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Part 24: Chapter 13: Virus

Chapter 13: Virus

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Give me a summary of the current crisis in Platina up to the present moment. All available details. I need more data!

Loading records... Multiple records on subject 'Lyner Barsett' found, dating back as far as one day. Load all?

Yes. I can always skip them if they're not relevant.

Recorded conversation in location designated 'Restoire', Em Pheyna.

What does the Star Singer mean?
...! The Star Singer!?
I'm sorry. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to...
...No, it's okay. I was going to tell you about it someday, anyway.
The Star Singer is a priestess who continuously sings for world peace, forever.
Who sings... forever?
Yes. That is my destiny. I came down here from Platina to carry out that mission.
My Song is entitled Chronicle Key. It's the only thing that can keep the viruses contained in the tower...
What!? Then, that means...

I wish I could, but my Song was stolen... by Tenba.
Tenba!? I see, it was when...

Why didn't you tell me before? I'll help you look for it.
No, it's too late. I've looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it...

I talked to Tastiella, earlier. But, she doesn't know where my stolen Song is, either.
But, it's no use crying about it, right? So, I want to do whatever I can to help.
Platina's in danger, right? I want to go help you save it.
Besides, I may be able to find a clue on where to find my Song along the way.
Hmm... you're really strong, Misha.
...No, I'm not. I just try to act like it... from time to time...
Anyway! I told you a lot about my life. Does it ring any bells, yet? I'm hoping that you'll start to remember me.
I'm sorry.
Well then, I want you to stay with me tonight... at least until you remember me.
Are you serious...?

Ughh, that's enough. So Bourd succeeded in neutralizing Chronicle Key. He wasn't totally worthless I guess. So if they went to the Frozen Eye there's probably a lot of really boring footage of them scaling the Tower. Skip it. I don't give a damn.

...Of course.
...What is it?
I gave it a lot of thought, and... I think I should head on alone.
...Lyner!? How can you say that?
Yeah, are you outta your mind?
The Circula Baptism ceremony requires you to die.
...That was just a figure of speech. It isn't dangerous.
Yeah, well, once you're up there, you can't come back down. You guys can't come with me.
Lyner... I'm disappointed in you. After everything we've been through, I can't believe what I'm hearing.
We've done so much to help you, yet you still don't trust us.
That's not what I meant. It's just that... I don't want to drag you all into my mess.

Yeah, well...
Don't you get it? You're pissing everybody off!
You're the only one who's worried about this.
Hey, I'm just worried about you guys! I can't guarantee that you won't get hurt.
If you really cared about us, you'd let us make our own decisions...
Instead of making the decision for us!
Can't you read between the lines!?
Nobody wants to say goodbye to you!
We want to see this thing through to the end!
You can't keep ignoring our feelings! It's just like that one time...


...Well, I guess because... I thought you would refuse...
I won't refuse! I already told you that earlier!
...Well, I thought...
Urrghh! Enough already! Lyner!

If you really care about someone you can't just worry about them. You have to consider their feelings, too.
Besides, the people you care for probably have things that they value more than themselves.
...Do you understand what we're saying?
Yeah, I get it... Well, not really, but I'm trying...
But, I understand how you're feeling.
Come on, let's go to Platina... together!
I hope you're ready.

Tastiella... thank you... for everything.
...I hope that Platina will be well.
Yes. We should get going.

...I'll get it back for her.
I'm counting on you. After all, you were the one who made her lose it in the first place.
...You didn't have to say it like that. I got feelings, you know.
Oh, I was joking. But you must hurry, before it's too late.
...Yeah, I know. Once we're done up there, I'll get right on it.
Come on, let's go.

Hmph. I will never allow the Star Singer to recover Chronicle Key. Never! Track their movements in the Platina region.

We made it safely.
We're in the Upper World!? Alright!
Alright, Platina, here we come!

Subjects entered city of Platina.

So... this is Platina, the place that the Church refers to as the Holy Land!
The city is so quiet.
...Lyner, don't you think that's strange?
The city... is frozen!?
I knew something was strange! Let's go check out the cathedral. We should be able to find something there...
Huh? The cathedral...? I don't really want to go there...
You haven't made up with Leard yet!?
Well... no... not really...
I don't believe it! Men are so childish!
Listen! That's where Platina is governed. So, we have to go there, right?
The cathedral... I guess I have no choice...

Follow their movements.

Knight: Yes, sir!
Platina's being destroyed. Have we heard anything from Lady Shurelia or Ayatane, yet?
Knight: No, sir. It's been a few days since they left for the Altar of Apostles...
This is not good. I hope Lady Shurelia is safe...
Reyvateil: ...I'm sure she's fine, sir. Ayatane is with her.
What makes you think Ayatane can keep her safe?
Reyvateil: Ayatane has special powers.
When the viruses first emerged from the Altar of Apostles...
After being trapped, they returned unharmed.

That was too close. Let's hurry!
Lady Shurelia, Lyner, I'm sorry.
How dare such weak viruses try to hurt me...
We shall be alright for a little while.
...I have my own way of dealing with them.

Reyvateil: Sir! A Guardian has entered the 2nd district!
What!? This may be our last stand...
...Lyner! Is that you!?
...Hi, Dad...
Hm, you're too late to do anything.
Hm, you're too late do anything.
...What did you just say!?
I've been risking my life, looking for the Hymn Crystal that'll save everyone's life...
And when I finally get back, you treat me like this!? You didn't even thank me!
...You brought the Hymn Crystal? Wasn't that what you were supposed to do?
I'm simply evaluating how long it took you to complete your mission. In that regard, your performance barely rates at all.
I can't figure out why she asked you to go in the first place...
Damn it, Dad!

I can't sing Chronicle Key any more.
But, I'll have to tell you about it later. Right now, we have to find a way to defeat these viruses.
He nearly died a few times, looking for that crystal. But, he finally found it.
He dedicated his life to his mission. You have to take that into account, as well.
Misha... the reason he was barely able to accomplish his mission was because he is incompetent.
No matter how many times he faced death, it doesn't change the final outcome.
I know that I am merely an outsider, but there is something you must know, sir.
I, Radolf, fought by Lyner's side. I must say that he really did impress me.
I've never seen anyone put a mission before him or herself as I witnessed from Lyner.

Though, I do recognize that he was in fact able to accomplish his mission at long last.
Radolf, it's alright. Thank you.
Dad, what did you want me to do with this crystal?
The crystal is only effective if it is united with a Reyvateil.
Lady Shurelia was supposed to take up that duty...
But, she is currently at the Altar of Apostles with Ayatane.
We haven't heard from them for some time now.
In our current situation, we are preparing for a worst case scenario.
Lyner, give the crystal to the Reyvateil that you trust the most.
Downloading the crystal into the Reyvateil will release the true power of the crystal.
How do we download the crystal?
...You don't know how? I don't have enough time to explain...
You should ask Horai, the owner of Platina's dive shop.

I see. So that's how it got to this.

He doesn't like the fact that I chose to become a knight.
He has no right to speak to you like that!
Oh, don't worry. I'm used to that. He could go on for days if he really wanted to.
Um, Lyner?
I thought that you were kind to everyone, but you're not kind to your father.
I wasn't afraid of you, or anything...
I just never saw you act like that before. It was a bit surprising.

So if he was going to download a Hymn Crystal, he'd have needed the Reyvateil's Hymn Code. These two probably don't even know their own codes, so he'd probably have to ask their Mind Guardians.

A brief interlude: I'm not showing the actual conversation that tells us this because they seriously screwed up in the localization and it flows really awkwardly. The Dive Shop guy pretty much tells us that we need to Dive into them and get their Mind Guardian to tell us their Hymn Code. I'm not going to show the conversation with Don Leon, but you will likely note if you're playing along at home and chose Aurica that he says her Hymn Code is MULE_TEIWAZ_ARTONELICO, whereas I earlier in the thread said it was MIR_TEIWAZ_ARTONELICO. The reason? Mir is the localized name of the mother virus, who was named Mule in the Japanese version. They didn't localize the Hymn Code, though, so there's a mismatch. If you want to find out what the deal is with that Hymn Code, then vote Aurica's path for Phase 2 here after Chapter 14. Now back to our show.

Hey, Hama! Do you know about Misha's "Hymn Code"?
Of course I do.
Really!? Can you tell me about it?
Okay, I'll tell you. But, you can't tell anyone else, it's a secret.
I'm trusting you.
Of course.
Don't tell anyone.
Thanks! I owe you one!

The download of a Hymn Crystal was detected in Platina square.

Oh, thank you for that breaking news. I mean, it's not like our present situation didn't make that stunningly clear.

Yes. You're the only one I can ask. Will you do it?
Of course! I've been waiting for you to ask me!
Horai: Okay, please follow me to the area where we can perform the ceremony.

Horai: Okay, now listen to me and follow my directions carefully.
First, you two have to face each other.
Now, Lyner, take the crystal and hold it up in front of Misha.
Now, let's begin.

Horai: Lyner! Read that! Hurry!
R, right!

Are you okay?
What's happening to me...? I don't believe it...
It's bringing back so many memories. I don't know why... but I want to cry.
I don't know what it is... but, I have this bittersweet feeling inside me...
Horai: You won't experience that kind of rush too often, so you better enjoy it now.
I can't help you with anything else. I don't know what kind of Song you got there.
Ask Commander Leard if you have any more questions.
Thanks. You were a great help.
Now, let's go back to the cathedral.

Who did you download it into?
I received it.
Ah, Misha, it's you. I have every confidence that you can accomplish this task.
Don't forget that you can't fail. Remember that.
Y, yes, sir...
Dad, what are you doing? Don't scare her!
I'm only telling her the truth. You should remember that on every mission you take.
So, Misha...
Your mission is to chant and fight against the Viruses with Lyner.
...Yes, sir.
The Song you learned will prevent the viruses from escaping.
You will have to fight the same as any other battle. The most important thing is to keep singing.
I need to keep singing. I got it!

Only the Purger can exterminate the viruses. She won't be of any help, even if she goes with you.
Moreover, Platina is in great danger. The viruses are taking over Platina itself.
...I understand. I'll wait for Lyner here.
...I'll be waiting. You must come back.
...Alright. I promise.
Now, we're all ready to fight the viruses.
The virues are still at the Altar of Apostles.
We're worried about Lady Shurelia and Ayatane. We have to hurry.
Head to the Altar of Apostles immediately.
By using the Purger, you can exterminate the viruses.
Okay, I won't fail!

I know!
Is that all you have to say?

The interpersonal strife of humans is boring. Show me what happened at the Altar of Apostles.

Loading record...


Of course.
It's a little late for second thoughts.
It's just like gambling! I'm tingly all over!
This is for Platina...
Thank you...
Okay, let's go!

I have enough, Ayatane.
Lady Shurelia! You can't push yourself any harder!
I have no choice. Our mission is to keep the viruses here.
We just have to delay them until Lyner returns with the Purger.
Lady Shurelia! Ayatane!

Leave the rest to us!
...Where is the Purger?
It's safe. We downloaded it into Misha's mind.
...Okay, then take out the viruses.
We're counting on you, Lyner.
Misha! Let me hear your wonderful singing voice!
You got it!
I'll put my whole heart and soul into it!
Here we go!

I HATE this song. Wretched thing.

I learned a lot, and had a really fun time on this trip.
Thanks, everyone.
Come on, let's take them down!

Boss Battle: ELMA-DS:

So, first thing to note: EXEC_PURGER is one of the absolute best boss musics there is, period. Aurica's version is different, and I'll link it later.

As far as ELMA-DS goes, he's not that hard. He's definitely the toughest boss of the phase, though, and if you're underleveled could be a real pain. He's got a powerful single target, attack, Bugs Fang, and a debuff spell called System Break. Dispel System Break with Shaman or an Opal Rice, because debuffs in this are just as nasty as they are in say a Megaten game, where you start taking 50+% more damage after a couple. He's got a lot of health to whittle down, and when he starts getting lower he'll use Harm Wave, a three ring stored attack. This lets you Super Counter, so take advantage of that. Eventually, ELMA-DS will drop. That's where the game decides to really slap you with a good old fashioned fuck you moment.

Hang in there!
Are you ok?!

The viruses jumped inside her and vanished, correct?
That's right.
Because of the Purger, they were unable to revert to energy.
So, I suspect that the viruses fled into Misha's Cosmosphere.
The shock of the invasion must have put her in a coma.
Sounds like an extreme case of forceful entry into a Cosmosphere.
We can't attack the viruses while they're inside her...
But, if we kill Misha, the viruses will die...
I'm just saying...
...The viruses know that we cannot attack them now.
Lady Shurelia, there must be some way that we can fight them!
There is one way, but it is extremely dangerous.

...Anything is better than this.
Even if it is a long shot, I'll do anything to help Misha.
...I see.
Then we must take her to the Dive Shop.
Lyner, meet us there whenever you're ready.

Hmm, I see they intend to come in. We will be waiting for the humans, though, won't we my child? The humans wish to use both of us, but soon they'll see. As they drown in rivers of their own blood, they'll learn that we Reyvateils are not to be trifled with. And after we slaughter them, you will help me build my Utopia, where no humans can use either of us ever again. It will be so beautiful...

Can Lyner defeat ELMA-DS and save Misha from the diabolical Mother Virus, Mir? What will become of Platina? Find out next time on the exciting conclusion of Ar Tonelico Phase I, Soul!