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Part 30: Chapter 17- Visitation

Chapter 17- Visitation

Automated surveillance, subject 'Lyner Barsett'. Subject observed leaving Musical Corridor region, returned to large building in settlement 'Airport City Nemo'. Surveillance revealed building designation 'Elemia Church'.

While you were out, the storm moved away.
We stopped the storm with the help of some Knights of Elemia.
...What did you say?
How do you do? My name is Ayatane, Knight of Elemia.
Bishop, the world has changed.
We should work with people from different regions to fight against the problems that we can't deal with by ourselves.
I see. You are absolutely correct. The storm is gone because of your collaborated efforts.
Once the weather is clear, we are free to search for the crystal.
Do you agree, Radolf?
...Yes. As you wish.

...Yes, sir...

Subject and companions left building.

...Yes... I'm fine.
Aurica... you don't look so good. Do you have a fever or something? Let me feel your forehead.
Whoa! You've got a super high fever!
...No, I'm fine...
No way! We're going back to the inn to rest!

Subject left with companions to building designated 'Singing Moon Inn'. NOTE: Unusual energy signature detected in Reyvateil 'Aurica Nestmille'. Monitoring situation.

...What? Aurica's...?
She has changed a lot since she was little.
She was more cheerful... and didn't give up easily when she was in Skuwat Village.
Oh, right... you and Aurica are from the same village.
Yes. I used to play with Aurica all the time. Our favorite game was Playing God.
Playing God!?
She's always liked the Legend of Elemia, ever since she was a little girl...
I was God, and Aurica was a villager. It was like this: Aurica prayed to God, and I made her wish come true.
She asked God to make her wishes come true...
Yes. I guess in that regard, she hasn't changed at all. She used to say that she couldn't do anything on her own.
If she was more confident and put her soul into it, she can accomplish anything...

No, I'm not! I was calling for help, but nobody was around. So, I walked here myself.
Oh no! I'm sorry! You were calling me?
And... Claire, don't tell Lyner any more strange old stories.
I'm too embarrassed to even look at him...
Now that we're all grown up, nobody cares about silly childhood stories.
I didn't have a happy childhood like you did.
You think my childhood stories are all dumb, don't you?
That's why... you didn't come when I called for you.
No! That's not it! I just couldn't hear you.
You liar!
You're a liar, Lyner! You promised me that you'd always protect me!
You didn't protect me at all today... or the other day!

What are you talking about!? You need to stop blaming others and become more independent.
You'll never understand me. Perfect people like you can never understand how an outcast like me feels!
That's it! I hate you, Claire! And you too, Lyner! I hate everyone!
Miss Claire, I have to chase her! I think she still has a fever.
We should go, too!

Subjects left in pursuit of Reyvateil.

Subjects searched at location 'Hoshinose Ave.'

Huh? Is that Misha!?
Oh... hi, Lyner...
Misha... what are you doing here!?
...Something happened, and I ended up going to the Hexagonal Plate, alone.
Oh... I'm sorry to ask you for a favor at a time like this, but...
Aurica is gone. Will you help me find her?
...Aurica is gone!? Sure, I'll help you!

Subjects searched at location 'Song Stone Park'.

I don't know if its okay to ask, but did something happen between you and her?
Yeah, actually...
I see. But, I understand how she feels.
I probably couldn't stand it either, if I ever found out that I'm not normal.
If I had a fever while I was feeling down... I'd probably think it's the end of the world.
Lyner... you should be protecting Aurica.
I think Aurica desperately needs you to be next to her.
Misha, what does it mean to "protect" someone?

Yeah, I don't think you can protect Aurica.
Is that so?
Then, how am I supposed to protect her?
You have to find that out on your own.
...You're so mean.

That is possible.
...Well, it's hard for me to say this... but, I have to get going.
Yeah, I'm sorry. You have to go to the Hexagonal Plate.
I'm sorry, but can you stop by Miss Claire's?
If we can find any clues there, then you can go ahead and leave for the Hexagonal Plate.
I'm really sorry for keeping you here...

Subject and companions returned to 'Singing Moon Inn.'

She went into the forest with someone! She was walking toward that fallen Hexagon!
The Hexagonal Plate!? Why is she going there? We better go.
That's where I'm going, so I'll go along with you.

Subject and companions traveled to site of crashed Purple Hexagonal Plate.

Subject searched ruined building.

What's wrong?
I'm sorry, but it's personal. I have to pick that up.
I'm here to pick this up.
Huh? What is it?
...It might be my fault, but if we rotate it... it's going to fall...
We have to pull it straight.
There we go...
Well, my mission is complete. Let's go look for Aurica.

Subject continued on.

Are you okay!? Get a hold of yourself!
...I'm fine. I just feel a little nauseous.
You're not fine! What you're doing is reckless...
I'm sorry about Aurica.
We'll take care of the rest. Please, continue on with your mission.
Ayatane? Since when are you with them?
There are many questions to ask... about Aurica and Ayatane.
Lyner, thank you for taking care of Misha.
You, too. Thank you for finding Aurica.
Aurica... are you okay?

Thank you for helping me, Lyner. I hope to see you again!
Well, we should get going, too.

Naturally in Misha's path she goes off on her own and you run into Aurica looking for her.

Subject and companions returned to 'Singing Moon Inn.'

No! I'm the one who should apologize to you...
I hurt your feelings with my cruel words...
No... don't worry... about it...
Aurica... you have such a high fever. Maybe you're infected with Tatoolist!
Tatoolist!? What kind of disease is that?
You get a really high fever whenever you run out of the life extending agent. It could be fatal if we don't do something.
What? Really?
I've been supporting myself. So, there were times when I was too broke to buy any life extending agent.
I suffered from this condition before. So, I'm pretty sure that's it.
It can't be! She was given the life extending agent the other day.
If that's true... she could be consuming the life extending agent even faster.
Is that possible!?


Subject and companions proceeded to 'Dive Shop Kurai'. Cosmosphere MIR_TEIWAZ_ARTONELICO entered.

I'm going to continue with my technically incorrect Hymn Code for Aurica because the real one loses some of the point of her Hymn Code.


I've reincarnated as Aurica, who is also my descendent.
Thanks to the Musical Corridor incident, I have returned to Aurica's... to my mind.
Aurica is the Goddess Tyria!?
Yes. Please listen to my story.
This world is slowly being destroyed. If we don't do something, the world will only last for a few more years.
We, the Trio of Elemia, were worried about it and decided now is the time to take action.
I want Aurica and her oracle, Lyner, to convey my message to everyone.
"When the world is in chaos and the sky and land are about to perish, I descend slowly and look around..."
"I promise to bring back the wind, land, and sky of Elemia by singing one Song..."
That's the passage from the Legend of Elemia!
That's true. Now is the time to make it come true...

The sealed labyrinth!?
The Crystal is located by the feet of my statue in the Elemia Temple...
By applying symphonic power there, the door to the sealed labyrinth will open.
Get the crystal and do the ceremony. The Trio of Elemia will be resurrected.
I entrust the future of this world to Aurica and you. She is an innocent and talented girl.
I believe that our utopia, Elemia, will be resurrected.
Lastly... I must apologize that my intervention is burdening Aurica.
You're the cause of Aurica's fever?
I entrust to you all of my thoughts. Please go to the Elemia Temple with Aurica.
And, please create the foundation for Elemia's resurrection by using the Hymn Crystal Linker.
I'll leave Aurica's body for now. I'll see you again when Aurica sings Linker.
I wish that the miracle of the Trio of Elemia will bless you and Aurica...

I should tell everyone...!
What is going on? You look surprised, no?
The Goddess Tyria visited Aurica's mind...
Que paso!?
Is it true that Aurica is a descendent of the Goddess Tyria? Is that even possible?
That... I do not know. I am simply here to guard Aurica's mind.
...I see.

She doesn't look very good. Lyner, do you know what's going on?
Yeah, but we fixed the problem so she should get better.
I see... but we still need to administer the life extending agent or she's doomed.
Lyner, we have to take Aurica back to the Church.
I want... Lyner... to give me the... life extending agent...
I can take the pain... as long as it's... Lyner who gives it to me...

Subject and companion Reyvateil entered location 'Song Stone Park'.

Sorry for making you wait. I brought the life extending agent.
What!? This crystal is the life extending agent? It's so... big!
...Yes, I know.
Aurica's installer port is located on her back.
Apply the life extending agent to her back, and insert it all the way.
You mean, right into her skin?
Don't worry. It'll be absorbed into her body. It won't scar her.
I gotta use this!?
Please, Lyner...
Hurry up, but be gentle.

It's okay. As long as it's you, I can take the pain...
...Okay then, turn around.
It's better like this...
But, your back is...

I got it. Here goes...
Ah, ouch!
It's okay! ...Push it all the way...
Ow, ow...
There... it's in all the way.
Thank you. Please... can we stay like this... for a little while...
You have to go through this painful procedure every three months?
I have no choice, if I want to live.
Thank you... for doing it. I'm glad you did it for me.
I'm sorry. I'm not that good at these things. It must've been painful.

Because, you were protecting me during the procedure.
Protecting you? I didn't do anything special.
No. But you still protected me.
Lyner, you were praying to ease my pain...
I could feel your thoughts. You made me so happy.
I... want you to... do it for me... again... next time...

Subject and Reyvateil left for 'Hoshinose Ave.'

I'm glad to hear that. Aurica looks better.
...Thank you. I'm sorry I made you worry.
By the way, what was that thing that we saw in the Cosmosphere?
Oh, right. I need to talk to you about that, too.
Let's talk about that at the Church. We have to let Bishop Falss know about it.

Subject and companions left area. Surveillance log ends.