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Part 28: Chapter 16- Corridor

Chapter 16- Corridor

Welcome, user Mir! Would you like to resume your previous session?

Yes. Where are the subjects right now?

Subjects detected in Musical Corridor.

I see. Explain how this occurred.

Record loading... Loaded.

Wait! I'm a Knight of Elemia. My name is Lyner Barsett.
Teru Warrior: Lyner... you must be the one the Chief mentioned...
Yeah. I've met Flute a couple of times.
Teru Priestess: I see... I didn't know. Please, forgive my rudeness.
Teru Warrior: We've heard that many Humans are climbing the Tower, so I'm out here on patrol.
I have to get back to my patrol now. Excuse me.
...Many Humans?

Subjects entered Tower, proceeded to A Dividing Wall.

This is... the A Dividing Wall. This door definitely leads inside the Tower.
But... we shouldn't be able to open the A dividing Wall from here...
No, we can't open it. This door is blocked off.
...But, if we could open this door, we could go down and escort the people.
What about this!?
That's not enough. We should give up on this and plan something else. Why don't we find a way to arrange accommodations.
No, I'm not done with this!
Please open!

Open says-a-me...
Open says-a-me!
Open says-a-me with a cherry on top...
Open says-a-me with a cherry on top!

La... Lady Shurelia!
See? I told you that we could easily find him.
Lyner? Were you mumbling strange words?
Uh, no, you must've heard wrong! What are you doing here, anyway?
The Musical Corridor that regulates the weather isn't functioning properly. So, we came here to investigate it.
Are you talking about the storm?

It regulates the weather and removes harmful energy from the atmosphere.
The control system is balanced by the seven Hexagonal Plates...
But, one of the plates fell, and now, the system has lost its balance.
From the other day!
Yes. Ever since then, turbulence has been building up, little by little.
So, if we fix the Musical Corridor, the storm'll stop?
Yes. I'm here to ask you to accept that mission.
I was going to go alone, but I wasn't sure if I could accomplish the mission by myself.
So, I thought we should ask you to come along. I'm relieved now.
Is that alright with you, Radolf?

I made changes to the Musical Corridor's gate, so you should be authorized to open it.
Alright! We'll take care of the rest.
I'm counting on you people.
Let's work together to accomplish our mission.

So now Ayatane has joined us. He's pretty much the most powerful supporting character. He hits harder than any other and occasionally entirely blocks incoming attacks. He very much makes up for in offense what we lose in healing not having Krusche.

So that's how they ended up in the Musical Corridor. Hmm. Well it'll be no fun if they just fix this thing with no opposition. I should prepare a little surprise for them.

So, I need your help with many things, Aurica.
You... need me?
Yes. You are the only one who can do this.
...I see.
Then, let's go.

Yes, but are you sure... that I'm good enough?
You'll do fine. Controlling it isn't that difficult.
Then, I'll try.

The control room has been activated.
Aurica, do you know how to adjust it?
Yes, kind of... it's pretty interesting...
Then, let's wait until Aurica finishes adjusting it.
Wait a minute, don't you have to stay with Lady Shurelia?
I can't help it this time. It's a direct order from her.
Besides, it's fun to be with you again, Lyner.
I thought you had a strong idea about protecting Lady Shurelia.
We all should enjoy our lives!
...Aurica is taking too long.
...Almost... just... have to balance the light...

Maybe... I... really am useless...
No. Maybe... we need to adjust the positions of the Hexagonal Plates.
Because one of them fell, the Hexagonal Plates' balance is all out of whack.
It's not your fault, Aurica.
Let's head to the Hexagonal Plate right away. There should be a Teleporter in the room on the opposite side.

They might actually pull this off. That's just not acceptable.

There are 7 Hexagonal Plates. They come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and reddish purple.
But, the purple Hexagonal Plate fell, so it's not here anymore.
This is the Red Plate.

There are four rooms at the corners of this plate. There, we can find teleporters that are connected to the other Hexagonal Plates.
If we light a teleporter, the light itself will reach the other plates.
The best balance is...
Making the light go through the order: Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Reddish Purple.
So for this room, the mirror should face the teleporter that is connected to orange.
You can rotate the mirror with a Hurricane Shot.
If you break the mirror, you can make Photon Glass using this recipe card.

So, this is a relatively simple little puzzle. You can rotate the mirrors with Gale Shot and break them with Flame Shot. You need to break one of them to allow light to go straight through. Just check the colors of the teleporters and don't mistake Red and Reddish Purple (they can look similar).

Let's get back to the control room.

Oh, it's on.


...Okay. I'll do my best.
Aurica, are you okay?
I think I... can do it... this time...
You're doing great.

Who are you!?
...The viruses!? I thought we exterminated them...
No! The viruses are going to take Aurica!
They're taking over!
We have no choice....
This is for you, Lyner. It'll be our little secret.

Ayatane... who are you...?
Just a big fan of Lady Shurelia.

Spoil MY fun, will you?

Boss Battle: Guardians:

This is a pretty easy little mini-boss. The K-Blade attack from the main Guardian is pretty damaging but there's really nothing to the fight. Between Lyner and Ayatane you should have enough firepower to smash these guys to bits.

I'm sorry... this is all... my fault...
No it's not. Now, let's go!

Guardians were defeated. Administrator Shurelia arrived onscene.

That can't be! Not even these viruses could've interrupted us that easily... there has to be...
Let's take care of them first.
They're recovering somehow.
...I'm sorry... for causing you trouble again...
Aurica... this wasn't your fault...
I can't help you anymore. My power... is too low...
Aurica, don't say that!
I can't do this anymore! Why do I always bring more trouble?
It's not just you...
Yes it is! I bring you all bad luck...

I can't deny that it is one possibility.
If a virus was inside her mind, there may be a hole in her mind.
A hole... in her mind?
Yes. Reyvateil minds are connected with the tower.
It helps them craft powerful Song Magic. But, there is a down side to it.
Just like in the Virus War, their spiritual world can be easily taken over.
Even though they've technically connected, healthy Reyvateils have a stronger wall to protect themselves.
If there is a hole in that wall, we have to close it. It's too dangerous to leave it.
If it remains, the viruses can enter Aurica's mind at any time...
Which means, I'm defective, right?
It's okay. That doesn't surprise me.
Either way, we have to dive to check her mind.
Lyner, this is going to be tough. Will you dive and investigate her mind?
...Yes, ma'am.

Linakge: I'm worried about Aurica.
Alright. I'd be happy to stay with Lyner.
I will see you later...
Ayatane, I'm sorry.
About what? It's times like this when we need to help each other out, right? So, let's go.
Ayatane, that really was an awesome skill.
You took all those strong viruses down in one shot.
That was a special occasion. I only did it to help you. Don't tell anyone about it.
Hey, wait a minute... Why didn't you use that skill the other day?
Because, it's a special skill. As I said, it was a special occasion. I did it to help you.
I'm just glad we have another experienced soldier.

This has been a very interesting day, even if another plan was ruined. Very interesting indeed.

Let's go back to the Church and report in.

System, keep the connection open in sleep mode. Continue monitoring the subjects.

Confimed. Thank you for using the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!