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Part 23: Chapter 12: Ordeal

Chapter 12- Ordeal

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Search the Silvaplate and Em Pheyna surveillance logs for subject Lyner Barsett and companions.

Searching... records found.


Subjects paused briefly in upper reaches of Silvaplate.

...Don't worry about me! I'm fine!
Lyner, look, I can keep climbing all day, but I think it's getting too hard on the girls. We better take a break.
...You're right. I'm sorry, I was in too much of a hurry to notice.
So, shall we take a break now?

And, we'll be stopping in Em Pheyna...?
...Most likely.
Well, what am I gonna do? I can't show up there looking like this...
What happened to you? It looks like you haven't grown at all for some reason.
Oh, no, I grew up. Till just recently, I had a super curvy body that would make even you blush.
You... did?
Look, you can tell me about it later.
There's no avoiding Em Pheyna. What do you think we should do?
What? You don't wanna go there, either?
Of course I don't. I have so many bad memories of the past.
Oh, yeah.
But, I'm really surprised.
It's been 6 years since I left, but you haven't changed at all.

I'm just glad you're okay, although your body could use a little work.
I'm glad, too.
Jack, Misha, are you ready to go?
Yeah, we're ready.

Subjects continued on path to Em Pheyna.

I had been hoping the Teru would simply repel them, but with the girl and one-armed man there things may not go as I'd planned.

Of course. After all, we came all this way.
...Great. We're almost in Em Pheyna.
Let's go.

Subjects arrived at Pheyna Gate.

The Pheyna Gate. It was made by the Teru Tribe to keep humans from going up.
It's so... huge...
Well, we've come this far...
Now, we gotta ask the Teru Tribe to open this gate for us. This could get tricky.
Are you serious? This is a waste of time. They won't open it for us.
...Sounds like you know them pretty well. Do you have a history with them?
No... of course not...
Hey, why don't Misha and I wait here? You guys can go ask them to open the gate.

You guys are from the Teru Tribe?
Warrior: Yes.
We're on our way to Platina. Please! You have to open the gate!
Warrior: Platina?
The Teru Tribe's only assignment is to prevent humans from climbing up the Tower.
I can't let you pass.
...Why not?
Warrior: There's nothing I can do. Just go back down to the Lower World.
But, I'm from Platina.
I'm a Knight of Elemia. I live in Platina.
You have to let us through.

Warrior: Yes, chief!
Come on, the chief is calling for you. Come on inside.
...Let's go.
Damn! Whatever you do, stop saying my name...
Warrior: ...Harmonica? Is that really you!?
Damn... I guess they figured out who I really am...
I'm sorry. I didn't know what else to call you...

Subjects entered Em Pheyna Temple Grounds.

Subjects met with Chief of Teru Tribe.


I'll be honest with you. I don't believe you're a real Apostle of Elemia.
If you're really an Apostle, prove it by passing the Ordeal of the Moon.
The Ordeal again? Can't you get something new?
You left the Teru Tribe a long time ago. Why have you returned?
Huh!? Jack... you're from the Teru Tribe?
We're not here to talk about me.
Besides, you haven't even noticed the return of the Star Singer...
The Star Singer!?
Hehe! Long time no see. Your very own Star Singer, Misha is back!
Misha? Your body...

What do you mean? Why not?
It doesn't matter! We're in a hurry! We don't have time for a stupid ordeal!
It's not that simple!

Oh, Misha, welcome back. You look tiny... and cute.
Tastiella... I'm sorry...
You have nothing to apologize for.
...You are Lyner, right? We haven't had the pleasure of meeting before. My name is Tastiella.
Granny, why does Lyner have to take the Ordeal? It doesn't make any sense!
Stop calling me that. And, he must pass the ordeal because he is a human being.
Humans are cunning and devious. You yourself may have also been deceived.
That's bull...
You can't do this! Lyner is a bona fide Apostle of Elemia.
I'm sorry Misha, but I can no longer trust your identity either.
If you cannot sing, you may not be the real Misha that we know...
...How can you say that?
The Ordeal of the Moon is not difficult to pass. This should not take long.
Well, it isn't difficult for a real Apostle of Elemia.
Fine, I'll do it. Just tell me what I have to do!

Misha, please stay here.

Subjects entered Em Pheyna Temple. Significant interference from Tower. Limited surveillance available.

But, before we start... the girl, what is your name?
...Me? My name is Aurica.
Lyner, you must go to the last room of this temple with Aurica.
I'll be waiting for you there to begin the ordeal.
...He's gone.
We better get going, too. Please wait for us in the city.

Subjects Barsett and Nestmille proceeded alone through temple. Proceeded to main chamber.


Hurry up and start the Ordeal already!
Calm yourself. The Ordeal of the Moon will begin soon enough.
The trial of the Ordeal is... to defeat me in combat.
I must warn you. You can't defeat me through traditional means.
You're that confident, huh?
It's not confidence. It's just a warning.
Let the ordeal begin now!

Boss Battle:

You fight Flute with Lyner and Aurica alone. Ideally you've done a couple Dives with Aurica to get her some decent spells and the shrine maiden costume, which will really make her more effective. Watch for Flute's poison attacks and never let him get his attack on Aurica off and this will be pretty easy.

...I do. Lyner Barsett, you are a genuine Knight of Elemia.
Come to the rectory later. We'll consult with Tastiella to see what we can do.

Really!? See, I told you!
We have a meeting at the rectory.

Subjects left temple and returned to grounds.

You sure are full of energy.
Hey, you promised. So, c'mon let us go up.
Fine. We shall open the Pheyna Gate.
But, you still can't make it all the way to Platina.
Why not?

The Upper World, Platina, is not physically connected to the Lower World.
You cannot climb through the Frozen Eye.
So... how are we supposed to go up?
...How did you come down in the first place?
I had an airship... but, I crashed it.
I see.
The technology in the Lower World cannot get you up to the Frozen Eye, let alone Platina.
What about the Warp Gate?
It is located in the center of the Tower. But due to the Covenant of Elemia, Shurelia has sealed it.
There is only one option left.
You mean... the ceremony!?

Well, what are we waiting for?
Lyner, are you sure about this? You don't even know what kind of crazy ceremony they've got waiting for you.
That's true, but I'll do anything to get back to Platina.
You will turn yourself into a spirit and unite with the Tower. That is what the Circula Baptism ceremony is all about.
It is only temporary, but for that time, you won't exist in this world.
You mean... we'll...
Yes. You will disappear from this world. Technically, you will be "dead."
I'll do it.
Very well. It shall be done.
We will have to prepare for the ceremony. Lyner, I will need your help.

So, your first duty will be to make a new one.
That doesn't sound too hard.
This won't take very long.
Wait! I'll go with you!
Misha, are you sure?
Yes, I am.
What kind of materials do you need?
Hmm, a Yulastrino and an Invert Hook...
Well, do you know what those are?
No, I've never heard of them before.

Let's go to the temple of Em Pheyna. We should find it there.
Alright, to the temple.
And, I think I can help you with that Invert Hook.
It's a long story, but I have the recipe card for that.
Really!? Krusche, you're the greatest!
But, that means I still have to make it, right?
Yeah... and it's pretty hard. I couldn't even make it myself. So, do you still wanna try it?
Do you really have to ask?
Okay. Then, you should hold on to the card.
But, there's one condition! You have to take good care of that card. I'll never forgive you if you get it dirty or something!
You're starting to scare me...

Subjects re-entered temple. Interference from Tower subsided, allowing surveillance of interior.

I think I've seen it in that room before.
Okay. Let's find that room.

What!? You've never heard of Stonetrees?
...Not that I know of.
Stonetree is a special kind of stone that grows on its own. All the buildings here are made outta them.
There's a stone that grows?
Yeah. But their growth rate is normally very slow.
But if we use Stonetree Fertilizer, it'll grow instantly.
Since you didn't even know about it, you better take my recipe card for the fertlizer.
If we use this fertilizer, the trees'll grow so we can reach the other side.

Subjects left temple briefly.

The fertilizer can be bought after you've synthesized it, which is handy. You need about 8-10 of them for this dungeon.

Oh, you know?
Yeah. It's known for making you bite your tongue if you aren't used to the speed.
We Reyvateil call it "Tongue Cutting Hook."
That's a pretty blood name you guys have for this...
I did it! I made the Invert Hook!
It was pretty hard to make, but I did it somehow!
You did it!? Good job. I have a little respect for you now.
Hahaha, damn I'm good.
Can I see it?
Sure. Take a gander at this!
That brings back some memories... I wonder how long it's been...
Hey, Luke...
Oh, sorry. Here you go. Thanks.
Sure thing. I know it's none of my business, but... who is Luke?
...My ex-boyfriend.
Really!? You had a boyfriend...?

Luke and I were on a team that developed new airships.
He was the most skilled person on our team. He always dreamed about going to the top of the Tower.
...What happened to him?
He went to the top... and he hasn't come back, yet.
..Sorry I asked.
Don't worry. I'll go to the top of the Tower someday. Then I'll find out what happened.
...It's nice to have dreams.
No matter how bad things get, you'll always have something to hope for.
...Isn't that how new things get developed?
...Yeah, I guess it is.

Subjects returned to temple.

Subjects investigated third floor tool room.

Yeah, it's debris of older technology from ancient times.
I knew it! I've seen stuff like this in Platina.
But, do they really use this junk to make stuff?
That's what the Teru Tribe does. I know it sounds ridiculous...
But, this room is the reason I left Em Pheyna.
...I never knew that.
Yeah, it was a long time ago...

...What are you talking about?
Well, how are things going down there?
The Humans are winning. Their powerful bombs are pouring like rain.
See? Chief, we need this technology.
It's much more powerful than those bombs of theirs.
We can't do that. The Covenant of Elemia forbids it. You know that.
You're still trying to enforce those rules on us, even during this emergency!?
Listen, Flute! We can save the whole Teru Tribe if we use these!
While we're arguing, everyone else is down there fighting the humans!
Our magic is too weak, compared to the Human's weapons...
I already told you no! We can't break the Covenant of Elemia.

That's ridiculous!
You're wrong.
Do you plan on repeating the same mistakes?

But, I was sick and tired of the Teru Tribe's rules.
And, I was attracted to the Human's spirit and technology.
Oh, so that's why...
I'm sorry, Misha. It wasn't because I didn't care about you or anything.
...He's your ex-boyfriend?
He used to protect me when I was little. We were always together.
I was so lonely after I left Platina. He was the closest thing I had to a family.
Is that so...?
...You can't do anything right.
Shut up! Leave me alone!
Enough about me! We have what we need, let's go back!

Lyner... can I speak with you?
Huh, Aurica?
...May I sit down?
Hey, Aurica, look! I finally made the Circula Teleporter!
That's wonderful. You really did it.
You can make anything.
Yeah. I've been making a lot of complicated things lately. I guess I'm finally getting good at it.
I wish... I was good at something... like you are.
What are you talking about? You can sing. You sing beautifully.
...No, I don't. My Songs aren't that good. Besides, I'm a Class-D Reyvateil.
...I've been meaning to ask you, what's this "Class-D" stuff?

Our assignments are based on our class, too...
Class-Ds can't even get a partner.
Even between Class-A and Class-D, there's a huge difference in our wages, and how we're treated.
That doesn't sound very fair to me. The power of a Song should be the same, no matter who is singing it!
...But, that's just the way it is where I'm from.
I still don't get it.
Well, you were my first partner.
Nobody wants to partner with a weak Reyvateil.
Well, talking about this doesn't really solve anything. We can't do anything to change it.
But, I'll never judge you by your class.
...Thank you. Just as I thought... you are kind...
...I am not!

...Name it?
Yeah. Circula Teleporter doesn't really roll off the tongue, you know?
Okay. Then...
How about... Kitty Bowl?
I... I'm sorry. You see, it kind of looks like a bowl...
And... Tastiella sort of reminds me of a cat...
...And... no. Never mind.
Well... I think it's fine...

Subjects returned to temple grounds.

Don't call it that here!
Hmm? Is something wrong?
Uh, no, nothing. Really.
Then, good job. May I see it?
You've done a remarkable job. This will work nicely.
Now, we are all ready. All that is left is to perform the ceremony at the Frozen Eye.
It's about time...
But... there is one thing you have to remember.
If you cross the Frozen Eye using the Circula Baptism...
You can go up, but you can't come back down...
...Are you serious!?

So, you can go up, but you can't come back down.
So, if you still have business to attend down here, you had best take care of it before you leave.
I shall meet you at the Frozen Eye.
You can reach the Frozen Eye by going through the Pheyna Gate and climbing up.
I will wait for you there.
Let's go to the Frozen Eye.
Chief Flute, thank you for everything.
...I shall be praying for Platina's safety.
I'll come back after I get my Song back.
...You're going, too?

I haven't decided if I want to come back here.
...Take care.

Tastiella is involved now. This could get complicated. But with Chronicle Key out of the picture, I have nothing to worry about even if they succeed. Computer, log out and delete all logs.

Confirmed. Logging off. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!