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Part 33: Chapter 19- Reincarnation

Chapter 19- Reincarnation

Note for this Chapter: Make sure you start the Hymnos up as you see them if you are reading as opposed to watching the video of the final stretch, as they truly give you the full Ar Tonelico Experience.

Welcome to the Tower of Ar Tonelico Public Access Terminal Network!

Summarize recent actions of subject Lyner Barsett to the present time. If possible cut to real-time surveillance data thereafter.

Records loading... Loaded.


Subject and companions sighted entering ruined facility at Singing Hill, followed closely by additional humans.


That's too random.
I understand that the Church doesn't have much information, but somewhere in the Singing Hills is too vague...
The Church used to be more... sincere.

Subject and companions paused in central area of facility.

You're right. We've been walking for a while.
This reminds me of the time when we were searching for the crystal Purger.
There are many areas that are ready to collapse. Besides, this place is too huge.
Maybe, the holy instrument's already gone.
You're right. We used to have large groups of people when exploring large ruins like this.
It's impossible for just the three of us to find some important artifact for the ceremony. This is ridiculous.
Seems to me like you and Bishop Falss don't get along.
We just can't agree on things. Bishop Falss thinks that welcoming the Goddesses is the most important mission for the Church.
In my opinion, the Church should think of the people first.
That's why we have so many conflicts.
The Church used to be different, before Bishop Falss became a bishop.

It's been a while. I think it's been about... 8 years.
Bishop Falss started coming to the church 15 years ago. So, he's pretty new to the church for a bishop.
But with his incredible power and knowledge, he was promoted very quickly.
But, he does deserve to be respected. My only problem with him is his priorities for the Church.
So, things'll probably change once the Goddesses are revived, right?
I sure hope so.
We should get going. Let's go down a little further.

Subject ventured out onto scaffolding. Additional subjects entered from both sides.

Knight: Radolf! You and your cohorts planned to rebel against the Church!
We shall kill you in the name of the Trio of Elemia! Prepare to die!
What did you say!?
What's going on?
Now is not the time to ask questions! Here they come!
Knight: Radolf... I had so much respect for you... what a shame!
Now we must cleanse our hands of your dirty soul!
I think I figured out what's going on. Let's try to get through this for now!

For a while we'll be fighting without a Reyvateil again, which can lead to long, painful fights.

Additional subject lifesigns vanished.

This Grail of Eoria probably doesn't even exist.
What are you saying!?
We've been deceived! There's no holy instrument here.
This place will be our graveyard.
The Bishop wanted to get rid of us.
Get rid of us? But, why!?
Probably because...
We better get back to Nemo right away.
We have to hurry!!

Subjects left ruin Singing Hill and returned to Airport City Nemo.

Hmm, they're not all as stupid as Barsett, This might be a problem.

We were deceived and manipulated by Bishop Falss.
Where have all the people of the Church gone?
Let's go to the city and ask!

Subject and companions entered building 'Singing Moon Inn'.

I saw a large number of knights and Reyvateils heading toward the tower.
They looked... different. Like they're getting ready to go to war.
Yes. I got chills just imagining that you and Aurica were in that crowd.
Where is she?
I'm afraid she was marching with that militaristic crowd. They betrayed us.
What!? What are you talking about?
I don't know what's going on, yet. All I know is that we need to hurry!
I wonder if Aurica is okay...

Subjects left Inn and commenced climbing tower. Paused at Pheyna gate region.

We better hurry to Em Pheyna!

Listen, we need to get to the Rectory!
Those knights in white armor broke through the gate, and went up.
The city wasn't damaged, but the soldiers who were guarding the gate...
Were they saying anything?
"The Holy Land will be back in our hands. Now is the time to drive out the heretics."
Heretics!? Were the Trio of Elemia really that extreme?
No. I've never seen anything to indicate that the Trio ever used the word "Heretic."

Lyner, you've heard about the knights, right?
I need to tell you something very important about this matter.
What they're trying to awaken is not the Trio of Elemia.
I believe it is Mir...
Mir!? You mean, The Mother Virus!?
No! This can't be happening!
I understand why you would want to deny this fact.
Lyner, I would like to show you something.
Flute, tell Lyner how to get to the Crescent Chronicle.
The Crescent Chronicle...?
Yes. It is the place where Misha used to sing.
I will be waiting for you there.

It's not her fault. She cannot walk.
Really? I never knew that...
She'll probably tell you all the details herself.
Now, let me tell you how to get to the Crescent Chronicle.
Crescent Chronicle is located directly above Em Pheyna.

Damnation! Oh well, it matters not what Tastiella tells them, they can't stop me.


Subject continued.

Actually, that is further down. You have to pass through five doors to reach it.
Now, I shall open the first door for you.
Pass through this door and go to the next one.
I'll see you there.
She's gone... again.

Subject continued.

Don't care, just get to the good part.

Subject arrived at Crescent Chronicle.

So, this is where...
Yes, this is where Misha...
Ehem, where a Reyvateil of the Lune lineage sings, protecting the world from viruses.
Speaking of which, where is Misha?
She is not back, yet. I hope she is alright...
Now, may I continue my story?
A long time ago, the world was engulfed in a big war.
The war was fought between Humans and Reyvateils...
Mir led the Revyateils in battle.
Mir caused half of the floating continents to fall during the war, devastating the world.
I sealed Mir away...

...Don't make me repeat myself. My true form is the Crescent Chronicle.
Tastiella exists only to serve as my "eyes."
What are you talking about!? Aren't you a member of the Teru Tribe!?
I may have been. I lost my memories of my former life.
My only purpose is to keep Mir sealed away forever.
What is Mir? You said Mir led the Reyvateils in battle.
...It's only a virus now. Just an energy being without any apparent shape.
It is similar to Tastiella in that regard.
Anyway, Mir, the Mother Virus, has awakened...
Because Misha has stopped singing "Chronicle Key." It is the only vaccine we have.
I need to tell you about the recently activated Mir.
Mir has accessed Aurica's Cosmosphere on many occasions.
I know. Mir entered her Cosmosphere when we were fixing the Musical Corridor...
That wasn't the only time. She's done it many times after that.
...Now I remember. Lady Shurelia told me that...
There might be a hole in Aurica's Cosmosphere.

Aurica is...
No, I shouldn't tell you. She should discover this on her own.
Lyner, hurry up and get to Aurica.
If she discovers it on her own, she won't be able to recover from it on her own.
Then, where is Aurica!?
If the Church is trying to revive Mir, then they must be at...
The Altar of Apostles.
How did you figure that out so quickly?
That's easy. Historically, all the viruses were born there.
So, it makes sense that Mir must be born there, too.
Anyway, the Church is going up. So, it's very likely that they're heading to the Altar of Apostles.
Alright, let's get climbing!
Aurica... wait for me.

Recorded surveillance ends.

They're on their way... Commence live playback of current events in Platina. This will be very close...

Location: Apsaranika Park


Elemia Knight: Alright. We'll concentrate on guarding you, so you can get some rest.
Reyvateil: Thank you and I'm sorry...
Elemia Knight: Don't worry about it. I was expecting something like this to happen.
But, who are they anyway!?
I don't know... But, here they come!

Reyvateil: I don't have enough power...
Knight: What are you talking about? If you don't sing now, when are you going to sing!
Believe in the blessing of the Trio of Elemia and keep singing!
Reyvateil: Okay... I will.
Elemia Knight: Oh, no! Looks like this is it!
Don't give up! We have to fight till the end!

Location: Cathedral

Don't you think I know that?
No, that's not what I meant. I'm talking about Kyle Clancy!
Wh, what did you say?
Ah, long time no see, Lady Shurelia and Commander Leard...
As you can see, Kyle Clancy has returned triumphantly.
And, with great power!

And where's that idiot Barsett at?

Location: Frozen Eye.

My shoelace broke...
That's a sign of bad luck, you know...
Thanks for waiting.
Once we pass this, we'll be at the Altar of Apostles. I hope that Aurica is okay...
She should be fine. She has the Song, so the Church won't treat her badly.
I promised her that I would protect her, but I never really have.
I can't protect her by just fighting enemies with my sword in front of her...
...I finally realize that now. Aurica... I'm sorry.
But, this time...
Lyner, we'll be right behind you!

Those idiots Clancy and Rade need to hurry, I don't trust them not to be interrupted. Barsett may be a fool but he's proven himself powerful in battle.

Location: Altar of Apostles

She doesn't seem very reliable. Are you sure she's good enough?
Of course. We've already downloaded the crystal into her.
Well... okay. If you say so.
I've got one last thing to take care of. I have to leave, for now.
But, I'm looking forward to the rebirth of the Goddess.
Aurica, the Goddess will be awakened.
It's time for you to dedicate your soul to the Goddess.
You mean... me?
Holy Maiden Aurica, please come this way.
Guard: Hurry up!

You're looking forward to the rebirth of the Goddess, right?
Goddess Tyria is waiting for you to sing, Holy Maiden Aurica...

It has begun! IT HAS BEGUN!

No! The ceremony has already begun!

Location: Altar of Apostles.

Subject engaged guards and defeated them.

I'm going to check on Platina! Lyner, go and rescue Aurica!
Let's go...

Subject entered Altar of Apostles, engaged guards within.

You're too late. Just give up. You can't break the seal!
She's already about to transform into Mir.
Aurica doesn't have much time left in this world. But, she'll soon begin her new life as Mir.
And then, she'll rule the world from the shadows.
Damn you!

No, it's the power of love. But then again, you wouldn't understand that, would you, Kyle?
How do you know my name!?
Aurica! Are you alright!?
Aurica! Stop singing!
I just found out... if you keep singing like this, then you'll die!
Aurica! Please stop!
I... I finally realized what it means to protect someone...
And this time, I really want to protect you... No, I need to protect you!
Aurica... stop singing and come with me.
Ha! Aurica no longer has any sense of herself left!

When I'm here, I can feel how much you've suffered.
But, you don't have to suffer by yourself anymore. I'll always be there for you.
You can share your pain with me... I'll always stand by your side.
Aurica; Why... do you want to protect me? Is it because... I'm a Reyvateil?
No. I'm here to protect you, Aurica...
You're... protecting me?
You're... warm.
I've never felt such warmth before.
But, you probably have been giving me this warm feeling all along...
I'm sorry... I didn't notice it before...
...I'm so happy...

Touching. But it doesn't matter now. There's no happy endings here. I WILL NOT BE DENIED! I AM BECOME FLESH!

I can't... any longer... save yourself...
It's coming! The power of Mir is finally here!
The power to change the world is here! Now, the world will enter the era of Mir!
You... should go...
Don't say that! You're coming with me. We have to leave... together!


At long last, it's time for me to stand up to this world on my own two legs...
My precious... gene... it's borrowing... Aurica's body...
Gene...!? Aurica... is Mir's...?
Yes. She is my... precious daughter...
Mir! We welcome you as the Holy Maiden.
You... me...?
Yes. I'm the man who shall be your master. My name is Kyle Clancy.
You shall be my master...? Then, take this...




Connection lost.

Aurica! Are you alright!?
Lyner... what was I doing...?
Lyner, we have to hurry. Bishop Falss was contaminated by viruses...
We must leave before he starts attacking us.
Then, I can't leave him. I have to defeat him now.
But, you and Aurica don't have any energy left to fight with.
...You're right. We better take a moment to prepare for the next fight...

He was contaminated by the viruses.
Anyway, once I'm ready to fight again, I'll go back.
Then, I'll go with you.

Personal Log: Lyner Barsett:

Mir had been stopped, but the Bishop was turning into a monster. I knew what we had to do.

That's how it ends for all who blindly desire power...
We don't have time to talk down on him like that. It's coming...!


Boss Battle: Falss, Apostle of Mir-

So, Falss is one of the harder bosses up to this point, although nowhere near as hard as his equivalent in Misha's path (three guesses who that is). He's got a reasonably powerful regular attack, but his real trick comes when he attacks multiple times in a row. He'll always heal during this attack and always end with a two stored attack. He's got a lot of health, so ideally build up to the highest harmonic level and hit him hard and fast with Red Magic. You get two new rare grathnode crystals for getting to 3 and 4, so make certain you do so.

Somehow, we triumphed. But Falss had the last laugh.

It was our only hope of reversing this world's slow deterioration...
But, you... destroyed that hope...
You fools... deserve to slowly deteriorate with this world.
Falss... wasn't doing this because he desired it?
I don't know.
Either way, if we left him alone, there's no doubt something awful would have happened.
Is everything alright in Platina?
Lyner, Ayatane... I'm sorry.
What happened?
The knights of the Church started a riot in the name of a Holy War.
Lady Shurelia, the Knights of Elemia, and I somehow managed to calm everyone down...
But, the city was substantially damaged...
It's not your fault, Radolf. You shouldn't feel responsible for it.
You're still loyal to the Church, even though they branded you as a traitor.
It doesn't matter what circumstances are. I have a responsibility to the Church.
Let's go back. I need to check on the city.

Was Falss right? Had we made the wrong choice? I don't think so. No matter how bad things may be, the viruses are worse.

We're going to the Cathedral soon, but we need to rest for now. At least it's all over now. Mir is sealed away again, so we can all live happily ever after.

Next time on Ar Tonelico: It's all over?