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Part 32: Chapter 18- Linker

Chapter 18- Linker

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Play surveillance logs for the last day on Lyner Barsett.

Records loading... loaded. Records begin.

Subject sighted entering building 'Elemia Church' in Airport City Nemo.

The Trio of Elemia was in her mind...
They told me that Aurica is a descendant of the Goddess Tyria. They also told me where to find the Linker...
What did you say!? Can you tell me all the details?
It's a miracle! I can't believe something like this is possible...
Aurica, I knew I was right about you. I knew I saw a mysterious power within you.
I was confident that this day would come to pass.
I'll prepare the airship to go to Falcon's Claw right away.
Please retrieve the Hymn Crystal Linker.
It's finally time for a new era!

We'll prepare a grand send-off. Lyner, please come back here when you are ready.

Subject and companions left building briefly, then returned.

...A grand send-off.
I'm glad you're all here, our glorious Reyvateil and her find oracles!
The revelation of the Goddesses has reached this land.
Holy Maiden Aurica speaks the words of the Goddess.
Go to the Temple of Elemia and get the Hymn Crystal as evidence of your rebirth!
Aurica, the destiny of this world is in your hands.
You don't have to push yourself. Just, do your best.
...I will!
If it wasn't for you, none of this would have happened. I don't even know how to repay you.
When the Trio of Elemia comes, you'll be remembered as a saint.
Now, everyone! All you children as of the Goddesses, let us bless the Holy Maiden and her oracles!
May the Trio of Elemia bless them all!

Subject entered unauthorized aircraft. Surveillance continues.

Give me a break. I'm not good at these kinds of things...
I've never seen such a big ceremony before. He's serious about this stuff.
You don't seem too enthusiastic about welcoming the Goddesses...
Well... yes. That's more like Bishop Falss' deal than mine.
He's always too busy with his ineffective search to ever send someone out to help the people.
I'm really happy for the Goddesses to arrive.
But... what kinds of things are the Goddesses capable of?
Huh...? Well, she'll have the power to save the world, of course.
But, how?
I don't know. It's like "only the gods know." Hahaha!

Subject and companions proceeded to entry to Temple of Elemia.

Apply symphonic power...? Lyner, do you have any items we can use for it?
I have too many of them.
We should ask some people about it.

Subject and companions traveled to floating facility 'Firefly Alley'.

Okay, okay. What can I do for you today?
Oh, I see. You need an item that applies symphonic power. Of course I know what it is.
Really!? What it is?
This is a business, so you have to pay me.
I'll give you a huge discount. It'll only cost you 1000 leaf.
Thank you. The item is called a Boltapolta.
It can generate and expand the amount of symphonic power you have.
You're lucky. I have one now, so I'll give it to you for free for being a loyal customer.
Wow, really! Thank you very much! You saved me!
Come back soon.

Any shop can give you the same information without raping you for 1000 leaf, but only Spica actually gives you a 'free' item along with the information. It costs most of 1000 leaf to buy one, and it's worth it to support Spica because she's awesome.

Subject and companions returned to Temple of Elemia.

Alright, I'll try it.

The gate appeared!
So, this is how it works.

Subject and companions entered facility.

So, there's four crests in this dungeon. We need to activate all of them to get the treasures of the facility. First we break the Fire seal, which opens a red door. Then you need to open an Ice seal to open a blue door, behind which there is a green door that needs to be opened by a Wind seal. There's a Lightning seal that is linked to a chest as well. These are extraneous to getting the Hymn Crystal but have lots of Recipe Cards.

Also, in dark rooms note that Fire Shot will light the candelabra, lighting the room.

Subject and companions approached Hymn Crystal Storage.

Subjects attacked by local wildlife.


Boss Battle- Dragon Head and Wyrm 3x-

From this point on especially, bosses begin having very large HP pools relative to how powerful your front line's attacks will be. This will continue for a while, and will mean that you should rely largely on high % Red Magic to deal the killing blow. Eventually with high end crystals and weapons the front line will be doing huge damage, but not at the moment. Dragon Head is relatively easy. He's got a group poison and a group fire attack, but he doesn't really do that much damage, especially if you install Dull Weapon into Boom to debuff his attack.

Local wildlife repelled. Hymn Crystal Linker recovered.

That is the Hymn Crystal Linker...
It's the crystal that the Church was trying to find.
It's beautiful...
I've heard that wyverns love collecting shiny things. That's probably why they took it.
Here, Aurica... take the crystal.
If I take it... I know something bad will happen again...
Don't worry. Nothing's gonna happen.
He's right. You're entitled to have it.
...Okay. ...I'll be fine...
Lyner... I found the Hymn Crystal...

It's wonderful.
Thank you... everyone...
I'm so glad to be alive. Really glad...
Thank you, Lyner...
Let's go back to the Church!

Subject and companions returned to Elemia Church.

It's here.
Th, this is... the genuine Hymn Crystal Linker...
You did an excellent job finding this!
Holy Maiden Aurica, you and your knights have achieved a huge accomplishment!
Thank you very much!
The time has finally come. Now is the time to leave for the Holy Land.
Aurica, you need to go in the back to prepare for the trip to the Holy Land.
Lyner and my honorable knights...
There is one more important mission for you to do.
I need you to go find a holy instrument called the Grail of Eoria. It should be in the Singing Hills.
We must have this holy instrument for the ceremony to welcome the Goddesses.
This mission might be too easy for a knight who found the Hymn Crystal...
But, will you accept this mission?
I would love to!
...I will accept the mission.

...Okay. Take care.

Subject left building. Record ends.

Then it's time to make my move. This will all be over in an instant. Keep this connection open, I will need it shortly. Continue surveillance, I will need up to the second information as to their whereabouts.