have to climb the tower after all.

Yeah. Why? Is something wrong?
It's... amazing. It's totally different from anything I've seen before.
Mind if I check it out?
*sigh *
So, what do you think?
Oh, I have an estimate.
It'll cost 18,326,991 leaf to fix it.
Yeah. With all the damage, it's too difficult for me to find the parts to fix it.
Theoretically, I could probably fix it, but...
...Isn't there anything you can do?
Well, I already told you how much it would cost.
That was real? I thought you just made up the biggest number you could think of.

We need to organize talented melders and researchers.
So... you can't fix it... Man, I was counting on you, too...
I thought I told you not to keep your hopes up. I'm sorry.
I have to find another way to go up...
Do you remember when you told me that it's possible to climb the tower? Is that really true?
But are you serious!?
Like I told you before, the Teru Tribe is always looking for humans climbing up...
I remember.
Well, they live in the middle of the tower, blocking everyone who wants to climb.
They won't let anyone pass.


We went back to Nemo to bring the Yuteria Fragment back to Claire. Radolf wanted to tell the bishop we were back safely as well.

Yes, I got it right here.
Its color... and shape... This is definitely a real Hymn Crystal.
That's good to know. We didn't risk our life for nothing.
Yes. This is good news for all of us.
Thank you for all of the help.
Oh, you don't have to thank me. So, what are your plans now?
I have to get back to Platina.
Even at this very moment, Platina is in great danger.
I have to get back as soon as possible.
I see... However, I heard that your airship was destroyed.
Yeah, it's in pretty bad shape. I'm thinking about just climbing the Tower.
The Tower!? But, the Teru Tribe prevents everyone from climbing up...
Yeah, I know. But, I have no choice.

Very well.
I offer you the full support of the Church to aid you in reaching Platina.
Really!? But, I can't accept that. It's more than I deserve.
This isn't just a matter for Platina any more.
As citizens of the Tower, we can't ignore this matter.
Helping you return to Platina is the least we can do.
Radolf, Aurica, please continue to aid Lyner.
I will...
I will, too.
Bishop Falss... thank you very much.
It's my pleasure. Please come see us at any time.
May the Trio of Elemia bless us all...

Claire had a real treat waiting for us when we came back to the inn.

Hello, Claire. Have I ever told you that you smell as sweet as a hibiscus in bloom on a warm, tropical day?
Wooo... that was so horrible it just sent a chill down my spine!
Don't you have to do an oil change or something?
You all must be great friends. Say, Jack, did you find Lyner and his company?
Oh, yeah. Thanks to you.
I better thank you, too, Miss Claire. Jack saved my life.
Oh, and I brought that thing you wanted...
You found it! Thank you!
Yeah, but I had no idea it was a part of the Guardian's armor.
It was!?
I'm sorry, I had no idea. I just heard about it from someone.
Don't worry, Claire. It's good for Lyner to do all these crazy things at his age. It'll help him to grow into a better man.
It's a good experience for him.
Yeah, easy for you to say...
Well, I'm still sorry. Please, let me buy you dinner.
Claire, what do you need it for?
I need it to fix my lute.

I can't wait to hear it! So, can you play it right now?
No. Unfortunately, I still need a few things to fix it.
I need some strings. I wish I knew someone who could meld them...
Oh, we can handle that, no sweat! Hey, Lyner, go on and make some for her!
But, Krusche is a better melder than me!
Yeah, when it comes to airships.
Once I get some strings, I can play as much as you'd like.
C'mon, quit complaining and make them already!
Well, looks like I have no choice...
Thank you! Here is the recipe card for it. You can keep it if you'd like.
Here, you'll need this, too.
Bring it back when you're done.

The strings weren't too hard to make. I seem to have a knack for this Grathmelding thing.

...Please wait here.


Her song was incredible.

You play like a pro.
Man: It's been a long time since I heard her sing. But, she always blows me away.
Adventurer: Please don't say you're only going to play once a month. I wanna hear you everyday.
Guard: Yeah! I'd come here everyday to hear you.
Man: Yeah, me too! Hahaha!
Oh, you guys...
Thank you...

Hmhmhm, thank you.
It wasn't quite as powerful as Song Magic...
But, it still made me feel all warm inside.
That's the best compliment I can receive.
You see, I am a Reyvateil, but I gave up Song Magic long ago.
...Not many people know this, but I used to belong to Tenba.
...Yes. But, I left when I finally realized that their goals were completely different than mine.
Have you ever thought about the real power of songs?
Huh? You mean, like how magical they are?
No, not like that.
I think that songs are the best way of conveying what you really feel in your heart.
They're not something you can see or touch... I know this sounds crazy, but...
With just one song today, I made everybody feel happy.

A Reyvateil who doesn't use Song Magic...
Hmhmhm... sounds strange, doesn't it?
It's unusual, but I still think you're amazing.
Thank you. Please come back whenever you want to hear my songs.

That night was when everything changed...


I hope Lady Shurelia and Ayatane are still okay...
And my dad, too.
I can't sleep. There's so much on my mind right now.
I think I'll go for a walk...

You sing beautifully.
Do you sing like this often?
...I'm not that good at singing, so I have to practice...
You're being too hard on yourself. You were great.
You don't have to lie to me... My Songs don't help anybody.
I'm not like Claire... People need her...
And, I always get in the way... I'm nothing but trouble...
So, you and Miss Claire grew up together?
...Yes. Unlike me, Claire can do anything she wants.
Just like the concert today... People can count on her when they need her.

So, when the Bishop ordered me to join the Singing Hill mission, it made me so happy.
I actually felt like someone needed me.
But, I do need you, Aurica.
At the Singing Hill, when I was about to fall... you saved me with your Song Magic.
Don't act like this. You never got in my way...
...Why are you so nice to me?
...Huh? Me? Nice? ...I'm just a normal guy...
No, you are...
...You're really kind.

How beautifully, SICKENINGLY sweet. If I had a body still I'd surely vomit. Show me what happened at the Altar of Apostles, I need to be cheered up.

Reyvateil: ...No, thanks. I'm okay for now. Don't worry about me, we have to defend Platina!
Captain: Damn viruses... they took control of the Guardians!
Reyvateil: Emergency! The defensive network protecting Platina has been breached...!
Captain: What!?
Knight: Captain! The viruses at the Altar of Apostles are acting... strange!
Captain: ...What!?

...A barrier?
Reyvateil: Getting close to it made us sick... It is definitely made of powerful energy.
...I don't like this. We must go to the Altar of Apostles.
Captain: Yes, ma'am!

That voice...
It's been awhile... I can come out now... but only with my voice...
Captain: Lady Shurelia!? What's happening?
You've finally awakened... Mir...
I have... fortunately...
I don't know how long it's been... but you haven't changed at all.
...Why do you side with humans?
Humans are weak and fragile cowards. They are the real virus... destroying our world.
No... they aren't like that!
Hahaha... Shurelia, you're just as I remember.
I think it's time to make my dream come true.
But, to do that, I must destroy the humans...
What are you doing?

Reyvateil: You're horrible! Why would you do that...?
Calm yourself, my darling child... I'm doing all this for you...
Reyvateil: ...What do you mean?
I'm going to exterminate the humans, creating a Reyvateil Utopia!
Reyvateil: No... I don't want to live in a world like that!
...I won't allow you to sabotage the tower any more.
Hahaha! You won't allow me? How do you plan on stopping me? I'm faster than you.
This is only the beginning... Now I'm ready to begin working on a much larger scale.
I'm going to host the greatest ceremony anyone has ever seen to usher in the new world...
No! She's going to purge the Musical Corridor!

Ah, what beautiful music I made. That makes me feel better. Resume the idiot's log.

A huge piece of the Tower fell from the sky!

Something's happening...
No! Not the viruses again!
Never mind. We better get back to the inn. Everyone's probably worried about us.
You're right.

Already bored. Show me myself again, that was fun.

Don't worry. I'm not stupid. I've calculated everything...
What are you planning to do!?
I told you... I'm going to create the perfect Reyvateil Utopia by exterminating the humans.
And, I already have many plans in motion...
For instance... there's one waiting right next to you...

Lady Shurelia...? She's unconscious...
...She's so beautiful. Just watching her sleep makes me feel better...
Lady Shurelia, I'll do anything to protect you... always...
As a Knight of Elemia... and also to save my Mother...

Sigh. I guess all there is left is the moron's log. Go back to it.

A Hexagonal Plate had fallen from the sky. We decided to investigate.

Hey, I got some big news! A part of the tower fell on one of Tenba's facilities.
And, all of Tenba's executives were having a meeting there...
Including that gigantic guy, and the president lady...
Gigantic guy? ...Do you mean Bourd!?
It must be him. No one else in Tenba is even close to his size.
Then... Misha might have been there, too.
Misha!! No!
...Jack? You know Misha?
Yeah... She's the reason I've been traveling around.
Really!? So, it was Misha who was telling you about me...
...Something like that.
But, now's not the time to talk! We gotta go save Misha! Like, right now!
...Misha, hold on!

We went to the crashed Hexagonal Plate after Bourd and Misha. The place was a mess.

What happened? Damn! Those stupid viruses!
That's... some crash...
Ah... I think we can get inside over there.
Let's go!

We found some interesting information about Bourd, and soon enough we met the man himself. He was with Misha, and a strange woman.

This information is critically important. If you don't keep it in mind you could end up in some serious shit in Phase 2.

They way you treat Reyvateils is... inhumane!
Only strong Reyvateils have any value at all.
So, our research... is only doing Reyvateils a favor. Don't you see that?
...You don't really believe that, do you?
It's like a behind-the-scenes look at a slavery ring...
I can't forgive you for your cruelty against Reyvateils! We're putting you down for good!
Radolf, how amusing. I think I'll bury you here today!

Lyner... and Harm...!?
You're not authorized to approach our most valuable Reyvateil.
This isn't the time to fight. Now that we, too, have been unfairly victimized, we're all in the same boat.
Madam President!
Please... excuse the rudeness of our greeting.

Yes, indeed.
I would like to thank you on behalf of Tenba for your relief efforts.
Cardinal Radolf, I have heard so much about you. In fact, I hear that you are the church's finest swordsman.
But, as a favor, will you take it easy on us today?
That is a selfish request.
Oh, I know. That is why it would be a favor. Will you grant us... it?
Very well. It's a deal. It is what's best for everyone.
I appreciate your understanding.
Now, we must get going.
Misha... is it really you?
What is it, Misha?
Very well. Will you excuse us, please?

I bet she's just acting weird to fool Tenba. Why else would she call you Harm?
No, that's not what I'm talking about.
If I remember right, Misha should be 18 right now.
But, she hasn't aged at all..
She looks exactly the same as the last time I saw her, six years ago!
...How can that be?
I don't know. We have to ask Misha to find out.
There's nothing else we can do. Let's go back to the inn.

It was almost time to climb the tower. Radolf suggested we talk to the Bishop about it.

This incident made me realize how much I have to hurry to get back.
The Hexagonal Plate falling, and the attacks from the guardians...
They were all caused by the viruses inside the Tower.
The Viruses? The ones you told us about before?
I worked so hard to get the Purger so that I can defeat them.
But, it won't do any good unless I can get back to Platina.
I've been too careless.
So, I have to start climbing as soon as possible.
I am worried about Misha... and a ton of other problems...
But, I have to return to Platina with the Purger first. It's what's most important.
I see. But, can we stop by the Church one last time before you leave?
Sure. The Church has done so much to help me. I want to thank them personally.
Radolf; Thank you. Let's get going.

Of course I did. And... that whole thing made me realize...
I can't waste any more time here.
So, I'm going to start climbing the Tower.
I can't thank you enough. But, I promise to come back and make up for everything you've done for me.
I'm sorry for being in such a rush...
Do not worry. Go, and begin your climb.
I wish I could go to the Tower with you and send you off properly, but I must remain here.
I hope you don't find it rude of me to say goodbye now.
No, of course not. Thank you... for everything.
Radolf, Aurica...
Yes, sir.
Please do your best to help Lyner.
As you wish.
I shall pray for your safety.
May the Trio of Elemia bless us all...

If they were going to climb the tower, they must have passed through Silvaplate. Show me the surveillance logs.

Subjects entered Silvaplate region.

Do not even mention it.
I just wanna see the Upper World!
I... don't know if I will be any help to you, but I'll try not to get in your way.
Okay, well, thank you... everyone.
...Are you sure about this?
Yes. I'm climbing up. But, I won't even ask any of you to follow me.
Look, I'm not saying I won't climb up with you.
I'm just warning you. But, if you're still climbing it, I'll do it as well.
Whatever happens... try not to act so surprised.

Midway through Silvaplate region, subjects were ambushed.

Oh? Show me. Maybe my investment was worth the time.


Hello, chumps. What a great surprise. I didn't expect to run into you guys out here.
...What are you doing here?
I was given orders to stop you from climbing the tower.
What!? Why?
This is my fault. I should have been more careful at the Hexagonal Plate...
Tenba's a really sleazy company...
Look, I don't really care about their orders.
Once Mir reawakens, annoying organizations like Tenba and the Church will be gone!
But, now you've gone and pissed me off!
You just had to get involved. Now all my plans are ruined!
Lyner Barsett!

Boss Battle: Bourd Rade:

We fight against Bourd and two Tenba guards this time. Bourd's got two main attacks this time, one that hits the whole party for moderate damage and one that hits one target for heavy damage. The two guards should be taken out first, since they're much weaker than Bourd. This is a pretty easy fight, though. Bourd's not that hard this time. If we ever see him again, though, he might get to show us why he's called Wild Thunder...

Misha! What happened to you?
Have you sold your sold to Tenba!?
Hmph, looks like you two know each other well.
I like that. It makes this a lot more interesting and fulfilling.
I could watch the expressions on your faces all day, but it's time to beat you to death!

...Oh no, I'm not even close.
What!? How dare you disobey my orders!
I told you before, I'll never obey you.
...What!? No, no way...
Didn't you know, Bourd? We Reyvateils aren't that stupid.
You can't even imagine how hard it was to patiently wait for this exact moment...
W, wait a minute!

Rade! You'd better hope you died out there. If you can't even kill a moron knight I have no use for you...

Misha! Are you alright?
Lyner... I'm so sorry...
...I made you worry about me.
I'm sorry, Lyner. I'm so sorry...
Thank you.
...For what!?
That must have been tough.
Wahh... *sob *... *hic *...

Hehe... let's just say something happened. I'll tell you later, okay?
What happened to your arm!? Why is it mechanical?
Huh? Oh, oh, this? It's a long story. I'll tell you later.
Why do all your conversations have to be later?
Hi Misha. I'm glad we got you back. I was getting worried about you...
...Krusche, I didn't think you cared enough to worry...

I hope you didn't forget that you owe me 58 Dokkoi Sets, 118 Kitty Candies, and 21 Megamilks!
Fine! I'm just glad you're safe...
Me too...
...What are you girls talking about?
Aren't we in a hurry? I don't mind the talking, but we should do it while we're walking.
You're right. We've got a long way to go.

Records end.

Whatever. Bourd's failure is meaningless. Even with Purger they won't defeat ELMA-DS, and even if they did that's just the tip of the iceberg. This is just the overture, the show hasn't even begun. Log off and delete all records of this access.

Logs deleted. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!