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Part 22: Supplemental 6: Aurica's Soulspace, Level 2

Supplemental 6: Aurica's Soulspace, Level 2

I'm pressed for time today, so I'm going to jump right into the Dive. Aurica's Dives are much more open about her past and what caused her to be the way she is, and today we get to learn how her village got destroyed.


So, it's gotten a little more peaceful?

This level is all about Aurica's feelings of uselessness in regards to the destruction of her village. Despite being a Reyvateil she was helpless to prevent the loss of her village and family. The video version has a lot of extra content where you can see Aurica's 'versions' of some of the supporting cast.

Don't judge everything by its appearance.
Ahh! Oh, it's you again...

There's no time to talk about it now. We have to run!
That was close.
What's going on?
Huh? What are you talking about?
I thought your world was supposed to be peaceful after defeating Flamia on the previous level.
No, it's not peaceful at all. My village is destined to be threatened by danger at any time...
(I don't know why she talks like that...)
Then, how can we make this world peaceful?
This village will never be peaceful...
Why do you say that?
Sooner or later, this village is going to burn to the ground.
Don't give up on yourself. I told you that on the previous level, remember?
I know. But this time, I haven't given up on my ability.
(This is pretty bad... I should go around and talk to people.)

She was threatened by fire in both levels. I'm worried about her...
She is afraid of fire, but she and fire are a good match.
That is why fire appears a lot in her world.
I see...

This is true, by the way. Many of her Red Magic attacks are Fire based.

Oh, hi... who are you?
Rabbit: I'm a life form created by Aurica's mind. You may call me, Watch Rabbit.
...Watch Rabbit. What part of Aurica are you?
Rabbit: I don't know. I just know that I'm a part of Aurica.
Let's get down to business. Attacks on the village have been traumatizing Aurica.
I knew it. That's why the village keeps burning.
Rabbit: It's caused by the fact that the village where she was born burned down in the war.
So, I need to ask a favor from you. I want you to break her curse.
Curse...? How can I do that?
Rabbit: You need to defeat the dragon.
Dragon!? Sounds like this is gonna be difficult...
Rabbit: You don't know that. After all, it's really up to Aurica.
But, it is also up to you.
Wait, wait, wait! You're not making any sense!

Rabbit: Your destiny here depends on how well you behave on a regular basis. Remember that. Bye bye.
H, hey!
He's gone. It depends on how much Aurica trusts me...
Hey Don Leon, how much does Aurica trust me?
She doesn't trust you at all! Haha!
Why do you have to sound so mean...?
...Eh heh...

Aurica, let's defeat the dragon together.
Lyner? Are you serious?
Of course. I know you can defeat anything as long as you believe in yourself.
That's easy for you to say. I can't have everything go my way. There are some things that even I can't control.
If what you said was true, I would've saved my mom and dad... and my village.
Are you talking about your home town being burned down?
My home, Skuwat Village, was destroyed in a sudden attack.
I'm a Reyvateil, but my power was too weak to save anyone. If I was stronger, I could've saved my parents...
But, it's different this time. Together, we can save your village!
No, I can't.
The Dragon is attacking again!
You two, evacuate now! The dragon is attacking again!
Hurry! You'll be blown away by the blast!
No! We have to run!
I'm not leaving. I told you, I'm gonna defeat that dragon.
No! You don't stand a chance!
Do you really believe that I can't win?

What are you talking about? He's the dragon!
Bourd? Who is that? I'm the dragon who always destroys this village.
But before I get to that, I'll blow you both away with my mighty wings.
Just like I blew away your house during the war!
We're gonna be blown away!
Get blown away in the wind, just like your family!
No...! I can't take this any more!

What!? I'm okay...?
What!? I'll blow you all away!
I... blocked it!?
You did it Aurica! I told you we could win!
You were right...
Damn! I've had enough for today! But next time, I'll blow you to the end of the world!
He's gone! I can't believe it...
Aww... he got away.
I started feeling like I could defeat the dragon.
I can't do it by myself, but I think I can do it with you...
Yes. Let's find the dragon, defeat him, and bring peace to this world!

We get Wind Guard out of this, which is generic but very useful.

I don't like it, but she has started to open her mind to you.
Blue Magic can only be created when a Reyvateil truly wishes to protect someone.
She crafted Fire Guard to protect herself... but this time, she obviously crafted it for you!
I see! Aurica, let's defeat that dragon this time.

Would you really? Then I made a good choice. Ha ha!
Bourd!? No, you're the dragon!? So, I finally found you!
Aurica! Use the Wind Guard!
...Okay. Are you ready?
Please appear!

Aurica, don't let him get to you! Just believe in yourself, and don't worry about anything!
You can't defeat me!
Trust me!
I'll beat him. After all, I'm the one who will bring peace to this world!
You dare take me lightly! I'll make you regret that!
You only have one way of attacking us!
I'm not afraid of your blast! I couldn't protect my family way back then, but I can do it this time!
Here goes!
Argh! N, n, noooo!
I won't let you do whatever you want in this world!

I saved the world...? I still don't believe it...
Thank you. I don't feel like a burden anymore...

Dragonferno is a pretty decent mid level Red Magic and is a good finisher.

...The dragon... all by herself? I don't believe it...
So, why did the dragon look like Bourd?
That is because... Bourd destroyed her village.
Bourd stole the Treasure of the Teru Tribe. On his way back, he stopped by her village. When the Teru Tribe caught up, they fought right there.
Bourd used the villagers as shields, and managed to escape with the Treasure.
Tenba, under the leadership of Bourd, forced Aurica's parents to fight against the Teru. They were killed by Teru's Magic.
...Man, I hate that guy.
I have said too much. You must go to Stonehenge!

Yes... I never dreamed I'd defeat the dragon.
I have to go. I can't wait to see the next world...
I'll see you there.

...It will get harder, my friend.
Si. As she advances, the worlds will get more difficult. Her feelings will get stronger.
Don't underestimate the deeper parts of her mind.
I... I won't...

This is a huge understatement by the way. As we'll see next time the deeper parts of Aurica's mind are not necessarily nice. That's all for this Dive.