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Part 25: Chapter 14: Soul

Chapter 14: Soul

Welcome, Administrator.

It is almost time. I need a dynamic output of the situation in the girl's Cosmosphere.

Coming right up, Administrator.

Location: Dive Shop Horai


Good. Mr. Horai, please let these people dive.
Horai: All these people? Are you sure she'll be okay?
Please! If it gets bad, just turn it off.
Horai: Alright. I've never let this many people dive together at once before.
But, let's start the dive.
I'll prepare an assault from behind.
No matter what happens to me, you must have faith in me... and continue along your path.
Please, be careful...


...I feel sorry for Misha. I can't stand this place...
We can trace the destruction back to the viruses!
Misha's mind... is a complete wasteland...
This is what the viruses are capable of...
Lyner! Look what happened!
Hama! Where's Misha!?
I thought a meteorite struck this place, but it was really a monster.
The monster trapped Misha inside a crystal.
It happened over there.
Look, I see something...

Misha! Are you okay?
Stupid humans... hurting Reyvateils...
Wh- what are you talking about? We're here to help you...
Humans cannot help Reyvateils...
Lyner, that's not Misha. The viruses are controlling her.
You won't get away with this...
Humans are the virus... we are the guardians of the Reyvateils.
Humans cannot help Reyvateils...
That's not true... Sure, some humans are terrible...
But, even the worst humans are better than you!
You endanger human lives... and souls... just for fun.
I'll kill you for that right now!

If you have to kill me... please make sure I don't suffer...
Misha, is that you!?
Don't worry! I'll save you...
Humans cannot help Reyvateils...
Is it really Misha? Or is it the virus talking?!
I don't understand! What's going on here?
Lyner, wait! You'll hurt Misha!
But, this isn't Misha, is it? I thought it was just the viruses.
It could be viruses, but it still might be Misha, too.
...Damn. I don't know what to do...
Hahaha... foolish humans, you really are quite amusing... Heh heh...


Lyner, I'm ready...

I have managed to disconnect Misha from the viruses.
The rest is up to you.
Lady Shurelia... thank you!
Let's end this!

It's all up to you, now.

Boss Battle: ELMA-DS and ELMA x3:

Now we get to fight ELMA-DS again, accompanied by 3 ELMAs. The ELMAs are weaker versions of the large one that pretty much universally use Bugs Fang. ELMA-DS has gained a new attack that he'll use at low health that hits a single person for a very large amount of damage. He uses Harm Wave more often, though, so he's actually easier to kill.

We exterminated those viruses completely...
Lyner... you saved me...
Not by myself.
...I'm so happy.

Now it's over.
Yeah... and not soon enough...
Thanks... everyone.
Misha, will you be able to come back with us to the real world?
Of course.
Then, I'll see you when we wake up...
Thanks for saving my life...

All's well that ends well...

Location: Platina Cathedral

She'll be fine. We just have to wait.
Ugh... Ungh...
Are you okay?
...Are you alright?
...Huh? I was singing... and then...
Don't you remember anything after that...?
No. Not at all.
I don't know why...
But... I feel relieved...

I would like to express my appreciation, as well. Thank you very much.
I'm humbled by your kind words.
Oh, by the way... we've been thinking...
Is it possible to allow more interaction between the Upper and Lower World?
Yeah, so we can help each other out, like we just did.
The Teru Tribe is pretty lonely, too.
I learned a lot during my time in the Wings of Horus.
I think we need to learn more about the people down there, and they need to learn more about us.
I know it won't be easy... but I think it's something we need to do.
I see... Platina has been isolated for a very long time.
Perhaps we can trust the people of Horus more...
If that can be achieved, it will usher in a new world for us all.
Should that happen, then...
You people will be the messengers of a new era.

Everything's not okay, though. This is only the beginning of our problems.

Location: Platina


But thanks to you, it's all over.
Where is Misha?
She's talking with Lady Shurelia inside the cathedral.
Hey, look at this statue. It's the same as the one in the church. But, they're so far apart...
I wonder if, a long time ago, your people and my people ever lived together.
...Yeah. Your people and my people aren't very different.
But... now we live in separate worlds with separate roles.
I came here to save this world, and that's it...
Hey, did you hear?
There's a gate in the center of the tower that connects the Upper and Lower Worlds. It's called the Frozen Eye.
Lady Shurelia is going to open it.
Really!? Then, you guys can all go home.

But, I had so much fun just spending time with you.
...I don't have much more time left with you, but....
Will you show me around the city? I've never been to Platina before...
Yes, of course.

Location: Asparanika Park

Man: Welcome to my store. Oh, hi, rich boy! Long time no see.
...Rich boy?
Don't call me that! I hate it!
Man: What are you talking about? You're the son of the Commander. That makes you a rich boy.
You're really famous around here...
Through no fault of my own...
Man: I thought you two made up.
Hell no. He keeps yapping at me to "Study Hard!"
Man: That's too bad. Anyway, it's been a while. Have a Funbun on me.
Oh! Awesome! Thanks!

Location: Department, Shopping District

Platina is such an amazing place.
This is the general store, but...
Store: It's not a general store! It's a fancy shop!
She gets mad whenever you call it a general store.
This store has so many cute things to buy! Oh, I want them all!
Store: Then make him buy you something next time.
Yeah... that's a good idea...
Hey, wait!
Store: Here, I'll give you a special gift for being a regular customer!
Are you sure!? Isn't this expensive...?
Store: Don't worry about it. We're celebrating today! Besides, you shop here regularly.
...Ah, crap.

No, you got it all wrong. I'm just giving her a tour of the city.
Shop: Ah... you know, the whole city is celebrating now!
Here, take this! It's today's special, on the house!
Are you sure I can have it!?
Shop: Don't worry about it. Today is a day to celebrate.
Come back again!

Location: Linkage, Housing District

Yeah, we have a lot of building supplies.

Location: Cathedral.

Knight: Lyner, how are you today?
Commander Leard is in a meeting right now. But, would you like me to get him?
Oh, no, no, no! I'm not here to see him.
Knight: ...I see.
You really don't like your father, do you?
It's not that I don't like him... It's just that we don't agree on a lot of things, like my future.


C'mon, let's go back to the cathedral.

Lyner, I need to tell you and Ayatane something.
First of all, thank you for exterminating the viruses.
Platina is peaceful once again. Unfortunately, the peace is only temporary.
Yes. For a permanent solution, we need a Song which can seal the root of the problem.
In this case, the root is the Mother Virus, Mir.
Mir!? I've heard that name before...
The recent virus outbreaks have increased in strength and frequency because the heal is beginning to break.
Is it because Misha stopped singing her Song?
That is correct.

But, since her memory of the Song was stolen, she can no longer fulfill her mission.
In order to seal the Mother Virus, we have decided to start a search for her Song.
Now, we need to form a search party. We'll need some excellent soldiers.
Lyner and Ayatane, you're both worthy candidates for this mission, of course, but...
You'll have to decide for yourselves if you want to go.
Yes, ma'am.
...Yes, ma'am.

Yes, but there is only so much I could do by myself. I may have overlooked something.
That's why we're gonna start with Tenba. Are you sure you want to go back there?
I don't know. I don't even want to remember them.
I'm... sorry...
You haven't even decided if you want to join the search party yet.
But, I was thinking that if you did come... we can spend some time together, again...
I can't force you, but... I'd like you to come.
But now, it's time for me to go shopping! It's been forever since I got to shop in Platina.

Location: Apsaranika Park

So, you're gonna join the search party...
Of course I am. It's the same thing that I was already doing, but with more people.
Remember, I told you I was coming along to help Misha.
And, I know you're gonna join up too, right? Heh, like I really have to ask.
Well, I'm going for a walk.

Location: Department, Shopping District

I guess I'll just let the answer come to me...
I'm really curious about what's up there...
...Up there?
Yeah, you know, way up! I'm talking about above the Blastline. I wonder what it's like up there.
Anway, that's how things stand with me. Sorry, that wasn't much help at all, was it?

Location: Linkage, Housing District

If you accept the mission, it will be difficult to visit us at the Church.
And that would be a shame. Especially since Biship Falss is looking forward to meeting with you again.
Bishop Falss... I almost forgot...

I can't thank you enough. But, I promise to come back and make up for everything you've done for me.
I'm sorry for being in such a rush...
Do not worry. Go, and begin your climb.

I'm sorry, but I really do need to get some rest.
I'll see you later. I hope you can greet me with some good news.
I wonder where Aurica is.
I don't think she went outside. Maybe she went to the Gather through the underground tunnel...

Location: Gather

And... you, too.
What are you gonna do down there?
What am I going to do? Well, nothing, I guess...
There aren't any oracles who want to partner up with me, so I won't even be able to go on missions.
Say, do you know about the Trio of Elemia?
Have you heard their legends?

I have always been fascinated with the Goddesses and their utopia. That's why I joined the Church.
Anyway, this is how it goes...
You have to be paired up with an oracle to go on the mission to welcome the Trio of Elemia.
But, I can't find an oracle who wants to be my partner, because my class is so low.
So, I only get to do jobs that everyone else is too busy to do.
...I don't think that's true. You do have great power.
You helped us out a lot on our journey.
I don't think my being here made any difference to what you accomplished.
You will join the search party, right? Good luck.

I don't want to get my hopes up on something that will never come true.
I better get back now.

Location: Platina Cathedral


As a Knight of Elemia, my mission is to protect you, Lady Shurelia.
I can't put my mission on hold, just to join a search party.
But, I asked you to join this mission because you are a Knight of Elemia.
I understand that. But, if I left you for too long...
I would worry about you so much that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the search.
...Very well. Then, I shall ask you to resume your regular duty.
Yes, ma'am!
How about you, Krusche?
I... decided to join. I think I can be really handy.
Very well. Please act responsibly.
What about you, Lyner?
Yes, ma'am, I...

So now we have a choice. Do we:

Join the Search Party for Misha's Song


Pay back the Church for their help with Aurica?

Both paths are equally important to the story, and our choice here is a major factor in determining the ending we get. I will eventually play both paths, but the choice here will determine our main path for the game. Voting will last until Thursday.