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Part 31: Supplemental: Aurica's Soulspace Level 4

Supplemental 8- Aurica's Soulspace Level 4

Once again, this will be the dive. I'll include reyvateil talk as its own update later. It'll be pretty obvious what this level is about pretty quickly.


What is that...!?

I don't understand what you're talking about, but you better hurry! We'll be late.
Wait! Where are we going?
To the school, of course! See you later!
I can't be late. This'll be my third tardy in a row...

As we're about to see, this level is about Aurica's feelings of powerlessness.

But, I can explain. I bumped into this stupid guy on my way to school. And then I fell...
...I'm a stupid guy?
Oh! It was this guy!
Stop making excuses. And you're late too, Lyner. You two are always late.
I'm late...? Hey, who are you anyway?
How could you forget!? I'm Misha, the student body president.
Lyner, are you all right? Did you hit your head when we bumped into each other?
No, I didn't hit my head!
I won't let you slide next time. Aurica, you're failing anyway!
...I know.
The test results are displayed on the wall. We're being assigned to different classrooms, based on our performances per grade. Be sure to check it out.
Alright. Come on, Lyner, let's go check it out.

Yes. There are five classes. S, A, B, C, and D. S is the highest and D is the lowest. I'm always in the D-class...
You don't know that yet. You can't give up.
I'll go look.
D-class... Class-D... can it be... but...
How was it...? Do I even have to ask?
How dare you say that! But... you're right.

Aurica, how was your test? Did you advance to the C-class?
Are you being sarcastic? I didn't make it! I'm still stuck in D. Did you make S again?
No matter what I do, I always get in S... I don't know what to do.
I know she doesn't mean to, but she really gets on my nerves...
Aurica, it's not too late. Why don't you study with me?
...No matter how much I study, I never get any smarter. I give up.
It's too early to give up. Why don't you at least try it?
Who are you? Have I met you before? Are you Aurica's boyfriend?
I would never date him!
Then, he isn't? Will you go out with me...?
No! Why are you asking him all of a sudden!?
I don't even know...

Hmm, sounds suspicious...
Really!? Can you tell me some more? I wanna know all about it!
Well, it'll make me smarter, right? I should go check it out.
Everyone's supposed to have hidden talents inside them. All you need to do is figure out how to unleash it.
And this book tells you exactly how to do just that.
Great! Come on, Lyner, let's go!

The same character we've never seen in game that showed up in Misha's soulspace has shown up in Aurica's. This time she's a classmate. This very different relationship is meaningful. Oh yes.

I told you, lets go back.
No! Finding the book and getting smart is the only way for me to survive!
Let's go!
Aw, man. I have to follow her...
Doesn't this look like a library? Let's look around.
I doubt such a book really exists...
Of course it does. Look! I found it!
Bringing Out Your True Potential: The Three Minute Training!
It looks suspicious...
Let's take a look together. It's too difficult for me to read alone...
...Alright, let me see.

Once you develop these talents, you'll get perfect scores on tests, be good at sports, and won't be tardy three days in a row.
That's awfully specific...
I know why it's specific. But, let me go on.
To develop your true potential, you need to be energized directly by the tower in the center of the world.
The Central Tower works like a pipeline that supplies energy directly to your true potential.
But, that energy is being blocked by several factors.
So, all you have to do is to get the energy directly from the tower. It's a form of cheating, but it works.
...This is some book.
So we need to go to that tower.
That's what it says. Do you want to go now?
Will you come with me?
Yes, of course. I can't let you go alone. You never know what'll happen there...
Thank you. You're so kind.

That's now that I meant... I just want to study with you.
???: I don't mean to interrupt, but can I talk to you for a second?
Who is it!?
It's coming from the corridor!

???: No, I'm just her guide.
My guide?
???: Yes. I'm here with an important message. It's not a good idea to get energy directly from the tower.
I have a better suggestion. You should get rid of the cat in front.
Cat!? There's a cat in front of the tower...?
???: ...Yes. It's a strange cat that steals your magic.
That's why you don't do well in school. But, you can craft strong magic.
What!? How did that happen!?
???: You did it. You set a limit on yourself.
But, I've said too much. I should get going...
A cat? I set a limit...?
We should go to the tower.

The only thing I know is that Aurica crafted him. You will find out why soon enough.

So, this cat steals power cells from the Tower...
But, did I create this? I don't remember doing that...
(This must be one of those subconscious things I was told about...)
How can we beat it?
I don't know. He didn't really tell us.
What? I thought you already knew...
How was I supposed to know?
You two make a terrible couple.
Huh!? Misha, the student body president!?
I knew it. You created this stupid looking cat. You better get rid of it before it causes any trouble.
(What? The real Misha doesn't talk like this...)
Why do you always have to run your mouth?

What!? Why are you dressed like that? You have the worst taste in clothes. I can't let you walk around like that.
How dare you speak to me like that. Aurica, let me show you something interesting.
This cat has been stealing power, right? What happens if we point this cat at that snobby little girl?
No! Stop! The cat... it's sucking something out of me...
See, this cat is useful after all. Isn't that great? The cat is sucking up Misha's power instead of yours.
No, stop it! I don't want to gain power through such horrible means.
Are you sure? I know you're the same as me, but you're getting on my nerves.
Deep down, you want to do this. That's the whole reason why the cat can do this to her.
That's a lie!
This is your Soulspace. Everything in here was created for a reason.
You want all of this to happen.

She bothers you a lot in the real world, doesn't she?
I don't blame you. She's always with Lyner...
She attracts everyone's attention with her good ideas and experience. Let's face it, she's a natural born heroine. Our total opposite.
She's way better than we could ever hope to be. We only get to see her from the back. All we can do is hope that she will fail...
No! Stop saying all this in front of Lyner!
Oh, you're trying to hide our true self from Lyner. Why bother? Sooner or later, you won't be able to hide anything from him.
No! Lyner, don't listen to her! Don't listen to me! Don't even look at me!
Lyner has every right to hate us. It's kind of interesting that he hasn't left us already.
I'll never hate you, Aurica. In fact, I'm glad I'm hearing your true feelings.
Stop lying!
I was always worried about how quiet you were. You never showed any emotion.
But, now that I know how you feel, I feel like we're getting closer.

I like seeing your emotional side...
Thank you... I'm glad you feel that way.
There. I've taken enough energy. Here, why don't you take it?
...I don't want it.
...Are you sure?
I don't need you to give me more power. I can get stronger on my own!

Watch Rabbit: Yes, you have. But this time, I'm playing a different role. I'm working for Aurica!
My job is to be innovative. To creat things beyond the normal scope. You know, Aurica really wants to make some drastic changes.
And, I can multiply her power from within.
Really? I created you?
Watch Rabbit: That's right! But be careful, I'm very delicate. Once you start to feel uncertain, I disappear.
I can only show up when you're confident about your power. So, keep that in mind.
I didn't expect you to make something like that.
You might be me from a higher level, but we do think differently! Now, I want you to leave.
You changed your attitude, just because you made one little thing?
You may not understand it yet, but you're wrong about us thinking differently. You'll see, soon enough.
But, I'll leave you with this cat for now. You can do whatever you want with it.
No... losing... power...
What should I do?
We have to get the cat to give her back her power.
Vacuum Cat: ...Full power! I'm done!
Oh no, the cat!

Booster is an awesome song that makes your frontline act faster. It's also a cheap vehicle for buffing Blue Magic Grathnode Crystals.

You found it!
Let's work together to catch it. Let's go, rabbit!
Watch Rabbit: You're doing great. Let's take it down.
Vacuum Cat: You think you can take me on? I sucked all of Misha's power.
I'm not a failure like you. Thank you for creating me, but I cant' let you win.
Oh no...
Aurica! Don't listen to it! You found out the true identity of this cat!
Unused power, due to your lack of confidence created!
This cat sucks up the power you deny yourself. So, stop denying your abilities!
I'll be okay. I won't deny myself anymore. Now, you can't suck up my power ever again!
Watch Rabbit: I'm proud of you for saying that! Let's get to it!
This power... it's so much...
Vacuum Cat: ...This is not good...

This is...
Watch Rabbit: All the power that she had denied herself has been released.
So, Misha...?
I'm here.
I didn't really like getting caught up in all of this...
Misha! I'm so glad you're okay.
Wait! Get off of me!
Well, now I suppose you can escape the lowest class.
I sure hope so...
Don't just hope for it! You have to believe that you're not a failure.
It will take some time for her to get used to it.
There's no need to hurry. I will wait for you to climb up.

Now we get Magi-Q. This powerful Song absorbs damage from attacks, and can make the party nearly invulnerable. It's extremely expensive though, and is best saved for very powerful enemies.

Oh, did I do something wrong?
No, no., everything is magnifico.

Well, I really didn't do much to help you on this level.
Do you really believe that? You encouraged me so that I could overcome my obstacles.
But, you did everything yourself. You need to remember what you did on your own.
I guess you're right...
I should get going.

Are you kidding?
When you return, I expect you to do your best.

Just one more level before the midden hits the windmill, folks. Get ready.

Anyway, this level was all about the fact that Aurica has, by her unconscious certainty that she's weak, helped make herself so. She thinks she's shit, which helps make her be shit. That's pretty much all there is to this level. Lilim continues to meddle. Later we'll find out what exactly is going on between her and Seraph.