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Part 27: Chapter 15: Storm

Chapter 15- Storm

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Why are you so damned happy? This isn't a time to be happy. Stupid computerized voice. Shut up and tell me what's been happening in Platina. Specifically follow Lyner Barsett, I want to get something special ready for him to thank him for his wonderful efforts.

Searching... records found. Loading...


...Lyner, will you tell me why?
I made a promise to Bishop Falss before we came up here.
I promised that I would come back...
Aurica took care of me after my emergency landing on the Wings of Horus.
The Church gave me some clues on how to find the Hymn Crystal.
And... they did everything they could to help me find it.
As you can see, Radolf and Aurica even helped me get back up here.
If not for the Church, you'd still be fighting viruses and I might not even be alive.
So, I have a duty to repay the Church.

It's okay. He's speaking from his heart.
This Church in the Wings of Horus has done more than its fair share to help him.
It is a sign of good faith to contribute to the Church until you feel your debt is paid.
Granting you permission to work for the Church will be Platina's gift.
Yes, ma'am! Thank you, ma'am!
...Lyner, are you sure?
Yes. I've made my decision. I owe you one, Aurica.
Okay. Now we'll be even...
Misha, I'm sorry. I've been thinking about this since we talked, but...
I know. The Church helped me, too.
Besides, it's not like we'll never see each other again...
I might not see you for a while, but I'm hoping for the best.

When you're ready, come to the Altar of Apostles. I'll be waiting for you there.
...Dad, I'm going.
...Try not to get yourself killed.

Touching. I need a body again so I can vomit when things like this happen. What else have you got?

Security footage at Frozen Eye recovered.

I will!
You can count on me!
We should get going!
Lyner... take care of yourself in the Wings of Horus...
Don't be so dramatic. It's not like we'll never see each other again.
You're right. Never forget that you are an honorable Knight of Elemia.
I won't!
We're all counting on you.
I know...

So the little brat really is going to help those fools of the Church of the Trio? Interesting. Indeed, this could provide quite a lot of entertainment before the end. Too bad that at the rate things are going that will be ever so soon.

I'm just doing what's right.
I see... thank you. Then, let's go back to the Church and meet with the Bishop.

The subjects stopped in Frozen Eye region.

Hm? What's the matter?
The Search Party... I thought you really wanted to be on it...
Oh, that...
Even if you did make a promise, some things are more important, you know? You don't have to protect me.
...Or, is it because of what I said at the Gather?
No, that's not it.
I mean, the Church really did help me out a lot.
And, even when I first came to the Wing of Horus, they helped me when I was hurt.
But... Misha is out there, too, you know? Aren't you worried about her?
Well, I am a little worried, but...
But, even if I went with them, I think Misha would've said the same thing about you.

That's okay.

Stop. Right. There. They must have gone to Nemo, right? Just, just skip to that. I feel myself getting dumber every time I have to listen to that kid.

I'm glad that both of you are back. The Trio of Elemia have surely blessed you.
And Lyner, are you here because of that promise you made to me?
Yes. Now it's my turn to return the favor to the Church. We owe the success of my mission to the Church.
Ah! Which means... your mission...
Yes. We saved Platina.
How wonderful. I'm really happy for you.
So, I was hoping to work for the Church for a while.
That sounds excellent... I don't know how to show my gratitude.
Aurica, now that you have a partner, you are a true Reyvateil. Work hard for Lyner.
Yes! Lyner... I'll do my best.

Thank you.
Falss; Oh, Aurica, I think it's time to administer the life-extending agent.
Oh... I guess so...
Let's administer it today. You never know what to expect in times like this.
You're right. It shall be done...
Lyner, I'm sorry. I'll catch up with you at the inn.

Oh to see young children, oblivious to the onrushing destruction. I'm sure that couldn't have lasted for long.

Without the life extending agent, third generation Reyvateils can only survive for about three months. So, they have to be administered periodically.
Hmm, I never knew that.
The procedure is pretty painful. I wish there was a better way...
So, that's why Aurica looked upset...
...Huh? What?
Excuse me. What's going on?

A tornado!?
Man: I thought the wind was blowing harder than usual for the past few days. I knew this was coming.
Woman: They canceled all flights to Firefly Alley.
We can't go to Firefly Alley.
We better ask other people about this.

Oops. Did I do that? Mmmhmhmhmhm...

Ahem. Anyway, keep going. I want to witness these ants scrambling for safety.

Location: Nemo City Inn.

Adventurer: Oh, hoho...
But you see darling, if you don't do as you're told, you'll make that guy over there really upset...
Man: ......
Adventurer: Just do what we say! Reyvateils have no right to deny us anyway!
Hey, you guys!
...Lyner!? ...Aurica!
Adventurer: Who the hell are you?
Let her go! You're too filthy to touch a Reyvateil.
Adventurer: How dare you talk to use like that! Let's get him!

Lyner! Stop! That's enough!
Man: P...p...please... help me...
What's wrong with you? This isn't like you...
I'm sorry. I lost my temper. I just wanted to help you...
It's nice that you wanted to help, but you were quite excessive.
Besides, do you really think that was saving her?
Look... Aurica is scared.
I'm sorry. It wasn't supposed to be like this...
I'm sorry, I said too much.

I'm sorry about earlier. I just...
Thank you for protecting me. But, you really frightened me...
I just... I don't want to see you like that ever again...
But, I had to do something... or else...
And, I wanted to save you. I'd fight anyone to save you...
Why do you want to protect me?
Huh? Well... I guess...
...Is it my body?
What!? No, that's not it! I'm not a pervert...

Yes. I promised to protect you. I won't even let you get one scar...
I see... but, I don't know if what you're doing is protecting me at all...
I'm sorry. I'm being selfish...
No, you're right. I went too far, and I scared you.
Thank you... anyway.
You did your best to protect me.
But, when I said "body," you were thinking about something perverted, weren't you?
No! I wasn't. I swear!

Thanks to you, I can join the mission to wake the Goddess Trio of Elemia.
I want to thank you for that, too.
I have to buy some ingredients. Let's stop by the general store on Hoshinose Ave.
Oh, you're going to prepare a home cooked meal for us today! I can't wait!

Store: I've never heard of Mondakubu.
Oh, then you must not have a wide selection. Well, how about Babango?
...Uh, Aurica!
Store: It's poisonous. If you don't prepare it right, you can die from it. We don't have it here, though.
I know that it's poisonous, but it's really yummy... It's too bad you don't have it.
But... I guess I can use an onion as a substitute.
...That's a big change.
I wonder what Aurica is going to make us...

I'm thinking about using Claire's kitchen. Come on, let's go.
Despite her fragile looks, Aurica can be quite aggressive...
...Yeah, I noticed.
...Good luck.
What do you mean by that...?

Maybe he'll die of food poisoning.

Yes. I'm cooking something for Lyner.
First, I need to chop this...
Be careful! If you chop like that, you'll chop your fingers!
I'll be fine. I've been cooking like this for ten years.
What the heck is she cooking...?
Oh lord...

Please... enjoy it.
...Hey Lyner, dig in!
What about you?
...You don't want to eat? But I made it just for you...
Okay! Okay! I'll eat it!
It's delicious!!
It tastes good... but strange! I've never tasted anything like this before!
It's mild yet spicy. It's blended together perfectly... It's almost addictive!
...You can't be serious! That's impossible...
I'm glad you like it.
So, Aurica... where did you learn to cook like this?

You have the devil's luck, Lyner. You'll live a long life.
The party's over. I have to clean up.
Thank you, Claire. For everything.
Now let's go to the Church.

Morning service? I see. Thank you.
Sorry, he's still on morning service. We should explore the city for now.

Yes, let's see the maggots scramble some more. I never tire of that.

Engineer: I understand, but there is nothing we can do!
Man: It's your job to fix the problem! Huh!?
Engineer: So, you wanna fight!?
Guard: Stop you guys!
It's a fight! We should go!
Stop! It's no use fighting over this!
Man: Then why don't you give us a ride to Firefly Alley?
It's nobody's fault. There's a storm. Don't you see, it's impossible?
Man: Isn't it the Church's job to find a way to help us? You are useless when we need you the most.
Woman: That's enough. Let's wait till the storm is over.
Man: But... all the inns are booked for the night.
Woman: Oh no... what should I do?

There's nothing I can do about the storm, but I should be able to help them out with some accommodations.
Besides, breaking up fights is one of the basic duties of the Church.
I can't believe that nobody was here to break up the fight.
I'm sorry. I don't mean to complain. Don't take it so seriously.
Lately, the Church has gotten too excited about the Goddesses' return.
It should be protecting the public. That is more important than their return.

Adventurer: And, I'm one of them. I have to camp out again...?
The inn is full, due to the storm.
The Church hasn't made any kind of relief efforts...

Because of the storm, there are many people who need help. Has the Church done anything to help them?
A storm is a natural disaster. There's nothing we can do about it.
Even though we can't do anything about the storm, there must be something we can do to help the people.
We can stop riots and provide accommodations.
Isn't that one of our duties?
Radolf, I thought I made it clear that the primary goal of this church is to welcome the Goddesses.
Right now, the knights and holy maidens are preparing for that mission.
We don't have time to deal with the public.
Then, assign Lyner, Aurica, and me to that mission.
What are you talking about? Lyner and Aurica have to be there to welcome the Goddesses.

Bishop... you're wrong. Lyner is going to work with me.
What are you talking about?
We'll do our best to help the people who are suffering from the storm. And, that's final!
Radolf! Wait!

But, what are we going to do now?
Actually, I have an idea. I found something while I was exploring the Tower.
In Silvaplate, there was a door that connected to the Tower.
If we can open that door, we might be able to reach Firefly Alley by walking inside the Tower.
Adventurer: Is that true?
Wait. We don't know if it will open.
Man: But if it opens, we might be able to get down, right?
That's only one possibility. Don't expect too much.
Anyway, let's get to that door.
Adventurer: ......
Man: Did you hear it?
Adventurer: Yeah! That's a big scoop!

Subjects currently en route to Silvaplate region.

Oh? I've caught up with them? Full surveillance, I want to know what they're doing before they do. Not that what they're doing matters, with the Musical Corridor damaged it's only a matter of time before they're wiped from my world. Mmmhmhmhm...

There's really nothing they can do to stop me from using this connection and secrecy has flown out the window, keep this connection open. Don't bother deleting any logs, it's inconsequential even if they do know what I'm looking at.