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Part 34: Supplemental: Aurica's Soulspace Level Five

Supplemental 9- Aurica's Soulspace Level Five

This level is all about Don Leon, his origins, and what he means to Aurica. It's a Don Leonathon. Without further ado let's get started.


Senor... are you sure you want to walk around this level?
Yeah. Why are you asking now?
No reason. But whatever happens, try not to act surprised.

There's a funny scene early on in this that I'll leave as a 'video exclusive'. You really should watch the video for this because the voice acting is magic once the voice section starts.

Have we met somewhere before...?
I'm Aurica. Who are you?
Hello Aurica... I'm Lyner. It's nice to meet you!
...I guess she's always been a shy girl...
Aurica!? Where are you?

Why are you dressed like that?
What do you mean? I have always dressed like this.
Well, it's no use talking to her...
Perdon, but have you seen Aurica?
I just talked to her. She went that way.
Ah, yes. Thank you.
Aurica! Where are you?
...What was that all about?

...Well, no. But Don Leon, who are you really?
Patience. You will find out for yourself soon enough.

So Aurica is dressed up as Don Leon in this level. Yes, we really do get the Don Leon costume from long ago in Misha's Cosmosphere. By the way, remember that the Cosmospheres are all part of the tower and are therefore connected, so seeing things not native to one Cosmosphere is very possible.

Bad guys might kidnap you and you'll never see your family again.
Who are you?
I'm not a bad guy, I'm just a little hungry. I'm a hungry good guy.
But you see, I'm really hungry. Will you lend me some money?
I don't have any money...
...What did you say? Don't lie to me! Do I have to hurt you until you start telling me the truth!?
Looks like I gotta save her!
Don Leon! Help me!
Are you alright?
That bad guy was threatening me...
So, you like scaring little girls? I won't let you get away with this!

Here we go! Hyaa!
What is this!? A magic wall?
Is that all you've got!? Now, it's my turn!
Whoa... she's powerful...
Aurica, are you alright?
Yes, Don Leon. Thank you for saving me again.
It was my pleasure! Call me if you need me again.

I guess this world is safe, thanks to Don Leon...

We just got Blue Magic that will increase the party's Defense. It's a good choice for a Blue Magic to add an elemental resistance crystal to. This next scene is pretty important.

Of course.
Bishop Falss...? Have her childhood memories gotten mixed up with the present...?
A long time ago, there were three Goddesses who brought peace to the world through Songs.
Their names were Eoria, Tyria, and Frelia. They held absolute power over the world.
Soon, the Humans attempted to unite the world by taking the Goddesses' power.
Then the Crisis struck, and the land and sky were lost.
Since then, the Goddesses ruled the world. The Humans found peace by obeying the Goddesses.
...No. That's not how the Legend of Elemia goes.
Ah, but that is how the real Legend of Elemia should be.
No! You're wrong!
That's enough! I'll punish you if you don't behave!
No! Stay away! ...Don Leon, help!
...Don Leon?
Are you alright?
The Bishop said that he was going to punish me...
So, you like scaring little girls? I won't let you get away with this!
What are you talking about? I just...
Do not make excuses! I will turn you to ice!

Yes. Thank you for saving me, Don Leon!
It was my pleasure! Call me if you need me again.

This is probably a much more accurate description of the reality of the Legend of Elemia than anything we've heard before, by the way.

That is how Aurica wants me to be. I don't actually want to be like this...
I see. I don't even know who you are, so I'm not sure what's going on.

Sientete, mija. I'm going to cook for you.
Is this Aurica's house...?
Is dinner ready yet?
Almost. Be patient!
Don Leon! I need to go to the bathroom!
Okay. I'll take you.
What's going on? Don Leon's...?

Her bodyguard?
Then, what are you? I can't think of anything else.

We'll see exactly what he is soon enough.

Oh, that's okay. It's good timing, actually. I need to talk to you about Aurica and Don Leon.
What's going on? And, what is his significance to Aurica?
He's a stuff animal that I gave to Aurica before I left our village.
A stuffed animal!? Hmm... so why is he called Don Leon?
She named him that.
Huh? I guess it does sound like something she'd come up with...
I gave him to Aurica and told her to treat him as if he was me.
She really took good care of him. It's an honor to have him as her Mind Guardian.
So, I should be really happy, but something's bothering me...
Aurica, what's going on?
I wanted to thank you for giving me Don Leon!
Well, you're welcome.

I gave him to you so you wouldn't be lonely...
Besides, if he fights all your battles for you, how are you ever going to grow up?
...Why are you being so mean? Don Leon! Claire's being mean to me!
Huh? Stop it!
...What the hell!?
Claire's being mean to you? I'll take care of this!
Aurica, wait! Miss Claire was just worried about you. She wasn't being mean.
I must obey Aurica, no matter what...
I'm sorry you guys, but I have to...
Ha haa!
What are you doing? If you try to stop me, I'll have to punish you first.
Who told you that you always have to listen to Aurica?
Besides, just saying that doesn't justify what you're doing!
I don't want Don Leon to disappear...

And, I don't want that. I want to be with Don Leon forever!
He's my own personal knight. His duty is to protect me.
But, if he doesn't have to protect me anymore, he'll disappear.
I don't want to grow up if Don Leon isn't here with me!
I want to live in a world where Don Leon is always with me.
Wait a minute!
Who are you!?
Don Leon!?
What is the meaning of this?
I am here to protect Aurica.
But, Aurica pretending to be me is not really protecting anybody...
If that is her way of protecting herself, then I cannot stay here any longer...

We could chase him.
Where is he?

Please don't go!
Aurica, do you remember the day we first met?
Do you remember what Claire told you when she gave me to you?
Think of this stuffed animal as if it was me. It will cheer you up when you're feeling down.
Yes. Claire wanted me to comfort and support you when you were feeling down.
I will always support you, but you should not depend on me for everything.
Claire and I... we both feel that you must not become dependent on me for everything.
It is our hope that you can one day live happily on your own.
But, if I do become an independent woman, you'll leave me forever...
I won't leave you. You just told yourself that to scare yourself.

I went too far. I relied on you for everything...

...Do you miss that?
No, actually, it feels quite good. And, I will always be there for her.
And, I still have to protect her from strangers like you. That is my real job.
Oh, right.

We get the song My Hero from this, which is a good but somewhat random Red Magic attack. It summons Don Leon, what more do you need to know about it?

I don't know. Probably as long as you want to keep growing.
Am I really growing every time there is a Paradigm Shift?
Of course. You've grown more than you can ever know. Even your facial expressions have changed since level 1.
I better get going.

What happens at level 6?
You will begin to enter her deep subconscious.
It won't be easy any more. Come back, when you think you can handle it.

We've been warned. This is about to get REALLY BAD. Go find some pictures of kittens and puppies or maybe a copy of GODHAND and have them ready for next Dive update, because you're going to need them.