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Part 29: Supplemental: Aurica's Soulspace- Level 3

Supplemental 7: Aurica's Soulspace- Level 3

Let's get right into the meat of this, Aurica's third dive. This one is all about her issues with her best friend, Claire, the only other survivor of her village.


So... how long have you been Aurica's mind guardian?
Let's see... I'd guess about 10 years now...
That's pretty long... Aurica is 17 right now... Which means, since she was 7 years old.
That sounds right... Wait a minute! You seem to know a lot about Aurica! Are you a stalker?
W, wait a minute! Just because I know her age doesn't mean much. That kind of subject matter would come up in any normal conversation.
...Hmph. Very well. Aurica was only 7 years old when I first met her.
Since then, I've been Aurica's mind guardian.
Wow. Becoming her mind guardian so quickly is amazing. You need a lot of emotional input to become a guardian, right?

I hope you're not becoming the kid with withdrawal issues at the Dive Shop.
Withdrawal issues? Of course not.
Hmph, who knows. You never know when people become asocial all of a sudden. Even Aurica was like that for a while.
R, really?
It was a really long time ago. She liked this guy, but he rejected her so horribly... she wouldn't even leave her room.
Rejected!? Aurica? ... I see.
He was a tall and strong adventurer. But to him, Aurica was just another fling. He never had any trouble with girls.
But Aurica was deeply in love. When she was rejected, I was nervous. I thought she might do something bad.
I mean, he flat out told her, "There's no way I'd ever fall in love with a lame, country bumpkin like you!" right to her face!

Hey, we agree on something today.
Yes we do!
I me-an!! No no! Being friendly is prohibited!!

Miss Claire!? What are you doing in this church?
I got sick... so I came here to get cured...
I have a serious illness, so I don't have much time to live.
Oh, no... where's Aurica? She should be able to cure you!
I think Aurica went to the Cave Inn.

Why are you dressed like that?
Huh? Do I look funny? I'm a healing priestess... but, I'm no good at it...
Don't say that. What happened to you this time?
Claire has a serious illness, but I can't cure her...
You like Claire, right? You should be able to cure her if you really want to. This is your world.
I know that, but I haven't been able to cure her, no matter how hard I try...
Let's try one more time. I'll go with you this time.

No. No this isn't about confidence at all. This is about something a bit nastier.

We came here to cure you.
Can I try to heal you one more time?
Of course. Thank you for trying.
Okay, are you ready? Ha!
Please, Life Warmth. Help me cure Claire.
Life Warmth: Do you still want to try? I don't think this'll work out.
You don't know that. Don't listen to him. Keep believing in yourself, and you can cure Miss Claire.
Life Warmth: I'll try...
I'm not getting any better.
Aurica, do you really wish that Miss Claire will get better?
Of course! How can you ask me that? I love Claire. I really want her to get better...
Life Warmth: Please don't blame Aurica! It's my fault. My healing power isn't strong enough.

I don't think it's your fault. I've seen her Cosmosphere. There must be another reason.
Life Warmth: Really?
Yes. Anyway, let's find the way to cure her.

Lyner's not as stupid as he looks sometimes. He pretty much gets already why this isn't working. The only reason the healing could fail is if she doesn't want her to get better at this point. Oh, and we're about to be messed with my yet another deeper Aurica.

Wait! Maybe we can find an herb that can cure her up in the mountains.
Let's look around.
...Nothing. Maybe the altitude is too high for herbs to grow.
I found it!
Hmm, what an interesting choice. That's a poisonous weed.
Who are you!?

You picked a poisonous weed. I think you know yourself better than you think.
What do you mean?
Oh, you are sadistic. Do you really want to hear the horrific truth?
Okay, I'll tell you. You hate Claire, right? So why don't you kill her already?
What are you saying!? Aurica, is she telling the truth?
No, she isn't! I love Claire... she's my...
"She's my best friend." Are you sure about that?
Think about it. How much hardship have we gone through because of Claire?
Claire is smart, beautiful, and an excellent Reyvateil. I was always in her shadow. Nobody ever noticed me.
I was always hiding behind cheerful and active Claire, but I didn't like hiding behind her back. I wanted to be out in front and be noticed.
If Claire wasn't there, I would've been the center of attention. The beauty pageant at our village festival is a prime example.

I was always in Claire's shadow. Now is our chance to change that.
No! Claire is...
My precious Aurica, you need to be more courageous. You can create a brand-new world...
Wait a minute! That's no way to create a new world!
Stay out of this. You're just an outsider. You don't understand what it's like to be humiliated, to live in Claire's shadow.
Aurica, you've suffered, right? Now is the time to say goodbye to the past.
By giving this poisonous weed to Claire, you can erase your sad past. You can start over!
You're right. I'll be cleansed of these ugly feelings that I have towards Claire. All I have to do is give her this poisonous weed...
You don't understand. I was always compared to Claire. I was discriminated against because of her.
People used to tell me that I'm "no good" compared to Claire, who is smart, athletic, and an excellent Reyvateil!
I want to say goodbye to that forever!
Aurica! Damn, I have to chase her!
It's too late. She's realized her true feelings.
You tricked her!

Lilim is in concept Aurica's analogue of Misha's Shinobi, the part of her that just wants to do whatever the hell she feels like. While she's important, giving her free reign isn't the greatest idea. Needless to say killing this Claire would probably not be a 'good' thing.

Take this medicine. It'll make you feel better.
Really? Thank you!
Don't take that medicine!
Lyner, it's too late. This is going to change my life.
Is that how you want your life to be?
I'll be the best from now on. I won't have to cry in Claire's shadow.

I'm only here today because of Miss Claire. She protected me from bullies.
I wasn't good at making friends. She was my only one, my best friend. Are you sure you want to kill someone as special as her?
It's not too late...
But Claire was... always...
That's enough! ...I don't know what to do!
She's gone... what's happening to her...
Aurica is fighting with herself. She has some negative feelings toward Miss Claire.
Miss Claire helped her out, but we were also living in her shadow.
There's a conflict inside her. That's why Aurica can't cure her.
...I see.
Please save the Aurica of this level. Please don't listen to that devilish girl.

I have to go find her!

There you are!
I don't know what to do. I almost killed Claire...
Part of me wants to kill her... but, she's my best friend. I don't want her to die.
Both of your emotions are true. You know, it's not unusual to have mixed feelings about someone.
And, it's perfectly normal to get mad at someone you love and wish they were gone. You just can't help it.
You've... felt like this before?
Everybody does. But, it's important to distinguish your true desires from your emotional ones.
You have to look beyond your negative feelings. Then, you'll see what you really want.
I... want to stay with Claire. I just want to go shopping with her.
I also want us to make a music box together. We both love music boxes...
See, you know what you want. Now, just try to make it happen.
Okay! I have to imagine what I want my life to be like. Hmm, everything is much more clear.
I think I can make the right decisions.

Claire was always better than me. I hate having to be compared with her.
But that wasn't her fault. Claire has always been there for me, and I want her to always be a part of my life.
...But, then people will compare you to her. They'll humiliate you and you'll always feel discriminated.
You will always have cruel humans trying to make you two split up.
I don't care! I want to live with Claire. You can't trick me into changing my mind.
Claire has always been my friend. It's the other people who make me upset.
Claire's never done anything to hurt me, but I tried to kill her for my selfishness.
Okay... have it your way. Just remember that I know what we really feel better than you do.
You have to accept that I am a deeper part of you.
She's gone...
That devil finally left. I won't change my mind. I'll be okay.
Glad to hear it. Let's go see Claire.

The thing is that Lilim is part of Aurica just the same as Seraph, so again she isn't really 'tricking' her.

Oh, it will. You won't have to suffer anymore.
I'm sorry. I was just jealous. You're smart... and kind...
But, I made up my mind. I want us to be friends, Claire.
I can't help being jealous of you sometimes, but I want to get past that. I'll make sure you get better.
...Alright. Then, please make me feel better.
Okay. Are you ready?
Please work, I want Claire to be well again.
Life Warmth: You're trying that again? I don't think it'll work...
No, it will. This time, I'm wishing for it to cure her.
Life Warmth: Okay, let's see.

Aurica's wish made you a better healer.
Life Refresh: Ah, yes... I think it'll work this time. No, wait, I know it'll work.
I feel so much better. I'm really comfortable now.
Does it really feel better?
Yes, thanks to you.
Really!? I'm so happy!
Please be my friend, Claire... forever and ever!

Life Refresh is a much better healing Song than Life Warmth. This is in general a much better Blue Magic to get early than Shaman and is a significant edge Aurica has on Misha early on.

...Aurica? What's wrong?
I'm too scared to go to the next level. I almost killed Claire. What do you think I'll do next time?
I don't want to meet anymore unknown sides of my personality...
Don't worry, I'll be with you. I'll protect you, no matter what we face.
...Really? Okay...
Will you hold my hand during the Paradigm Shift?
Thank you. Oh, your hand is so warm.
I feel really calm now. I'll see you on the next level.

The senorita doesn't have full control of her world, yet.
Her inner thoughts may betray her feelings.
...Sounds complicated.
Actually, it is very similar to your own thoughts and emotions, but you don't have a Cosmosphere to dive into.
But alas, it is time to wake up.
Adios, amigo.

The Holy Maiden costume is pretty much the best for Aurica until we get Seraph. It's pretty awesome. I usually use it until Seraph because it has one of her highest +MP, which allows you to keep Blue Magic running for a long time. It will last us through much of Phase 2, although luckily we can do the fifth Dive around the same time as the Musical Corridor dungeon. We'd ideally like to get as far as we can as soon as things open up, because the game sure as hell won't give you any breaks if you're silly enough to go into stuff unprepared.